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  1. Have you tried a Baryonyx or two? They are smaller and less likely to get stuck, they do not use oxygen (and thus will not drown), and they can spin stun just about anything in the water. I use them against Alpha Sharks all the time. That said, I have a Spino on guard in my regular water pen and the pen is deep enough for Basilos but not deep enough to drown a Spino (I hope). I had not considered the case where the guard would go after something on the bottom and drown after the battle was over. I also have a deeper pen where I am keeping a non-tame Leeds that I built the pen around and I guess I should take my own advice and stick a couple of Baryonyxes in with it just in case.
  2. Correction: The dino stacking did not cause the fight. When harvesting the Tek Raptors with the Theri, they Raptors responded by attacking everything including the Tek Parasaurs. Nonetheless, avoid Tek Raptors in this scheme, it will only result in heartache.
  3. I mentioned a few weeks ago that we farm oil from Basilosaurs, cementing paste and polymer from Snails, and I was wishing that there were dinos that had metal to be farmed. We tested a few methods for doing this and here are our results: We locked a breeding pair of Tek Parasaurs in a building, hooked up a couple of A/C units and enabled mating. If you use the "C" option of gathering with a Therizinosaur (I think it is a "bite"), you can get a lot (35 or so) scrap metal out of each new Tek Parasaur. The advantage of not being able to attack your own dinos with other of your own dinos keeps the Theri from accidntally damaging the breeder Parasaurs. We tried adding a breeding pair of Tek Raptors, but all of the dinos stacked on top of each other caused a fight and no Tek Parasaurs survived. Also many of the babies grew up "embedded" in the floor and were difficult to get. We advise using only Tek dinos that do not attack (like Parasaurs) and use a dirt floor (more of a "pen" than a "building"). The dinos will still grow a bit into the floor, but enough of them will be above the surface to attack with the harvesting Therizinosaur. Unfortunately, the "C" attack of the Theri cannot be upgraded with its "harvesting points". I will also experiment with adding an Oviraptor to increase egg drops. Since our test was in the Southern Isles, we only used a couple of A/C units. If you build such a setup further North, more A/C units may be required to keep the eggs at a hatchable temperature.
  4. When you get to the point where you can build (or acquire, like during the Christmas event) Cryopods, it makes imprinting so much easier. You can pop out a Rex when you have some time to play the game and them pop them back into the cryopod before you leave the game and they retain the amount of imprinting each time. Basically, you can accumulate imprinting in increments less than "all at once". It is best if you can also build cryofridges, but cryopods work with or without cryofridges. They are just cheaper when you can recharge them instead of crafting more. Save the old burned out pods because they can be recharged when you can eventually build cryofridges.
  5. We bred Argys quite a while back and they have been very useful (although not useful for boss fights). Argys are our main source of transportation and will likely stay that way until we acquire Tek Teleporters. Since acquiring Cryopods, they are even useful for moving around dinosaurs. I cannot recall the last time that i even stepped on a raft. They are great for fighting Alphas mostly because they can choose to leave the fight if it becomes too rough. They can carry most smaller and medum-sized dinos to drop in a taming pen. It looks like you are slightly ahead of us on Argy tech. I would advise breeding that Deaodon and not taking it into a boss fight where there is no escaping. If you lose it and you have not bred it, you are back at square one. It is hard to discipline yourself to not just ride your best dinos and instead breed them to get several before risking any that you cannot replace.
  6. The Island, private server, two of us... We beat the Gamma Ape last weekend. We used 18 Rexes (levels 100 to 200+), a Yuty (ridden, 200+), and a Deaodon (ridden, 200+), all imprinted. We messed up on the timing and our Rexes attacked the Ape on the bridge. Four fell off immediately and we whistled the rest over to the Ape's starting arena. Next time, we will immediately run across the bridge (carefully) to the arena because there are plenty of places to fall off around the teleporter where you arrive. We only lost one Rex to battle and it was the last remaining 100+ Rex. The rest were all 200+. We only have stock saddles because I think only red drops have Rex saddles and the odds are still small of getting any particular item. I am planning to raise more Rexes to fill in the holes and then we can try the Beta Ape. Rexes seem to have been a good choice for the Ape. We can theoretically build a Tek Replicator now, but we need more Element. I am debating whether it is better to do Gammas or Betas (either the Broodmother or the Ape) to gather Element. We will also be mining obsidian (for polymer) and metal like crazy for the building materials to make the Tek Replicator. I am not sure whether it would be worthwhile to sink the resources into building an Industrial Grinder right now to get more resources from spare junk or if it would be quicker to use those resources to build the Tek Replicator and come back to the Grinder later. Snails are awesome for generating lots of Cementing Paste and small amounts of Polymer (easier than clubbing baby penguins). We only have one, but we might need to step up our game and start breeding them. Basilosaurs provide more oil than we can possibly use. If only there were a dino that generated metal... We have started a breeding program for Therizinosaurs for the Gamma Dragon. Although everything takes fire damage from the Dragon (usually only Carnivores take extra damage from fire), Theris can hold vegetable cakes and self-heal. I guess we will be growing lots of crops and cooking lots of vegetable cakes soon.
