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  1. what I hope for is to not have a free weekend like with extinction. if they do so they should have a new locked cluster for the guys who want to give it a shot. if they do allow for transfers on day 1 (I doubt it) they should have a cap or else some servers could be dino capped in 1 hour. also should have dino restrictions. if not then beating down the bosses on day one or killing everything with gigas on day 1 is game breaking. the building of a new base has it's own charm. I see no point in transferring 1 vault of pre crafted stuff and instant build a mega base.... some settings just can't please everyone. Great things to come - new Map, new dinos, new Items, new Biomes, new Bosses less great things - no kibble, no 250+ longneck with shocking darts. no dinos to help farm. bad things that happened before : LAAG, pillar spamming, chat fights, griefers luring dinos on PVE, updates every hour to fix stuff that breack your KO tame, mega update to blast your base that 12+ ppl built in 3 days. I hope for the best and I wish you all good luck and happy bArking
  2. all of the above and some Event Boss encounters, and to be able to play on Official Servers when events are on. quality of life is terrible on certain events when more people are online.
  3. any structure can be destroyed by corrupted, so cryopoded creatures will be stolen at best or decay when the freezer gets destroyed
  4. Actions vs Griefing on PVE I would like to suggest to disable the damage of corrupted dinos vs structure & dinos inside save areas. or don't allow them to enter safe areas. or a way to stop players from using these methods to undermine decent players. Players loose interest in the game very fast. Since Extinction came out our tribe has been under sustained harassment from griefers, I send over 20 tickets in 1 week with proof. this behavior has once again hit our server 467. More bases have been raided this way. Please take some action against them. it would be much easier to fix it this way, better then having to go after players and bad them. Most of the time we can;t even get proof since they use the 15 minute delay until Offline protection kicks in. I believe only the dev team can help on this matter.
  5. I have the same problem, Lady Luck is not on my side. some players from the same official server are saying that they never encountered an Alpha reaper at the north West exit, and their base is right at the entrance tunnel and they go to surface very frequently. Long story short, 1 month of looking for alpha reapers and 0 found so far.
  6. Mods update Day To all ark modders or anyone who has decision making regarding ark mod updates. I like to suggest a specific day for updateing mods. Monday or Friday, or waht ever day it is. On modded servers with more mods it so terrible to see every mod updated on different days and hours, need to restart servers for updated in order for people to play on. Best regards. Please let me know what you think.
  7. shoetrax

    Baby Gacha Food?

    As others said, you can't leave baby gacha out of render distance, you must set them on wandering and they will animate gathering from the ground and they will eating and gaining food by them selfs, you can try to test with dino leash
  8. even the smallest coelacanth can drop prime with fishing, on a 2x event. I never fish on a regular day so that is why I say 2x.
  9. so we saw one titan in the snow, one in the forest, and I am sure that the next one will be a water titan, I pray to be one ! My hope dies last! (the next image is from reddit
  10. I see you found your aswer let me share you some background info: every dino has different values for leveling up stats. the more HP has at birth, the more it will get when you spend points in it. (giga is the worst when spending points, but gets the best bonuses for imprinting) think from another point of view: how many players I need, to defeat certain easy boss, with tamed/breed Dino and no imprint, having primitive saddles. second, how much damage can my dinos do on that boss before they die. if you find this out, then anything better would defeat the boss. I haven't done any of the bosses on easy recently, so I can't give you an answer to that. what I can say is: Alpha Broodmother is able to do more then 30K damage on unmounted rexes with primitive saddles. You must add up the poison damage, and the webcone and minions. if 5 players have a 80%+ imprinted rex, and you have a 60+ armor saddle on all, the damage would be much less. and if you bring a yuti and one of the players is riding it, and providing the buff, then you would be able to defeat it with 19rex, 25K hp+ and 450%+ melee without loosing more then 1-2 of them. My advice would be not to try alpha before you have a yuti. any rex that reaches 30+k hp and has over 500% melee, is good for a alpha boss fight. if you can go higher even better.
  11. I believe this comes down to the quality of the server host. not naming any but some are really bad. ARK should rent much much better servers, with great support, and global low latency.
  12. Dear wildcard devs. Than you for your hard work, but please bare in mind, that this game is no longer in "early access" and do not punish the players just because they play. Please look at the source of the problem, how and why is it happening. Pillaring is good and bad too, just like anything else done excessively. Think of the PVE mega tribes that have resources and can pillar or BE gate an entire fresh server in couple of hours, and in just a few days they can brag that the server is tame capped. I sure hope you got this figured it out and will not make 99% of the players who play on a daily basis rage quit for a week or two
  13. Hey wildcard, we design our fences using pilars and ceilings then walls up and down, I sure hope I wont have to redo it all! I did pillar the waters to make my way out of the bay and sure hope I don't get trolled by someone best of luck survivors.
  14. Happy Level-UP day #ARK. the game I played so much for the last 2.5y. Thank you!
  15. here is another one that is easy to do from the ini. Primitive, first person only, limited Tier Tribe limit 5-10 players. max tames 25-30/tribe not all dinos can be tamed, up to mid level dinos likeMamoths, Carno, Allo, Paracer. (needs some work but I'm sure it is achievable) bigger dinos cannot be tamed. Some tamed dinos could take up more slots from the max dino tame count. Flyers cannot be tamed! (or are removed) Gliders like Terror Bird can stay. with or without loot drops current taming ,gathering, breeding set to 5-10x, no need for egg/kibble farm, no fabricator(maybe only from drops) or even primitive settings up to stone tier. This would make gathering oil from the cold north a very good challenge, going with a pack of wolfs, bringing a mammoth/Paracer. It would make players find come casual alternatives to getting resources that are even fun to do! Getting your Equus when getting metal/obsidian the goal would be to defeat one of Bosses at one of the obelisks, Brood-mother @Green, Megapitecus @Blue, Dragon @red that are already spawned at the blue Obelisk!
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