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  1. Not played for ages. Loaded the game last night first time in weeks. Sat in the base for 35 minutes trying to figure out what to do. Closed game. I may return when something interesting happens but as it stands I have done everything in game so much I'm just bored with it. Started over again on another game NMS on Xbox and for now that's what I will be playing alongside MHW. Might pop back occasionally to read this thread as it keeps me entertained. Hope everyone has a great day. See you all again sometime.
  2. This information is available before you purchase. You should get the heln-a pet at this time though. Maps release later this yr and next yr.
  3. Why no comment in regards to all the Xbox players that have lost all their characters and progress in valguero single player. Last update cleared everyone's saved games. So many comments on it in the Xbox forum. Just checked Twitter that information was posted 6 hours ago by CED. Would be more helpful to also post this on the forums not everyone follows Twitter.
  4. Both myself and husband's single player Xbox play through has gone too. I'm not even sure how they could help us retrieve all that work. I'm steering clear until Val seems more settled.
  5. Don't mesh in return 2 wrongs do not make it right. I can see how people feel it works for them etc but you risk wiping a whole tribe if you are friends with people. My advice get stuff moved asap leave them too your empty base. Don't store everything in one place.
  6. Old pass included everything to extinction states in the pass what you will get. People don't read.
  7. @DeHammer I know that feeling.
  8. I disagree but that's my pov. As games get better or expand games go up in price so what they are asking really isnt that much considering every game I buy my other half is a collector's edition it's about £60-£90 even above depending on what he's after. We then have to find room for all the collector's stuff to go with it. Buying from the store for a game pass much easier for me. Less stuff to find room for. I've been playing ark since late 2016 early 2017 can't remember exactly when to be honest got married, mum passed away suffered with depression was a big blur.. I don't mind the cost for a game I can play. I see people comment why they don't feel it's valued as it is but I don't personally think it's too much.
  9. Best advice is to check out every equus spawn for unicorns as they share their spawns. On the island map I have found mine twice on the left side of the map between volcano and the sea. Approx 50/30. On ragnarok I always find them near the lighthouse in the Highlands.
  10. That's a very old tweet. Onced a unicorn is tamed a wild one can respawn.
  11. No, once tamed a new wild one will spawn. You can have multiple tamed but only 1 wild on map at a time.
  12. I have no words just laughed so much.
  13. Also if there are horses and no unicorns, kill the horses to encourage more spawns. There will only be one wild on a map at a time so it maybe out there just keep looking. I always find it easier after a Dino wipe.
  14. I understand it's hard to find a balance naturally so you are helping them.
  15. @Aushegun congrats on the banned thief finally you can breed without the drama.
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