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  1. So let's see, I've been spending time fishing lately, or trying to at least. I put a few foundations out from the shore, set down a chair, and *Sploosh*. . . W . . . A . . . I . . . T . . . Press Z message . . . (Hit wrong button) The line snaps. "Son of a . . ." Then I manage to get some fish but no candies. After twenty minutes, I realize I need to get the fish with the hearts. Blah! But after that, I actually manage to catch a couple. Then I decide this would be easier with a raft. The Chudzitanic sets sail again! My chibi noglin, Dinky, seems pretty excited about this. He's up on top of the mast pointing out fish with hearts. And once were in the midst of a big school of fish, I drop anchor and set out the chair. Dinky does a perfect forward dive, entering the river with barely a ripple. Two nearby Carbonemys hold up signs that read "9.5". Seriously? I thought that was a 10. Anyway, I start fishing and let Dinky goof around. I get some decent blueprints while fishing and some more candies and eventually decide to call it a day. Rising from my chair, I turn around, and my mouth drops open in surprise. Dinky has gathered a large pile of event fish on the raft, and as they dissolve, turning into piles of candies and chocolate, he dives in and goes all Tas-noglian devil on them. Afterward, I watch as he changes every color imaginable, pats his full belly a couple of times, burps loudly, and then bazooka vomits all 96 colors of a Crayola crayon box. Pretty epic scene, actually. Anyway, I think I'm done with fishing for now, time to go check out potential event tames. Happy Arking, All!
  2. (Gamma Overseer Quest) I read that you can use cryo-pods to bring in extra dinos before teleporting to the second half. So the current plan is to level up and heal ten to fifteen of my extra rexes, then pod them back up. Ideally, I'm going to do better with the glider suit this time, un-pod the rexes before teleporting, and they will last long enough to distract the monkey boss, so he doesn't throw rocks at me while I'm floating above and wreaking havoc with my shotgun. So Doc Bubbles is working overtime on healing the ones I've had in cryo forever. Anyone can confirm that you can drop cryo-pods before the second part in SP? It would indeed be a bad time to find out that you can't. But, live and learn. Happy Arking, All!
  3. I found most of my previous Rex saddle BPs in the easy sea cave on The Island. When I started my latest SP game, though, the crates weren't spawning right in there. I eventually found one in the underwater cave on Crystal Isles. There are a lot of crates in there. Not sure if it's the best, but it worked for me.
  4. Short Update - I just ground mats and worked on replacing the equipment I lost in the Tek Cave. I also dropped by the volcano to see what I'd need for a try at Beta, and much to my happy surprise, I found out the Gamma Trophies were still in the Tek Terminal. So, that saves me a lot of time.
  5. I finally get around to trying the Tek Cave with no dinos on Gamma. After a brief sprint at the top of the first part, I jump and activate my glider suit. In hindsight, I probably should have practiced more with it first, as this is the first time I've ever used one. I keep hitting the ceiling, making the wings retract, and then I'm mashing the space bar to open them again. I try the sprint option, which drops my altitude faster and helps avoid the stalactites, but now I'm going too fast, find I can't make a turn, hit the wall and drop to the floor. Purlovias pop out of the ground like some Whac-A-Mole game gone haywire, and one of them gets me. I start blasting away with my shotgun, finally manage to get free, and with twenty percent health get to a ledge and jump off. A bunch of Allos, purlovias, etc. run off it after me and plummet into the lava below. Surprisingly enough, I make it through the protective barrier at the bottom and start freezing. I switch to my fur gear and jet pack, down a Fria Cury, and turn to flip off everything that's behind the barrier. A couple of med brews later, I activate my jet pack . . . . It's not working. In the video I watched, the person was able to use it to glide through this part. So now, I'm wondering if it's going to work for the Overseer. After a bit of sightseeing, I enter the arena, and . . . my jetpack works! Woo Hoo! I'm hovering and unloading shell after shell from my shotgun into the Overseer. Occasionally, I have to pause to shoot down a few drones, but things are going well. He changes to the spider, and I take her out. I force him to change again, and it's monkey time! I'm doing okay until I manage to get stuck in the ceiling for a bit. I drop to get out of it, and hit Shift to hover, and the monkey gets me with a rock. A number of armor pieces break, so I start moving away. For some reason, I can't drink med brews, so I decide to land. I have (had that is) my Tek Boots on, so I drop to see if it's just because I'm flying that it won't let me drink, and I end up killing myself . . . That was nerve wracking from the start, heh. Anyway, I learned a bit at least. I don't have another Gamma dragon trophy, though, so it may be a bit before I try again. Happy Arking, All!
