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  1. (SP Valguero: An addendum to my above post) "That bow sure is powerful," HLN-A says. I beam with pride, "Yep, it sure is!" "Just think how powerful it would've been if you mind-wiped and put all your points into crafting first...." "Son of a *BEEP*!" I say as both Goner and Appy start giggling.
  2. (SP Valguero: Operation Bronto Burgers) So either Armageddon has kicked off right above my cave, or the brontos have taken up line dancing. The sheer noise and shuddering of the ground is nearly overwhelming. I look across my base as dust rains down from above and notice Appy. She's sitting in an upside down miner's helmet that I grabbed from a drop not so long ago, and the impacts of the giant beasts above are moving it erratically across the open floor. Her smile of pure joy as the thunderous stomps cause the light from the headlamp to jitter across its surroundings leads me to a pause. Happiness, perhaps, can be found where one is free minded enough to embrace it. Me, though, I'm not so happy, and neither is HLN-A. "You really need to get rid of those things," she pleads. Agreeing with her one-hundred percent, I place the ascendant compound bow BP into the fabricator and take a look at its requirements. "Holy *BEEP*, this thing is expensive!" "You're seriously debating its cost versus the cost of never being able to sleep again?" she asks. "Well, no. But I may need to take out a loan to craft this," I admit. "Would you mind co-signing it?" "Je ne parle pas français," she replies. It takes a few seconds, but I follow that up with, "Wait, what?" What seems like years of grinding later, I am the proud owner of a 534% compound bow. And now, it's time to put it to use. Appy hops up on my shoulder as I'm heading out, and I whistle Rapz, my raptor, to follow. As he falls in behind me, HLN-A beams a big smile onto her display. We cautiously exit the cave and find nothing dangerous outside, so we head toward the incessant stomps above. Partway there, a raptor notices us and charges. I draw back the bow string and let the arrow fly. Things go into slow motion as I see the arrow spiraling through the air before it goes into real time and lances forward through the dino's skull. HLN-A's display shows a vomiting emoji after the raptor's head explodes, and its lifeless body collapses onto the grass. Meanwhile, on my shoulder, Appy's eyes have gone wide, and she's making an, OMG! That-was-awesome face. "Heya, Rapz, hopefully that wasn't a relative," I say, and my raptor just shrugs before heading over to devour it. Needless to say, things are quiet above the base again....
  3. SP Valguero (Just a quick update) The two Deinos, Shaya and Phoenix, are finally done maturing! "Woo Hoo!" And they've now given birth to a male offspring (Eagle) with one mutation, who is raising now. However, I doubled my maturation rate, and this one shouldn't take three days. Whew.... I also returned from gathering mats to find Appy painting Goner's talons, shocking orange. Cool by me, but as I got closer, I realized Goner is now female. This of course begs the question, was Goner always female? (Sometimes I drink beer while playing Ark, so things might be missed.) However, I've had two dilos in the past swap gender, so.... Either way, I said, "Looking good, Goner," and she replied with a happy trill. And now to the bad news, a family of brontos has moved in above the cave, and the noise is driving me freaking CRAZY! "Might I suggest crafting that ascendant compound bow we found the BP for?" HLN-A asks.
  4. SP Valguero (Foreword: The foundation in the cave is finished, and walls have sprung up out of the simple necessity to support the many AA::OCD Vaults needed to contain all the Phat Lewtz! Lights buzz and perhaps flicker from time to time in the base, especially when Goner is charging his Hagenuk MT-2000. But lately, thoughts have turned to assembling a cadre of Deinos...) We've got this down to a "T," or is it down to a "Tee?" "Hey, HLN-A, is the common expression down to a 'T' or down to a 'Tee?'" "Seriously?" she inquires. "Hmm, so I'm not going to be able to order groceries through you either?" "Funny. Have you ever thought about hugging a Kentrosaurus? I've heard they bring good luck." "Heh, not really," I concede. But we really do have this down to a T. And by this, I mean stealing Deino eggs. I've spotted another Deino nest in the White Cliffs area, which is of course surrounded by a bunch of the murder chickens. Knowing the routine, Triton maintains an altitude of angels two and flaps about a hundred meters away. At this point, it's all up to Appy. Oh, by the way, Appy is a new addition to the crew. She's a peach and charcoal colored jerboa with no fear, wearing a set of aviator goggles, a parachute, and carrying a small accordion. When we reach the jump-off point, she gives me a little salute and launches herself from my shoulder. A second later, her canopy opens, and Triton spirals downward back toward the nest. As Appy passes through the thousand foot mark, she starts playing the, "Beer Barrel Polka," on her accordion. It takes a second or two, but the Deinos soon notice and charge toward her descending form, necks craned upward. And as they're all hopping around below her, expecting a snack, Triton and I land, grab the egg, and launch skyward again. I look down as the Deinos charge angrily back, but they're too late. After that, Triton wings his way toward Appy, deftly catching her parachute in his talons (Sometimes closer to the ground than others), and heads toward safety. Aside from all the low level eggs we've recovered (Stolen) which will be used for kibble, we managed to nab two 150's and one 140. The two 150s have been hatched (Male and Female) and are maturing now. Unfortunately, I didn't bump the maturation level up high enough after the snow owl debacle a while back, so they should be fully grown in three or four years. Sigh.... (Edit by HLN-A: #ServesYouRight)
  5. Yah, I usually pile a bunch of hours into Ark over four or so months, get tired of it, then take a four to six month break. Have fun!
