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  1. Done that I think it's a given we are all going to do it..
  2. Completed Tek cave 2 of us with 10 rexes and a yuti between us! Forgot to put our gear on Dino's at the end but we won so yay.. 1 loss as I brought out a basic old breeding rex who I didn't level anything into but he made it halfway through overseer fight. Island redone... Ab redone.. scorched redone.. starting a new toon on the center next still working on completing the whole game from scratch. Each map has its own toons we are just transfering to complete bosses. All in all a good couple of days on ark. Seriously bored staying in the house now. Can't game for more than a couple of hours I get bored too fast.
  3. I'm a girl but I gotcha.. been there myself. Enjoy the game..
  4. You need to keep scrolling through till you get it right
  5. Looked at your profile for platform it helps if you state if for future reference in threads. cheat prevviewmode and cycle through, This should help you turn off the shadow overlay. Spell it with both vv's as shown.
  6. Can't help as I don't play on servers.. take it as a learning curve. Start taming small learn as you go. What map are you on maybe I can advise a Dino tame to get your required resources.
  7. You need to clarify.. what is crash on option?
  8. Well life has taken a very odd turn being in quarantine... I was still bored with ark but discovered tik tok.. I've so far kicked my hubby in the shin six times attempting a foot tap challenge.. I'm not sure why this helped relieve some ark boredom but it did.. His shins hurt but did every island cave today.. I need to get out of the house!
  9. It's never going to be a perfect time as its always a peak time somewhere. It does get annoying with the constant patches every week though. Hope they are back up for you all soon.
  10. Consoles don't have mods but pc does. As for the dire wolves on the mountain, stay off the mountain. Jk What do you mean by small distance like say jumping down off a rex or falling off the top of a mountain assisted by dire wolves? Do you put any points into health? Or is this a standard health from game start? Dinos are usually not lost just where your body fell. If you got knocked down a mountain by wolves the tames may have been further up fighting the wolves. There are trackers you can put in your Dino's inventory to locate them if you get separated.
  11. Whilst I commiserate for your Dino loss and offer the same speculations and ideas of know issues as stated by others here. There is a known cryo fridge issue but I'm wondering if someone else logged in maybe a tribe member and opened the fridge without realising it had maybe become unpowered. If on servers there may have been a rollback after you last logged in therefore not saving your last reset of timers? Also your title is a bit confusing 'after under 7 days'
  12. There is a temp fix already posted in the forum for this issue. Admincheat r.shadowquality 0 1 This turns off shadows. If you have any other issues use the search option if you need an answer quicker the bug forum isn't usually very busy so takes longer to get replies.
  13. I'm bored.. in ark I mean.. I turned on game faffed about a bit. Filled feeding troughs turned on the forge, cooked food, tidied away breeders I left out.. lined up all other Dino's in their areas. Walked around aimlessly for about thirty minutes opening and closing vaults. Logged off again. I have two thylas to restart my breeding program I just don't have the inclination for it. Sits patiently waiting for inspiration to strike.
  14. It depends on your settings for resource respawns.
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