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  1. Welcome, we have an introduction video for new players Enjoy!
  2. Yes, very much yes. I have a tapajero with 200% movement speed that I use to hunt loot drops during the night time......it is really wonderful to fly to that red drop in the winter zone in enough time to get it and get out without freezing to death. In fact, I got my ascendent crossbow doing this, and it is my current knock out king. Now as for argies and pteradons, depends on how you use them.
  3. It furry, if not having any iszues will it XD
  4. Im on xbox one here, so I might be full of it, however Ill take a swing. Id suggest bumping the CPU to a ryzen 5 3400G. This is the best CPU with integrated graphics you can get currently and is probably the cheapest way you can get a solid "maybe" on your chances with playing Ark on a PC. Otherwise your looking at the whole "new cpu, gpu" set up to get things running properly. As for RAM, unless your running a dedicated server or something on it, you might want to look for a solid 16 GB set up. Either two 8 gig sticks or just one solid stick. However if you want to run it as dedicated server, the more memory you can throw at it, the better. 62 GB might be a little overkill, but Ark servers love memory. Other than that, I really don't think you need to go crazy. If it works on console, it should be easy enough to get it to run on a decent PC. Just so long as your PC isn't clogged up with bloatware and stuff the runs constantly in the background.
  5. its all about levels man. If those rex's lost to carno's, they was prolly only level 5 or 10.....or you got a bunch of near max level carno's. Its allways funny to watch a lvl 5 rex trying to kill a couple mate boosted 130+ something trikes. They get wrecked so hard every time...
  6. Unsure, never tried it, but if its like the mini boss's in Fjordur, its possible if you got a small army or a hyper mutated thylo with nothing but health bumps. Im ever so slightly tempted to do a 50-70k health thylo with an ascendent saddle for those types of fights........every fight would be over in 20 bites or so. With that said, Iv seen some imformation that the effect doesn't work on boss's, so may not be viable anyhow.
  7. I tell you what man, of all the tames that could get a giga KO's, it has to be a hyper bad azz mantis with ascendent clubs......I decided to attack a wolf on SE once after tameing up a wild and walking it back home. One pounce attack, two regular hits = lvl 70 wolf going to sleep. The only thing in the mantis's favor was it was a max level and had ascendent clubs. Thats it, not even imprint, mate boost, or heck ANY levels other than what it was tamed with.
  8. yeah, we got just as many horse n buggy going by the house as trucks n cars. Allthough I think one amish is technically cheating. He goes by on his tractor all the time.....ALLLLLL the time XD
  9. yeah, try to seperate the berries from the honey from a bears inventory by typeing the first two letters of honey in the search bar......can't do it, you can't say that, can't search that, can't name creatures things like that. But then my mom names our first woolly mammoth "Wood for days".......Yes, it was a male XD
  10. I think they left it in on purpose, just to give bobs a hope.....Its not too tanky like a steggo, so if you get cornered by a giga you are very in trouble. And their damage output is on par with an argy, but they got the ability to cause a fight to end over a deal of time. Long enough for cryo sickness to end during a scuffle. And lastly, you can't bring them into the boss arena. So no cheesing boss's by sending one of them in at a time to drain boss HP. In the end, the bleed and speed of a thylo truely is no joke, but you gotta have your wits about you. Can't just go face hug everything, or else you will be the one who looses.
  11. I do keep those.....Max club + mantis = knock out king!
  12. yeah, PlayStation is being a super douche about playing with other systems. In other games where they can cross play with Xbox, the game developers literally gave them a HEAVY ultimatum in allowing the consoles to play with one another. Either allow cross play, or prepare to deliver refunds to your customers when we cut your service. So far PlayStation has allowed cross play on only a very few select games, such as PUBG. Microsoft however has been very open to cross play. Xbox, PC, Nintendo, PlayStation, or even tablets/phones. However not everyone is happy about it, and as for PlayStation, they are fighting against it.
  13. Dunno why, but I always had a thing for the manticore. Don't get me wrong, I also think the Fenrir is ok, and I like how you get little tamable Fenrir's either randomly or by beating the boss, but I really wish we had little manticore's too. Maybe a crazy combo of all the OP tamable creatures in the game? Regular wyvern powers, the ability to knock creatures out with the poison attack, bleed effect like carno or thylo.......Most op creature ever if you could tame it.
  14. well it was better than the yellow swamp cave drop, all it had was a cloth hat BP
  15. Yeah, I allways seem to find them in the giant seaweeds on the island
  16. Ok, something wrong with my settings then, all I got was a small crop plot!
  17. you make fun.....I got a max BP for a sling shot and kept it.....I might try it XD
  18. I do not see thylo, titano, or wyvern....granted, I know the power of a giga, a titano, and a wyvern. However, the thylo is a mid level tame while the rest of them are all high to end level tames and today I killed a charco with a "ok" imprinted thylo. 5K health, 600% melee, default SP settings. Honestly, not too impressed with em.
  19. Mine's worse....."could not retrive address". Its because our internet is fed by a hotspot device, the ONLY solution for us out here in the sticks...Not allowed to play on ark, even though I can play on PUBG, WoT, Dayz, and every other online game. x.x
  20. I use them for orbital supply drop protection and I have heard that you can use them to set up in places with radiation.
  21. Sounds like they just have not spawned in yet. Or you have not found the other ones that can be found in those caves.....when hitting drops in caves in solo mode, its best to do it slowly. Gives the game some time to load spawn them in. I tried smashing the swamp cave one time with a VERY op thylo. None of the loot drops has time to spawn in and I was dealing with the same thing. Decided to go get the artifact, heal the thylo, kill absolutely everything that was left, and then on the way out I checked for the blue drop. Sure enough it had spawned. Checked the other spots and yeah, they all had spawned in just as I was calling it quits.
  22. they would be able to take on the alpha king titan with those numbers.......yes, and it will be very easy. Don't forget the yuty
  23. Whenever something is invisible in the oblesk, try to put something into it. Iv had a few occasions where I put something into the data transfer and poof, its all missing. I go pluck a berry and tried to put it in, and poof it all reapeard.......ark and their wild cards >.>
  24. Its been confirmed by the devs, ark 1 will be redone with UE5. But the spectation is its going to only be for next gen systems, such as xbox series, ps5, or pc's with at least last gen graphic cards
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