  6. I've watched a couple of videos on the Tek Cave, and one showed someone (Teach) gliding past the first part and then using a Tek Suit and Shotgun to do the second part from the air. Hopefully it's still a thing, because I'm going to try this over the weekend. The video is a year old, though, so I fully expect for something to have been patched and I jump off at the top of the first part and cannonball into the lava. Nearby Giga be like, "What's that dude's problem?" while the Purlovias pop out of the ground and ROFL!
  7. Woo Hoo! I beat the Alpha Dragon! The extra levels that I put into melee definitely helped on the Theris. Plus, this time the dragon didn't have the hots for me and my Yuty. (Pardon the pun.) He only breathed on us once, and that was right when he landed, and I was trying to get untangled from the Theris. A few of the tickle chickens were pretty banged up, but no one died. And now, I can make my first ever legit Tek Suit. I'm kind of on the fence about trying the Tek Cave or using cheats to ascend instead. But, we'll see about that later. Happy Arking, All!
  8. [The Scene: Your point of view zooms in slowly on an old, wooden television set, an RCA CT-100. The screen, which is rounded on the sides, flickers to life, displaying the crimson letters “PNN” against a dark background. An opening theme begins to play as the zoom halts, and the picture on the TV changes to a news room, where a green scaled raptor wearing a navy blue suit is seated behind a news desk.] A concerned look on his face, he begins, “Good evening, and welcome to PNN, the Predator News Network. I’m your host, Marcus Ohreallyus. And tonight, we have more horrifying news for you from the base of the volcano where another mutilated Allosaurus corpse was found earlier today. We ask ourselves, what monstrosity could be doing this? To learn more, we’ll go to our Rex on the spot, Todd.” [A rust brown rex wearing a pale blue necktie appears on the screen. He’s holding a large microphone. In the background, you can see the base of the volcano rising up out of frame.] “Hello, Marcus,” he starts, “this is the eighth victim in the past two days, and all of them have had their brains removed. Predators here are on edge, especially Allosauruses. As to who could be behind this, opinions range from aliens to zombies to even . . .” [A rectangle of video pops up on the screen. The Carnotaurus in it has had his/her features blurred, presumably to help protect their identity.] “I’m telling you I saw the perpetrator, and it’s Santa!” it says in a voice that’s been heavily altered. “Santa?” Marcus interrupts, his tone incredulous. “Yes, Santa,” Todd replies with a wink. “Authorities, however, aren’t ruling anything out at this poi—“ [Todd’s audio is cutoff as a “Breaking News” banner flashes on the screen. The picture then changes back to Marcus who is listening intently to his earpiece.] After a moment, he addresses the audience. “This just in, there’s been another heinous murder . . . this time near the Frozen Tooth. I’m being told the victim is a Giga. Wait, that can’t be true.“ He pauses for a few seconds, listening further to his earpiece before resuming. “Yes, it is a Giga, and its heart has been torn out.” Marcus pales a bit as he listens further. “I’m now being told a Compy saw someone leaving the scene. Can you put him on, George?” A few seconds pass as the audio link with George the roving raptor-reporter is established. “Can you hear me, Marcus?” George asks. “Yes, I can hear you fine, George. Now, about the witness.” “He’s here with me now. Carl, please share with our viewers what you saw a little over an hour ago.” The Compy speaks in a reedy voice, “I didn’t see it happen, but I saw Santa and a tiny blue reindeer flying away on a light green wyve—“ [The television turns off abruptly. And reflected in the darkened glass of the screen, you can see me . . . in the Santa suit I got from the last event.] I turn to my blue otter, Boogles, who is seated on the other end of the couch. He’s wearing a reindeer antler skin on his riot helmet. “We need to change!” Slightly wide eyed, he nods vigorously in the affirmative. “Plus, we should see if we have any candy left over so we can alter Slynn’s paint job.” Boogles chirps in agreement and then heads for the fridge. (So anyway, this is my way of saying that I’ve been gathering the missing tribute for the Alpha Dragon. Still need one more Giga heart, though.)
