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  1. I finished transferring the dream team over to Extinction. It took about 6 transfers from the Island, Ab, and Rag to bring over my desired top-stat breeding pairs and imprinted dinos. Only one of the transfers resulted in a poof incident; although I find it suspicious that transfer included 4 wyverns, dinos I can not recreate through breeding and were primarily included for boss fights. I would say this incident was a preemptive strike from the Tytans. With my all-star mantis, bear, roll rat, anky, doedic, and Argy resources come easy. I set up a simple base almost directly in the middle of the city; upper platform with a terminal. It has the essentials: bed, smithy, Stone forge, fab, geny, fridge, cryofridge, and a long long line of large storage boxes. The immediate plan is to hang out here while gathering resources for a metal base and the upper tier crafting structures. I figure my search for resources will naturally make me familiar with the map and find an ideal main base location; although, after several hours flying the city I’m leaning toward the possibility I am already in a fantastic spot for a base: decent size open area, little pool for water, and access to the highway system that includes a ramp down to a doorway into the wasteland. I am enjoying my time in Extinction so far - looking forward to spending more time exploring.
  2. Aberration, Singleplayer, PS4 Tried my hand against Gamma Rockwell... and failed pretty miserably. After spending an hour or so setting up whistle groups, follow distance, inventories, etc I thought I had a solid strategy going in, but cool preparation quickly went to panic anxiety when the radiation balls started descending on me at much quicker speed than anticipated. I was hit far too many times at the start because my brain kept fighting my fingers on which hotkey had my auto rifle. Finally got my fingers sorted and got in a good groove. But about the 3rd circuit I came too close to an electric tentacle, which took me off my rock drake. I sat it out with my shield up while nameless descended on me. When the electric subsided, my reaper and 2 megalosaurus that were on follow saved me. I hopped back on my rock drake full of relief and continued knocking down tentacles. However, I then see a death message, your Bulbdog died. Oh no!! completely forgot the electric unshoulders pets. I knew full well that meant I wouldn’t be able to kill the reaper spawns. Sure enough, after that round, the reaper spawns start. Within minutes my tames that were on follow were busy with at least 3 reapers and a ton of nameless. It took all my attention to avoid reapers, dodge reaper spit, pump medical brews, and shoot the occasional ball. I was pinned between reapers several times and later ran headlong into an electric area. 2 out of 3 sets of armor broke and the helmet of my 3rd set, yet somehow I still lived. Both myself and rock drake reached a sliver of health and I decided if I’m going to go down, then I’m bringing as many tentacles as possible with me. I barreled forward, stopping for nothing, shooting my pump shotgun as fast as possible. I manage to complete the circuit and whistle my 14 megalosaurus on the platform to attack Rockwell. I had the thought to take them with me as protection, but determined it would be a fruitless effort. My best hope was to get all reapers distracted by my reaper, so that I could take out tentacles. As Rockwell’s health fell to about a quarter, I thought maybe I could pull this off. I made my way to my reaper so that the 3 following me could join their 3 brothers that were pummeling my reaper. En route I get spit on, and so my button-spam run/jump/glide is all in slow mode. I then got a You Died message. I’m not sure if I was slowly losing health from something or of that is the message when hit by a ball, but yeah, I was the one that died, not my dinos - they were stellar - they deserved better. I’m sure I’d be able to defeat Rockwell if I gave it another go, but the armor, weapon, and saddle crafting along with raising and leveling another army does not appeal to me at the moment. Instead, I am leaving Aberration behind, and going full speed into Extinction. The only time I’ve spent on Extinction before this is when I transferred my Island Character in to learn the Engrams and tame a Snow Owl and a Gacha pair. This time I’ll be taking my Ab character, who had previously been to the Island and defeated the bosses, and been to Rag for the Scorch Engrams, so a fully kitted playthrough is about to begin. I greatly enjoyed Aberration. I anticipate making a new character there, so I can jump in when I want. Bosses in general just don’t seem to be for me (Island gave me similar grief - I lost 3 armies through the first 4 times I fought the Broodmother). I look forward to the new adventure on Extinction. It’s funny, I feel like I’ve always been a map behind. Valguero comes out this weekend, and I’m going to Extinction. It’s kind of nice knowing there will be something on the horizon if this current adventure doesn’t work out.
  3. They haven’t announced yet. The following was stated in the last Community Crunch: Valguero Console Launch We're busy finalizing some of the patches for the console release and will be announcing the release date soon!
  4. Getting Aberration for the map is worth it. At this point I think I’ve spent almost as much time on Aberration as the Island and is my preferred map. Plus it looks like the Basilisk and Rock Drake are not on Valguero’s spawn list, which (in addition to Reapers) makes 3 worthwhile creatures you would be missing.