  6. (SP Valguero) “Dang! I’m hot,” I say for the tenth time in the last five minutes. HLN-A, who’s had enough by now, replies, “Totally swiping left on this. But if you’re talking about temperature, maybe it has something to do with you wearing riot gear and flak armor?” She’s right, and I know it. But you never know what you’re going to run into when you open the dino gate at the cave’s entrance. I’ve had rexes, tek rexes, carnos, and raptors show up out of the blue. The good thing is that they usually fall off the cliff by the waterfall without too much trouble, but it’s kind of nerve wracking. Taking a break, I wipe the sweat from my brow and gaze over the giant foundation that I’m building. It takes up about seventy-five percent of the land area in the cave, and it’s finally nearing completion. I’m really on the fence about whether or not I’m going to bother with walls and a ceiling when it’s done, but we’ll see. Goner (Yep, he’s still around) rubs up against my leg like a cat, makes a low trilling noise, and then holds his paws out expectantly. “Alright, alright. Here you go,” I say before handing him an old cell phone. He makes a happy, croaking sound and scampers off to the little nook that he’s made his own. He loves playing Tetris on the phone, but seeing as I don’t have a generator up and running yet, I have to ration his play time. I’d tell him to be careful about dropping the phone in the water here, but it’s not real water. Duhn! Dun! Duhn! By all appearances, an underground water source surfaces near the back of the cave, creating a shallow pool. A stream runs from this, traversing the length of the cave, before spilling over the waterfall out front. The only thing is, you can’t drink it, cook with it, or even bathe in it. It’s phantom water, which leads to my dangerous expeditions down by the green obelisk to refill my canteen. And since it’s so hot in here with this armor on, I’m making that trip fairly often. “Dang it! I’m hot,” I say, mainly to annoy HLN-A, but also because I’m still so freakin’ hot. As if on cue, she replies, “Oh, stuff it!” (So my starter base has been dismantled and everything transferred over to my main base. Got to leave a green footprint, ya know. Building is coming along nicely, but a bit slow since I don’t have any resource gathering dinos. It’s been kind of fun furtively slipping out of the cave, gathering by hand, and coming back to unload. I’m definitely going to work on electricity when the foundation is done. I also took a construction break to go get organic polymer and finally crafted a ghillie suit. (Edit by HLN-A: “It’s about time you whiner!”))
