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  1. Yah, he applied to be a Slag test subject at some out of town bio lab. We'll see if they call back. Heh.
  2. I'm playing my SP game on Extinction and decide to just go wandering off and grab metal nodes when I see them. I eventually end up in the SE dome, grab some metal, and then I see the giant metal wall. Oh, and it looks like there's a cave on the left side of it. I'm like, "We should go check that out," and both Mortley (owl) and Myrtle (otter) agree. My HLN-A robot is still talking about the last time I pooped, so she doesn't get a vote. Anyway, we get in a tangle with some bats and take care of them right at the entrance. Overall, it's not so bad, so we decide to move further in, each of us filled with the spirit of adventure. (Small Note: I didn't enable cave flying for this game and completely forgot about it.) Mortley goes, "Ooof!" as he bangs into an invisible barrier, and Myrtle and I are thrown off. I plummet like Wile E. Coyote, and Myrtle is above me in the air, flapping her little otter limbs for all she's worth for a couple seconds, before she's falling too. Wham! I land on a snake, turning part of it two dimensional. Scrambling to my feet, I see all the bad . . . bad . . . things that are heading toward me, which is when Myrtle lands on my head with a Thunk! The front half of her body is hanging down in my face, and she's like, "AHHHHHH!" And I'm like, "AHHHHHH!" Monsters begin attacking from all sides as I start sprinting for the entrance. I see the torpor icon flashing, and my Helena robot thing is like, "You are so *Beeped* right now." I'm nearing the entrance, while chugging medical brews like they're beers and I'm on spring break. And then . . . we make it out of the cave, and I run a ways along the metal wall, before stopping, winded, with a heart rate of a bazillion. Luckily, there's nothing there when I look back the way we came. "Whew," we all say or think right before noticing the damage numbers coming out of the cave. Then we all say something else... *BEEP!* Myrtle's back around my neck, praying to the Long John Silver's restaurant chain for good fortune, while HLN-A is trying to figure out how to stop following me. I grit my teeth and start running back to the cave. "Oh, *Beep* me," my HLN-A bot says as she gets dragged along behind. As I get closer to the cave, I see Mortley on the ground right near the entrance, with a bunch of things chomping on him. Seeing as he's on passive, he's smoking a cigar and perusing the Help Wanted pages while this is going on. I barrel in there and leap for the saddle, only to be denied by a mantis that knocks me away. I try again and trip over a partially flattened snake that's really mad at me for some reason. And on the third try, I finally make it into the saddle, and we're off in a flurry of flapping wings. Woo, that was a close one. After that, we decided that we'd had enough wandering for one day and headed back to base.
  3. SP Extinction More metal was gathered, and I'm done with the shell of the base. Now I just have to figure out what I'm going to do inside. I took a break while that was going on to go see if there were any lady owls for Mortley to talk to. Unfortunately, there were a bunch of low level ones, so I tamed up a level 50 for the heck of it. I also saw a 145 argy and tamed it since I didn't have one yet. Once I was back at base, I made a nanny and gave her five honey. Afterward, I put some Berry White on while Mortley and Natasha made sweet love. I really need to adjust my maturation speed, because Potbelly the Snow Owl is going to take three weeks to mature. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1830836242 Other than that, I haven't done much.
  4. Last night when I got home, I was finally able to sign into my SP game. I put up some four story glass walls on the new base, then Mortley and I went looking in the spot that @Aushegun (Thanks!) mentioned for chitin. There were a couple raptor-daptor scares, but we came back from there with fifteen-hundred-ish in a relatively short period of time. When we got back, there were four honeys in the hive, so I made up two cakes and went looking for another snail. There was a level fifteen on the border of the wasteland near base, so it tamed up without a hitch, and Mega the snail joined the crew. After that, I added more metal to the forges, and decided I'd see about introducing Mortley to a lady owl. So after grabbing some kibble, we were on our way. As we were about to cross into the snow dome, I saw a giga that looked to be all white. On closer inspection, and in slightly different lighting, it turned out to be the regular color, but now I want a snow giga! Anyway, when I tamed Mortely, I only had to wipe out the owls once before he spawned. No such luck this time, and my photo is now up on the Owl Post Office wall, wanted for owl genocide. We'll have to try again some other time. Edited to add: Woot! I has cloth armor now!
