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  1. Unoffical, private server, The Island, two of us. We finally completed the Gamma Brood Mother fight as our first boss fight. We were more than adequately prepared with 10 Megatherium (7-10K health, ~400 melee, level ~200), 8 Therizinosaurs (~5K health, ~300 melee, ~level 100), one Daeodon (5K health, level 200), and one Yutyrannus (3K health, 900 stamina). We expected to lose the Yuty and we did. I rode the Daeodon to keep it close to the meleers and to circle the clump to make sure that everyone participated in the healing. I also bit spiders from time to time, but I was not able to keep enough off of the Yuty. The Theris had so much bug bonus that they did not need the Yuty's courage bonus. My buddy rode a Megatherium but was trapped in the middle of the clump after everything rushed the Brood Mother and was never able to make it out until the Brood Mother was dead. No dinos except the Yuty died in the battle, the Daeodon worked as advertised. We had it mostly loaded with cooked meat with about the last third being raw meat. Next time: Bigger Yuty. No Theris - all Megatheriums. Riding the Daeodon was a good choice. Maybe my buddy should ride the Yuty to kill attacking spiders. The Brood Mother did not really move much since Megatherium swarmed it on all sides like an egg being fertilized. After we breed up another bunch of Megatherium, we should be able to take the Beta Brood Mother. We also have bred a bunch of level ~200 Rexes and we will start planning for the Gamma Ape fight. I think we have a few more caves to explore to get all of the artifacts required. Megatherium work very well in any cave with bugs. The cryopods are good for getting through narrow places or across lava jumps (don't forget the grappling hooks!). It worked well that we had two of us, as one was usually mounted on a Megatherium while the other walked (hiding behind the Megatherium when bugs or bats attacked) and we traded off across jumps so that there was always someone mounted on a Megatherium at all times. I am still thinking about watery caves and we may have to invest in some high-level Baryonyxes. One-year anniversary of playing Ark!
  2. The Island, private server, two of us We tried the lava cave (Southeast) with our crowd of high-level (200+) Raptors, Dilos, and Dimorphodons. It did not go well. The spiders, cenitpedes , and bats were too much for our small critters. The bats flew over everything and gave us megarabies (we had enough lesser antidote to cover this) and our troops just dwindled by atttrition. The spiders really slow everything down with webs. I then watched a few YouTube vieos and decided to try running through the cave naked to grab the artifact. Unfortunately, once a spider webbed me, it was all over. No running, no armor, no survival. The videos that I watched showed many fewer critters that I experienced. There were enough critters that my running was blocked by masses of spiders, centipedes, etc. and I had to stop, which was death. I thought about this a while and came up with a new strategy. We have made a few cryopods for long-range transport of dinosaurs. We have already bred a relatively strong line of Megatheriums in prep for the Brood Mother battle. There were lots of bugs in the lava cave. We walked into the lava cave with one cryopodded Megatherium each. My main concern was that we might have to pod and unpod the Megas multiple times to get through narrow areas and jump over lava (Megas can't jump) and critters might choose that moment to jump us while we had no protective critters. The Megas were awesome at clearing out spiders, centipedes, and bats. We spent about half the time with one of us unmounted with a podded Mega and the other riding the other Mega. The walker would walk through a narrow area or jump over lava and make sure that there was a safe landing area in which to unpod the other Mega. If there were critters, they would draw them back to the person on the Mega until all of the potential problems were dead. They then went ahead and unpodded their Mega. The one that was riding got off and podded their Mega and advanced or jumped to catch up and thereafter they were the walker until the next obstacle area. This worked great until we got to the actual artifact. The lava is too wide to jump (I tried it and died). Then we realized in our excitement over using the Megatheriums we had forgotten to bring any grappling hooks. D'oh! We made our way out of the cave and we should have no problems with our next attempt. I am debating also using a second strategy and that is to build bridges over all of the chasms. It might take a while and we would still need to kill the aggressive critters (probably with a Megatherium), but then we could do the cave easier and not have to pod up to go over lava. Still to go - the central cave and the Brood Mother. Our goal is to complete the Gamma Broodmother by this Thanksgiving weekend which will be our one year anniversary of playing Ark. I did spend a few months playing in Official PvE on Valguero, but I learned some lessons from other players that helped us in the long run here on The Island. We finally got our breeding line of Therizinos up over level 100. I would prefer over 200, but we have not seen that many high-level Theriznos around. These should be good enough for Gamma Broodmother. Our Rex line is nearly at 200 and I am sure they will come in useful in the future. The Rexes (and the Therizinos for that matter) are great for wading through the swamps looking for leeches (for leech blood to make lesser antidotes for the dang bats with megarabies).
