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  1. Never really did like that style of combat. You could be tearing through a big bad boss, and suddenly a minion pops up, redirects your fighting, and causes problems that you was attempting to avoid. An example could be used with RE 4...Imagine you got a chainsaw dude comeing at you, your getting ready to hit him in the head with a shotty, and a village just wanders in from the side, pulls your head shot, and then chainsaw dude goes to town on you after you miss your shot. x.x
  2. Trust me man, I follow that same path of trying not to cheat.....lost a saber tooth the other day and since my mom likes to play with me, she was instantly "lets go into cheat mode and get him back" I was like nah, it was just a saber tooth, and ontop of that, if we do that it will turn right into the most slippery path of playing the game or cheating to win. I wish the developers didn't have that option. Admin commands is one thing, but being able to instantly go into god mode is another. >.<
  3. someone has figured out where you live, figured out that you keep valuable stuff on your character, grabs your body {either through a crack in you walls, window opening, or by glitching} and purposely kills you to get everything you keep on your person. You need to deposit all your stuff off your body into a safe and secure storage unit, and lay down on a bed when you log off. If you magically keep dyeing, then there might be a bit of a bug with the game. If you suddenly don't die anymore, then it was someone taking advantage of you.
  4. Interdasting! I didn't even think of that. o.o But yeah, I spent a whole two in game days working on my base, and the tanks was stuck at 6. However it seemed like everytime I left to go to the river down the hills to get my own drink, and then came back, it would sometimes go up one or two ticks. I thought maybe it was working, but then it would never go back up while I was at base doing things. Will test this tomarrow, I wanna tame up a r-thyla.
  5. Yeah, even on my xbone, I gotta chase the gamma correction from night time to day time. But thankfully, they did add in the option to remove light shafts and bloom. Now its just the saturation you gotta keep up with. x.x
  6. Best I got is to kill yourself off and start from scratch, throw in an admin command to give yourself some extra levels to get back from where you started from, but honestly 11 levels is not very many....If you wanted some time to catch up with all those extra levels, you could adjust the settings to give you less xp than what you was originally getting and let it ride like that for a couple days. Its up to you tho, if it was me. Id just ignore it. But I do not think there is a way to "remove" levels from your character. Even with admin mode or commands.
  7. Lets seee, Im only going to do the big stuffs, so there can still be a couple suprises.....Gen 1, gen 2, crystal isles, lost island, and fjordor are new maps. Some bugs have been worked on, lots of exploits have been worked on {mostly rat holes in the new maps}, some new helpful tools such as the net gun has been added to some of those maps, a whole new "store" has been implemented into gen 1 and 2 where you can do a side mission for some currency, and then you can buy the generic resources with said currency. And of course each map has some new dino's. You will have to take a look at the map and the list of dino's to determine how to tame them and such. Oh, and the old wiki for ark is toast. But there is now a new wiki managed by the team, and its has a lot less ads in it. So no worries about video spam or such. Link is found at the top of main page of the general discussion forum and is pinned so its easy to find. Other than that, nothing too much or crazy. Ark 2 is comeing next year, and supposedly the animated series will be out later this year
  8. Id suggest using a tek genny....place a foundation down nearby, turn on tek genny, turn it all the way up and then go check the cryo fridge. Seems like a waste, but if your quick enough, you might be able to snag all the pods, and then pick the genny up before it locks down.
  9. Is it availible on console? And no, I don't recall such a game name before.
  10. when it comes to the poly, I often go murder penguins with my argentavis. I will average anywhere between 400-600 org poly, depending on how hard I milk the run....hit the penguins, snag some drops, check for high level yuty's, tame a mammoth, then hit the penguins on the way back home again. But when it comes to hard poly, you got two way over the top places to harvest obsidian. First one is the volcano.....on the inside and the outside, especially the west side has lots of huge easy to spot chunks. The second location is the mountain at 33, 58. This is also referred to as giga mountain, as gigas can and will spawn here. So be careful. Also, there is a LOT of heavy valuable resources here. Crystal, obsidian, metal. You will probably want to bring a entire flock of argentavis for their weight reduction. Just bringing one is kind of a waste of time. Also a high level anky will save time and gather more resources than a pick. Especially with much higher melee. If those options are not on the table, you can check all the mountain ranges, caves, and practically anywhere in the snow zone. You will see small black rocks scattered everywhere and they are usually obsidian.