  9. I decide to go for the beta dragon fight instead of skipping it. I figure I'll get the Tek Transmitter if we win, and it will help with locating allos and gigas for the tribute I'm missing to do alpha. So, why not? My theris and Boss are soon arranged around the terminal. And from my shoulder, Son of A, who recently became an ordained minister online, guides us through a prayer for good fortune. Afterward, I kick off the teleport, and he promptly hops off my shoulder and makes a beeline out of the shimmering dome. What a butthead . . . "Ride of the Valkyries" starts playing in the background. The teleport goes off, freezing time for a fraction of a second, and then we arrive in the inferno of the dragon's home. Thankfully, I remembered to down my soup and drink from my Tek Canteen before we ported, so I'm nice and cool. Locating my yuty, I clamber into the saddle and order the theris to move off as a large shadow slips over us. Looking up, I see the dragon soaring above. It doesn't appear that he's noticed us yet. It doesn't take long for him to notice, though. We're soon dodging fireballs that blast the empty landscape behind us, scorching the rocky ground. Constant motion becomes the name of the game. Eventually, a wave of dimorphs and pteranodons approaches, enveloping everyone in a swirling chaos of sharp talons and sharper beaks. Boss snatches a dimorph out of the air with his jaws, ends its life with a sickening crunch, and wolfs it down. I glance over and find the theris making short work of the others. That's when the overwhelming beat of massive wings drowns out everything else before the ground shudders. The dragon has landed. I order the theris to attack and move in with Boss to do courage roars. Unfortunately, when we approach from the side, the dragon quickly turns to breathe fire on us. Turns out, he really has it in for Boss and I. We circle around behind him, roar a couple of times, and he does a one-eighty before breathing again. He catches us a couple of other times as the fight rages on, and I eventually have to move Boss away because he's at a quarter health. We watch the rest of the battle from the sidelines, me cheering the theris on, and boss waving a sign that reads, "Go Team!" The damage output slows down when the last courage roar wears off, but my tickle chickens manage to defeat the dragon before he can take flight again. Even though the theris collectively munched down over a hundred cakes during the fight, they're still a bit banged up. So, I call Doc Bubbles after we port out, and he makes a house call. Healing Boss and them ends up costing me twelve hundred raw prime. Yeesh! Medical bills are expensive! Back at base, I make an S+ Tek Transmitter, and that's changed since I last had one on a server that auto-unlocked Tek for you. Now I have five set up, and I can see dino locations and their stats. Kind of cool! I think I'm going to level my theris a bit more before trying alpha, as I'd like their melee to be higher. Anyway, Happy Arking, All.
  10. Well, it only took five years of on and off playing, but I finally got the "Survivor Evolved" and "Master Survivor" achievements. With the Theris being smaller, we didn't get stuck on the teleport pad upon arrival like the first time when I tried it with Rexes. The only hitch was me forgetting to start on courage roars right away when grandma dragon landed. Overall, we burned through eighty something cakes during the fight, and none of my dinos were very hurt at the end. Now I have to decide if I want to gather enough tribute for both beta and alpha or just skip to alpha. Decisions . . . . Decisions . . . . Happy Arking, All! (Edited to add: I even remembered to bring a taxidermy tool, so I now have a dragon on top of my artifact and cryo tree display building.)
  11. I'm still leveling my Theris. However, I only have two left to go. (Woo Hoo!) Plus, my otter, Boogles, has opened Boogles' Bakery to help with the Sweet Veggie Cakes, and he's already stockpiled enough for one dragon attempt. (Second Woo Hoo!) Unfortunately, he's not the best baker . . . Crunch! "Dude, I seriously don't think Christmas Bark is supposed to have real bark in it." Boogles chirps angrily for a few seconds before pointing to a nearby poster. The neon-pink text splashed across it reads, "The Pâtissier is Always Right!" "Okay, first, I have no idea how to pronounce that, and second . . . did you really paint that on my Farrah Fawcett POSTER!?!?!" Boogles makes a rude gesture. "Oh! You uppity little fur ball. I'll make--" This is when Son of A . . , my pego, diffuses the situation by crop dusting us. Me: *Sniff* Boogles: *Sniff* Both of us: "Hrrk!" Darn! I don't know what he eats, but his farts could probably take out a giga. Anyway, I should be able to give the Grandma Dragon (Chose to embrace it) another try over the weekend. Wish me luck! And have fun Arking, All.