  5. I ran into the same issue not too long after installing S+ for the first time. It's a bummer. In my case I was able to remove the S+ folder, let it re-download, rename an older save, then let it install, and start playing again. I lost time, but not as much as if I started over. So, live and learn. I also had the Steam problem last night with endlessly loading mods. I tried again this morning, and it looks like they actually installed and should be happy again. I'll find out when I get to play a bit later. Anyway, hope you got things sorted out.
  6. Slynn (SP) Grind City (Extinction) I set up my initial base by a lone City Terminal located on a platform with pillars supporting a metallic roof. After testing, I found I could place foundations on the roof, so I decided my permanent base would be constructed up there out of metal and S+ Glass. The initial plan was to get the outline of a foundation completed. By that time, I had built up a couple thousand ingots and had a little under two thousand paste. I manufactured the metal foundations, and Mortley (Snow Owl) helped me ferry them up there until the metal ran out. After that, I brought Anka out of storage and went on a metal run around base. I soon realized that my single S+ forge was bottlenecking ingot production and crafted two AA: Mini Forges, which would eventually be joined by two others. Since I’m not aware of anything like an insect cave to get bunches of chitin from on Extinction, I also decided that I was going to need snails for paste. I placed four large crop plots on the roof of my base, erected some pillars, and installed some S+ glass ceilings. Afterward, I ran some pipes to the nearby stream, and Picasso would be proud of how they turned out. Next thing would be tracking down the two dung beetles that I’d seen wandering around the area. While I was getting them, a level 145 tapejara landed nearby, so I got her as an impulse tame. The two beetles eventually joined my dodos inside, and things were getting kind of cramped to say the least. That led me to expanding my current base to include a pen for dodos and other small dinos on wander. Once that was done, I enjoyed being able to get to all my storage and crafting stations without tripping over things. I planted the veggies once there was enough fertilizer to start, and then turned my attention toward tree sap. I watched a video that stated the best bet was to tame a gacha that was able to produce it. I looked through my small stable of gachas and none of them had that option. So Mortley horked up a bunch of pellets and off we went to the Ab zone. I tamed two gachas without issue then ran out of pellets while taming a high level one, so I called it a day, and we headed back to base. Talk about lucky, one of the gachas is able to produce oil, which I needed, and the other is able to produce sap. So I put them to work, one after another, as they’re both males. I also noticed the raw metal in the forges was getting low, so I flew around on Mortley and mined some more. After that, it was time. Time to tame a Queen bee. For some reason, I really dislike doing this, and I’m not sure why. Anyway, seeing as I didn’t own any ghillie armor, or bug spray, or ammo to break the hive, I went on a crafting spree. Afterward, Mortley and I manage to find a hive that is relatively high up in the city with no dinos around. Score! I set up a firing position far enough away so I won’t attract bees, spray myself with bug repellant like I’m going out on the town, and start firing. The hive eventually disintegrates, and I see the queen. She’s about twenty feet up the side of a structure. I grapple to the side of the building and raise myself up. When she’s near, I see the tame message briefly, but then it goes away while I’m spamming the “E” button. I try for a few seconds as bees start piling on me despite my armor and bug repellant, but it’s just not working. Releasing the grapple, I drop and take the fall damage then make a break for it. I slaughter the rest of the bees over by Mortley, and I’m at one-quarter health. So yeah, that could have gone better. I eat the rest of my food, but that doesn’t heal me up much. So at this point, I’m thinking about heading back to base and healing up when Mortley smacks me in the head with one wingtip. “Dude! What was that for?” Mortley puffs out the ice-blue feathers on his chest, points to me with one wingtip, points toward the queen with the other, and screeches loudly. Hmm, I’m pretty sure I just got punked by a snow owl. Reluctantly, I take out my spyglass and look over the queen bee again. After a bit, I notice a small ledge that if I were standing on it would put her just above head height. Plus, the ledge is about fifty feet long, so I could get up on it undetected. “What the heck,” I decide. Mortley gives me a hoot of approval as I plod off, focused on the queen. Half a minute later, I grapple and start rising. When I disconnect, I find myself balanced on a ledge that is a few inches wider than my foot. “Here goes nothing,” I whisper, and then proceed along the ledge as quickly as I can without falling off. I get to the queen, and just as the surrounding bees go on alert, I manage to feed her a rare flower, taming her. I grab her and then in my enthusiasm manage to fall off the ledge. Luckily my crossbow is still out, so I’m able to grapple to the wall instead of slamming into the ground again. After that, it’s back to base. I pull up a foundation, place the beehive, and then put the foundation back. After which, I throw some rare flowers in there, and we’re making honey! Very . . . very . . . slowly. The rest of the evening, I kept the forges full of metal and made more foundations as I could. I managed to not only complete the outline of the new base like I had wanted, but I also managed to fill it in as well. After that, I had enough honey to make three cakes and tamed my first snail. Gumo is now wandering around that pen with the oviraptor, dung beetles, and stationary dodos.
