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vassiliOFP85 vassiliOFP85 07/11/18 2nd trade with that awesome and kind guy. trustable dude :) Dag Dag
Dag Dag 07/11/18 Awesome traders, exceeded my expectations !! 2 trades done already and not the last!!! vassiliOFP85 vassiliOFP85
littleKaji littleKaji 07/11/18 Friendly, fast and easy to communicate with! :) Hakush Hakush
Sneakysmegal Sneakysmegal 07/11/18 fantastic trader who is very friendly and able to make smooth trades. zepp95 zepp95
zepp95 zepp95 07/11/18 Great seller, fast and reliable. Sneakysmegal Sneakysmegal
Hakush Hakush 07/11/18 Friendly, responsive and very fast! Easy transaction. Would definitely trade again any time! littleKaji littleKaji
chyarr chyarr 07/10/18 Very good trader with nice contact Hidden47 Hidden47
Hidden47 Hidden47 07/10/18 great trader. chyarr chyarr
Dag Dag 07/10/18 very patient and nice dude! would recommend 100% Shbear Shbear
Shbear Shbear 07/10/18 nice and fast trade. awesome guy! Dag Dag
Dag Dag 07/10/18 He was so nice and helpfully, a really nice person and trader! :D Light667 Light667
Light667 Light667 07/10/18 fast and nice trade. awesome guy. gl with restarting Dag Dag
Teo96 Teo96 07/10/18 Fast and easy trade, easy to communicate with, recommended Hito Hito
Morimoto Morimoto 07/10/18 Great seller, recommend. Sneakysmegal Sneakysmegal
Oli4 Oli4 07/09/18 Fast & easy trade, friendly trader. Highly recommended! Morimoto Morimoto
Sneakysmegal Sneakysmegal 07/09/18 Fast & easy trade, friendly trader. Highly recommended! Morimoto Morimoto
Hawktrader74 Hawktrader74 07/09/18 Fast trade, Cloned extra 1 more for me. Just a great guy JustUseless JustUseless
Hito Hito 07/09/18 Fast trading , nice guy Teo96 Teo96
Dag Dag 07/09/18 Trade goes fast, nice guy! :) Dondark Dondark
Dondark Dondark 07/09/18 nice guy, awesome trade :) Dag Dag
KuRscHi KuRscHi 07/09/18 fast trade, easy to deal with and very patient, will trade again. Thanks! Demerus Demerus
sooTi sooTi 07/09/18 Great person to trade with. chyarr chyarr
Bark Bark 07/08/18 Fast & easy trade, friendly trader. Best looking gigas. Highly recommended! Morimoto Morimoto
Draven713 Draven713 07/08/18 Fast & easy trade, friendly trader. Pleasure to do business with. Highly recommended! Morimoto Morimoto
Morimoto Morimoto 07/08/18 Great trader easy process! Draven713 Draven713