  7. (SP Extinction?) The metal base on the roof above the City Terminal is complete. Still trying to decide if I want to add turrets, but I don't think I'll really need them. Anyway, after wandering around almost got me killed last time, I decided to change things up. It's time to take a trip to Valguero. I put Mortley and Myrtle in charge of the base while I'm gone (crosses fingers), grabbed my pteranodon (Triton), and flew down to the City Terminal below. Things started off well, like finding an old Lotto ticket in the pocket of your winter coat that turns out to be a winner well. I opened the terminal, and even though I had cleared my SP save data at the start of this play through, I had a bunch of rexes and saddles in there from a previous SP character. Woot! I proceeded to load Triton and the rest of my equipment into it before uploading my survivor (Slynn), and we were off. Of course, I picked the islands area to spawn in, since I know it's safe. I constructed a small stone base, containing the essentials, tamed a female phiomia named, "Fridgina," to hold meat and berries, and then realized I still had my HLN-A skin on me. She popped into existence a few moments later. After looking around, she focused on me and said, "We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto." "Hmm. So, I'm a little dog?" "Oh no, Dearie," she started, "He was much smarter than you." "Okay, thanks." Tick... Tock.... Tick... Tock... Tick... "WTH?" Anyway, with a static place to re-spawn, I was ready to retrieve my stuff from an obelisk. After careful consideration, the fact that journeying to red obelisk was a purlovia risk, and journeying to blue obelisk was a yuty risk, led me to decide on Green! It was my favorite color when I was younger, after all, seeing as our currency is green. (Seriously, though, I was just trying to be cool when I told my parents this.) I swam from the island to the closest shore and began making my way in that direction. I tried crossing the water a couple times toward green obi (Hindsight roll: Nat 20. "Doh! Why didn't I make a raft?") but was forced back to shore by sharks, piranhas, and what looked to be some type of jellyfish rave. (I'm pretty sure that's what's happening at my base on Extinction right now. But instead of jellyfish, it's owls and otters.) I entered the White Cliffs area with some trepidation and soon ran across a dilo. Deciding that I may have need of a distraction, I punched him senseless, and named him, "Goner". We traveled along the beach, eventually making it to a spot that looked safe to cross. Well, it was sort of safe. I was only attacked by one shark as I was nearing the opposite shore. Goner and I both made it. "I really didn't think you were going to make it this far," HLN-A said, before dialing her bookie. "Um..." Goner and I said looking at each other. Or at least, that's what I imagined him saying. We followed a switchback, leading upward, the giant green obelisk hovering in the background. I ran afoul of a raptor shortly after reaching the top, but managed to defeat it. Unfortunately, Goner, perhaps living up to his name, was nowhere to be found afterward. I pressed on, swimming through the lake with all the beavers. It was nearing 5:00pm by the time I left them behind and emerged on the opposite shore. Spear at the ready, I made my way to the obelisk. A raptor charged me as I was descending to the platform with the transmitter. Fumbling, I was actually able to change over to my bola and stop him before I was pounced. More hide was added to my supply, and then we were there. The first thing I did was remove, "Rexy," and put a saddle on her for protection. That was a good choice, too, seeing as I was attacked three separate times while getting Triton and my equipment out of there. "I just can't win a bet for anything today," HLN-A commented after that last carno dropped. (So I ended up stumbling across a cave that is atop one of the nearby waterfalls and am in the process of making that my main base on Val. While doing so, I retraced my path and ran into Goner. Wagging his tail, he sprinted toward me, and it was a happy re-union. I might have to change his name, now, though. Any suggestions?)
  8. Yah, he applied to be a Slag test subject at some out of town bio lab. We'll see if they call back. Heh.
  9. I'm playing my SP game on Extinction and decide to just go wandering off and grab metal nodes when I see them. I eventually end up in the SE dome, grab some metal, and then I see the giant metal wall. Oh, and it looks like there's a cave on the left side of it. I'm like, "We should go check that out," and both Mortley (owl) and Myrtle (otter) agree. My HLN-A robot is still talking about the last time I pooped, so she doesn't get a vote. Anyway, we get in a tangle with some bats and take care of them right at the entrance. Overall, it's not so bad, so we decide to move further in, each of us filled with the spirit of adventure. (Small Note: I didn't enable cave flying for this game and completely forgot about it.) Mortley goes, "Ooof!" as he bangs into an invisible barrier, and Myrtle and I are thrown off. I plummet like Wile E. Coyote, and Myrtle is above me in the air, flapping her little otter limbs for all she's worth for a couple seconds, before she's falling too. Wham! I land on a snake, turning part of it two dimensional. Scrambling to my feet, I see all the bad . . . bad . . . things that are heading toward me, which is when Myrtle lands on my head with a Thunk! The front half of her body is hanging down in my face, and she's like, "AHHHHHH!" And I'm like, "AHHHHHH!" Monsters begin attacking from all sides as I start sprinting for the entrance. I see the torpor icon flashing, and my Helena robot thing is like, "You are so *Beeped* right now." I'm nearing the entrance, while chugging medical brews like they're beers and I'm on spring break. And then . . . we make it out of the cave, and I run a ways along the metal wall, before stopping, winded, with a heart rate of a bazillion. Luckily, there's nothing there when I look back the way we came. "Whew," we all say or think right before noticing the damage numbers coming out of the cave. Then we all say something else... *BEEP!* Myrtle's back around my neck, praying to the Long John Silver's restaurant chain for good fortune, while HLN-A is trying to figure out how to stop following me. I grit my teeth and start running back to the cave. "Oh, *Beep* me," my HLN-A bot says as she gets dragged along behind. As I get closer to the cave, I see Mortley on the ground right near the entrance, with a bunch of things chomping on him. Seeing as he's on passive, he's smoking a cigar and perusing the Help Wanted pages while this is going on. I barrel in there and leap for the saddle, only to be denied by a mantis that knocks me away. I try again and trip over a partially flattened snake that's really mad at me for some reason. And on the third try, I finally make it into the saddle, and we're off in a flurry of flapping wings. Woo, that was a close one. After that, we decided that we'd had enough wandering for one day and headed back to base.
