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So what did you do in ARK today?


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Yeah drops 19th. 

I have a viewing of a wedding venue on the Sunday, and I doubt I'll get much gameplay time on Saturday as I'll probably be with the fiancé and our boy.

Just be able to download it and have it there for when I can play. 

Do you play on official or private

13 minutes ago, SnowboundGem said:

Doesn't it drop on the 19th? Or is it going to delay? 

I am getting a little excited to play it now.

Accidentally submitted! Hadn't finished writing..

because if it does drop Friday will you be able to play all weekend? I wouldn't normally but swapped my shifts.. I think I won't leave the house at the weekend.

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12 hours ago, Aushegun said:

PS4 - Unofficial Cluster 

Short recap, attempted my first ever Element vein solo, and did it with my two Gigas.  Success, but not a ton of Element left at end.  I've got a better idea for next time, using some different dinos.


Continued on my breeding of Owls, and trying to get a fully yellow or fully Neon Green owl.  Still missing 1 zone for Green and 1 zone for Yellow.

I had someone stop by my base, and ask to buy some eggs. I said sure. they bought 3 of my green eggs.  Then came back later and bought 3 All blue, and 3 all red.

I was excited to finally sell some.  But then I realized, I might not want to sell the eggs for the all blue or all red anymore, as this buyer could now flood the market with owls that are the result of all my hard work to get the solid colors.

SO I've decided, that I will no longer sell my full color Owls. I will sell combos of colors, etc.  I will keep the solid color ones for me, and to give as rewards to my friends on the cluster.

Either that, or I only sell adult neutured/spayed Solid Owls, 

I will still work towards creating high level, great stat "Vanilla" colored Owls that maybe have a face or wing stripe color,  and will sell those .

I'll just be greedy and keep the solid for me.


I tamed my 2nd Mantis of all time yesterday. a near max level event colored one.  I will use it to harvest the element veins.

On Saturday night, I helped out someone who was doing a time-limit dino Dermis scavenger hunt.  I gave them 16 dermis from my dinos, and it turns out that he didn't have 3 of the dinos I had, and it helped him hit the quota.

On Sunday he stopped by and presented me with a full grown Neon Yellow Rock Drake, more than max level.  Seems the Admin rewarded him with winning the scavenger hunt with 2 Super high level Rock drake eggs, amongst other things.  The guy gave me one! Plus we traded ASC saddles, he gave me drake, and I gave him a 308 Rex saddle.

We also traded Thyla cubs, as I gave him one of my solid Neon Green male cubs, and he gave me an amazing Hot Blue, Hot Red and Neon Yellow mixed male cub.

We also plan on doing some more trades for his Pink yuty eggs, as well as some other dinos when we have more time.


SADLY,  another person got insided over the weekend.  They invited someone to the tribe on Saturday morning, and when they logged back on Sunday morning, all their top gigas, griffs and wyvers were gone, and the person quit the tribe. Person was heartbroken. Another reminder why I only play solo.


On a sad personal note, my Grandma, whom I am very close with, passed away yesterday morning. She was 99 years and 9 months old. And up until the last 6 months, had been a mentally vibrant and functional lady, stuck in a wheel chair. But the last 6 months have been a terrible downhill battle for her.  She was ready to go, and this is a blessing, but it is still hard to have her gone. I spent most time than most with my Grandma, and we were kindred spirits. I visited her a week ago today. I knew that it was most likely the final time I would see her. She will be missed, but now she can at least join Grandpa nearly 25 years later.

dude u should nueter and spay your selling tames, also srry to hear bout your gran, my granparrents are nearly 100 each, we think they will both kick the buket this year, honestly i think if an elderly person does not want to keep going they should be allowed to choose if they want to kick the buket, my gran wants to but her carers say no cause they need her their to keep funding goin, same with my gramps, i find it so rude to use them as funding tools, still there are carers their who make it worht while for my garndparents. at least your gran will now be with her husband and watching down on you while u conquer ark. i am sure u will make them proud.

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1 hour ago, SaltyMonkey said:

I haven’t encountered any launch issues for previous maps. The issues I get are far more random.

I wouldn't know being new to your servers but I have seen loads of people experience this on previous map drops. Plus no doubt the server will be full all weekend anyway.

