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  1. Sandstorms killed Scorched Earth. People just hate having to stop playing for 5-10 minutes every few hours because of the overpowered sandstorm. If you take that away I think more people would play it.
  2. PS4 - Unofficial Cluster I haven't posted a couple weeks, as this time of year is normally the busiest for me IRL, as I spend my vacation time to pursue outdoor activities. Add in that work has gotten crazy due to handling all the stuff needed to get done before my office location closes at the end of the year, and I don't have much time for ARK. Which is probably a good thing, as I am in that burnout stage again. Coincidentally so are my buddies California, INdiana and Texas. For the past few weeks we have just been logging in enough to refresh dinos/structure timers, and update the flag colors on our bases. I'm not overly worried, as I have hit these burnout periods before, and they usually pass after a 30-60 day rest away from the ARK. I've actually been talking to California about squading up and playing some BF4. Maybe even some RDR2 which I completed the single player campaign, but haven't really explored the online portion, and that might be fun to play with a friend. I wish ARK had the building capabilities as what 7D2D seems to have. (I have only watched the NEEBS GAMING videos of it) Looking forward to the new year, and seeing what the new season pass bring to the game. A little over a week away from American Thanksgiving, so enjoy your gobble gobble day everyone!
  3. I wish I could find out how many hours I've played, but as far as I've tried, not possible on PS4. But I would think I am well over 4k.
  4. There are so many people who are just casual ARK players, and don't ever even consider watching YouTube videos about ARK. I have seen people quit the game because of getting screwed over like this in a PvE server. Usually it is kids, who are used to "squading up" when playing Shooter games like BF or COD. They look for the same type of team atmosphere here in ARK, not knowing better, or not suspecting that lowlife trolls actually do this kind of crap; they become a victim. Hopefully it happens before they have much, so the lose isn't too great, and they learn from it. But still it sucks they have to experience it at all. I got lucky and saw it happen to people in chat early on, and realized that I will be always be a SOLO only player, unless I actually get a friend from IRL to play ARK.
  5. @yekrucifixion187 Is the one of the best sources for ARK info. The dude is a master!
  6. I remember way back when ARK came to the PS4. Back then I had to walk 9 miles to and 10 miles back, just to turn on my PS4. In 3 feet of snow! The only source of power was to ride a stationary bicycle, and we only had AOL dial up 56K internet. Of course, that didn't matter, as we were just excited to be playing a dinosaur game, as we huddled together in front of the TV, mostly for warmth, but also because we only had a 12" screen B & W television. Oh man, I mess those good old days! Dang Millennials ruin everything!
  7. The health should not drop, only incubation.
  8. Ah, the old Stonehenge base location!
  9. They will easily fit in regular dino gate frames. I fill in the actual gates for three of the side, then leave the final reinforced gate in my hotbar, and kite the Yuty into the trap.as soon as he enters, I hotbar the final gatedoor into place. I leave enough space between the 4 corners of the gateframes, so that I can slip out safely.
  10. I believe you can craft cryopods in drops and Oblisks. (I'm not 100% sure, as I just make them in my Replicator) But if you are planning on walking your newly tamed Yuty out, you might consider bringing a saddle with you for it, so that you can give it some added protection. And remember, newly tamed dinos, often need time to heal up when you level them up, so it might not be as BA as you think, if its health is still low. It might be better to just try and run away from most bad guys, until you get it back to your base.
  11. One thing to be aware of, is that Ptera and Argies will freak out and fly away if too close to a roaring Yuty. So the way I tame them, is find one I like, then I build a 4 dino gate pen. Then I cryopod my flyer. Then I kite the yuty into the trap and tame them up. Sorry to hear about your lost flyers.
  12. I would suggest focusing on taming Yutys, so you can make the Extraordinary kibble. This kibble will work for taming any creature and for any imprint asking for kibble.
