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  1. Curious to know peoples thoughts on this so as the title says it you had to explain what ark is to your friend what would you say? Before or the rubbish they have added i used to call this a survival dinosaur game... now its a confused sci fi shooter with lazer beems alien space ships. I know there is gonna be some people that says the game was always ment to be a confused sci fi shooter blah blah but It don't change the fact imo the game has gone down hill with that direction.
  2. Cluster A everything pre aberration Cluster B everything post aberration Cluster C current state of ark I've just fixed alot of issues people have in ark in how they want to play this game. Numerous dead servers they could take offline and sort them out for this.
  3. A few content creaters are making videos and tweeting there displeasure with the way ark turned out currently and nearly all mention they want more primitive style as the sci fi poop is boring Who ever in the ark team said hey let's stick aliens and flying space whales in this game needs shooting seriously imo
  4. A map that looks prehistoric you say Wildcard: Let's add raptoring lazer beems and meks ja ja ja....
  5. Looking for a cluster that takes away or the bs tek the dlcs everything that makes ark bad in my eyes. Looking for the closest experience to what ark was like pre aberration days if its possible
  6. Nothing friendly about ark I'm afraid even in pve you can be messed with in other ways.
  7. Gen 1 hlna teleport can make your tame vanish and he won't be at original location either. Tribe log doesn't say the tame died it just straight up dissappears. Happened to me was being raided at the time managed to load up a tame with all the best stuff on got to safety and used the tp function. It wasn't raiders that wiped me instead i died to the worse enemy.... gamebreaking
  8. What I mean by classic ark is how the game was just before aberration came out which for me was when the game was starting to go down hill Take down some of the multiple dead servers in the list and make a cluster called classic or at least trial it. Think your be surprised how popular it would be as many players i imagine are bored with the tek and space stuff.
  9. Recently started giving no tek a try since I'm bored of tek vs tek, Can we have the center map added to the cluster?
  10. They don't normally do anything about it im afraid.... most of ORP problems can be fixed if they just turn off pin code's apparently that's to hard for them to do
  11. Gen 1 still has dinos being lost using hlna teleport....
  12. Got raided in lunar biome made a dash for it with my best loot on a shadowmane got to a safe place and used the hlna teleport to ocean only to find out my shadowmane with all the loot on has vanished he didn't come with me and he is not at original spot. Ark strikes again wiped by bugs
  13. Checked it out the only maps the cluster has is island,scorched,Rag and aberration, strange there is no center at least
  14. Looking to join a tribe or be part of a new one dont mind if its small tribes or not.
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