Gives us time to explore while showing brother in law how to play.

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1 hour ago, SnowboundGem said:

I wouldn't know being new to your servers but I have seen loads of people experience this on previous map drops. Plus no doubt the server will be full all weekend anyway.

Gives us time to explore while showing brother in law how to play.

The issues are predominantly official based, I personally haven’t experienced issues when launching a new map is all. I’ll be upping the player cap for the new server because I reckon most people who are actively playing will want to jump on right away.

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Story time again.  Wuu finally got enough to saddle up a Pateradon.  Mind you we are playing with Default Server Settings.  We really want to experience our first run through el Natural..

My mate and I go out and find a pair of lvl 2 Pateradons get them all tamed up and bam yep just as we thought Game Changer.  Out exploring the Island map.  buddy lands to fill his stamina meter and gets attacked by some leechs and mosquitos and a couple of the spiters which make your screen go green.  Except this time our confidince is higher and we are not just running away from everything.  He stands and fights calls me over to help him out.  I get there just in time to watch him and his Pateradon die yep the ones we just tamed hours before.  He gets back and we go in together to get his body and saddle from his pateradon.  let me tell you Leechs stick to your face no idea how to get it off Im running around 100 mosquitos a few of the spitters and a couple small Spinos joined the fight with us just widly attacking.  We manage to kill everything and I watch my Pateradon just kinda limply land on the ground and sit there and suffer Im completly helpless and watch him die to I believe a poison effect.  First 2 flyers gone within an hour after taming them.


We run back out to try to tame another set of Pateradons.  Buddy gets a 7 and hes all bragging la la la.  I find a nice tasty 24 male with red skin black wings and black head color.  very cool looking.  Bola that guy up and start to taming with raw meat and Narcotic.  We still havnt dared try to make kibble yet.  Halfhour into taming I see a second Pateradon land next to me another male with light pink wings and black body this time lvl 25.  Heck I still have one Bola left get him and beat him up with my stick till he falls down.  Now Im taming 2 yell at my buddy dude I just got us lvl 25 PAteradons..   wuu wuu we are all jacked this is our highest lvl tame so far and we are on the beginner beach area nothing to threaten us.


He runs back to our base with his flyer and grabs some more Narco and I go out and get more meat about hour n half later we have 2 new lvl 29 and 30 PAteradons.  I name them Bert and Ernie.  Give my buddy his and we go back to base and try to lvl our flyers.  We get our Trikes out and level our little island for Narco berries and I run the shores gathering 200 spoiled meats need to get our Narcotis back up we still need to go get that Doedicurus.  We get our flyers to lvl 50.


We get our gear we are able to go decently equipped and enough to make a 3x3 hunting/taming pen with windowd walls and a couple ramps to lead him up and drop him down we are not just gonna tame this guy out in the open like I did last time and lost my iguanadon and everything else.  We fly up to the Redwoods.  Find our selves a Doedecurus and start to get the pen made up.  Get our little taming pen made and we get jumped by a few of those Troodons but this time there are 2 of us.  Buddy gets knocked out and I stand watch over him while he regains torpor.  


We get our doedecurus in the pen we get him knocked out we land our pateradons inside the house we didnt put a roof on it.  Get about 30 minutes into the tame while its pitch black out we hear a rustle in the bushes.  Im thinking bah dont worry we are in this house we are going to be safe.  or so I thought.  A freaking Direbear comes out and just started mauling us threw the walls and takes our door down we quickly jump on Bert n Ernie and fly up and just look at each other really..  really...


We head back home and get ready for another attempt at a stupid Doesausage..  yep he is now a Doesausage..  He hits 50 something and we are able to make Flak Armor like what 5times the armor were thinking game changer no longer are we going to run from these damn Dinos.  I grab the longneck engram and we make a couple guns and flak armor.  and we grab a whole 10 bullets each lol damn bullets aint cheap.


Were smart this time and leave Bert n Ernie behind and we are going to set up a forward base in the redwoods.  We grab everything beds walls ceilings stairs you name it.  and we head out on foot from our base like 100 meters from start of game.  we go wide east of the swamp and cross a shallow part of the water.  We decide to go for it and sprint over the last little swampy area.  well needless to say we aggro'd 3 titanboa and 2 aligator dinos.  We manage to kite and aggro bounce the 5 dino and kill with our crossbow and loose half durability on both our newly made armor.  but damn that was so fun we did it we held our ground and killed some pretty nasty stuff.