  5. Had the day off yesterday, but my body woke up at the normal workday time. Wife and daughter slept in so I had a fair amount of time to myself playing Ark. Decided to load up Rag and try out the Summer Bash stuff. Used up all my cooked meat (prime and regular) and even made meat runs to fill the industrial grill several times. I made the skins, but skipped the emotes (I play singleplayer. Why would I use my jerky for emotes that I never use). Overall, I was underwhelmed. The hat is cool; I’ll wear that around. So, I turned my attention to searching for event dinos at the Wyvern trench. Not much luck on event Wyverns; the only one I pulled was an 85 purple Lightning. In general, though, I was quite fortunate. I came away with 3 good Poison eggs levels 190, 170, and 160. As well as 2 fire eggs levels 170 and 155. All acquired in one batch of clearing the trench. I was set to head home with my haul, when I noticed the upper trench had respawned already. Took a look on a whim, and spot a level 15 alpha right at the entrance close to my turret tower. Milk! I now have 6 wyverns growing and enough milk to sustain them. Fireworks to celebrate
  6. Which map? In general, I personally prefer the wolf’s handling and speed, but a good Bary is more reliable in caves. The ability to have a saddle, makes the Bary more tanky. You also sit higher on them, making it difficult for Arthros to hit you. Plus they have good maneuverability both on land and in water. If I were you, I’d try both out and see which you prefer. Don’t choose a method just because it is the suggested norm. I could go on with my list why the Bary is better in caves, but for most cave adventures, hopping on my wolf and bounding across the countryside is much more enjoyable. Have fun.
  7. Poor visibility combined with: - Thylacoleo - Microraptors - Purlovia - Troodons
  8. Aberration, singleplayer, PS4 As planned I hung around base with the exception of occasional material runs. Managed to clear out unnecessary dinos including several Direbears (I now have the best stats and desired colors in 2 breeding pairs) as well as egg-laying herbivores. I was tripled up on regular kibble and didn’t realize. The Ankys and Stegos are now gone and the turtles are my regular kibble providers. Decided on them because I couldn’t bring myself to kill the Christmas colored male. The lag in my base is noticeably less. I then decided to figure out damage output for my boss army and guns. I pulled out my best pump shotgun, auto rifle, and ascendant sniper (boy does this thing feel good to handle). I also pulled out a leveled Megalo. I thought, well, I know there is a training dummy engram; perhaps I can use that to get a good idea on damage. (I’m sure some of you are cringing right now, but let me finish). I craft and set up the dummy in a corner, and first attack with my Megalo. 10k damage. WHAT! ? I know Megalo have good damage but no way. Attack again. 10k damage. Wiki Magalo damage. 75 base. Ok, so 75 x 850%. That is only 638. Ok, let’s put that aside, figure it out later, looking forward to this ascendant sniper. Take a shot. 0 damage. huh? Shoot again. 0 damage. Move closer, shoot the head of the dummy. 0 damage. Unload 5-10 shots. Zeros. That is how I found out the dummy shows damage done to thatch structures and does not work for ranged weapons. I now have a dummy in my base - make that 2 dummys because I (dummy #2) built one in my base. What a waste of 500 thatch and fiber. On the flip side, my reaper is a BEAST even at level 125. After imprint he has 21k health and 290% melee (2.4k against dummys not that it matters). Still have a lot of leveling of Megalos to do, but I also would like to try for a better reaper. I also need to make more trips to the surface to see if I can find a better Megalo saddle blueprint. So much to do.
  9. Aberration, Singleplayer, PS4 Finally decided it was time to acquire a reaper, so I crafted a bunch of stone foundations and dino gates with the intent of permanently trapping one of I crossed a high level. Set out on my rock drake Blue Dragon. First reaper queen found is a level 10. I figure I would kill it to promote more spawns. The fight took much longer and more of my drake’s health than I would have liked, so when the next two I encountered were a level 15 and 20, I simply ran away. Then met a level 90. I thought, hey this is probably good enough for a first reaper. I get her trapped in 4 dino gates and bite away at her health. Checked her health periodically with the handy magnifying glass (first time I ever crafted or carried one of those). She gets below 5% Health, so I turn off the light, see the red glow, hop off with my Journeyman shield in hand, and slowly approach. She does nothing - no bite, no tail spin, no roar, nothing. She just stands there like a big shadow with eyes. I pull out my sword (because walking up to a large beast and wracking it point blank never ends poorly, right?). Sure enough it makes her mad and she tail spins me away. I then realize the red glow is gone. Jump back on my drake and find that health has ticked back up. I did this at least 5 more times until I was halfway through durability on my 2nd shield and broke a set of hazard gear. I then tried getting her as low on health as possible and... I killed her went back to base to fix stuff and grabbed my best rock drake Ironfist (Blue Dragon was my 2nd best and down to ~15% Health). Back in red zone I bypass 3 low level queens, and encounter a level 50. I settle and go for it. This one, though, is too squirrely and I fail to trap her. We played ring around the dino gates for a while trying to get her stuck on them - instead she hops atop some red gem nodes and gets stuck. That works. I apparently learned from my prior failure as it only took me 2 tries until I was grabbed. Some xp later I birth a 125 baby reaper king. He is a wild little thing with a face only a mother could love - must take after her. While he is growing up I will hang around base to finish raising and leveling my Megalosaurus army in preparation for Rockwell.
