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  1. all of the above and some Event Boss encounters, and to be able to play on Official Servers when events are on. quality of life is terrible on certain events when more people are online.
  2. any structure can be destroyed by corrupted, so cryopoded creatures will be stolen at best or decay when the freezer gets destroyed
  3. Actions vs Griefing on PVE I would like to suggest to disable the damage of corrupted dinos vs structure & dinos inside save areas. or don't allow them to enter safe areas. or a way to stop players from using these methods to undermine decent players. Players loose interest in the game very fast. Since Extinction came out our tribe has been under sustained harassment from griefers, I send over 20 tickets in 1 week with proof. this behavior has once again hit our server 467. More bases have been raided this way. Please take some action against them. it would be much easier to fix it this way, better then having to go after players and bad them. Most of the time we can;t even get proof since they use the 15 minute delay until Offline protection kicks in. I believe only the dev team can help on this matter.
  4. I have the same problem, Lady Luck is not on my side. some players from the same official server are saying that they never encountered an Alpha reaper at the north West exit, and their base is right at the entrance tunnel and they go to surface very frequently. Long story short, 1 month of looking for alpha reapers and 0 found so far.
  5. Mods update Day To all ark modders or anyone who has decision making regarding ark mod updates. I like to suggest a specific day for updateing mods. Monday or Friday, or waht ever day it is. On modded servers with more mods it so terrible to see every mod updated on different days and hours, need to restart servers for updated in order for people to play on. Best regards. Please let me know what you think.
  6. this has happened to us too, there is no way of stopping thieving, 3 tribes worked they butts off to defend the veins, then brackets bribe comes and collects the main vein. They don't even bother to work for it, they steal titan tames, OSD and Element, Devs do something about this, don;t defend these guys because it is not against the rules. If this continues by the end of the year you will not have anyone playing on your extinction servers.
  7. shoetrax

    Baby Gacha Food?

    As others said, you can't leave baby gacha out of render distance, you must set them on wandering and they will animate gathering from the ground and they will eating and gaining food by them selfs, you can try to test with dino leash
  8. even the smallest coelacanth can drop prime with fishing, on a 2x event. I never fish on a regular day so that is why I say 2x.
  9. no luck for us... so far with biotoxin
  10. shoetrax

    PVE Servers Crashing

    quality of life on ARK servers is really bad. People who played above 3k hours, who have families, kids, work 40h/week and want to enjoy a bit of gameplay in the weekend get discouraged from playing. For me ark is more of a frustration than having fun with friends on a Friday night. here are some thoughts of Veteran ARK players. -nothing seams to pull me to the game atm - why am I getting bad vibes of ark recently, I feel worn out, loosing touch with the game -Starting to get bored - Need some stimulation - But the crash problems every weekend is making bad vibes too - This afternoon i came home i was getting ready to play when i got msg Saying server crashing again - I was not motivated i just sat looking at pc lol. I am looking at the dawn of me playing ever on official!
  11. turret mode is also broken, they do pin down flyers (tested on corrupted pteras at element veins) but take ages to kill anything. at the moment they are just good for taxidermy nothing else.
  12. do you need to do that with any special tools? we have killed plenty so far, and no biotoxin so far!
  13. what if you don't live in the city, or those places are already spawn blocked? it is scares compared to Island, Aberration or Ragnarok
  14. fish is scares on extinction and in order for a Hesperornis to lay a golden egg you would have to kill and drag a bunch of fish to it, an Ichtyornis could help out, but that's is too much of a hustle for me.
  15. I had enough of Fallout 76 when I was hearing my friends get frustrated from it. yeah give them time to adjust, I have no problem with that. We definitely picked the wrong server to play on but here is my story so far: by the end of week 1 our base got blown up and it was pretty huge already, so back to farming and base building for 1 more week, by the end of week 2, server was crashing like crazy, every time we dared to get out of the base, we were close to loosing something specially after farming element, because then we got rolled back before the event was completed, lost the element, and with a bunch of leftover corrupted dinos, lost a few dinos too. When they fixed the saddle duppes, we were getting trolled with lvl 500 corrupted enraged gigas on our base, so back to base building and more defense. wehn we got that done, another wave of server ddos made our life miserable. Huhh ?
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