  7. Slynn (SP Character) in Slynn City (Extinction) I'm on call all day today, so figured I'd play some single-player in case I had to quit suddenly. Anyway... Anka, my anky, and I are motoring through the ruins of the city in search of element dust. Meanwhile, Myrtle, the dark-furred otter draped around my neck, is taking in our surroundings, and occasionally emitting a chirping noise when she wants more fish. But now, she issues a low growl instead. Immediately on alert, I scan the area and see a dull colored ichthyornis circling just ahead and to the right of us. Needless to say, these winged-abominations are on my *Beep* list, one recently having filched a stack of narcotics from me. So I dismount Anka and bring my crossbow to bear. Crouched, I make my way slowly through the bushes toward my prey. The bird changes its course a little but hasn't noticed me by the time I'm in range. Raising the weapon, I take aim a little ahead of the target and pull the trigger. Thwack! Myrtle makes a satisfied grunting noise as the dead Ichthyornis arcs toward the ground and lands in a heap. I rise and head for the corpse not wanting the meat and hide go to waste. Halfway back to Anka, something slams into my back, knocking me forward. My riot armor chestpiece saves me from any real damage, and I manage to stay on my feet and begin running toward my anky. A quick glance over my shoulder as I'm almost there reveals a gleaming enforcer in close pursuit. I leap into the saddle, commanding Anka to attack. The enforcer attacks before she does, though, one of its sharp limbs scoring her shell. I hold on as she wrenches herself to the left, flinging her tail forward. The spiked ball at the end smashes into the enforcer's head, crumpling the metal and releasing a shower of sparks. As she brings her tail back for another strike, the enforcer takes one stutter step to its left and collapses. A few seconds later, the lights on its body dim and go out. "That was a close one," I say to no one in particular. Of course, I hop off my mount to salvage what I can from the robot. I'm going to need a lot of materials to craft my ascendant enforcer from the blueprint I found a couple of days ago. I eventually discover that doeds are much better at getting dust than ankys are, so I'm able to farm up the 9000 I need in one sitting. The only thing I still need after that is oil, and Mortley (Snow Owl) offers to help. We go on a robot-recycling rampage and obtain what's needed fairly quickly. Luckily, my base is close enough to a City Terminal that I can pull the materials to it, so I craft up my new Enforcer. Sparkz, level 120, joins the team. I decide to go kill some corrupted dinos with him to get some nodules and level up. Things are going great, and then I see a corrupted giga noggin in the background of a nearby hill. Retreat! Sparkz and I decide it's a good time for a break and head directly to base, not passing Go.