  10. SP Extinction More metal was gathered, and I'm done with the shell of the base. Now I just have to figure out what I'm going to do inside. I took a break while that was going on to go see if there were any lady owls for Mortley to talk to. Unfortunately, there were a bunch of low level ones, so I tamed up a level 50 for the heck of it. I also saw a 145 argy and tamed it since I didn't have one yet. Once I was back at base, I made a nanny and gave her five honey. Afterward, I put some Berry White on while Mortley and Natasha made sweet love. I really need to adjust my maturation speed, because Potbelly the Snow Owl is going to take three weeks to mature. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1830836242 Other than that, I haven't done much.
  11. Last night when I got home, I was finally able to sign into my SP game. I put up some four story glass walls on the new base, then Mortley and I went looking in the spot that @Aushegun (Thanks!) mentioned for chitin. There were a couple raptor-daptor scares, but we came back from there with fifteen-hundred-ish in a relatively short period of time. When we got back, there were four honeys in the hive, so I made up two cakes and went looking for another snail. There was a level fifteen on the border of the wasteland near base, so it tamed up without a hitch, and Mega the snail joined the crew. After that, I added more metal to the forges, and decided I'd see about introducing Mortley to a lady owl. So after grabbing some kibble, we were on our way. As we were about to cross into the snow dome, I saw a giga that looked to be all white. On closer inspection, and in slightly different lighting, it turned out to be the regular color, but now I want a snow giga! Anyway, when I tamed Mortely, I only had to wipe out the owls once before he spawned. No such luck this time, and my photo is now up on the Owl Post Office wall, wanted for owl genocide. We'll have to try again some other time. Edited to add: Woot! I has cloth armor now!
  12. I ran into the same issue not too long after installing S+ for the first time. It's a bummer. In my case I was able to remove the S+ folder, let it re-download, rename an older save, then let it install, and start playing again. I lost time, but not as much as if I started over. So, live and learn. I also had the Steam problem last night with endlessly loading mods. I tried again this morning, and it looks like they actually installed and should be happy again. I'll find out when I get to play a bit later. Anyway, hope you got things sorted out.
  13. Slynn (SP) Grind City (Extinction) I set up my initial base by a lone City Terminal located on a platform with pillars supporting a metallic roof. After testing, I found I could place foundations on the roof, so I decided my permanent base would be constructed up there out of metal and S+ Glass. The initial plan was to get the outline of a foundation completed. By that time, I had built up a couple thousand ingots and had a little under two thousand paste. I manufactured the metal foundations, and Mortley (Snow Owl) helped me ferry them up there until the metal ran out. After that, I brought Anka out of storage and went on a metal run around base. I soon realized that my single S+ forge was bottlenecking ingot production and crafted two AA: Mini Forges, which would eventually be joined by two others. Since I’m not aware of anything like an insect cave to get bunches of chitin from on Extinction, I also decided that I was going to need snails for paste. I placed four large crop plots on the roof of my base, erected some pillars, and installed some S+ glass ceilings. Afterward, I ran some pipes to the nearby stream, and Picasso would be proud of how they turned out. Next thing would be tracking down the two dung beetles that I’d seen wandering around the area. While I was getting them, a level 145 tapejara landed nearby, so I got her as an impulse tame. The two beetles eventually joined my dodos inside, and things were getting kind of cramped to say the least. That led me to expanding my current base to include a pen for dodos and other small dinos on wander. Once that was done, I enjoyed being able to get to all my storage and crafting stations without tripping over things. I planted the veggies once there was enough fertilizer to start, and then turned my attention toward tree sap. I watched a video that stated the best bet was to tame a gacha that was able to produce it. I looked through my small stable of gachas and none of them had that option. So Mortley horked up a bunch of pellets and off we went to the Ab zone. I tamed two gachas without issue then ran out of pellets while taming a high level one, so I called it a day, and we headed back to base. Talk about lucky, one of the gachas is able to produce oil, which I needed, and the other is able to produce sap. So I put them to work, one after another, as they’re both males. I also noticed the raw metal in the forges was getting low, so I flew around on Mortley and mined some more. After that, it was time. Time to tame a Queen bee. For some reason, I really dislike doing this, and I’m not sure why. Anyway, seeing as I didn’t own any ghillie armor, or bug spray, or ammo to break the hive, I went on a crafting spree. Afterward, Mortley and I manage to find a hive that is relatively high up in the city with no dinos around. Score! I set up a firing position far enough away so I won’t attract bees, spray myself with