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  1. Oh its Microsofts problem wildcard cant do a thing right and release anything that works
  2. Been calling for this for a while something so easy to fix but wildcard just ignores it. Wildcard are pure lazy surely this is fixed with a toggle of a server setting......
  3. New game modes? Is it not possible for wildcard to bring out some new fresh server rules or some brand new game modes. The game is massively stale for me it's all the same old same old. I mean I cant imagine it's hard to do this aswell and not heavy resource wise for wildcard to do it. It's a no brainer it really is
  4. I've had this issue since the event started eggs all chucked down at same time all with different timers. Babys maturation getting stuck. Not confirmed but feel like food from troughs is depleting quicker also
  5. Tips for hex farming Hi I'm looking for some tips on how to farm a ton of hex as quickly as possible. What do you do to farm your hex for loot crates. Oh I dont have access to a giga either so please dont just say use giga
  6. Genesis Gachas & Snow owls Can these be transferred on to genesis now transfers are open? If yes I already know that snow owls wont be able to be mounted like the managarmr.
  7. Dino transfers To my understanding everything can be transferred to genesis apart from titans. Also flyers can but just cant be mounted like the managarmr is that the same for snow owls cause I want to be able to have a gacha set up if its possible.
  8. Does putting mission loot into the gachas give better chance for decent loot or just more resources?
  9. Wait you can't transfer tek trikes??
  10. Rock Drake Anti Mesh Raised a 190 drake slapped a saddle on when it was done ran up and down spino river to get xp for it and then poof spino pushes it under the mesh Meshing has been fixed umm yeah sure lol When ab first came out I lost tons of drake's down in the red stuck underneath the mesh was kinda hoping they ironed all that out but clearly not.
  11. That was not working for me on xbox I was trying to build on very uneven floor so that might be a factor though.
  12. Spot on. They should announce ark survival devolved and put it back into early access...
  13. No I dont want to play on any of it now I got the news I was lingering about for and now I'm happy to move on. Just thought I would post it in the general discussion to notify others on a more offical platform something wildcard don't bother with to notify others who wanted the same thing.
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