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  1. So according to Raasclark, we are to be expecting the lost island map and the Christmas update to hit on the exact same day in December........before christmas......when no one works at ark for holiday leave.....two updates before everyone quits for the holiday season..... Ok seriously, for those of you who survived the turkey trails, for those who are breeding just before Christmas time.....to everyone who loves the game. Your really going to want to be ready to quit the game for about two months here cause there is no way that they are going to be fixing this game on their holiday leave
  2. Might wanna try to get your money back, and then buy it online.....disc sales are a thing of the past really, I think I have had to buy the game twice now....first one was a disk, and after some problems where I tried to uninstall and reinstall, had to buy the game. But I wanted more than just the island map anyhow, so I considered it worth the cost. Its also on game pass so if you have that, you should be able to download via that method. Whatever you do however, make absolutely sure that you trying to do a "fresh" and clean install......Delete any previous stuff you have already downloade
  3. either everyone else is doing it, or there is still issues/bugs going on. Typically they are a reskin of dodo's, so the more dodo's you kill, the more likely a super turkey will respawn in its place. Kill all the dodo's you can.
  4. sadly the devs are completely out of tune with the problems going on in this game and do not listen to the forums. Artifacts are bugged, updates mess things up, chibi's crash FPS to zero. But hey, snail breeding.....
  5. K, might try it out tomorrow......sorry, this is the furthest Iv ever made it since the last big kerfluffle. To say Im gun shy of the updates now is a big understatement.
  6. Supposedly the Microsoft version is a bit more junky and buggy, and no mods sadly, however if you want to cross play with one of us console plebs, Microsoft store version is required. I do recall cross platform play servers when I was able to play online, so it is possible
  7. Haven't been on my single player xbox run since before the patch. Any problems on that end for any of you guys? Really hesitant after all the news of people losing their base and being teleported to the obelisk online, but single player issues?
  8. back in the day, brood mother was ok. Now......well lets just say you had better treat it as if its the easy dragon fight. Id suggest megatheriums, yuty, and its up to you if you want to bring a pig to the fight or not. A lot of people say don't, but honestly, I always bring a pig. Get the megs to about 25k-30k health and all the rest of the points into melee, and get that melee over 1000 if at all possible. You might be able to do it. If you run em for mutations, health first is best, then you can slap more level ups into melee. If you do anything else, rexs or theri's, then you are g
  9. yep, just anouther update end of world by dev scenario.
  10. and this is why I did not play the game after the update. >.>
  11. I ment tech.....engrams.....human technology instead of a creature. Building a trap, then using something that only a human can use such as slingshot, bow, crossbow, tranq gun... as far as I know, no creature is capable of knocking out another creature without getting in the way of an attack. So its either gotta tank it, or suicide run it....with a rex, the usual imprint, mate boost, yuty roar, and an ascendant saddle should be all you should need in order to be able to tank it. But with a giga, no chance. Gotta use a ranged attack method and there are not many creatures that can do that as
  12. Have to admit, I have always found the snow biome to be the most fun. Even during the small amount of time I spent online, I had built a base on the island and did all the normal beach bob stuff, but in the snow biome. It was a treat. In fact after I experienced scorched earth, I was always hoping for a full blown snow map. Maybe its the ark furthest from the sun? Maybe an ark that was left behind? Maybe you got teleported to an ark that went off course and it exceeded its range from the rest of the arks and to get back, it needs to be set on a new course to bring it back with the rest and
  13. I do not think so....my settings for ten minute rex's still have the same mateing speeds as server configs. With that said tho, its ok. Once you get about 10 or so creatures going all at once, it kinda gets overwhelming.
  14. I have an ascendant chainsaw.......hmmm.... Its a good thing I don't play online, the beach bobs would be so confused XD
  15. basilisks are not the best knock out creatures, in order to knock anything out with them, you need to bite a single time, slither back and wait awhile for the venom to do its thing. After a few moments, repeat the process until the rex finally falls asleep.....it takes an extended amount of time to do it and if you get hasty about it, you will kill your target. The best knock out creatures are the eques or a mantis. Just make sure you pump a bunch of points into melee, and get that ascendant saddle for them. And in the horses case, might even give it a couple cakes to help do a rex. Don't forg
  16. I seen nooblets use a very stupid simple trap to kill one....4 stone fence foundations, 3 fences, one double door and double doorway.....lure turkey into trap, use oil jars, cooked turkey
  17. Id suspect so?..... better hope it has enough stamina tho.
  18. Is it crazy reds and blue, or just kinda browns and tan's? Iv seen some of the video's, I can just imagine a bob or a new player on a meat run and accidentally pokes one of them. XD Really?? Ok, thats going to be kinda cool. I unno if Iv ever seen ark with autumn tree colors before. Well I was planning on feeding them oil jars like nooblets did on his guide to em.
  19. welp the thanksgiving thing is next week.....anyone done it before? Is it just the ability to summon a dodorex for half an hour or is there some other stuffs involved? Also, another anouther patch/update/ruiner of lives. ugh
  20. N10: Genesis Part 2: I have not played this yet, can't comment N8: Ragnarok: I have not played this yet, can't comment N6: Valguero: I have not played this yet, can't comment N1: Genesis Part 1: I have not played this yet, can't comment . N9: Crystal Isles: I must say that the small amount of this map that I have played, it is indeed a fair map thus far. N5: Scorched Earth: I felt that scorched earth was one of the easier one's, granted there are times where it will test you, but it helps break the monotony. N4: The Island: It may seem easy at first, but, the
  21. yep, which is really nice cause those tek storage box's is nice on all the maps, and your own personal transporter is almost necessary for aberration
  22. Iv done it twice now with an argy......yes, its a bit crazy on the way back to the base XD and I always seem to build at the green obelisk. x.x
  23. 70k hp, 2600% melee???? Yeah, green saddles is good, heck primitive is prolly good as well XD Those rexs are very very good. However, in all circumstances, no matter what, Id strongly urge you to keep one momma rex and one daddy rex in the cryo fridge. If anything goes wrong.....a glitch, getting stuck, anything at all, you can still breed new rex's again. With that said, I would have one person on the yuty screaming away {please practice as its important to know which roar to use, and you want all your dino's to have a flashing yellow circle above their heads} and it depends on if you
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