  3. The Island, private server, two of us. I now have a good line of Megatherium based on a 140 that we tamed. We are gearing up for the Gamma Broodmother fight, which will be our first boss battle. We have conquered the cave near the Southern Islands several times with just some turtles. We are about to try the lava cave (Southeast) and we have an army of Raptors (all around level 200), Dimorphodons (mostly level 10), and Dilophosaurs (whatever we came across). I think just the Raptors will be enough, but overkill is better than dying. My only concern is the Megarabies from the bats (we died from this last time we tried the lava cave), but we will have plenty of lesser antidote available. Leeches are fairly easy to get in the swamp with a high-level Rex of which we now have several. I built up a base near the cave near the volcano (I forget its exact name) to get the third required artifact, but it is not a healthy place to stay at the moment. I dodged a 95 Therizino, an alpha Raptor and a dang Titanosaur while placing foundations and walls. I am going to have to take care of the Titanosaur before we start gearing up for that cave or we won't have a safe house in that location. The Therizino I will tame for a new breeding line for the Gamma Broodmother fight and we can kill an Alpha Raptor with our Argys as we have many times before. In summary, I intend to use a mix suggested earlier in this thread since it seems doable using the resources at hand - One Yuty (we just tamed a low-level one for eggs to make kibble to tame a high-level one), 10 Megatherium (helps a lot with the Araneos), and 9 Therizinos. Our goal is to do the Gamma Brood Mother over the Thanksgiving break when we can both be present at the same time for an extended time. I may have to go back and review some of Darkholis' videos I never was able to make a Yuty go into a 4-dino gate trap. They are just so twitchy. One moment they are shredding you (i.e., "following" me into the trap) and the next they are running off at a 90-degree angle just because (Squirrel!). They are not as bad as Rexes, but they are faster. We ended up just shooting it with darts and chasing it down when it ran off while one of us killed everything else that was trying to kill the shooter. Putting a ring of spike walls around the unconscious dino helped keep other nosy dinos away until it was tamed and then a pokeball carried it home safely (we lost our last Yuty to other dinos on the long walk home). Now I always carry a lot of spike walls on my Argy becasue you can place them just about anywhere with foundations.
  4. Aushegun, Yutis will fit in a trap with 4 Stone Dino Gates? Or do you use several Behemoth Gates? If so, how many Behemoth Gates? I had been assuming that Yutis were about Rex-sized and would not fit in a Stone Dino Gate. I have never been close enough to measure one without dying while adjusting the tape measure.
