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  1. Extinction, SP Took the enforcer on an adventure to the waste along with 4 members of the Knights of Tails. Wandered around a bit and found a spot with a handful of rich metal nodes, so I made a mental note of the location for later. Went a little farther and spotted a corrupted fire wyvern. Ain’t no way I’m messing with one of those with my current crew, so I backtracked and spotted an element vein. I haven’t figured out how to gauge the difficulty of veins, but this was apparently an easy one as waves were primarily pteras and dilos with a few trikes, stegos, raptors, and Rexs sprin
  2. Extinction, SP Went on a metal run for ~2.5k metal ingot worth. Then wacked some lampposts and tables with a doedic for ~5k crystal and ~5k element dust. I spotted a blue OSD and decided to give it a shot (I’ve not done an OSD before). I brought one of my newly raised Tek Rexs and 2 wolves: Sir Chewsalot and Madam Shadow. After several rounds I was very comfortable thinking this is easy. But then, as the last wave starts, the sky darkens and the precursor fireflies of a meteor shower start to fall. I debated giving up the OSD, but figured that trying to cryo my dinos as the wave
  3. Extinction, SP Played short sessions throughout the last few weeks, but was able to spend a fair amount of time in Ark over the long weekend to finish projects. Finished raising and imprinting my 5 member flock of Argys. With over 1000 weight after imprint, they are excellent as carriers for metal runs. Finished raising and imprinting a 5 member wolf pack. They are from my Rag breeding line that has red body and feet with a black back stripe. 500 melee after imprint, so these guys are going to shred. I have dubbed them the Knights of Tails; Sir Chewsalot and Madam Swift are
  4. Extinction, Singleplayer, PS4 Built a greenhouse and started growing veggies. Made a trip to the sunken forest to tame Gachas. 2 of the 3 I tamed produce oil, so my oil shortage problem is now solved. 1 of them also produce black pearls, which will be useful later. Also made my first real journey in the waste by flying around the southwest corner of the map in search of a dung beetle. My fire wyvern, Reckoning, had no trouble dealing with the mobs of corrupted dinos, but the heat was slowly killing my character. So I jumped over to the desert biome for silk. Now I have a fu
  5. I finished transferring the dream team over to Extinction. It took about 6 transfers from the Island, Ab, and Rag to bring over my desired top-stat breeding pairs and imprinted dinos. Only one of the transfers resulted in a poof incident; although I find it suspicious that transfer included 4 wyverns, dinos I can not recreate through breeding and were primarily included for boss fights. I would say this incident was a preemptive strike from the Tytans. With my all-star mantis, bear, roll rat, anky, doedic, and Argy resources come easy. I set up a simple base almost directly in the mid
  6. Aberration, Singleplayer, PS4 Tried my hand against Gamma Rockwell... and failed pretty miserably. After spending an hour or so setting up whistle groups, follow distance, inventories, etc I thought I had a solid strategy going in, but cool preparation quickly went to panic anxiety when the radiation balls started descending on me at much quicker speed than anticipated. I was hit far too many times at the start because my brain kept fighting my fingers on which hotkey had my auto rifle. Finally got my fingers sorted and got in a good groove. But about the 3rd circuit I came too cl
  7. Had the day off yesterday, but my body woke up at the normal workday time. Wife and daughter slept in so I had a fair amount of time to myself playing Ark. Decided to load up Rag and try out the Summer Bash stuff. Used up all my cooked meat (prime and regular) and even made meat runs to fill the industrial grill several times. I made the skins, but skipped the emotes (I play singleplayer. Why would I use my jerky for emotes that I never use). Overall, I was underwhelmed. The hat is cool; I’ll wear that around. So, I turned my attention to searching for event dinos at the Wyvern tren
  8. Aberration, singleplayer, PS4 As planned I hung around base with the exception of occasional material runs. Managed to clear out unnecessary dinos including several Direbears (I now have the best stats and desired colors in 2 breeding pairs) as well as egg-laying herbivores. I was tripled up on regular kibble and didn’t realize. The Ankys and Stegos are now gone and the turtles are my regular kibble providers. Decided on them because I couldn’t bring myself to kill the Christmas colored male. The lag in my base is noticeably less. I then decided to figure out damage output for m
  9. Aberration, Singleplayer, PS4 Finally decided it was time to acquire a reaper, so I crafted a bunch of stone foundations and dino gates with the intent of permanently trapping one of I crossed a high level. Set out on my rock drake Blue Dragon. First reaper queen found is a level 10. I figure I would kill it to promote more spawns. The fight took much longer and more of my drake’s health than I would have liked, so when the next two I encountered were a level 15 and 20, I simply ran away. Then met a level 90. I thought, hey this is probably good enough for a first reaper. I get her
  10. Aberration, singleplayer, ps4 Decided to spend the evening taming Megalosaurus to see if I can improve my stat options. So, I used the last of my gunpowder to make about 300 simple rifle bullets, then turned 200 of them to tranq darts, 130 of which became shocking tranq darts. Also pulled all my Spino eggs to make 30 Superior kibble. Hopped on my Rock Drake and made my way to the Elemental Vault Cave where I have 2 stone traps set up. The first Lv 145 I pull decided to bring a party. While attempting to sort them out he circumvented my trap and dove into the liquid elemen
  11. Abberation, singleplayer, ps4 Tackled the Hidden Grotto cave. I way over-prepared. I had previously set up an outpost just outside the cave complete with smithy, fab, gen, turret, and backup sets of armor, tools, and weapons. I had also gone through the trouble of mass-taming Barys to Breed a strong one for the cave. I traversed carefully and slowly through the cave, setting up wires in places, and cryoed/ uncryoed my Bary and 2 ravagers as I needed them. I encountered a total of 7 Karkinos throughout, which was more than I had anticipated. 2 I led to land for my ravagers to
  12. Rag, singleplayer, ps4 Did some event Dino taming. First was a 174 Tek Rex with cyan inner lights (for some reason cyan eyes look so much more menacing than the dark blue, white, and green I have seen previously). She popped up with 1 distribution point less in health than my current boss Tek Rex line whereas Melee was 2 distribution points above, so she is a keeper. Next I found a 150 Direwolf that was main body magenta, cyan along the back, and orange feet. The event post doesn’t list orange, but it looks orange rather than yellow to me. I then went on a bit of a jerboa tam
  13. Ragnarok, singleplayer, ps4 Did a Dino wipe and set off on an Eggcellent Adventure. As soon as I left base I spotted a 135 Griffin (I have 150 set as max), so I tamed it. Took my fire wyvern out while waiting and killed some things; of note was an all yellow Rex and a pale green Rex, both of which I would have tamed if they had been decent level. I then made my way to the northeast beach to look for dodos, but managed to first spy an Oviraptor with bunny ears. While I am chasing it around to pick up the event eggs, a pego jumps me and takes my medical brews. I sprint toward my Gr
  14. Had a bit of a scare on Ragnarok. I was on my Argy, flying back to base near Green Obelisk. After making a clean sweep of loot drops trough the desert and back to the southwest, I was pretty proud of my haul of stuff. I’m heading north, but started looking for a hilltop to regain stamina when I hear a whoosh and the tip of wings cover my screen for a second. My immediate thought was it must be a griffin behind me. No. I swing my camera around and see a poison wyvern making his wide turn to regain an angle on me. So here I am, in a dog fight with a faster foe, low on stamina, and invento
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