Find our way threw the Redwoods till we find a nice area we think is good for base camp.  Make the initial house get some beds down and we need more resources but were scared poopless out here.  We come up with a plan he will die and respawn at main base grab Bert n Ernie and load up Bert with resources for our new home.  


He heads back and gets things made n ready.  I explore a little bit out side the house.  There was a giant brontasourses guy the one you came make a 6 or 10 person saddle for.  he would agro me and fling me threw the forest.  I make it back to the house but he still wants to push me around.  I get him stuck in the house and stand back shooting him in the Arse with my crossbow.  and no joke from the left of my screen I see a T-Rex my first T-Rex come running towards me and the bronto dino.  I crouch and just kinda stop frozen.  And watch the T-Rex just come up n maul this Dino.  They are having a huge battle in my living room.  Eventually the T-Rex pushes him out of the house and they fall off the cliff we built next to.  Im reliving a Jurrasic Park moment just in awe of what happened.


My buddy informs me he is done and on his way back with Bert n Ernie with the supplies we need.  Sweet should be here in 5 minutes.


45 seconds later I hear him.....   What the #$%#$% raptors can knock you off your mount oh god no please no.   @#$@#.  He just says #@$%#$..   I then see it at the top of the screen.  Derinian is killed by a Raptor(lvl9)..   Im thinking darnit what about Bert n Ernie.  30 seconds later Bert has been killed by a Raptor.  20 seconds later Ernie has been killed by a raptor.  


That was my day off Taming 2 sets of Pateradons.  2 more attempts at a Doedicurus.  Luckily we didnt loose our bodies our neato gear we have.  and we now have a forward base set up in the Redwoods.  because darnit I am getting one of those freaking Dinos....

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It’s 0200 hours, and I’m hovering five hundred meters above the surface of Valguero amidst a raging tempest. Marble sized hail pings off my Tek Suit, playing counterpoint to the droning of my jetpack. The stabilizing jets on my armor fire on and off, fighting to maintain position against the wind, and each lightning strike in the distance gleams briefly off the emerald plates of my armor.

One might ask, “Why am I here?”

The answer is, “Vengeance!” And it’s not a vengeance brought about by recent events, it’s a need for vengeance that was birthed shortly after my first tentative steps on The Island. A need for vengeance that has grown more vibrant over time. A need for vengeance that has culminated in this mission. 

A voice on the com cuts through the background noise of the storm. “Come in Chudz. This is HQ, over.”

“This is Chudz actual, HQ. I copy.”

“Roger that. Mission is a go using Bravo drop point, over.”

“Copy that, HQ. Bravo drop point. Commencing mission.”

The powerful jet pack switches out of hover mode, and I’m accelerating through the storm toward my destination. Three potential drop points were scouted, and one would be chosen based on the number of targets at the time of the mission. Bravo drop is an old farming facility situated on pillars in the middle of a river. The scouts ensured us that the structure was made from stone and metal-like glass. If it’s not, this mission is going to go Dodos up very quickly.

Five minutes later, I’m nearing the drop point and begin decelerating. The hail gave way to rain partway through my trip, so no more pings. They’ve been replaced by the drumming of heavy rain against my armor. Lightning lances through the night a kilometer to my right, catching my attention, and backlighting a tornado that is just about to touch down. I switch the optics on my helmet to better view the threat and watch for a few seconds as it tracks away from the drop point. Thunder rolls over me, like an afterthought, as I turn my attention back to the mission. 

Now, I’m above Bravo drop, the stabilizing jets on my armor working overtime in this wind. A quick glance at the HUD shows my heartrate is up, which is normal. Somewhere below me is a lonesome platform that is about to become ground zero for my revenge. The external speakers on my suit go live and start blaring the first few notes of Motorhead’s, “Ace of Spades,” as I cut the power to my jetpack. I feel weightless for a fraction of a second before gravity takes hold, and I begin to fall with the rain.  

