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  1. Cant believe there has been no mention of them adding these server types in the game it's crazy. I couldn't care less for a new map to be fair it's the game modes and server types that will bring in more players. New maps will bring people back dont get me wrong but for how long before they quit again because it's the same boring gameplay....
  2. Give us new game modes.... not remotely interested in the new map.
  3. Why is it so hard to give us solo/duo/trio servers it amazes me how there not out yet... Wont be coming back to ark intill they do. A flashy new map still wont make the game interesting it's the game modes that do.
  4. I brought the game as a dinosaur survival game. Ended up with a sci fi shooter with aliens,mythical creatures and freaking laser beams!
  5. Yeah stick everything in the suggestion forum where nothing gets done about them gg. I'm no dev but damn it cant be that hard to disable a couple of maps and some items. Game is stale and I imagine its losing players daily because it's so stale.
  6. If your at this stage cryopod a megatherium into there and wreck everything and the centipedes cant break your gear if they spit at you. Not 100% on that part so will need to test it.
  7. I cant see why not I feel like they could add it straight away if they wanted. I'm no dev but surly it's a easy task just disabling certain maps and removing a few items so they cant be used. I mean isn't that what classic is all about just the removal of aberration/extinction and disabled mesh items?
  8. Primitive + on Xbox Why is the reason that on xbox prim+ servers they are all NA servers... why not share the love and bring out at least 1 server on each map for EU. Currently only 1 EU server exists and that's a ragnarok the rest all NA I dont get why. You will probably find others will give this mode a try if theres a fair amount of servers allocated to EU.
  9. Umm I dont play ark at the moment I just check on the forums here and there to keep tabs on the game in the hope there get a move on and release fixes for meshing/bugs release new content. How hard can it be to release conquest servers on to console? I'm sure this alone would bring some excitement to players like me waiting for something fresh.
  10. Well that was another exciting crunch for this stale game.
  11. Release solo/duo servers for console but have them set up in the same way you have done these classic servers on PC. So no mesh items and no padding aberration extinction.
  12. Playing solo on small tribes which is very hard cause everyone is hostile and will literally blow in starter huts giving no one any time to get started. What should my goal be I've tried to ask to join tribes but just get ignored. Any tips solo players can offer would be appreciated.
  13. Yeah the fastest methods to farm all mats for turrets. Any tips really for mass making them is there a better map to do it on.
  14. What's your fastest methods of farming turrets In ark as a solo player?
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