  5. Unofficial, The Island, private server I started back up our private (just two of us) server for the weekend and continued our normal advancement through the game. We are working towards the gamma Broodmother fight as our first boss battle. We tamed a decent level Megatherium (130 or so) and used it as the basis to create our Megatherium army. We still need a Yuti and perhaps some Theris. After my adventures on an Official PVE Valguero server, I have learned the wonders of Pokeballs. Uh, I mean Cryopods. The last time that we tamed a Yuti, we lost it on the way home. With a cryopod, we only need to protect it until it awakens from taming, load it in a cryopod, and then fly it home safely above all of the other Yutis and their evil minions. Since I was by myself on Valguero, I learned to use the "4 dino gate" trap. This also came in real handy for trapping our Megatheriums on The Island and I used it for Argys on Valguero. There are traps that take less resources, but the beauty of the 4 dino gates is that they are simple and easy to carry and to set up. I keep the gates and doors in my inventory, fly around until I see the dino of my dreams and then build a trap near it and lure it in. Luring usually consists of shooting it with an arrow and running into the trap until the dino is inside and then walking out through a survivor-sized gap. I wonder whether it would be worthwhile to try this method with behemoth dino gates for really big dinos? I raised a third Rex and remembered that Rexes take a loooong time to mature. I raised a couple more broods of Megatheriums and sheep while I waited. I also started building on the "ocean dino pen" for when we start accumulating water dinos. We have a few sharks, but we have not seriously gone into deep water yet (waiting for scuba gear). I am using metal gate supports and a behemoth dino gate. We seem to get lots of Alpha sharks around, so I used metal for durability. I may or may not go ahead and wall it in with regular walls, but I am hoping that the fence supports will keep in what i want in and keep out what i want out. The only thing that I can think that might be able to get in is the darned jellyfish and maybe I can keep them out with only the top layer of solid walls. I came across a 150 Anky on Herbivore Island and so I tamed it. It seems to be in the range where destroying each metal rock in one hit gives me less in total than my weaker Anky gave by taking several hits per rock. I will keep leveling up melee for a while until it gets better. I also went to every orange drop that i could find and stocked up on all of the goodies therein. I am accumulating quite a pile of pumpkins, headstones, and scarecrows. I guess we will need to go kill a lot of skeletal dinos to be able to build some of the event items. I have not seen the Dodorex yet and I am kind of afraid that i will try to kill it if I find it. The most likely result will be that it will kill me, plus the dino that I am riding, plus all of my gear, etc.
  6. Official PvE Valguero, all by myself I finally built a generator and some lights and a fridge. The fridge was the main goal since I had been gifted some cryopods from freindly neighbors and I wanted them to last as long as possible. They should help with transportation of new tames without needing a whole squad of escorts to bring them home to my base. I can build my own cryopods, but they still cost a lot of resources. I cracked out a couple of dinos from cryopods and I discovered that the dinos do not get "cryo-sickness", you do. The timer is based on when you last released a dino from a cryopod, not based on when a particular dino was released. The bottom line is that you should release one then wait until the timer expires before releasing the next dino. If you jump the gun, the second dino will have "cryo-sickness". The good news is that to cure the sickness, you just need to wait until its torpor goes back down. By prepared to sit and guard for a while. My next goal is to build some air conditioners so that I can start breeding dinos. I have a nice large open area in the middle of my castle to keep everything safe, but trying to maintain temperatures with lots of campfires is more than I want to endure. I think 4 or 5 air conditioners should cover all of my needs. Although my large open-top dino-pen has served my needs well until now, there have been quite a ferw Argentavii (what is the plural for Argentavis? Is the root Latin or Greek? Argentavipode? Argentavae?) attacking my penned dinos. I may have to invest in buillding a large pen that is tall enough for the huge dino gate (8 walls high). I think that I will need foundations to build a roof over it. Since I may not be able to find a large enough area to make it a flat foundation, I may resort to pillars and ceilings for the base. I don't like the look that it will give the pen, but I don't see much way around it. Lots of planning and building to do...
  7. Official PVE Valguero, all by myself. Thanks for the info, Caleb. As a reward, here is a picture of my nearly-completed castle. In regular news, I have nearly completed the main structure of Castle Aaaargh. A coupl eof the turrets will have another layer or two added but they are mostly complete.