The small jets on my armor keep me on target as I plunge through the night, trailed by Lemmy’s gravelly voice. “The pleasure is to play, makes no difference what you say…” With my night vision, I can see the roof of the facility expand from a single dot and start growing rapidly outward. I recognize that there’s a weak light strobing on and off inside, and I hit terminal velocity a second before slamming into the metal-glass roof. My boots fire off, absorbing nearly all of the impact, and sending up a spray of water. The structure shudders but holds up as the light inside goes out for good. With a startled cry, a nearby pelagornis launches itself upward into the storm, flapping frantically. Now, it’s time to get to work.

I retrieve the railgun from its clips along my right thigh, and it begins expanding, parts slipping into place as Lemmy’s voice overpowers the storm, “Seven or eleven, snake eyes watching you…” My helm links into the thermal imaging of the gun as I raise it up, looking for my first target. There are many to choose from, and I stroke the trigger sending a round through one. Thanks to the thermal optics, I can see what’s left of it begin to cool. The railgun steams and hisses in the rain as it cools, before loading another round. I already have another target lined up, and this shot nearly blows it apart. Other targets begin swarming the first two as the railgun reloads and fires again, and again, and again.

“I see it in your eyes, take one look and die,” Lemmy continues.


(So yeah, upon making my first railgun, I might have decided to use it on a bunch, and I mean a bunch, of piranhas. I can just hear Foxworthy now, “You might be an Ark Redneck if you blow fifty element shooting up piranhas with a railgun.”)



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17 hours ago, Scrot said:

Story time again. 



That was my day off Taming 2 sets of Pateradons.  2 more attempts at a Doedicurus.  Luckily we didnt loose our bodies our neato gear we have.  and we now have a forward base set up in the Redwoods.  because darnit I am getting one of those freaking Dinos....

I love reading the stories of those new to ARK, everything is so fresh and exciting.  I was reliving my first moments just reading.

Dying in ARK is common place for beginners (heck even for veterans)  but  I would suggest making a Preserving bin, it is fueled by sparkpowder.  Then when you tame you next Pteradons, try to tame both a male & female. Then breed them as often as you can, and save the eggs in the Preserving bin.  Also hatch a few and keep them safe at your best base. This way you have a back up flyer if something happens.


I would also do this with every useful dino you have.  Keep the extra eggs around.


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Aberration, Singleplayer, PS4

Tried my hand against Gamma Rockwell... and failed pretty miserably.  After spending an hour or so setting up whistle groups, follow distance, inventories, etc I thought I had a solid strategy going in, but cool preparation quickly went to panic anxiety when the radiation balls started descending on me at much quicker speed than anticipated.  I was hit far too many times at the start because my brain kept fighting my fingers on which hotkey had my auto rifle.

Finally got my fingers sorted and got in a good groove.  But about the 3rd circuit I came too close to an electric tentacle, which took me off my rock drake. I sat it out with my shield up while nameless descended on me.  When the electric subsided, my reaper and 2 megalosaurus that were on follow saved me.  I hopped back on my rock drake full of relief and continued knocking down tentacles. However, I then see a death message, your Bulbdog died.  Oh no!! completely forgot the electric unshoulders pets.  I knew full well that meant I wouldn’t be able to kill the reaper spawns.  Sure enough, after that round, the reaper spawns start.  Within minutes my tames that were on follow were busy with at least 3 reapers and a ton of nameless.  It took all my attention to avoid reapers, dodge reaper spit, pump medical brews, and shoot the occasional ball.  I was pinned between reapers several times and later ran headlong into an electric area.  2 out of 3 sets of armor broke and the helmet of my 3rd set, yet somehow I still lived.  Both myself and rock drake reached a sliver of health and I decided if I’m going to go down, then I’m bringing as many tentacles as possible with me.  I barreled forward, stopping for nothing, shooting my pump shotgun as fast as possible.  I manage to complete the circuit and whistle my 14 megalosaurus on the platform to attack Rockwell.  I had the thought to take them with me as protection, but determined it would be a fruitless effort.  My best hope was to get all reapers distracted by my reaper, so that I could take out tentacles.  As Rockwell’s health fell to about a quarter, I thought maybe I could pull this off.  I made my way to my reaper so that the 3 following me could join their 3 brothers that were pummeling my reaper.  En route I get spit on, and so my button-spam run/jump/glide is all in slow mode.  I then got a You Died message.  I’m not sure if I was slowly losing health from something or of that is the message when hit by a ball, but yeah, I was the one that died, not my dinos - they were stellar - they deserved better.

