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  1. the Brute cave underwater was always good for rex and spino bps also purple drops in exstinction
  2. Hope it gets extended for at least a week as a frontline worker i had a long weekend off but sadly the game is unplayable for me atm because of the crashing
  3. Yeah we haven't been able to fight the dodorex since legacy When's it coming back also the killer turkeys were funny
  4. You sure cause we are licence holders of a fully released game we paid money for them to wipe years progress due to cheaters we"ll never know lol keep valgeuro closed that would sicken them
  5. Legally are they allowed to roll back the servers its not early access anymore so them sort of fixes are gone I think but personally I wish they closed the servers
  6. On xbox just bred and raised 10 mosa love them got a colour mix I think is fantastic (hope there's no roll back) think I will tame a couple event golems before it's over and if I have enough kibble lol
  7. I'dove to see a return of the dodo rex like legacy
  8. CHEATING AND DUPING There's alot of cheating going on at the minute on pc and xbox due to duping. What is going to be done about this cancer? Also what about the rest of us that have been breeding stats etc into differnt tames etc because if there's a delete(would be best option) or rollback dont think my tribe and many others would take it and we'd probally quit. Any ideas what to expect in the coming days
  9. lastfurian


    Played it last night quite fun my kids love it but Ark takes priority in our house lol
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