bug repellant like I’m going out on the town, and start firing. The hive eventually disintegrates, and I see the queen. She’s about twenty feet up the side of a structure. I grapple to the side of the building and raise myself up. When she’s near, I see the tame message briefly, but then it goes away while I’m spamming the “E” button. I try for a few seconds as bees start piling on me despite my armor and bug repellant, but it’s just not working. Releasing the grapple, I drop and take the fall damage then make a break for it. I slaughter the rest of the bees over by Mortley, and I’m at one-quarter health. So yeah, that could have gone better. I eat the rest of my food, but that doesn’t heal me up much. So at this point, I’m thinking about heading back to base and healing up when Mortley smacks me in the head with one wingtip. “Dude! What was that for?” Mortley puffs out the ice-blue feathers on his chest, points to me with one wingtip, points toward the queen with the other, and screeches loudly. Hmm, I’m pretty sure I just got punked by a snow owl. Reluctantly, I take out my spyglass and look over the queen bee again. After a bit, I notice a small ledge that if I were standing on it would put her just above head height. Plus, the ledge is about fifty feet long, so I could get up on it undetected. “What the heck,” I decide. Mortley gives me a hoot of approval as I plod off, focused on the queen. Half a minute later, I grapple and start rising. When I disconnect, I find myself balanced on a ledge that is a few inches wider than my foot. “Here goes nothing,” I whisper, and then proceed along the ledge as quickly as I can without falling off. I get to the queen, and just as the surrounding bees go on alert, I manage to feed her a rare flower, taming her. I grab her and then in my enthusiasm manage to fall off the ledge. Luckily my crossbow is still out, so I’m able to grapple to the wall instead of slamming into the ground again. After that, it’s back to base. I pull up a foundation, place the beehive, and then put the foundation back. After which, I throw some rare flowers in there, and we’re making honey! Very . . . very . . . slowly. The rest of the evening, I kept the forges full of metal and made more foundations as I could. I managed to not only complete the outline of the new base like I had wanted, but I also managed to fill it in as well. After that, I had enough honey to make three cakes and tamed my first snail. Gumo is now wandering around that pen with the oviraptor, dung beetles, and stationary dodos.
  14. Slynn (SP Character) in Slynn City (Extinction) I'm on call all day today, so figured I'd play some single-player in case I had to quit suddenly. Anyway... Anka, my anky, and I are motoring through the ruins of the city in search of element dust. Meanwhile, Myrtle, the dark-furred otter draped around my neck, is taking in our surroundings, and occasionally emitting a chirping noise when she wants more fish. But now, she issues a low growl instead. Immediately on alert, I scan the area and see a dull colored ichthyornis circling just ahead and to the right of us. Needless to say, these winged-abominations are on my *Beep* list, one recently having filched a stack of narcotics from me. So I dismount Anka and bring my crossbow to bear. Crouched, I make my way slowly through the bushes toward my prey. The bird changes its course a little but hasn't noticed me by the time I'm in range. Raising the weapon, I take aim a little ahead of the target and pull the trigger. Thwack! Myrtle makes a satisfied grunting noise as the dead Ichthyornis arcs toward the ground and lands in a heap. I rise and head for the corpse not wanting the meat and hide go to waste. Halfway back to Anka, something slams into my back, knocking me forward. My riot armor chestpiece saves me from any real damage, and I manage to stay on my feet and begin running toward my anky. A quick glance over my shoulder as I'm almost there reveals a gleaming enforcer in close pursuit. I leap into the saddle, commanding Anka to attack. The enforcer attacks before she does, though, one of its sharp limbs scoring her shell. I hold on as she wrenches herself to the left, flinging her tail forward. The spiked ball at the end smashes into the enforcer's head, crumpling the metal and releasing a shower of sparks. As she brings her tail back for another strike, the enforcer takes one stutter step to its left and collapses. A few seconds later, the lights on its body dim and go out. "That was a close one," I say to no one in particular. Of course, I hop off my mount to salvage what I can from the robot. I'm going to need a lot of materials to craft my ascendant enforcer from the blueprint I found a couple of days ago. I eventually discover that doeds are much better at getting dust than ankys are, so I'm able to farm up the 9000 I need in one sitting. The only thing I still need after that is oil, and Mortley (Snow Owl) offers to help. We go on a robot-recycling rampage and obtain what's needed fairly quickly. Luckily, my base is close enough to a City Terminal that I can pull the materials to it, so I craft up my new Enforcer. Sparkz, level 120, joins the team. I decide to go kill some corrupted dinos with him to get some nodules and level up. Things are going great, and then I see a corrupted giga noggin in the background of a nearby hill. Retreat! Sparkz and I decide it's a good time for a break and head directly to base, not passing Go.