I’m sure I’d be able to defeat Rockwell if I gave it another go, but the armor, weapon, and saddle crafting along with raising and leveling another army does not appeal to me at the moment.  Instead, I am leaving Aberration behind, and going full speed into Extinction.  

The only time I’ve spent on Extinction before this is when I transferred my Island Character in to learn the Engrams and tame a Snow Owl and a Gacha pair.  This time I’ll be taking my Ab character, who had previously been to the Island and defeated the bosses, and been to Rag for the Scorch Engrams, so a fully kitted playthrough is about to begin.

I greatly enjoyed Aberration.  I anticipate making a new character there, so I can jump in when I want.  Bosses in general just don’t seem to be for me (Island gave me similar grief - I lost 3 armies through the first 4 times I fought the Broodmother).

I look forward to the new adventure on Extinction.  It’s funny, I feel like I’ve always been a map behind.  Valguero comes out this weekend, and I’m going to Extinction.  It’s kind of nice knowing there will be something on the horizon if this current adventure doesn’t work out.

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PS4 - Unofficial Cluster


Previously I wrote how I had sold some eggs from my all blue, all red and nearly all green Snow Owl bloodlines, that I had worked so hard to create.  I then had remorse about selling them, as I figured I would start seeing those bloodlines all over the servers, thus reducing the unique aspect of all my hard work.

Well last night, someone offered to sell me a green egg. I figured sure why not. Not only did it hatch and was totally my bloodlines (except the 2 closest parents), but the egg hatched and it wasn't even green! They had bred it with a blue Owl!  Too funny.  Of course, I only have myself to blame for selling the eggs.  I'm currently working on an all Orange and the all yellow owls.  Only need the back for Orange and the chest for yellow.  Still trying to find the small Neon Green stripe to add to my Green Owl.

And I have all the makings of an all Pink owl, except I cannot find the Pink shoulder to breed into.

So, I  Plan on breeding the crap out of my clean (no mut) lines, and hoping to get more color mutations.

I will sell vanilla colored owls, as well as some of my combo colored owls.  But if anyone wants a all one color owl, they will only be able to buy neutured ones from me going forward.

Otherwise the cluster will just be full of the same looking owls in a week!  Heck, just last night, a guy I traded an all Neon green Thyla to, was advertising that he was selling all green Thylas. So there goes the uniqueness of those. LOL

But in the end, I am having fun again on ARK.  

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A friend added a PVP server to his cluster of PVE servers on sunday, so we transfered are characters over(no item transfer allowed) and have been building on there.

I have always had fun building the base , but finding myself being very critical on placement. I hate having to walk around with stuff to craft. Having vaults placed in certain places next to smithy and fabricator is essential. 


Anyone else the same way?


Encase anyone wants to check it out

Xbox/windows Server:    Dead Server 4 pvp

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PS4 - Unofficial Cluster


I have been breeding my Orange mut Owls to try and combine into an all orange Owl.

Last night I bred my Orange shoulder and face Owl to my Orange stripe Owl.  I got a baby that hatched with an Orange back!  The part I was missing!  (but he didn't get the orange shoulders or stripes)  So now I should be able to quickly breed in the shoulders and stripes!

I wonder if color mutations are more like to be in the same color of the color mutations a dino currently has? OR I did I just get really lucky?

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i was on my way on foot down the cliffs to tame some raptors, i went on foot to make it more fun. i found a lone raptor down on a small cliff attacking a lystro, i readied my rifle when i hear something behind me, i see raptors and run i fall onto the bottom cliff next to the other raptor, i used the move to dodge the raptors but rolled of the edge in to process, i managed to quickly grapple to the side, the raptors however fell to their doom in the form of a spino. after carefully making it back up i continue onwards, i would have loved to get that raptor, is was a nice solid black, i was goin to call it Darth Craptor. anyway i tamed a few in the end, 5 max lvls, and a few near max lvls

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