  7. Private server, The Island, two of us. I have not posted since before Christmas and we have had quite a bit happen since then. We still have not fought the Gamma Ape, but that is because we got stuck on the caves required to get the proper artifacts. I had been assuming that some Baryonyxes would be sufficient, but there are lots and lots of jellyfish and eels to shock you off of your mount. We tried the water cave on the West coast of The Island. I rode a mid-level (~100) Basilosaur and Flont rode a high-level (> 200) Baryonyx. When jellyfish or eels were sighted, I moved in front and chewed them up with the Basilosaur's immunity to shocking. When sharks were sighted, he moved in front with the Baryonyx's spin-stun and we chewed up the sharks. Unfortunately, there were places with everything attacking us at once including a Mosasaur and we coul dnot deal with it all at once. Eels knocked him off his mount and he retreated to an air pocket with the Bary on land and I ran away drawing the crowd to a different part of the cave. We eventually got through that part and discovered an Alpha Mosasaur. We decided that our mounts were not sufficient to take this on since we thought that the Bary would not be able to stun it (the is still unconfirmed). Since my Basie was below half health and half of Flont's armor was gone, we left the cave with the intent of coming back when we both had high-level Basilosaurs. The sheer numbers of jellyfish and eels made using a Bary impractical. When I was on by myself, I decided to go look for a high-level Basilosaur for breeding purposes. I took my Baryonyx and headed along the coast towards Herbivore Island. My usual strategy has been to get close enough to annoy the Basie's attendant Mantas and spin-stun them and kill them. Then the Basie is available to be hand-tamed with kibble. On the backside of Herbivore Island, I found a 149 Basie! I checked my inventory and noticed that I had forget kibble and pods. The pod was to make sure that the Basie got back to base intact and there had been an Alpha shark somewhere in the area earlier. I swam back to the mainland with my Bary with the intent of running back to base for the kibble and pods (I always bring two just in case I get an unexpected find). I noticed the Alpha shark swimming offshore and decided that I could not let it exist that close to the Basie. I would hate to get it almost kibble tamed and have the Alpha shark kill it. My Bary had taken down Alpha sharks before since it was able to spin-stun them, so I donned my scuba gear and we dived in after it. I was doing well with the Alpha shark when it spawned in a couple of regular sharks to help it. I can still handle that although it took a lot more concentration to keep all three stunned. While I was paying attention to that , four jellyfish had snuck up behind me and shocked me off my Bary. At that point, it was every man and dino for him/herself. I had on fins, so I was able to get away from the jellyfish and climbed up on the shore. As I stood there watching the ball of churning blood and flesh (a Bary, an Alpha shark, two regular sharks, and 4 jellyfish), I figured that I would probably just kill my Bary if I tried to shoot the jellyfish with my crossbow. I settled down for the long wait to pick up the Bary saddle after the battle. To my surprise, the Bary was keeping most everything stunned. It eventually killed the jellyfish with the spins and I figured that I might be able to remount when all three sharks were stunned at once. I swam out and hopped on the Bary and we finished off all of the sharks. The rest of the trip back to base, I was very careful since my Bary was near death and most of my scuba gear was broken and a couple pieces of riot gear was in tatters. We made it back, I got kibble and pods, I repaired my armor and waited for the Bary to heal, and then headed back via land. As I came to the coastline across from Herbivore Island and donned my scuba gear for the journey, I noticed another Alpha Shark off the shore. I checked for jellyfish (none in sight) and the Alpha Shark came right up out of the water and almost beached itself trying to get to me. I figured I might be able to just shoot it with a crossbow for at least some of the damage. While I was lining up the shot, a pack of 3 Raptors jumped me from behind and knocked me off my mount. They were no match for me and my Bary even separated, but they had destroyed my scuba gear. The Alpha Shark had swam away somewhere and I decided to risk it and swim across the channel. The Basie was still there! I took care of its mantas and started the kibble tame, jumping off the Bary from time to time to offer it kibble and then hopping back on to follow it until it was hungry again. I noticed the Alpha Shark lazily swimming at a distance and kept an eye on it. When I fed what i assumed was the last kibble and the Basie was still not tamed, I noticed a second Basie right below me. I had been taming two Basies as once and thus neither were fully tamed yet. About then the Alpha Shark smelled me and started heading my way. I took the Bary and headed it off before it got near the Basies. It was not a problem although I had to surface from time to time since I had no scuba tank. After I had killed it, I had to search all around the coast to find the two half-tamed Basies, but I got them both and podded them and made it back to base safely. Now we have >200 level imprinted Basies, so the next task is to try the water cave off the West Coast again.