  15. My consciousness slowly rises toward the surface, spiraling through a field of broken glass as it goes. Sooooo hungover.... The last thing I remember was playing poker with the new Chalicotheriums and Dodo Mike. Ugh! Before I dare open my eyes, the light passing through my eyelids flares into a sun-like brilliance. I hear Dodo Mike groan from somewhere nearby. "I swear on my Mc Nuggets, if that's your goat, I'm going to turn him into foie gras." I lift my head up a little and peel open my eyes, before blinking them against the blinding light. Before I close them again, I notice some tiny hooves below soft brown fur. "Yep, it's Tidbit, and I'm pretty sure foie gras is part of a duck or something." "Baaaah," Tidbit agrees. "Fine, I'll turn him into goat gras then," Mike mutters. "Baaaah," Tidbit agrees. He's not the brightest (Pardon the pun) lantern goat, but he catches on soon enough and the light starts fading. A couple of minutes later, Mike and I are both up and on unsteady feet, admiring the passed out Chalis. "Lion haircuts, eh?" "Yah," Mike begins, "I figured I'd pass it along. Consider it like hazing or something." "Nice job," I say while checking myself out in the nearby mirror. There's nothing amiss, so I ask, "I'm guessing you passed out before me?" "I have no *Beeping* clue," he responds. "Baaaah," Tidbit agrees before shaking his head in a tiny little sneeze, his orange horns tracing lines through the air like sparklers. Mike rolls his eyes. "Anyway, I think we're outta beer, so I'm going to brew some up. Whadda you gonna do?" "I think Tidbit and I will head out and tame some brontos. It's been forever since I had brontos." "Well, have fun. And remember, with giant brontos comes the giant responsibility of cleaning up giant bronto *Beep*. I'll see about making YOU a sturdy shovel." "Thanks, buddy," I say, ending with a smile. "Baaaah," Tidbit agrees. So Tidbit and I head out to peruse the brontos that are just across the water from us. He's enjoying the wind on his face, as my tek jetpack flies us over there, and then we land on the muddy shore. A minute later, we're by someone's Steampunk base when I notice a max-level female brontosaurus nearby and start pulling my tranq rifle out. "BAH!" Tidbit bleats. When I turn my head a little, I see him glaring at me through narrowed eyes. "Yes. Of course, I'm going to be careful this time when taming around someone's base." He gives me an I'll believe it when I see it type look, then goes back to scanning our surroundings. Not too long afterward, Tidbit and I are standing on top of a prone bronto that is being kibble tamed. "See?" I say. "Baaah!" Tidbit happily agrees. A few seconds pass before I start wondering why I'm explaining myself to a goat. Anyway, Chelsea the bronto tames up, disappears into her soul sphere, and we're out looking for our next bronto. It takes awhile, but we find a max level male on top of a hill near the water. I'm hovering with my jet-pack and shooting tranqs at the behemoth. Everything is going fine, until . . . he starts running. Right off the side of the hill he goes, landing on a narrow strip of land by the water. He's almost out before he plunges into the water to get away. I hold off shooting, and he eventually starts heading toward shore. When it looks like he's back on shore, I shoot another tranq as a little lag spike hits. The bronto moonwalks back into the water and goes out cold. Tidbit gives a mournful, "Baaah." The bronto is definitely drowning, so I hold off putting kibble on him. I'm hoping that between his oxygen and HPs he'll last long enough to starve tame. But then the oxygen runs out, and his health plummets. So, it's onto our next bronto. He had forty-one points into weight, though, so I has a sad. Our next bronto, another max-level male with average stats (Sigh), tames up without incident. We head back to base, where the Chalis and Mike are brewing beer, and decide on our next step. Time to breed us up a super bronto!
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