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  1. I found on SE that a Megatherium is unstoppable in the desert. Deathworms are bugs. If you kill a beetle or Mantis first, you will be able to plow through Deathworms all day.
  2. (Crystal Isles, unofficial, four of us) We finally bred up enough decent Crystal Wyverns to attempt to take on the Crystal Wyvern Queen. We used 6 Blood Wyverns, 5 Tropical Wyverns, 4 Ember Wyverns, and 5 Rexes. They were all 16K-22K health and 300-400% melee. The Rexes were to chew on eveything on the ground (the Queen while she is on the ground and the Wyvern Heirs before they are old enough to fly). I sat on a Blood Wyvern and directed the Rexes. When the Queen was in the air, I attacked the Queen and when she was on the ground, I attacked pre-adult Heirs. Flont sat on a Ember Wy
  3. Crystal Isles, private server, four of us We now have enough imprinted Crystal Wyverns to do the Wyvern Queen boss. We raised several of each type (Tropical, Ember, and Blood) just to make sure that all of the bases are covered. We are aiming for 20K health and 400 melee for each, but we will probably settle for less on some of them if we get too impatient. I spent yesterday tracking down the rest of the artifacts required for the Gamma Queen. I got all of them except for one that seems to be in the Wyvern Trench. There were four Wyvern Hiers flying above the area when I looked,
  4. Crystal Isles, private server, four of us. As we continue the continuing Crystal Isles saga with: Stretch, Flont, and Goober's Guide to Stealing Crystal Wyvern Eggs! There is a Wyvern trench in the desert area of Crystal Isles. It is populated by Crystal Wyvern Heirs, which are more powerful (higher max level, faster, etc.) versions of the tameable Crystal Wyverns in other parts of the Crystal Isles. The highest level that we have seen so far is 210 (compare to 150 max for regular Crystal Wyverns). When am Heir is spawned, there is a chance that a nest with an egg wil
  5. Ah, I see. I am not doing single player so I will not be able to partake of this wondrous creature that you have described. Dang it!
  6. What is an "obsidian slag"? I search the Dododex for Crystal Isles and I could not find anything that might be close. I am interested in something that produces obsidian.
  7. Crystal Isles, private server, four of us. Although there are four of us now, only Flont and I are on together on a regular basis. Goober is on a lot (he is now the highest level of us) and Delta is only on occasionally. Anyway since Flont and I work as a team, I now present to you the following special edition: Stretch and Flont's Guide to Crystal Wyvern Surfing!!! On Crystal Isles, the Crystal Wyverns are passive (unless you attack them) and may be tamed by feeding them crystals (up to 48 crystals for a level 150 wild). The problem comes in that the Wyverns do not
  8. Crystal Isles, private server, FOUR of us! Flont and I finally convinced a couple of friends to join us in Ark on a regular basis. We decided that it would not be as instructive or fun if they just joined our ongoing Scorched Earth campaign, so we came up with a scheme to start all of us again. They did not have accounts to start with and Flont and I had both acquired Epic accounts when they were on sale (in addition to our Steam accounts) just in case. We decided that Crystal Isles was "easy" enough (at least in the easy parts of it) and it would be different enough to give us new exc
  9. Scorched Earth, private server, two of us... We have managed to build most of our infrastructure now up through cryofridges and we are still working on an industrial forge. We have Argys hatching over level 200 and we are still looking for high level Megatherium and Rexes. I have found all three caves on Scorched Earth (in the crevasse to the Southwest, in the mountains to the Northwest, and in the desert ruins in the South), but we have not attempted to enter them. We will probably wait until we have high-level Megatherium to combat Mantises that I imagine will be swarming in the cave
  10. Scorched Earth, private server, two of us... After our spectacular failure in the Tek Cave, Flont and I decided to move on to Scorched Earth without defeating the Gamma Overseer. We will go back and defeat it after we get over the painful tedium of building up on The Island, perhaps after we have conquered Scorched Earth. First, I spent a few days figuring out how to create a cluster so that we could transfer our survivors from The Island to Scorched Earth. I have build a 8 core/16 thread Linux server with plenty of memory to run several worlds at once. The Island was taking up a
  11. The Island, private server, two of us... Flont and I attempted the Tek Cave/Gamma Overseer last night. We have never been so well-prepared and yet so totally destroyed. We have spent the last month gathering, breeding, and leveling. We had 18 Therizinos, 4 Rexes (2 male and 2 female for mate bonuses), a Yuty and a Pig all lined up outside the Tek Cave gate. We had 10 sweet veggie cakes in each Therizino, we had the Pig loaded with cooked meat and cooked prime meat. We had grappling hooks, medical brews, and lesser antidote (not necessary - no megarabies in this cave). We had asc
  12. We fought and beat (barely) the Gamma Dragon a couple of weeks ago. 18 Therizinos, 1 Yuty, and one Pig. I learned several things that I would use if (when) we ever fight the Dragon again. 1) Don't stand in lava or allow your dinos to stand in lava for long periods of time. Pay attention to the ground. 2) Stay behind the Dragon. Its breath sets everything on fire including your mount, your clothes, etc. 3) Heal when the Dragon is in the air. Here is a video of our battle with the Gamma Dragon. I apologize for the blurriness, but we are in the middle of upgrading Flo
  13. The Island, private, server, two of us. I have been breeding Rexes and Therezinos in preparation for the Overseer boss battle (only Gamma this time). All of the Rexes and Therezinos hatched at over level 200 and I popped them all into cryopods (leveling is faster in cryopods and they do not need to be fed until you bring them out and level them up). I will let them sit in the pods for a few days (maybe a week) and them bring them out again, level them up, and wait for their health to recover from the leveling. I put a wooden tree ring on one of the Redwoods where there was a beehiv
  14. We successfully completed the Northwest Cave, thus getting the last artifact required for the gamma dragon. The hardest part about this cave is that it is too confined to bring along any sort of dino to ride. It was just Flont and I and what we could carry in. My advice is to hug the right wall and bring grappling hooks. The pits are too deep to rescue a body, so do not take along anything that you cannot afford to lose. There are bats and spiders, so bring lesser antidote for megarabies. Here is how it went for us:
  15. We have been doing a bit of stuff since our last video in preparation for the eventual Overseer fight, but here is a short video of the aftermath of trying unsuccessfully to tame a Quetzl by jumping from an Argy onto it.
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