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  1. As a follow up you can also hide stuff in pullovia, elemental ( drop to bottom of Lake or ocean) and reaper/basilisk buried. Another option is to live off the upload. A drop or obelisk. 24 hour timer , so take off and refresh every 24hrs.
  2. I used to love rafts . On official pvp they are just so vulnerable. A simple wood tunnel raft and rocket launcher down the tube makes very short work of them. They are also not hard to find. You are limited to where you can hide them.
  3. Very well said . I have 5000 all on official pvp. I have also always been baffled by the ease of tracking players. Its rather ridiculous. It's no surprise tho that it remains an issue. Wildcard benifits when players buy new " clean" accounts for raiding. The sheer amount of politics involved limits most pvp to smaller scaled stuff even for those of us in mega tribes. Most raiding is done through new accounts and proxies. All our shinny toys only come out when we are threatened at home. It's all about the status quo at this point. Stomp.the new players to avoid future competition an
  4. Download Ark Smart Breeder. That will help you know how your dinosaur stats are allocated. Also you will be able to see what stats are passed on from generation to generation .
  5. Also underwater base locations. Keep it small . Put vault on ocean floor , beds on a mossa or pleasie with scuba in dinos inventory. Or just hide vaults in a hidden spot on ocean floor.
  6. Skybox quetz base. On a larger map. No defense, but an Alpha will wipe you anyway with defense.
  7. No mention they can be breed....Try light jazz, mood lighting and flowers.
  8. Last update wiped many caves bases on EU no tek cluster 6. I guess after a week nothing could be done. NA side was rolled back but EU side was not. Ouch. File a ticket immediately if you wait to long you may lose it all.
  9. Its Ark . Pvp= griefing and toxic play. Its how it works unfortunately. I play exclusively on pvp official 5k hrs. Its just the way it is. Steps could be taken across the board to address pvp balance but it appears the developers want it the way it is. The event is just an example of what pvp has morphed into. My advice on official , grab a rifle, drop some battery powered turrets and go hunting....
  10. Time to remove the engram restrictions on certain maps. Allow us to research engrams without having to travel to certain maps. This will help NoTek and prim+ who don't have access to anything after aberration.. We were baited into purchasing genesis thinking we would get some content. We got a worthless pet that does nothing in no tek. We have no access to any new content. Thanks for ignoring us ......yes I'm salty ....
  11. Maybe Ak 2 will be less tek focused . Doubt it tho. By ignoring prim+ and Notek they send a clear message they want us all to go away.
  12. I for one am glad . The ×2 taming brings in lots of griefers and raiding tribes from China , Russia and Turkey. We need a break on official from all the events. Ill take the breeding tho. Helps with breeding lines. I know it sucks for newer players on established servers but it helps the established tribes...
  13. Ill assume on pve , on pvp shotgun addresses that issue
  14. I really hope the event brings some updated loot tables.
  15. I hope Ark 2 is more Primitive focused. Less Tek more dinosaurs . Time will tell.
  16. 1. I will chose a main server or cluster that will always be supported. No specialized game modes like NoTek , prim+ or anything wildcard card will move on from. 2. Hit the game running in a mega tribe . 3. Ruthlessly secure a server quickly .
  17. That was a very heartfelt post. I am sorry to hear about your Ark woes. I have about 5000 hours in Ark. Most are on the last NoTek Cluster. My largest frustration is the lack of support for that cluster. My other frustrations are the never ending parade of bugs , glitches, mesh issues, cheaters ( aim bot , Ini ) and terribly slow in game support. I hope you find a game mode that suits your play style. Good luck.
  18. Zarn

    ARK 2!!

    It will be fine , look at how amazing Atlas was at launch.....
  19. Not sure of the reasons behind it but Ark does favor larger organized tribes. I for one would love to see more defensive build locations. I think Ark in its current state really is more of a mega/large tribe game. I also don't think thats a bad thing. Ark in its current state reminds me of Eve online or Shadowbane ( long gone mmo).
  20. I'm sure most of you use these or some variation. I have an Alexa and its a godsend for ark. Being able to set named timers for taming , breeding and egg hatching is awesome. I'm sure other brands do the same. Its saved me so many times when I hear the Alarm after forgetting or getting distracted. Being able to set it by voice is also so convenient as well as being able to name the timers. I'm sure other apps or products do the same. Anyone else have a similar hack?
  21. Mossa is easy mode for squid tames. Just let it grab you, dismount and swim to mouth , feed pearls. Keep squid on passive. After you feed squid swim up and whistle the mossa to follow . Once the squid let's go it will come to you. By far the easiest way to tame squid. 50 pearls at a time. ALWAYS use flippers to get to the squid beak quickly. Set a timer ( " Alexa set a 8 min squid timer ") and repeat .
  22. I for one wish they would add More dinos like thos. Especially under water dinos. For pvp its the only way to find griefers , raiders, skyboxed quetz , rafts glitched into rocks and buried dinos . If you have a permanent home on a pvp server the more ways to find other tribes and dinos the better . You still have to go out. look and expend the effort to find the hidden bases and dinos. For those of us in major tribes that don't cheat with ini files its our only way to secure our server.
  23. As it stands now the ocean content is more of an afterthought. They are missing the boat on.allot of real-estate that could be made better use of. Add an electric pump non tek item and allow people to build underwater bases without tek. Seems like a ton of unused potential on all maps .
  24. Man I thought we had it bad on our cluster. That just sucks . I hope they get you restored. Good luck .
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