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  1. I don't quite remember all the details but you have to respond and interact with active threads to unlock the next level to be given the emotes you mentioned. I would suggest the general discussions forum as it's much more active.
  2. Does it give you a reason for the deaths?
  3. Sorry my phone restarted when I tried to link it, apologies it's a little late I saw people discussing the cross play hopefully it helps.
  4. There is a thread further down the page discussing this hopefully you will find an answer there.
  5. Sadly can't claim to have played ark today.. I did play another Dino game jp.. but I kept wanting to use ark controls and it got on my nerves. Tomorrow is planned.. I'm revisiting all maps and doing a boss run on each boss on the maps wondering how long it will take me. At some point I have to log into a game I hate to spend time with my niece doing some virtual babysitting whilst breaking a few blocks. Quarantine certainly changes things. ?
  6. It's so much quicker just to get a new friend.. ? good luck with the prison idea.
  7. Just use the spawn command for the item required codes are on the ark wiki
  8. Time stamp on the post indicates it was written 18 hours ago and published today so obviously an unintended error. Tomorrow being today.
  9. I've been playing for 4 years and not insane rates I'm just focused and work as a team with my other half.
  10. Done it all before. Even did a no flyer play through.
  11. Yep I typed it and then second guessed myself so removed it.
  12. Read the patch notes it's not a bug it's intentional.
  13. You will need to change your baby mature speed slider in your settings.
  14. First I would like to say it's online and you are not in immediate danger. There really isn't an urgent response team to deal with this behaviour. Don't respond to them in chat or otherwise just avoid feeling the trolls. Keep screenshots take more if needed for reports but try to get their user names. Above all remember it's online so be very careful what you do reveal to people ASL being the biggest problem. Hope it gets sorted but ignoring them is so much easier than feeding into this behaviour.
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