  8. After many days of searching, we finally found higher level Baryonyxes to start breeding. We have leveled out a little over 200 with the latest breeding line and I think that should be good enough for doing water caves to get artifacts for the Gamma (and Beta) Ape. Next we need to find a high level Basilosaurus to keep off the jellyfish. I suppose it might be possible to fend them off with crossbows from the backs of Baryonyxes, but the total shock immunity of Basilos is too good to pass up. We also have some high level dolphins now and we might go after some deep sea drops to get better scuba gear. We have enough artifacts to do the Gamma Broodmother a few more times and we might do that for the exp since my teammate is only one level away from being able to build cryofridges, which will greatly ease our dino management issues. We have plenty of cryopods, but we do not store dinos in them on a regular basis since they will eventually decay without a cryofridge. Before Christmas we only had a few cryopods, but the drops from Raptor Claus have been very generous to us. It looks like the actual boss is not worth that much exp, but all of the attendant spiders are worth a lot. The problem with this is that he will have to ride on a dino capable of killing lots of the spiders. I will probably ride the Daeodon with the Yuty following me and he will ride one of the Megatheriums killing spiders and keeping me and the Yuty clear of spiders. The last time that we tried a boss without one of us on the Yuty and the other on the Daeodon it did not go well, but we have done a few more boss fights since then and maybe we can prevent suicide by spiders this time. We finished raising 18 high-level (over 200) Rexes in preparation for the Gamma Ape and that should be overkill (the other two slots will be taken by the usual Yuty and Daeodon). All we need is the artifacts from water caves now.
  9. Private unofficial server, The Island, two of us. We completed the cave on Carnivore Island without too much problem. We flew there using Argys, cleared out the area in front of the cave, and podded them. We went inside the cave and did our usual unpod of a single Megatherium while the other person kept their Megatherium in a pod while walking with a crossbow. There were a couple of places that needed jumping across chasms and there was a short underwater diving place, so the Megas went in and out of pods a couple of times. The Megas could walk the whole way mostly unobstructed although you had to really hug the wall in a couple of places. The only dinos that were threatening were the Megalania that would cling to the walls and ceilings and jump you if you did not notice them. Fortunately we saw them all before we walked under them, but anyone without sharp eyes will get knocked off their mount. We got a couple of mid-level Baryonyxes and have been breeding for the imprint bonuses. We should be ready to take on one of the two water caves required for the Gamma Ape later this week. Our goal is to complete the Gamma and possibly the Beta Ape by the end of the holiday season. We almost have enough high-level imprinted Rexes (we want 18), we still have the Yuty that weathered the Beta Broodmother well, and we have siblings of the Daeodon that did not survive the Beta Broodmother. We found a better Daeodon saddle and we will detail a Rex to watch over the Daeodon (on "Attack My Target") to keep off the little monkeys.
  10. We just tamed a Basilosaur. Is there room for them in the water caves? Will we need to pod and unpod them to get through tight spots? We were planning on using Baryonyxes just due to size.
  11. Private unofficial server, The Island, two of us... We completed the Beta Broodmother fight last weekend. We used 18 Megatherium (bug bonuses!) with around 10k health and 300 attack, one Yuty with 18K health and 5K stamina, and one Daeodon with around 5K health and 3K weight. I rode the Yuty and my partner rode the Daeodon (I rode the Daeodon for the Gamma fight and my partner rode a Megatherium). The Daeodon died along with half the Megatheriums (probably ones 5K-8K health). We wil need to breed more Megatherium for the Alpha fight and be more picky about stats. Our lower-level Megatheriums that died were from before had we established our latest birth line. We have several Daeodon from the same birth batch as the original, but we will probably need to set one Megatherium on guard duty to protect it from spiders. We noticed that there was a timer of 15 minutes for beating the Beta Broodmother, and we took 7 minutes to beat her. The time may be a factor in the Alpha fight and we may have to breed for attack in addition to health on our Megatherium to kill her quickly enough. On the quest to fight the Gamma Ape, we are continuing to search for high-level Baryonyxes to tame for doing water caves to get the required artifacts. About the best that we have found was 50 so far. We should be able to do the cave on Carnivore Island with our regular Megatheriums and we will probably attempt this soon if we do not find any acceptable Baryonyxes.