  8. My consciousness slowly rises toward the surface, spiraling through a field of broken glass as it goes. Sooooo hungover.... The last thing I remember was playing poker with the new Chalicotheriums and Dodo Mike. Ugh! Before I dare open my eyes, the light passing through my eyelids flares into a sun-like brilliance. I hear Dodo Mike groan from somewhere nearby. "I swear on my Mc Nuggets, if that's your goat, I'm going to turn him into foie gras." I lift my head up a little and peel open my eyes, before blinking them against the blinding light. Before I close them again, I notice some tiny hooves below soft brown fur. "Yep, it's Tidbit, and I'm pretty sure foie gras is part of a duck or something." "Baaaah," Tidbit agrees. "Fine, I'll turn him into goat gras then," Mike mutters. "Baaaah," Tidbit agrees. He's not the brightest (Pardon the pun) lantern goat, but he catches on soon enough and the light starts fading. A couple of minutes later, Mike and I are both up and on unsteady feet, admiring the passed out Chalis. "Lion haircuts, eh?" "Yah," Mike begins, "I figured I'd pass it along. Consider it like hazing or something." "Nice job," I say while checking myself out in the nearby mirror. There's nothing amiss, so I ask, "I'm guessing you passed out before me?" "I have no *Beeping* clue," he responds. "Baaaah," Tidbit agrees before shaking his head in a tiny little sneeze, his orange horns tracing lines through the air like sparklers. Mike rolls his eyes. "Anyway, I think we're outta beer, so I'm going to brew some up. Whadda you gonna do?" "I think Tidbit and I will head out and tame some brontos. It's been forever since I had brontos." "Well, have fun. And remember, with giant brontos comes the giant responsibility of cleaning up giant bronto *Beep*. I'll see about making YOU a sturdy shovel." "Thanks, buddy," I say, ending with a smile. "Baaaah," Tidbit agrees. So Tidbit and I head out to peruse the brontos that are just across the water from us. He's enjoying the wind on his face, as my tek jetpack flies us over there, and then we land on the muddy shore. A minute later, we're by someone's Steampunk base when I notice a max-level female brontosaurus nearby and start pulling my tranq rifle out. "BAH!" Tidbit bleats. When I turn my head a little, I see him glaring at me through narrowed eyes. "Yes. Of course, I'm going to be careful this time when taming around someone's base." He gives me an I'll believe it when I see it type look, then goes back to scanning our surroundings. Not too long afterward, Tidbit and I are standing on top of a prone bronto that is being kibble tamed. "See?" I say. "Baaah!" Tidbit happily agrees. A few seconds pass before I start wondering why I'm explaining myself to a goat. Anyway, Chelsea the bronto tames up, disappears into her soul sphere, and we're out looking for our next bronto. It takes awhile, but we find a max level male on top of a hill near the water. I'm hovering with my jet-pack and shooting tranqs at the behemoth. Everything is going fine, until . . . he starts running. Right off the side of the hill he goes, landing on a narrow strip of land by the water. He's almost out before he plunges into the water to get away. I hold off shooting, and he eventually starts heading toward shore. When it looks like he's back on shore, I shoot another tranq as a little lag spike hits. The bronto moonwalks back into the water and goes out cold. Tidbit gives a mournful, "Baaah." The bronto is definitely drowning, so I hold off putting kibble on him. I'm hoping that between his oxygen and HPs he'll last long enough to starve tame. But then the oxygen runs out, and his health plummets. So, it's onto our next bronto. He had forty-one points into weight, though, so I has a sad. Our next bronto, another max-level male with average stats (Sigh), tames up without incident. We head back to base, where the Chalis and Mike are brewing beer, and decide on our next step. Time to breed us up a super bronto!
  9. On Valguero server Day 1 of the mission - I had never tamed one of those horse-apes (AKA: Chalicotheriums) before, so I figured I'd give it a shot for a change of pace. First thing on the list, I needed to brew some beer, so I enlisted the help of Dodo Mike. He's actually a dodo and a whiz at home brewing. Perhaps you've tried one of his Pale Beak Ales or his latest Pro-Hop-Todon before? Anyway, I crafted the barrels and jars while he gathered the berries, thatch, malt, hops, etc. We had two barrels going by the end of the day. Day 2 (Noon) - There was enough for two cases of beer when we checked, so we figured we'd down a couple to check them out. Day 3 (Morning) - Soooo hungover... I look in a nearby mirror and see a kitty clown face painted on my face. Yah, Dodo Mike and I are not beyond pranking each other should one pass out early. "Nice one, Mike." "Serves you right for passing out first, you *Beep!