  12. I tamed an Astrodelphis . . . then I looked up the saddle. Yep, to low level to make it. He does brighten up the base, though. So I started thinking about ascending, which is a ways off. And that brought me back to the island to start getting my Theris ready for the gamma (Heh, almost typed "grandma" instead of gamma) dragon. I triple checked the unlimited mindwipes setting before transferring in. Once at my base, I figured out the total resource cost of making nineteen Theri saddles, and then it was back to the resource grind. Resources collected, I mindwiped and crafted them. The base saddle BP is 56ac, and the best one I made is 71ac. I mindwiped again and messed up on allocating my stat points, then I mindwiped and did it again, and I went through that one last time before getting it right. (I may have had a few to many adult libations by that point. . . ) Anyway, it's been a Theri leveling spree since then. I started doing circuits of carno island, but that got old pretty quickly. I then decided to just roam the island while leveling them, since there are so many places I've never gone on foot before. I discovered a number of new explorer notes doing this. I also went up a mountain while leveling Max II, crested a rise in the path, saw a Giga attacking something, then rode down the mountain waving my hands like the kid from the Home Alone movies. Luckily, the giga was too busy to notice. I've leveled eleven so far, so half way at least. Anyway, that's where things are at. Happy Arking, All!
  13. I was mining in space when two of those dolphin things aggro'd on me from out of nowhere. (Minor jump scare) But seeing as I had some element in my backpack, I decided to try taming them. I petted them, and they moved off. And after mining a few more nodes, I followed. I found them quickly enough, caught up, and then a voidwyrm jumped out from behind a nearby asteroid and said, "Boo!" I might have freaked a little and started spraying bullets everywhere, hitting one of the dolphins I was trying to tame in the process. So as that whole mess was following me, I made a beeline for one of the bridges. As I got closer, several voidwyrms launched themselves from off the top of it near the wall and started heading toward me. I decided to open fire for a bit and then make a break for it. Unfortunately, I forgot to put my assault rifle away after emptying the clip. So instead of rocketing out of there, I wasted some time doing melee attacks with my rifle . . . in place . . . while everything caught up. . . . And that's how Marie I (Of course, another otter) and I were vaporized by voidwyrms. I decided I was done mining for the day after that and settled on exploring the depths under one of those metallic cylinders in the newbie area. I brought my first basilo from the Island over, only level 120ish, with plans to tame a higher level one down there. OMG! The underwater part in Genesis 2 is crazy! I made it out of there the first time with my whale's HP at like two hundred something. There were so many sharks, and I didn't know they were buffed if in a pack. I kept healing up (which took forever), going back down there, and then getting chased out again. The respawn seems crazy, too. Anyway, I eventually managed to clear enough space and kibble tamed a level 114 basilo. I put my first one back in cryo storage after that and have been leveling Atlas, the new one, down there since. The alpha experience is nice for the Chibi, but I still can't go too far from the entrance tube without getting mobbed. And that's where things are at. Happy Arking all.
  14. I've been learning more about Genesis 2 and the space meteors, etc. Still haven't made it over to the Rockwell side yet. However, one of my best moments so far: "Steal this, you *Beepity* *Beeper*!" I shouted as I pulled the trigger on my new rocket launcher, sending a homing missile rushing toward an aggro'd pego. The missile arced downward at the last second and . . . *Boom!* Pego parts all over the place. Quite satisfying, really.
  15. I decided I needed a change of pace and branched my SP game out to Gen 2. I found a spot for a base and brought some of my extra harvesting dinos over to help with construction. Peltzy, the beaver, was in charge of lumber. Hemi III, one of my many ankys, assisted with metal and thatch. And . . . I didn't have an extra doed. Weird, thought I did. But anyway, Grant joined us after a long berry tame. The base came together nicely after that, and then it was on to the next thing. The next thing turned out to be taming a Maewing, which I named May. Yep, totally original. May and I explored and got some drops while I was learning the controls. I still don't have the full hang of it yet, but I'm getting better. I decided to venture out into space by myself and found oil and metal. Of course, a voidwyrm found me, while I was harvesting. Needless to say, I spazzed out but managed to off it with my assault rifle by the time I was half health. My second attempt at space, full of much paranoia, led to a cornucopia of element type stuff! After that, I did the gamma canoe mission and then failed hard at the beta version, like five times in a row. So that's where I'm leaving it today. (Pego Count: Two tamed themselves by eating the berries in my last slot, and one made off with a stack of Advanced Rifle Bullets. That Bastage!)
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