  13. I learned the hard way to NOT travel between maps, but instead have a difference character on each map. Sure loading and unloading into a transmitter is a pain, but much less painful than losing a character filled with ASC saddles, weapons, cryo'd dinos and other valuable resources like what happened to me. Plus you can kind of fine tune the character on each map for need. Most of my characters are the same stats mostly, but my Abberration character has way more health and stamina because it is a hellhole when starting out. My character on Ragnarok is leveled high in melee, weight and health, so he is used for taming and gathering. My character on Valguerro is the crafter, and I transfer my blueprints and resources to that map to craft stuff for the best armor/damage levels. But i play on clusters. Not sure if you are talking about traveling between cluster maps, or just separate maps on official.
  14. PS4 - Unofficial cluster I ended up getting to play a lot less than I had anticipated this weekend. Valguerro: continued my addition to the base, and managed to tame another event owl and event mana. I harvested a bunch more bone dinos and was able to craft up a couple of the headless and hockey mask skins. I sure wish I could use skins on the tek helmet. sucks that it only works on other helmets. I hatched and raised a couple of Abberrant spinos that I had transferred the eggs from Abberation, and also raised up another boss tek rex for the boss battles. I then spent some time harvesting drops and resources, including raw metal for the forge. I found a dead spot in my food trough coverage, so I made up and implemented a couple more of those too. (sure wish we could see the trough range like we can with tek generator) I also raised up a couple of Reaper babies I had transferred from Abberation. ABBERRATION: Spent some time looking for event shinehorns, featherlights and other dinos. During my search, I came across a handful of dinos, and their timers said 1.5 minutes until claimable. The tribe name was the same guy I had helped out 2 weeks ago, so it appears that he has already given up on Abberration. I cryo'd the dinos and put them aside, if he shows back up I will give them back to him. He had nothing of my interest, except a couple event colored Drakes, one of which was a good level. I also got Reaper impregnated twice, but since the event colors are very close to the regular vanilla reaper colors, I gave up, as I kept getting vanilla looking babies. RAGNAROK: I spent some time re-arranging dinos around my base as I am getting a bit crowded with everyone parked right next to the base. My base location is in upper hidana, so I'm in a spot small enough where I can spread out more, as no one can build on the same butte as me, unless an ally. I then decided to go looking for event Griffins to tame. So I grabbed some cryopods from the cryofridge and some kibble and headed out. Instead of griffins, I soon tamed up 2 good level event Gachas, and one was a black pearl producer and the other had Poly, Crystal and Silica Pearls. I needed all of these things for my Valguerro base, and they were a M-F pair so this was PERFECT. I cryopoded the gachas, and went back looking for griffins. As I was flying around, I hear the "armor breaking" noise and I see a message that says empty cryopod dead. I look in my inventory, and all of the cryopods on my body were dead, INCLUDING the two that held the newly tamed Gachas. I am confused as to DILO happened, since those pods came from a cryofridge, as I always store my pods in a cryofridge when offline. Needless to say, I was a bit cranky after this, and I then returned to base, only to notice that my two event zombie wyverns that I had tamed after killing a dodowyvern were totally bloody and near death. I checked their inventory, and they had meat, kibble and berries (which I had put in days earlier, as I wasn't sure what a zombie wyvern ate) I then checked the tek trough they were parked next to, and that was full with all variations of meat, berries and kibble. I have no idea what is going on, as all the rest of my dinos were full food levels. So I cryo'd those wyverns until I learn what to feed them. Then around 7pm last night the cluster owner mentioned on Discord, that they had added The Island map, so people could do the tek cave as experience the halloween event correctly. So I uploaded a couple flyers and the materials for a starter base and headed over. I found a spot close (but not too close) to Red OB, and set up a tiny starter base on the tiny island underneath the water fall. I spent some time getting that set up, then hit drops for about an hour while also looking for the dodorex, as the moon was up. No one ever saw the dodorex, but the meteors flying thru the sky were certainly interesting. I tamed up a secruity system tek parasaur and installed him at the base. Then it was time to watch my Green Bay Packers win in an exciting football game. I don't plan on spending a ton of time on The Island, so I intentional built a very small base. I will however transfer some boss dinos over to do the bosses at some point.