*" he says before laughing. "Well, I also woke up first, so you might want to check a mirror yourself," I reply with a chuckle. Four seconds later, "Auuuuughh! You *Beepin* *Beeeep!*" The scissors were right by me when I woke up earlier, so I gave Mike one of those Lion cuts that people do for their dogs. Day 3 (Mid-afternoon) - We start making more beer. Day 4 (Morning) - "There's a little over a case ready," Mike informs me. "Want to have a few?" "No thanks, Simba," I shoot back. "*Beep* off," Mike replies. Day 4 (Afternoon) - We've got our ghillie suits on (Mike looks like a shrubbery), Vash is loaded up with supplies, and we're off to the Great White North. Thirty minutes later, we soar over a male and female Chalicotherium, both high level, and right by each other. Of course, they're being attacked by wolves. Vash lands heavily and snaps up one of the wolves in his jaws, before tossing its limp form off to the side and going after another. Meanwhile, I hop off, draw my railgun, and begin firing. Mike helps by hurling insults at the attackers. "Hey, you mangy little poodle *Beeps!* Get lost!" We take care of the wolves, and I pass out a beer to both Chalis. Vash is keeping a watchful eye for predators, while what appears to be a small bush is drinking a beer and lounging in his saddle. Pausing between sips, the bush opines, "Man, it is *Beepin!* cold out here, and this salad-suit ain't helping." "Well, you can take yours off if you want, but I need mine so I don't aggro the Chalis." What seems like an hour later, the teetotalling horse-apes still haven't accepted a second beer, and Mike is done with his fifth. Kind of funny to see a bush pee on another bush, though, when he hops off Vash to go relieve himself. Unfortunately, the Chalis have wandered farther from each other over time. So when I go to check on the male, he's being attacked by more wolves. Argh! I fight those off, using railgun and tek sword, come back, and wolves are attacking the female now. ARGH! My wyvern and I dispatch those, relatively quickly, but the Chalis HPs are getting kind of low. Speaking of which, I head back by the male, and see him go down amidst another pack of wolves. Jeepers! I start looking around for a tour bus full of wolves, cause this is crazy. Returning to the female and my cohorts, she finally accepts another beer. A short while later, believe it or not, more wolves show up. ARGH!!! After they've been handled, Vash says, "You know, I can carry one of these back to base where it will be safer to tame if you want." Mike and I look at each other with stupid expressions on our faces, until he lets out a loud burp, and we both lose it. So anyway, Vash flies us and the Chali back toward base on one of the starter islands. We drop her off on one side of the island and go land on the other, before taming starts again. She tames up, and we end up taming two others the same way. There is a friendly fire incident, though, during this time. Someone has a small wood base on the island with a tek para and ptera parked outside. One Chali gets too close, aggros on the para, and the *Beep* hits the fan. Both the parasaur and pteranodon are attacking the Chali. Somehow, a nearby bronto gets aggro'd, and I watch in horror as damage numbers pop off the base as it swings its tail. I run back, hop on Vash, and we launch into the sky, while Mike is holding on for dear life and trying not to spill his beer at the same time. We go in to pick up the Chali and end up grabbing the para. I swear I start hearing the Benny Hill chase music in the background about now. I eventually get the Chali out of there, while the para and ptera are in hot pursuit. Luckily, the bronto calms down at least. The para loses interest when it gets to the beach, and the angry ptera just disappears at one point. Blah! So I move the para back by the wooden base, and figure I owe the owner mats and a new ptera if they log back in.
  10. Thanks for the Giga answers. Bubba-Giga grew to adulthood and didn't tear up the joint like an angry forty-ton toddler. He's podded and healing up all those missing HPs now.
  11. Managed to find Zod, (My first giga) a date and bred them up. Baby Bubba is growing up now, which leads me to a question for those experienced Giga breeders in here. The imprint rates on this server are pretty high, so Bubba is going to become an adult with around one-eighth of his max HPs. Will that do anything with his enrage mechanic? Or is it just when being ridden?