  11. Well we "USED" to be able to, right now Im dealing with the problem on Fjordur where the tanks are not collecting anything but rain water, and its only rained once every 4-5 days now......Im to the point of running a huge long ugly pipeline now. x.x And I had 4 tanks that "SHOULD" be collecting humidity or whatever it was But yeah, there for a long spell, you could make a water flower tower.....More or less, run a straight pipe up, connect a + pipe and then on each end of the + add a tank. Run another straight pipe up, ect ect, till you think you have met your hydration needs. But I unno if it works still or not as with 4 tanks, I should have seen some gains in my tanks, but have not gotten anything. Ontop of that I have both tanks, stone and metal. x.x
  12. I actually hope that if they do a movie, they force the main character to try and survive alone up to the point where they get to metal. Could include funny moments, challenging progress, and overcoming the impossible.......I kinda like that, but I do agree they will need extra characters later on. In which case yeah, Santiago swoops in and does crazy hero stuffs. In fallout 3/ fallout 4, you could activate a "computer assisted aiming system" anytime you wanted. It would pause time, you could pick where you wanted to shoot at, and it would display a percentage based chance of the computer aiming system of actually hitting your targets based off your stats, distance to the enemy, and weapon you had at the time.
  13. I can't say, maybe an admin spawned a couple in, but primitive plus has been dead for a year or two now. In SP mode, there are no wyverns anywhere on any map.
  14. weird. On SP, if you build where a supply drop lands, in never spawns there again. o.o Of course thats better than wasting 20 minutes to go get a supply drop that is magically an inch underground and prevents you from taking it. x.x
  15. Ok, Id have to agree with this last part, a visual might be convincing. Im not even asking for vid here. A WIP Polygram picture could suffice.
  16. Ill never forget the day I lost a shot with my Jag panzer E100 on an I-7 cause some super fast tank flew by and dragged my reticle off the center of the I-7. The aim assist on my shot very potentially cost my team the entire game as that same I-7 went on to get 7 kills before the game was over......my one shot could have literally changed the entire outcome of that game, but cause of the little tank that flew by and the software thinking it needed to switch targets for me.....yeah. And I can just see it now, the first boss fight, santiago comes crashing through the bushes to save the bob by leaping onto and grappling a dilo XD DOWN BOY, I SAID DOWN!
  17. Honestly Iv never done base defenses, I already have a hard enough time with just the PvE aspect. XD But I do know there are 3 important things to keep in mind when defending. First off, gen placement and defense. No matter what you do, always keep the genny safe. A single metal box will not protect against C4, so maybe a couple gen's, a couple box's, and a sneaky "no one will look here" spots in your base will be the best approach to start off with. 2.) wire everything redundantly. You don't want just one wire to connect to everything, so redundancy is best. 3.) give your turrets as much angle as you can. Don't put walls up on their sides or such. It can cause blind spots. As for towers, placements, or other "this is best" stuff you see. Honestly it all depends on where your at, what trys to attack you, and how you prepare for those attacks. Iv watched video's of people using plant turrets to fend of titanasaur attacks, Iv seen pearl cave defenses fall to a managamer due to a bad turret tower, so forth and so on. In the end, only your own ingenuity to the circumstances you place yourself in will be the best defence. Just remind yourself to be clever about it, try to think about how you would attack yourself and prepare against that. Then if in doubt, ask a close freind or tribe mate how they would attack it. Then defend against that method. More minds that think about ways to attack or defend is the best route.
