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  1. Helped an ally get a rex, then we went down to explore the Aberration cave some more. Not sure how I've never had a Karkinos before this playthrough. I love my crab lol
  2. Press and hold left trigger I believe
  3. Got this shot of my home base today
  4. New fire wyvern to go alongside my Ice one. upload image
  5. Managed to get on for half hour or so in the end last night. Found this guy right by my base so dropped a quick trap down and grabbed him. image hosting
  6. Nothing because the update dropped in the only free hour I had this evening =(
  7. Hmm admincheat giveengrams gives you everything?
  8. Somehow my White Mana mum and Grey Mana Dad managed to spawn this eyesore But hey. Another colour to add to my inventory should I ever want to breed bring pink things haha
  9. I've been breeding Managarmr since I introduced them to my server. Had a selection of coloured ones I'd picked up but oddly after breeding a few generations I decided I liked the White/Grey ones best. Especially after I was able to breed out that horrible pink sheen they usually get on their sides. Got a baby without it and boy oh boy did he get put to good use with the ladies haha If only there was a way to breed out their corrupted tummys and tails. I really think the model would look better without it but oh well I just wish their damn speed didn't go up so much once bred. Moving them around the pen is so annoying when they run at 3 gazillion miles an hour Oh and I had this moment when Viserion decided he'd rather have a nap than give me a lift home. He looked so peaceful I just had to snap a photo
  10. Ice Wyverns do look great don't they. Always been my favourite, and I have a lovely white/blue one at the moment.
  11. Yeah I run an Xbox Nitrado server so mods aren't a thing for me sadly. Have to play with the code itself. Shame as I'd love Drakes and their nests
  12. Played around with the ini coding and got owls, gacha, Griffin, featherlight, shinehorns and velos to spawn on Valguero. Just need to tweak it so Managarmr will too
  13. Raised my new icey wyvern. Also raised a lovely red and black fire wyv that I gifted to a chap who is solo on my map
  14. What else did I do today? I discovered, after 18 months of playing ark, that you can place markers on the map to record locations..... How did i never know this before? Hahah
  15. Sat with my lil dude again mining stone and metal. Put up some stone walls to make the new oil pump a secure place to stop off
  16. Raised my new 170 Wyvern. Added a new layer and sloped roof to my Tower Tamed a Doed with my lil boy and added a new staircase to the repaired ruined Fort. I really wish Rock Drakes were in Valguero =(
  17. Yep can confirm wind turbine works fine 24/7 around the chalk hills areas
  18. Improved the wyvern trap after hastily constructing one on a time limit last time I was on. Raised it higher and added a small stone hut nearby with spawn point, narco arrow storage, generator and remote keypad for the trap gate. Explored the wyvern trench and saw an event coloured 170 wyvern floating around, dived into the trench and nabbed its egg. Not on until Monday now when I'll be hatching and raising it
  19. Will have to in future. Sadly it disappeared off into the map
  20. Went Ice Wyvern egg hunting. Found a 150. Flew home. Game stuttered just as I hit the button to equip my desert clothes, hit it again as it hadn't done anything. Then registered both and ate the egg =( Then fly past the 150 wyvern and it's event coloured
  21. Finishing touches to my new home next to the Ruined Fort I was living in. Annoying that there are no build zones on the towers as I had planned to rebuild them but had to build off to the side and now use the Fort courtyard as a breeding pen instead. upload pic And here is my almost entirely white ice wyvern I hatched the other day upload pic
  22. Ive had this exact issue. Put all my dinos into pods when I transferred my private server from The Centre to Valguero and all arrived 9n Valguero as level 1 bog standard animals. Lost all my breeding buffs, event colours, breeding mutation colours etc
  23. Unofficial Valguero Logging on today I found an ice wyvern egg in my inventory. Nice surprise seeing as I had the invisible wyvern glitch until today, and had picked up an empty package from a wyvern nest to test it yesterday without expecting much. Only a level 95 but enough to be starting with so I got to hatching it. It's nearly entirely white lol with some grey areas in the right light. Don't look at it in direct sunlight if you value your eyesight haha Whilst it was maturing today I spent time building my new house off to the side of the ruined Fort I had been rebuilding as my starting base, and moving stuff from there to the new house. Now I can use the courtyard of the Fort below me as Dino storage. I'll grab a screenshot of the building and wyvern next time I'm on.
  24. Ooooo it's gone red and there is a handprint, terrain thing and person outline since I last looked haha
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