  12. Operation Giga-nap was a success. I set up the trap, and a Giga strolled up. "I'm supposed to step in the spikey-thing, right?" he inquired. "Absolutely, good Sir," I replied. Whereupon, he triggered the trap, and I put up the last gate. At the sound of the trap closing, a hundred dodos dressed in dodo-ghillie popped out of the bushes and began to pelt our target with marshmallow armed slingshots. I brought him martinis during this time to assist with the torpor. He was out in no time and tamed up in a jiff. Seeing as it was still early, we all decided to have a pool party back at the base where adult libations were plentiful. Fun was had by all... Believe it or not, my first ever Giga tame didn't quite go down like that. Instead, I had found a level 196 yesterday and went on a prep spree, making all sorts of tranqs and gathering bio toxin, etc. Today, I flew over there, located the Giga, and decided on a place to set up my trap. I land my Wyvern and wake up a rock golem. EEK! (That's the noise my Wyvern made, not me.) Anyway, it's low level, and my Wyvern manages to chew it up without attracting the Giga. I'm afraid of what my Wyvern's dentist bill is going to be, though. So then, I move my Wyvern back and set up the trap. Of course, the Giga sees this going on and is like, "Wow, he's setting up a trap. I really like traps. I think I'll go take a look." "EEP!" Although, that seemed to come out of my mouth, I'm blaming it on my Wyvern who is big into ventriloquism right now. I back off as the bear trap arms, and I'm like this could still work! Of course, the Giga swerves around the trap and heads right for me. "Son of a bi--" That one was totally me, no ventriloquism involved. I sprint toward my Wyvern, hop on, and we launch into the air a second or two before the leviathan's maw snaps shut a few feet below us. So we're circling in the air, while I make a mental note to bring extra clean underwear to tames like these in the future. The Giga eventually wanders off, grabbing a few snacks along the way and ends up by a cliff. Vash the Stampede (My Wyvern) and I land again, and two more rock golems pop up in the distance. Luckily, they were woke up by some other dinos and not us. So as my heart rate falls below three-fifty for the first time in the last few minutes, I begin rearranging the trap. The trap's all set, and Vash gives me a, "Let's do this!" nod. I take aim with my longneck rifle, there's a slight popping noise, and I miss completely. "Wrassin Frassin!" I move a little closer and manage to hit the thing that is literally as big as the side of a barn. Running, I take up a position in back of the trap. But . . . the Giga is still by the cliff. "Hmm, trying to lull me into a false sense of security, eh?" Nope, he wasn't. It turns out he was stuck by the side of the cliff. So I knock him out after four hours, and he tames up without incident. Now, I need to find Zod a lady Giga.
  13. Had a mod-mismatch when trying to get to my regular servers, so I hopped in my SP Extinction game to pass the time. I already had a small stone base near a transmitter, so I decided metal would be needed going forward. Using the pick on the river rocks isn't too bad, but I decided an Anky sure would come in handy, so I began gathering stuff to tame one. I downed a level 30 and left my tek Parasaur by it, so it'd be easier to find. Meanwhile, I started taming some dodos. Everything was going well, and taming was around 90% on the Anky before two Defense Units decided to spoil it. I saw the damage numbers in the distance but wasn't able to get back in time to help. Both the Anky and my tek Parasaur were slain. I haven't spent much time on Extinction, so I wasn't sure about the dynamic with the robot guardians, and I'm still not sure exactly how things work. But anyway, I decided to attack the Defense Units and managed to drop one before joining my dinos in Ark heaven. A bit later, I went to kill a dilo for some hide, got attacked by insects before reaching him, and I'm guessing my attacking them somehow triggered an Enforcer. Maybe a scout was around? Trip to Ark heaven number two. After that, I decided I'd be a bit smarter when taming another Anky, a level 90 this time, and made a trap. Got the Anky in there and almost ran out of arrows knocking it out, but it finally dropped. Taming was again around 90%, when I ran into my base for like thirty seconds. Come back out, and a spider had dropped in from above and was biting my tame. Arrgh! So I managed to kill the spider, and decided that I didn't feel like waiting for the Anky to wake up. Forty-seven percent taming effectiveness, FTW! After that, I got in a groove. I went to the snow area on my Ptera, set up a trap, and after one wipe of owls managed to find a 145. I'm pretty sure that one closed the doors of the trap on itself, too, it was so easy to get it in there. Back at base, my owl horked up a bunch of pellets and we went off to the Aberration area. It's really cool how they set that area up. Anyway, I tamed three Gachas. I'm using the Dino Storage V2 mod, so I was able to bring them all back to base. No element ones, but got ones with black pearls, regular pearls, organic polymer, and obsidian. So overall not too bad. Before taking a break, I decided I needed a Doed so I could get stone for the Gachas. We flew into the Scorched Earth area and managed to find a 105 Doed after a minute. I dropped him, after running all over the place and fending off the occasional scorpion. (Note to self: I have the pieces for a trap, maybe bring it next time!) I build a wall around him, while he starved a bit, fought off one of those Velas that was a little too close. Owie! Owie! Owie! And he eventually tamed up. So after returning to base, we went on a quick stone run and that's where things are at.