  8. Official PVE Valguero, all by myself. Some freindly neighbors gave my a baby Rex in a cryopod. I thought that whoover threw out the cryopod owned the dino, but now that i have fed it for a while it is asking for attention from the person that hatched the dino (not the same one who gave me the cryopodded dino). I have tried disowning it and claiming it and I have tried disowning it, cryopodding it, rethrowing it, and then reclaiming it. Nothing I do makes the dino want attention from me and I cannot raise it any further. Although I am appreciative of the gitft, I am frustrated at not being able to use it. 1) Can I do anything about this now? 2) How can I prevent this from happening in the future? I know that people can trade cryopodded dinos. Does it not work for babies? Should I have disowned and reclaimed before feeding it? Thanks for any info.
  9. Offfical Valguero PvE, all by myself I finally tamed an Argy, which will greatly advance my mobility and dino power capabilities. I used the "four stone dino gate" type of trap. I had read about them and they seemed much more straighforward than some of the more intricate but cheaper designs. It worked exactly as advertised, but I had to walk slowly and let the Argy hit me from time to time to make sure that it followed me into the trap. There were lots of Trikes and Stegos in the area and they seemd to be helping the Argy to prevent me from closing the gate intil the Argy could turn around and fly out. It took me three tries, but I finally got him insode, me outside, and the gates closed. I had run out of tranq darts by that point, so I fell back to my tranq arrows from an ordinary crossbow. He kept turning away from me whnever I hit him in the head, so I had to run back and forth to opposite sides and all of the Trikes and Stego go tin the way. I was almost out of tranq arrows when he finally succumbed. I checked him and he was level 140! No wonder it took so much effort to put him down. I did a check on the Dododex and saw that it normally would take 6 hours using raw meat. I had been preparing for this for a while, but I expected to snag a level 50 tops. Fortunately, it was a double-weekend and it would only take 3 hours. I would probably not get a chance like this again for a while, so I set in for the long tame (but not so long as not duinrg a double weekend). I had my Stegos sweep the area every time that the berries respawned to get enough Narcoberries and killed lots of pigs for meat. While I waited, I built on my new home - I am calling it a castle since that seems to be the direction that i am taking it. My goal is something like Mad Ludwig's castle (think Disney if you do not know about Ludwig), but I am sure that it will look like it was rendered in Minecraft since I tend to build blocky and square. I will post a picture when I get the turrets finished. Back to taming - the hard part is not the subduing or the feeding and tranqing. The hard part is keeping the unconscious dino safe from all manner of predators that climb out of the Abberant Trench. I had read a suggestion to use spiky walls to keep taming dinos safe, so I placed wooden spikes all around the trap except for the gate that was farthest from the Argy. While I was working on the castle, I heard the battle music and crunching from the direction of the trap. There was a Carno reaching over the spike wall, through the closed gate, crunching on my unconscious Argy. I had on full plate that was fully repaired (I always try to keep my weapons sharpened), so I jumped off the battlement with my sword yellling "Cowabunga, Dude!" and rushed the Carno. The poor thing hardly had a chance to turn around from the Argy before I clove him in twain. I built a econd tier of sharpened spikes in a ring outside the first ring and stayed a little more alert after that. I killed another Carno and two Raptors befofre the Argy was tamed. All of the Stegos and Trikes that were blocking me earlier helped kill a few more Raptors that wandered into the area. I think I will leave them in the fields around the castle as they seem to make good guards - sort of like gators in a moat. The Argy tamed out at 180, so it will be immune to regular Rex roars (critters lower level than a particular Rex will suffer the effects of "Rex-roar"). Now I just need to accumulate enough keratin to build the saddle...