  15. I always use the timer alarm on my cell phone when breeding or imprinting dinos. Depending on how long of a wait I have, I will either set the alarm for a few minutes early (if away from base) or just 30 seconds (if working in base). Otherwise, I can get distracted and forget about the breeding or imprinting
  16. PS4 - Unofficial Cluster Spent most of my Friday night on Valguerro, I expanded my base there, by building vertically, adding room for a 2nd level if wanted, and a roof. I parked my Reapers and Wyverns on the roof. While I was building this, I also raised up a couple of event colored frost wyverns from the Valentines event. (I have so many dino babies sitting in cryopods, ugh!) I also built a hatchery and gathered resources to craft 22 AC units, which should allow me to hatch Drake eggs in it. I'm one of those players who rarely ever throws out resources, instead, whenever I return to base, I load any chitin, stone, flint, crystal, oil, etc into my storage or replicator. It sure helps down the road, when I need to craft bigger ticket items, as I normally have most everything I need. of course being on a boosted cluster doesn't hurt either. I then set up a cooking station so I could create all the dye I needed, and eventually painted the base and hatchery black. I then spent too much time trying to find scarecrows. I found plenty of pumpkins and gravestones, but the scarecrows seem to be very rare. I did also manage to kill 4 bone Brontos, 2 bone stegos and 2 bone trikes. no luck finding a bone, raptor, rex, carno or Giga, though someone in chat said they had just killed a bone giga. but even with killing nearly 10 bone dinos, I still only had about 55 bones! yikes, it will take forever to craft these emotes and skins.
  17. It is possible the dino was injured after you knocked it out, resulting in lose of taming levels.
  18. I normally do not play music when gaming, as i like to be able to hear what is going on around me. (predators approaching, my shoulder pet squawking, etc.) But if I was to add music to my gaming, I'm pretty sure it would be music without any lyrics. So probably Buckethead, Joe Satriana, Steve Pasero, Animals as Leaders, Liquid Tension Experience, something like that.
  19. I can only imagine you during boss battles cranking that stuff up!
  20. Well for official, then a Ptera would certainly be a huge help. But I feel giving noobs a wyvern off the bat is too much. I was on a server once that gave a horse as a starter dino. It was actually pretty useful.
  21. I often will tame a low level dino with a cool color, into my bloodlines. I just keep breeding until the offspring gets the color and the good stats.
  22. I don't know if I've come across a true newbie in the last year. I usually get people who are just new to the server. Since I play on a boosted cluster, there really isn't a need to give them anything, even though the admins give people a starter dino. If i see a person join the server for the first time, and instantly ask for a starter, then I never help them, because it is obvious they are super lazy. If I see some one join, and ask "What would it cost to buy X dino from someone" then I know they are at least willing to work a bit, and I may help them. If I was playing official rates, I would probably help a bit more, but since this is boosted, I really don't feel the need. When I started the server, I had a ptera within 15 minutes, and a Griffin within an hour, Within 2 hours, I had a small base to house both flyers, and the basic essentials. I guess i'm not really answering your question though. I think if you are questioning it, then you probably feel like it is the wrong thing to do. Maybe try only donating metal tools or narcotics to a newbie, and let them do the taming themselves. See how that makes you feel?
  23. PS4 - Unofficial cluster Since my cluster is only Rag/Val/Abb currently, the admins held an event on Rag in the desert last night. They spawned DodoRexs and Dodowyverns for us to fight. Then they even added some boss dinos, like the Ice Titan, Boss Gorilla and Brood Mother. Almost everyone brought their best Lightening Wyvern, but some kid showed up on a Carno! He actually got right into the fight each time! It was a lot of fun, and for the one of us who survived, we got a max level dino of our choosing. So I got a female Giga! (my buddy Texas got a male giga, so I've already got an egg to hatch and imprint.
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