  10. Mastercraft Pick blueprint. I went through my entire Island and Scorch playthrough thinking the only way to get high quality picks and hatchets was from killing alphas, so I never carried my best with me for fear of losing them, plus I hoarded multiple storage boxes full of various qualities. Then one day I am farming loot drops on the surface of Aberration - hoping for good hazard parts, megalo saddle, or rifles - and I pull that gem. Completely unexpected. I immediately went back to base to craft a bunch to send to other maps and cleared out those storage boxes.
  11. No, you won’t be able to use it. You also won’t be able to access it’s inventory to input the necessary element shards.
  12. The explorer notes are your in-game function and explanation. They don’t give you locations (although I think a few give rough approximation of location), but from them you can derive the following: 1. There are caves throughout the Island. 2. There are Artifacts within the caves - you may need to search every inch, but they are there. 3. The Artifacts can be used at the Obelisks to fight bosses and acquire keys for the Tek Cave. The other aspect of the game the notes indicate is that the world is meant to have people, both tribes and single member tribes. As you pointed out, you were able to stumble across a cave and Artifact on your own. Add 10, 20, or more people and all caves are bound to be found sooner or later. Whether this info is willingly shared between players or Artifacts forcefully taken is determined by your server dynamic (notes describe instances of both). Also, more as an aside: keep in mind, at the beginning, you wake on an unknown island for an unknown purpose. Your entire play style could be in ignorance of the Artifacts, purpose of the Obelisks, or “end-game” content (some of the notes in Scorched Earth describe exactly this). I sympathize with your complaint. Finding all caves/artifacts on your own without outside influence is almost certainly very time-consuming. However, exploration is very much a key part of the game.
  13. Aberration, singleplayer, ps4 Decided to spend the evening taming Megalosaurus to see if I can improve my stat options. So, I used the last of my gunpowder to make about 300 simple rifle bullets, then turned 200 of them to tranq darts, 130 of which became shocking tranq darts. Also pulled all my Spino eggs to make 30 Superior kibble. Hopped on my Rock Drake and made my way to the Elemental Vault Cave where I have 2 stone traps set up. The first Lv 145 I pull decided to bring a party. While attempting to sort them out he circumvented my trap and dove into the liquid element. Cleared out everything up to the first intersection, where my second trap is located. Look left, look right, no high level Megalosaurus. Went left, climbed the ceiling, and glide into the blue section with the path to the Artifact. Clear that area, reach the artifact chamber, and spot a male 145 Meg. Do some quick contemplation and decide on building a trap at the base of the slope that leads to the artifact (used 4 stone foundations in an L with stone door frames on the outside, with the slope ledge serving as the back wall). Pull the Meg who falls perfectly into my trap (insert evil laugh). He brought an uninvited guest too, though, who I had to dispatch. Knock out the 145, put kibble in, and I wait.. and wait... take a minute to clear the artifact chamber, take the artifact, and back to the Meg to wait. I apparently tamed all 3 of my other Megs during taming events, because this guy took forever (1.5x taming for me. Yes I realize official is much longer - I feel sorry for you, not really ). I ended up going through both sets of hazard gear and my lightpet with 2500 charge ran out. The wait was well worth it, though. He stood up with 7872 Health and 405% Melee, well above my current collection of stats.
  14. Abberation, singleplayer, ps4 Tackled the Hidden Grotto cave. I way over-prepared. I had previously set up an outpost just outside the cave complete with smithy, fab, gen, turret, and backup sets of armor, tools, and weapons. I had also gone through the trouble of mass-taming Barys to Breed a strong one for the cave. I traversed carefully and slowly through the cave, setting up wires in places, and cryoed/ uncryoed my Bary and 2 ravagers as I needed them. I encountered a total of 7 Karkinos throughout, which was more than I had anticipated. 2 I led to land for my ravagers to ... well... ravage. 2 became pincushions from me crossbowing them at a distance. The remaining 3 I managed to avoid entirely. I only used 1.25 scuba tanks and my Bary was very effective against the various mobs. Didn’t die once - although a jellyfish pair got close after stunning my Bary and trapping me in a corner; deadeye crossbow skills for the win! In other news, I finished breeding my best Ravager stats into a breeding pair. Lv 231: 2880 Health, 1400 Stam, 840 Weight, 352% Melee. Not spectacular, but adequate for my purposes. I intend to transfer breeding pairs to the Island and Ragnarok along with saddle blueprints so my characters on those maps have an unlimited supply of ravagers as fun tames.
  15. In that particular section try luring the karkinos into the center, where the floor dips down to the glowing Tek metal stuff. It seems like they are unable to maneuver out of there, so you can avoid them entirely.
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