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  1. Well after that weekend I have to say I well enjoyed the 24h stream stayed online tru the whole event raising and farming it did get tight at times but with enough caffeine I made it tru. Big congrats to all that made it a success all being well next year I'll maybe start streaming myself hope all are keeping safe in these dark times peace out THE LAST FURIAN
  2. Any close up pics of the donator wall guys
  3. the Brute cave underwater was always good for rex and spino bps also purple drops in exstinction
  4. On xbox just bred and raised 10 mosa love them got a colour mix I think is fantastic (hope there's no roll back) think I will tame a couple event golems before it's over and if I have enough kibble lol
  5. lastfurian


    Played it last night quite fun my kids love it but Ark takes priority in our house lol
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