  18. Sadly it smells like a bug.....Might wanna make a ticket, try to include what system your using {Playstaition 4 or 5, xbox, PC} if your using PC include the game version you bought it from {microsoft, steam}, as well as any mods if you have them installed. Oh and it helps if you have video or a clip of the problem. Other than that, did you start a new playthrough with your freinds, or try to kick off from where you started in SP mode?
  19. yeah, breeding for mutations is one heck of a chore. I had my settings adjust for "ten minute rex's" where from egg to adult only took ten minutes. It still took me a whole week of breeding before I got some top notch rex's, however I screwed up about 2/3rd of the way through and decided to pick out a color mutation. Since it was a girl, it wrecked my stats hard. Still, at 16k health and 650ish? melee, it wasn't exactly worth throwing away and starting from scratch. Ontop of that, I had a cool purple color. XD Oh and like grumpy bear said, only 10 rex's is not a big enough sample size. You really do need to have or have gone through 50 or so rex's. I think I killed off 1000 babies with bad stats BEFORE the egg incubator was introduced. o.o
  20. Double check their mutations in the ancecstors tab under their stats. Or in a cryo pod. If they have the maximum amount of mutations possible, then more than likely they will not mutate anymore. The only way to avoid this is to only breed males with mutations with femals that do not have mutations. Honestly in single player mode, you get a rex with 40k health and 700% melee at birth, do an imprint, and get some levels from exp notes or killing off alpha creatures, and you can solo boss fights easy. If you need anything more than that, either you need giga's or you need to use the rex's differently.
  21. Yeah joe, I know your gonna move it, but can you maybe take a lunch break and let this sit for a minute or two first. I really want to know what other people think here. Ok, so with the new ark 2 development coming along, the devs have finally announced a few details of what to expect. However I feel worried about two details that others have taken notice of too. Nooblets has released a video of his concerns and mine are going to mimic his. https://youtu.be/-8S_haTAEEY "No more first person, and a different style of gameplay." . Now he also mentioned about how he thought that the console players was interested in the new combat system and I would like to counter that as I have always hated aim assist, or single target lock on assistance. Over the past couple years I have begun to experience the type of gaming interaction Iv always wanted where games no longer "hold your hand" when it comes to picking targets and engaging them. Ark, PUBG, The Long Dark.....these games allow me to quickly change targets, instead of trying to fight the aim assist on the target I feel is more threatening. Games such as the old COD's, World Of Tanks, and practically every other shooter game on console always gave me a headache fighting the software more than the enemy. To see that ark 2 will incorporate a complete "hand holding" engagement system is rather off putting. Does this include while your riding a dino? Does this mean I will have to dodge, parry, and attack like a human while on a stego? Or does this mean we are heavily limited to what we can or can't do "while" on our tames? All of it sounds like it will look good, the motions, shielding yourself, attacking, biting down on a creature......yes it sounds like it will look good, like an action movie. But as for actual game play? It sounds like it will be much more frustrating. "Oh crap I forgot to do the button combo. Shoot, how do I roll and perry? Why did my character start attacking that parasaur when the raptor is chewing my face off?" Its not good sounding, and am worried it will come off a little clunky. And thats just the actual game play! As for the view, its more of a complaint in the end as I do kinda understand what the devs are trying to do, however this will mutate into the actual concern....As for worrying about the feel of the environment being lost from size comparison. Im not too concerned about that. But being forced to look at my character all the time, the amount of screen being blocked all the time, not being able to see the thing on the ground just in front of my character, thats a big turn off. Especially if you add in the fact that we can jump onto a dino and have that view blocked even more. I am constantly sticking to 1st person view just so I can see without the view being blocked. I could just imagine fighting the controls to see in front of my character on a rex! Now I understand why they want to do this, its so they can incorporate a dynamic interaction system with the terrain and environment. Its hard to run, jump, climb, and overall interact with different objects while in first person. This gives me more Tomb Raider vibes than ark vibes however and again, while it looks good, will it be as good as your typical action adventure genre game? ========================================================================== Overall however, this is my final take of the Ark 2 announcement. They are not making a continued story of the original Ark, they are making a new game with the ark branding and theme......This is sad. Ark as it is is wonderful, they are starting to add things that the mod community has been building. Labyrinths with traps. In depth ruins with their own lore. Newly envisioned boss's both of myth and fantasy, it adds so much more to the ark experience, and if the developers would take a look at what inventive things the community has grown, they could possibly explore new ideas, different perspectives, and bring a new kind of ark experience to everyone without changing the game from its original glory. Granted, most of everyone really wants an original dino experience with less tek and more primitive, better graphics with less bugs, and maybe even more storyline. Heck, Id love to see another entire storyline and much more love for the single player community! But to see it go from such an non han holding true survival experience to a weird tomb raider, souls, ark mash up......well, Im probably not going to be the first in line to jump ark ships. And I may not even be there for the day it either goes free to play or is offered up on game pass. Completely changing the game, means that ark 2 will not be ark 2. Its going to be something else. =/ Am I crazy in thinking this or do you all agree?
