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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
hermanoark hermanoark 10/28/18 everything did go right looking for future trade with him zxv zxv
davidcostarica davidcostarica 10/28/18 Great trader, helpful and friendly. Braveheart7 Braveheart7
jbokhary jbokhary 10/28/18 Fast and easy trade, good communication, would trade again! Hito Hito
Hito Hito 10/28/18 fast and polite.. thank you so much for trade jbokhary jbokhary
Rainex37 Rainex37 10/28/18 Very friendly and generous, great buyer! nonamesallowed nonamesallowed
nonamesallowed nonamesallowed 10/28/18 Thanks for the deal. Very convenient and fast. Rainex37 Rainex37
Overlake Overlake 10/28/18 Efficient and a great trade as always, have done previous trades and will continue do to do business! 10/10 TurtleRusher TurtleRusher
dennis12 dennis12 10/28/18 Smooth transaction, would buy again aabaz202 aabaz202
TurtleRusher TurtleRusher 10/28/18 Trade Basilisk for Basilisk worked like a charm great many +++++ Overlake Overlake
BruthaJamez BruthaJamez 10/28/18 Fast and easy trade, nice guy good communication, would trade again Hito Hito
Hito Hito 10/28/18 Sold me a nice bp at the agreed upon price in auction. Prompt, friendly, honest. What more can you ask for? lol. BruthaJamez BruthaJamez
Raishin Raishin 10/28/18 Smooth trade, super friendly trader, would trade again ;) Maedean Shepard Maedean Shepard
Mantico Mantico 10/28/18 Even though english isn't his first language he was very polite and was super enthusiastic to accomadate me and everything I needed. Fair prices and even knocked off some of the price :) 10/10 would trade again! TurtleRusher TurtleRusher
TurtleRusher TurtleRusher 10/27/18 Super dealer always again! Mantico Mantico
BasiliskBreedingPls BasiliskBreedingPls 10/27/18 very nice and friendly trader :) Ambush7 Ambush7
Ambush7 Ambush7 10/27/18 Sold Him 200+ Seeds , Transaction went smooth! BasiliskBreedingPls BasiliskBreedingPls
Noobert Noobert 10/27/18 Quick and easy trade. RIP Troodons! lol Thanks! Demerus Demerus
Demerus Demerus 10/27/18 Not even troodon can ruin a trade! Excellent trader as always, A+++ Noobert Noobert
arathein arathein 10/27/18 Easy and smooth trade. ++ Hakush Hakush
Rainex37 Rainex37 10/27/18 Very kind and friendly. Would absolutely trade again! MeowMaggs MeowMaggs
Super Fab Super Fab 10/27/18 excellent fast seller friendly friend hermanoark hermanoark
hermanoark hermanoark 10/27/18 Very fast and easy to work with! :D Super Fab Super Fab
hermanoark hermanoark 10/27/18 fast and smooth would recomment chyarr chyarr
chyarr chyarr 10/27/18 excellent fast, attentive seller hermanoark hermanoark
MeowMaggs MeowMaggs 10/27/18 Thanks for greenhouse wall! Rainex37 Rainex37