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  1. Why is no one responding to these issues? It's getting silly now. 3 weeks and still we are being ignored yet others issues seem to get fixed.
  2. if you are referring to steam/pc version @Castlerock this is Xbox support. So unless they posted in wrong forum steam can't help. Unless I've missed something of course.
  3. Sorry I was just editing to include that vital piece of info. Glad you mentioned it too.
  4. Have people built up where they spawn? Once this happens they become super rare.
  5. Have you put in a support ticket? It seems lots of people are having issues. Report it to see if there is any help available.
  6. Wondering has everyone put in a support ticket because I'm sure none of the players here can help with this. I do hope it gets resolved for you though. Good luck.
  7. I think the yuti are great especially in snow cave on island, their roar pops the perlovia out of the floor. Great for boss Dino's courage roar. And actually quick when on foot. But like the rex pebbles get in the way. They also mutate well some Dino's look incredibly stupid. I have played for a few years and even though other Dino's can create the special eggs even then I wouldn't abandon my yuti kibble. Just a shame I took a few months off I missed loads I'm still catching up on. Don't forget the mate and the weighed down oviraptor to boost the eggs. I lay out in a line 4 females a male 4 females a male and so on for eggs. I'm sure they can reach further but my current set up is for my breeders. No need to enable mating obviously if your cooking them.
  8. I think it depends on the servers there are loads on the Xbox forum claiming they can't some who use win 10.
  9. wasn't sure how quick they lay so thank you. I do have a couple on my Val map but I found them to squishy for fights and left that map to take a break for a bit from ark, since i restarted I wanted to complete the whole ascension from the island again. Might go over for a breeding pair. I just wish the oviraptor collected the produced eggs for me, I'm sick of running round with a whip. Must be getting tired/distracted as read information wrong twice finally makes sense. Keep dein on mating for the special fert eggs (phone keeps changing fert to feet)..
  10. I read it as place crop plots stand Dino's on said plots it stopped the egg from falling through foundations. Basically it serves as a floor for the eggs to land on. If I'm wrong let me know.
  11. Since I breed yutis for boss fights I tend to have lots of spare eggs but I can see why using the dein would be a great idea even tamed they seem to have a great egg rate. I haven't looked into it yet. Does anyone know if the tamed deins can be transferred to other maps I kept seeing people say they turned into raptors in cryopods. So I haven't bothered with them much.
  12. There are loads of posts about this in the bug reports. Something broke during an update. Quite a lot of things broke during the recent updates.
  13. I've been on scorched building and crafting adobe from clay on Xbox single player for last couple of weeks no issues for this item thankfully. It's just everything else that's broken. But at least clay is fine.
  14. Would you happen to have another controller connected I sometimes find when one goes idle the other won't let me type? Worth a try maybe. There has recently been a lot of problems for Xbox but I've had no issues using console commands today. Hope you find a fix or someone else can advise.
  15. Wonder what it was. Don't use the pc to play is the win 10 update related to pc patches?
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