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  1. [The Scene: Your point of view zooms in slowly on an old, wooden television set, an RCA CT-100. The screen, which is rounded on the sides, flickers to life, displaying the crimson letters “PNN” against a dark background. An opening theme begins to play as the zoom halts, and the picture on the TV changes to a news room, where a green scaled raptor wearing a navy blue suit is seated behind a news desk.] A concerned look on his face, he begins, “Good evening, and welcome to PNN, the Predator News Network. I’m your host, Marcus Ohreallyus. And tonight, we have more horrifying news for you fr
  2. I decide to go for the beta dragon fight instead of skipping it. I figure I'll get the Tek Transmitter if we win, and it will help with locating allos and gigas for the tribute I'm missing to do alpha. So, why not? My theris and Boss are soon arranged around the terminal. And from my shoulder, Son of A, who recently became an ordained minister online, guides us through a prayer for good fortune. Afterward, I kick off the teleport, and he promptly hops off my shoulder and makes a beeline out of the shimmering dome. What a butthead . . . "Ride of the Valkyries" starts playing in the b
  3. Well, it only took five years of on and off playing, but I finally got the "Survivor Evolved" and "Master Survivor" achievements. With the Theris being smaller, we didn't get stuck on the teleport pad upon arrival like the first time when I tried it with Rexes. The only hitch was me forgetting to start on courage roars right away when grandma dragon landed. Overall, we burned through eighty something cakes during the fight, and none of my dinos were very hurt at the end. Now I have to decide if I want to gather enough tribute for both beta and alpha or just skip to alpha. Decisions . . . . Dec
  4. I'm still leveling my Theris. However, I only have two left to go. (Woo Hoo!) Plus, my otter, Boogles, has opened Boogles' Bakery to help with the Sweet Veggie Cakes, and he's already stockpiled enough for one dragon attempt. (Second Woo Hoo!) Unfortunately, he's not the best baker . . . Crunch! "Dude, I seriously don't think Christmas Bark is supposed to have real bark in it." Boogles chirps angrily for a few seconds before pointing to a nearby poster. The neon-pink text splashed across it reads, "The Pâtissier is Always Right!" "Okay, first, I have no idea how to pronou
  5. I tamed an Astrodelphis . . . then I looked up the saddle. Yep, to low level to make it. He does brighten up the base, though. So I started thinking about ascending, which is a ways off. And that brought me back to the island to start getting my Theris ready for the gamma (Heh, almost typed "grandma" instead of gamma) dragon. I triple checked the unlimited mindwipes setting before transferring in. Once at my base, I figured out the total resource cost of making nineteen Theri saddles, and then it was back to the resource grind. Resources collected, I mindwiped and crafted them. The base
  6. I was mining in space when two of those dolphin things aggro'd on me from out of nowhere. (Minor jump scare) But seeing as I had some element in my backpack, I decided to try taming them. I petted them, and they moved off. And after mining a few more nodes, I followed. I found them quickly enough, caught up, and then a voidwyrm jumped out from behind a nearby asteroid and said, "Boo!" I might have freaked a little and started spraying bullets everywhere, hitting one of the dolphins I was trying to tame in the process. So as that whole mess was following me, I made a beeline for one of the
  7. I've been learning more about Genesis 2 and the space meteors, etc. Still haven't made it over to the Rockwell side yet. However, one of my best moments so far: "Steal this, you *Beepity* *Beeper*!" I shouted as I pulled the trigger on my new rocket launcher, sending a homing missile rushing toward an aggro'd pego. The missile arced downward at the last second and . . . *Boom!* Pego parts all over the place. Quite satisfying, really.
  8. I decided I needed a change of pace and branched my SP game out to Gen 2. I found a spot for a base and brought some of my extra harvesting dinos over to help with construction. Peltzy, the beaver, was in charge of lumber. Hemi III, one of my many ankys, assisted with metal and thatch. And . . . I didn't have an extra doed. Weird, thought I did. But anyway, Grant joined us after a long berry tame. The base came together nicely after that, and then it was on to the next thing. The next thing turned out to be taming a Maewing, which I named May. Yep, totally original. May and I explored an
  9. (Alpha Broodmother) Saddles are finally finished. Huzzah! I pick up Boogles, my blue otter, after I spawn in on top of the base. We mosey out back to the glass building that holds the cryo stands and artifact pedestals and grab the rexes. Next, I make a feeding trough, and we port to green obi. I go to put the trough down and realize there's one already here, and it even has some food left in it. Nice! So I un-pod a rex, and we start clearing the dinos that are in the immediate area, and . . . Ark crashes. I reboot and load the game, and I'm back on top of base. "Son of a--"
  10. Raptor Claus gave me a 349 Enforcer blueprint, so I put everything on hold to make it happen. I transferred to Extinction and tore apart many posts, benches, and tables. And thus, Bufford has joined the team. Looking forward to how he hits against those corrupted types.
  11. I have mostly been grinding out mats for Rex saddles. Fourteen are done so far, so I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully, it's not an oncoming freight train. Anyway, that 755% sickle I got from, I think it was Raptor Claus, has come in really handy. I also put my rex breeding on hold and started breeding Theris for my second try at Gamma dragon. The first try was a couple of years ago, and things didn't quite go my way.
  12. Quick Update: I ran that underwater cave on Crystal isles and finally got a Rex saddle BP from the last crate of the fourth run. Woo Hoo! (Sorry, but these take forever for me to find, heh.) Now I have to grind mats before tying Alpha Charlotte.
  13. Instead of transferring my current SP character to the Lost Island, I decided to level up a new one. I spawned in near the middle of the northern coast by an inlet and wasn't eaten by raptors in the first minute, so things were going better than my usual start. I made a base, tamed some dodos for eggs, tamed a parasaur for berry gathering, and a low level moschops for the heck of it. Then . . . I ran into my first sino. Of course, I had no clue how to tame it, so I paused to do some research. The next problem was finding chitin, but I eventually crossed paths with a trilobite who contrib
  14. I saw a video about a water cave on Crystal Isles that looks like it has a bunch of loot crates and decided to try it out. I moved some mats from my main base on the Island over and started expanding my stone hut. Various machines and benches were made along with a generator, and when I was ready to head out to sea, I crafted up a scuba set with three extra tanks. (Note: I use the Awesome Teleporters mod and have had it for a couple of years now at least, and I finally realized you can use it like an obelisk to upload and download stuff. Buh!) I decided to tame a Meg first, so it can deal
  15. Let's see . . . I went back to Crystal Isles for some more wyverns, and then used one for drop hunting. I tamed my first ever ravager, then broke the wall of the taming pen to let it out and eventually dropped another one in there, forgetting that I didn't put up new door-frames, and . . . yah, that got a little crazy. Two more ravagers were tamed, and I have my own little pack. I ran around with those and explored the map. It is a really beautiful map, and I actually thought of trying Aberration again because of the ravagers. . . . . . Then, I got better. (I really wanted to get into it
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