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  1. Did we get Legacy Aberration Server?

    I was awake when when they announced it, but my tribe mates were to stubborn to abandon & reboot, but they were also right to let others enjoy the new servers bugs & crashes and pillars everywhere. we restart anytime, but I have huge issues with the "New glitch and lag" My actual fear is that when aberation comes out more people will abandon legacy and our server will be marked for wipe on the next round
  2. Did we get Legacy Aberration Server?

    my tribe decided to abandon Legacy servers if we do not get the aberration updates, we are not many but we have a heavy army of Rex for defeating Alpha Dragon too. I do not know if we are going to unclaim or kill the entire dino population
  3. The nerf on the flyers a bit too hard, any bird that was able to cross the island has to stop 7-8 times, their speed is absolutely ridiculous, I sure hope some stats will be re-calibrated. ATM there is absolutely no need of birds, it's like riding a ovis, slow and tiresome.
  4. Primitive Plus 1.2 Patch Notes

    I agree it looks useless, until you get 5 stack of 5 meat to the under taming dino, you will have about 5 stacks of 3, and depending on the food the dino requires it will not eat more then 3 of them. so, from 25 chicken meat (poultry) only 3 will be used up.
  5. Primitive Plus 1.2 Patch Notes

    if all those goodies to tame low level dinos faster then usual have been disabled from taming, what else can be used to tame herbivores from primitive +? I personally believe that fresh poultry/ribs/bacon were good to use, so was tea (in my case)