  12. That sounds like a good rule of thumb. I am trying to decide the rules for myself as I do not just want to transfer all my dinos from The Island to Scorched Earth once I have beaten all of The Island bosses. I think I will just transfer myself naked and experience the wonders of starting from scratch again (except I will be high level). I will at least wait until I have a base with a safe area to transfer into, but I will try to hold off as long as possible so as to not just zip through Scorched Earth.
  13. Private unofficial server, The Island, the two of us. We are still gearing up for the Beta Brood Mother fight. We now have bred and imprinted Daeodons and Yutys and should have no trouble with those (we lost our original Yuty in the Gamma Brood Mother fight because it was too small). We are accumulating enough bred and imprinted Megatheriums. We are not taking in our breeding pair (the highest level male and female) or our daily riders (used for doing bug-infested caves). When we have 18 "extra" Megatheriums (is the plural of Megatherium "Megatheriums" or just "Megatherium"? Megatheria? Is this a Greek or a Latin root?), we should walk all over the Beta Brood Mother. Based on our results, we may go ahead and try the Alpha Brood Mother as we have accumulated the artifacts already. We are also breeding Theris and Bears like mad, but I am not sure if we have a purpose for all of them other than to arrive at high-level imprinted versions. It is very hard to get rid of the useless (i.e., lower stats and levels) ones, so I have started leaving them offshore past the continental shelf. A shark usually gets a snack in a day or two. Now if a bred Dino somes out with bad stats, we recite "Hoo-Haa! Shark Bait!" and head for the ocean with it. We have also been breeding Spinos, but we have not decided whether they might be as useful as Rexes in some boss battles and so none have been banished offshore yet. We are looking forward to the level when one of us will get to level 88 and can build a cryo-fridge. There will be lots of podded dinos to keep just in case we need them. Right now, we always need more space in the pens and some dinos just get left out to go chase whatever happens to spawn nearby. It is not quite as bad as herding cats, but we usually have to go looking for some wanderers when we log in.
  14. If you are on The Island, I would suggest the Footpaw or the Southern Isles areas as "easier". Even in the easiest areas, you can still get taken out by a Dilo that knocks you out or a rogue Raptor that is running thorugh the area. You will die a lot until you can build a wooden house (and stone is even better) and hide armor. A pike will keep off some dinos just from the knockback. A bow or a crossbow is a must. You will need it to kill stuff as it is running at you to kill you and also to tame stuff once you can make tranq arrows. Stick a bed or two in your house so that you can respawn at a known safe location when you die. Keep supplies in your house so that you can gear up again and go get the items off of your dead corpse (this can keep you from having to make everything all over again each time that you die). You cannot prevent dying every time, but you can defintely make it less painful.
  15. Unoffical, private server, The Island, two of us. We finally completed the Gamma Brood Mother fight as our first boss fight. We were more than adequately prepared with 10 Megatherium (7-10K health, ~400 melee, level ~200), 8 Therizinosaurs (~5K health, ~300 melee, ~level 100), one Daeodon (5K health, level 200), and one Yutyrannus (3K health, 900 stamina). We expected to lose the Yuty and we did. I rode the Daeodon to keep it close to the meleers and to circle the clump to make sure that everyone participated in the healing. I also bit spiders from time to time, but I was not able to keep enough off of the Yuty. The Theris had so much bug bonus that they did not need the Yuty's courage bonus. My buddy rode a Megatherium but was trapped in the middle of the clump after everything rushed the Brood Mother and was never able to make it out until the Brood Mother was dead. No dinos except the Yuty died in the battle, the Daeodon worked as advertised. We had it mostly loaded with cooked meat with about the last third being raw meat. Next time: Bigger Yuty. No Theris - all Megatheriums. Riding the Daeodon was a good choice. Maybe my buddy should ride the Yuty to kill attacking spiders. The Brood Mother did not really move much since Megatherium swarmed it on all sides like an egg being fertilized. After we breed up another bunch of Megatherium, we should be able to take the Beta Brood Mother. We also have bred a bunch of level ~200 Rexes and we will start planning for the Gamma Ape fight. I think we have a few more caves to explore to get all of the artifacts required. Megatherium work very well in any cave with bugs. The cryopods are good for getting through narrow places or across lava jumps (don't forget the grappling hooks!). It worked well that we had two of us, as one was usually mounted on a Megatherium while the other walked (hiding behind the Megatherium when bugs or bats attacked) and we traded off across jumps so that there was always someone mounted on a Megatherium at all times. I am still thinking about watery caves and we may have to invest in some high-level Baryonyxes. One-year anniversary of playing Ark!
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