  14. It’s 0200 hours, and I’m hovering five hundred meters above the surface of Valguero amidst a raging tempest. Marble sized hail pings off my Tek Suit, playing counterpoint to the droning of my jetpack. The stabilizing jets on my armor fire on and off, fighting to maintain position against the wind, and each lightning strike in the distance gleams briefly off the emerald plates of my armor. One might ask, “Why am I here?” The answer is, “Vengeance!” And it’s not a vengeance brought about by recent events, it’s a need for vengeance that was birthed shortly after my first tentative steps on The Island. A need for vengeance that has grown more vibrant over time. A need for vengeance that has culminated in this mission. A voice on the com cuts through the background noise of the storm. “Come in Chudz. This is HQ, over.” “This is Chudz actual, HQ. I copy.” “Roger that. Mission is a go using Bravo drop point, over.” “Copy that, HQ. Bravo drop point. Commencing mission.” The powerful jet pack switches out of hover mode, and I’m accelerating through the storm toward my destination. Three potential drop points were scouted, and one would be chosen based on the number of targets at the time of the mission. Bravo drop is an old farming facility situated on pillars in the middle of a river. The scouts ensured us that the structure was made from stone and metal-like glass. If it’s not, this mission is going to go Dodos up very quickly. Five minutes later, I’m nearing the drop point and begin decelerating. The hail gave way to rain partway through my trip, so no more pings. They’ve been replaced by the drumming of heavy rain against my armor. Lightning lances through the night a kilometer to my right, catching my attention, and backlighting a tornado that is just about to touch down. I switch the optics on my helmet to better view the threat and watch for a few seconds as it tracks away from the drop point. Thunder rolls over me, like an afterthought, as I turn my attention back to the mission. Now, I’m above Bravo drop, the stabilizing jets on my armor working overtime in this wind. A quick glance at the HUD shows my heartrate is up, which is normal. Somewhere below me is a lonesome platform that is about to become ground zero for my revenge. The external speakers on my suit go live and start blaring the first few notes of Motorhead’s, “Ace of Spades,” as I cut the power to my jetpack. I feel weightless for a fraction of a second before gravity takes hold, and I begin to fall with the rain. The small jets on my armor keep me on target as I plunge through the night, trailed by Lemmy’s gravelly voice. “The pleasure is to play, makes no difference what you say…” With my night vision, I can see the roof of the facility expand from a single dot and start growing rapidly outward. I recognize that there’s a weak light strobing on and off inside, and I hit terminal velocity a second before slamming into the metal-glass roof. My boots fire off, absorbing nearly all of the impact, and sending up a spray of water. The structure shudders but holds up as the light inside goes out for good. With a startled cry, a nearby pelagornis launches itself upward into the storm, flapping frantically. Now, it’s time to get to work. I retrieve the railgun from its clips along my right thigh, and it begins expanding, parts slipping into place as Lemmy’s voice overpowers the storm, “Seven or eleven, snake eyes watching you…” My helm links into the thermal imaging of the gun as I raise it up, looking for my first target. There are many to choose from, and I stroke the trigger sending a round through one. Thanks to the thermal optics, I can see what’s left of it begin to cool. The railgun steams and hisses in the rain as it cools, before loading another round. I already have another target lined up, and this shot nearly blows it apart. Other targets begin swarming the first two as the railgun reloads and fires again, and again, and again. “I see it in your eyes, take one look and die,” Lemmy continues. (So yeah, upon making my first railgun, I might have decided to use it on a bunch, and I mean a bunch, of piranhas. I can just hear Foxworthy now, “You might be an Ark Redneck if you blow fifty element shooting up piranhas with a railgun.”)
  15. Earliest one of any impact that I can recall was on the Island. I had tamed a dilo squad, had a raptor to ride, and a trike for berries. One day, I was traveling back to my base in the Footpaw region and something caught my eye. It was at a safe distance down the beach, and it looked like a dino with some type of cloud around it. I used my spyglass and saw that it was an Alpha Raptor, level 10. I didn't know anything about Alphas at the time, but it sure seemed ominous. Plus, I watched for awhile, and it kept getting closer to my base. Soon there was no doubt, I needed to act. I sprinted back to base on my raptor and put the trike (Hemi) and the dilo squad (Dilly, Dally, Shilly, Shally, and a couple others) on follow. We then went out to remove the threat. Thank goodness the alpha was such a low level. I still lost most of my dilos and almost lost the trike as well, but we managed to defeat it. A bittersweet victory it was, though, as I had a sad over losing my dilos.
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