  10. Official PvE Valguero, all by myself I finished my dino pen at my new base over near the Abberation Trench and moved my two remaining Stegos (a male and a female) to the pen. My house is still not large enough tobe useful or much protection from the critters coming out of the Trench, but I am working on it. Having all of my building equipment on a raft has come in useful. If I need a lot of stone, I can go sail near a bunch of stone and store it on the raft. If I need to build Huge Dino Gates, I can build them and store them on the raft until i erect them. Does anyone know a good source of beaver dams in Valguero that is connected to the central lake? I found some in mountains in the West, but the lake there is not connected to the central lake and I would have to fly in and out of there. The resources are great in Valguero, but creating metal has slowed me down unless I can get lots of cementing paste and creating it from scratch will be painfully slow. Caleb68, When I logged in, the Dire Bear was attacking my Stegos that I was set on passive. I aggro'ed it by shooting some arrows at it to keep it from killing all of them. It attacked my house because I was on top of it. I guess it finished off my house after I logged out. I do get a few Alpha Rexes and Raptors near the new base that i am building near the Trench and I will try to take preventative measures with eventual metal structures. On the plus side, I also have an Argentavis nearby that I am hoping to trap and tame soon. I am not sure if it came because of my proximity to the Trench or because I am near to 50/50 and all things flying drop from the sky from time to time and it wandered over here. Aushegun, It sounds like pillar time near your base. You might be able to at least restrict the amount of neighborly encroachment if you act fast. I might be paranoid from playing PvP in the past, but it sounds like a suspicious setup to me.
  11. Official PvE Valguero, all by myself Last weekend i experienced the terror that is DIRE BEAR! I logged in and woke up in my temporary houseboat to hear crunching and screaming dinos outside the walls. I got a message saying my only flyer (a Ptera) had just been killed by a Dire Bear. I still heard crunching and screaming, so I ran out to see what I could do to save my Stegos. I stepped out to see one male Stego bravely protecting the Queen Brood Mother Stego and then valiantly dying. I took stock of my my assets in hand. Full plate mail - check. Sword - check. Hit points - nowhere near enough for a Dire Bear. So I ran back in the house, grabbed a crossbow and headed for the roof of my floating trailer mansion. I got the Dire Bear distracted by landing a few choice bolts in its posterior and it left my remaining male Stego quietly coagulating since I had it on "passive". I noticed almost immediately that the DIre Bear was not as tall as a Rex when viewed from close enough to count its teeth, but it was still tall enough to knock me off a two-story roof. I made it back up on the roof and stood back far enough from the edge to not get hit but still be able to hit the top of its head with the bolts. He was raging on my house and I started wondered if Dire Bears were able to shred stone. The server started rubber-banding and he would run away from the houseboat and snap back to shred some more, so I could not tell if he was actually going to go away now that he was not aggroing on my Stegos or if he was really mad at my house. I was not really hurting him much at all so I decided that there was nothing else that I could do, especially with the server acting up and most of my shots not actually landing. I went back in my house through the roof access and laid down and went to sleep. I logged in the next day and discovered myself standing in water up to my waist. No Dire Bears and two live Stegos. It seems the Dire Bear finished tearing up my house boat and then left. My body dropped into water shallow enough to let me breathe. I know I should be grateful for my life, my armor, and my two Stegos, but my houseboat had three lockers full of gear and resources and all of my forge/smelter/machines were all gone. I am rebuilding a new houseboat "Calypso II" and as soon as I finish it I will continue building my permanent house near the Abberant Chasm. I remember reading someone's post earlier in this thread about the best way to protect your dinos was to stay out of render range unless you need them. I guess just logging in caused the Dire Bear to randomly spawn. When I have a real house and a real dino pen, this should get easier. This is still much less stressful than PvP.
  12. This is probably a game camera meant to take pictures of anything that moves. It can be used to let you know what dinos are roaming the area in which you put it or it could be used to see who is checking out your base at night. Some of those lenses are probably infrared so that it can take clear pictures at night without giving away its presence. My question would be do you have to go access it to get the pictures or can it be transmitted back to your base so that you can monitor it remotely?