  22. yeah, the indy forge is a bit of a pain. Best way to do it is to get the metal cooked first, then the oil, the paste, get everything together, THEN get the poly. If I remember correctly, I think I can use soft poly only, but the fab only has to have the components for the forge only. No extra electronics or hide or such. The grinder is the one that I have to have hard poly for cause there just isn't enough room when useing soft poly. And I know your feeling on the bad drops. Literally just got my very first red drop on fjordur yesterday. Large crop plot. XD
  23. argentavis cannot go underwater. Their oxygen stat sadly is a "wasted" stat.....anytime you try to take an argentavis underwater, you will be kicked off the saddle and the bird will allways stay above it. Even if they are set to follow you, they will follow you above the water line.
  24. Hey man, welcome to the community. Try to ignore the trolls. On official server settings, things will move rather quickly, or much slower. Typically against you in those regards. x.x You just need to adapt and overcome. It will be a bit difficult to really get going as this game is now going onto 8 years old and a lot of the first suggested servers will have been populated for those 8 years. So yeah, it is a bit off putting when your first start off. If your still interested in online game play, you may try to adjust your server settings. I joined a PvE Legacy server some time ago and it was a lot of fun. Sadly I lost my original IP and had to switch to single player, but I don't mind. If you want, I will look up which server I was on and give you the number. There was not "much" pillaring, it did have some, and I had to adjust my original base location, but I finally got things going, set up a indy forge, helped a guy get to level 60 in one day, had someone help me tame a giga.....It was good fun, but I had to keep looking for which server was best for me before I came accross it. As for you guys, and your tiny house with the stuffs.....don't worry about it, trust me. Once you guys find a server that your comfortable with, you will find out in time that those stone tools and cloth clothing is super easy to come by and you didn't have to worry about bringing them. Even if you have simple metal tools, it really is super easy to replace them. Now if you wanna really try to get the full experience alone or with close friends, you might try to rent your own personal server. I think some places will run a server for you for $15 a month for up to 6 or 7 people. Either that or you can host your own personal server off your own computer, or another xbox. You got to buy the Microsoft version tho if you use a PC, you cannot play on the steam version with an xbox.
  25. Im kinda with you on the poly spoiling too fast. And mods out there for PC let you stack 1000's of them anyhow, so the people who are stuck with the original idea of poly going bad are those who are hardcore online or console. Maybe if the snails could carry stacks for hours or even days instead of just half an hour, it be allright, however even then they gotta eat cakes so that is kinda turn off as well. If snails ate berries, maybe. Or if there was a tek way of preserveing it.......I unno. Its complicated all the way around. Which on the one hand I understand, makes the game more in depth vs I got this thing and it takes care of all my poly needs. But then again, it adds a hefty grind to the list of grinds needed to be grounded before you can accomplish "one" thing. V.V
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