  13. Offical PvE Valguero, all by myself I now have the beginnnings of a kibble farm. I tamed one male and two female Stegos, have several crop plots on my boat, some recycle bins, and a pig to generate poop. The Stegos also contribute poop when they are not breeding or dropping eggs. When I have made enough regular kibble, I will go after some higher-level dinos. I hate waiting 4-5 hours for a tame. This double-tame weekend, I did not have the spare time set aside to go after anything significant. I finally decided on a permanent location for my keep and it is where I saw the three Spinos ravaging a couple of weeks ago. They were all gone with only herbivores nearby, so I took my chances and completed a small 2x2x2 stone cube with a bed and room for much expansion (a large flat area). I also built about half a dino pen with one giant dino gate and lots of large dino gates. I used some regular stone walls in one place to add a human-sized door in case I need to lure in something and run out the other side (I used this strategy to some good effect on The Island before). When I was gathering resources to expand, I noticed a stone overhang with what seemed to be a large crystal inside. I had not found any crystal yet in Valguero, so I went in to take a look. Apparently, I have built my base fairly close to the Aberrant Trench! No wonder there were lots of Spinos earlier. All of the Trikes in the area are perpetually glowing from Rexes in the trench. After I get established, I will have a lot of fun journeying down into the trench and trying to bring back a good carnivore or two. On a sadder note, I tried to tame a Argy at a place a long way from any of my resources. I decided that I could probably just tank the damage and stun it by shooting it in the head a few times with tranq arrows. I made several rookie mistakes here. One, I did not build any kind of trap. This was because it is usually hard to pin an Argy down to a particular place - this was on a mountainside. Two, I forgot to change into my metal armor and noticed that I was still wearing leather when I started flashing red a lot sooner than i expected. Three, I did not check out the Argy's level beforehand (see my previous description of not finding any crystal - thus no spyglass). Four, other than my armor I brought all of my best gear along (especially the crossbow). Five, I did not drop a sleeping bag nearby to return to pick up my stuff after I died (i.e., I did not plan for possible failure). Needless to say, I failed and died and was not able to recover anything. One thing that I did right and may be able to recover is that I set my low-level Ptera (I flew to this location) to "passive flee". With a lot of luck it is hanging around at the top of the sky in that area just waiting for me to come back. All-in-all, an exciting dino-wrangling time!
  14. Official PvE Valguero, all by myself I tamed a level 55 Ptero (tamed out to around 70) and took to the skies with my new long-range flyer (at least compared to the level 30 Ptero that I had previously). I had seen a video with Dimorphodons in the Southwest, so i headed that way to see if I could find the place and if it was conducive to taming with my resources. Pteros definitely do not have the endurance of Argies, but I managed to find the spot near a giant hollow log across a stream. It was a really tranquil looking spot until the ants came for me (I was obviously sitting in one spot too long). I got away and headed further Southwest because I saw some mountain-looking rises in the distance. I found where the Argies hide and I will have to come back later to get one. Unfortunately, it looks like Yutys and their boosted Carno minions also like that area. There were some pillars placed by someone way up on the mountaintops. I am not sure what they were protecting or if they just wanted to show that they had been to the mountaintops. At the base of the mountains, there were some tree ring forts in the redwoods. When I get that engram, I might settle down near them. Although I would prefer something on the lake, there was plenty of water near the redwoods and the lake is getting really overcrowded with fortresses and pillars. Question - If I build a tree ring fort in a redwood, what happens when someone chops down the redwood? When a tree ring fort redwood falls in the forest and there is no one in spawning distance, does it make a sound?
  15. I did not know that you could fill crop plots "manually", I just wait for rain. I might try that to speed up the process when my plots are dry. Thanks for the info. I took my raft out in the lake where all the Pelas are flying, but none landed. Maybe I just need to keep it still for a while. I have had Pteras land on my raft before. They always wait until I am not prepared to capture them. I tamed a level-15 Ptera last night (I did not feel like waiting for 5 hours for a level 150) and I will be boosting its weight and stamina to use it for exploring. I will have to be careful not to land in hazardous areas since it will be fragile. When I get enough regular kibble, I will go for a high-level one (or maybe a Pelagornis for variety).
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