Receiver Date Comment Sender  
whymaybe whymaybe 09/05/17 Thanks for a fast, smooth trade. Would certainly use again. Hammond Hammond
Hammond Hammond 09/05/17 Fast and fair trader, everything without problems whymaybe whymaybe
whymaybe whymaybe 09/05/17 Fast & reliable trader. Hope to trade more in the future. Dexted Dexted
Dexted Dexted 09/05/17 Very fast trade without problems, cool and fair guy whymaybe whymaybe
ZeroSeconds ZeroSeconds 09/04/17 Fast, easy, and really appreciated :D skuIlman skuIlman
TurtleyTurtle TurtleyTurtle 09/03/17 My first Buyer. Very nice and do trade quickly . hope that we can do another trade. mrdarkevil mrdarkevil
mrdarkevil mrdarkevil 09/03/17 The trade went super fast. They're super nice. ^^ Would trade with again~! TurtleyTurtle TurtleyTurtle
pytommy2 pytommy2 09/03/17 His patience....was just amazing. My computer was freezing so much in game while trying to trade ;;. Ahh, I appreciate the fact this trader was super patient! I would trade with him again. ♥ TurtleyTurtle TurtleyTurtle
TurtleyTurtle TurtleyTurtle 09/03/17 nice and trustworthy trader pytommy2 pytommy2
Pilate72 Pilate72 09/02/17 Guiz, listen. Today was the best trade of my life. I transferred into her server...and what she said .... blew me away. She called me great. Guiz, do you see that? -> G.R.E.A.T. <- It is with great pride I say.... I finally believe in Pilatism. Yes, Pilatism is a religion, one I believe everyone should follow. (Unless ur Asian, you can worship both rice and Pilate) But other than that, SHE'S A GR8 TRADER. I R8 10/10. TurtleyTurtle TurtleyTurtle
BELFEGOR BELFEGOR 09/02/17 It went pretty quickly, and he's really nice! Amichi Amichi
Amichi Amichi 09/02/17 awsome person, and great trade! thx for it! 100% ! BELFEGOR BELFEGOR
NickLyah NickLyah 09/02/17 took a while, but we got it done :D skuIlman skuIlman
skullman skullman 09/02/17 nice contact through the server restart :D all works fine NickLyah NickLyah
BertNoobians BertNoobians 09/02/17 The trade was super fast and they were really nice. ; u ; Already in love with my green squiddies!~ <3 TurtleyTurtle TurtleyTurtle
TurtleyTurtle TurtleyTurtle 09/02/17 fast transaction, has a transmitter and awsome dino's, recommended. hope to see you again. BertNoobians BertNoobians
Pon Pon 09/01/17 this is for a rex eggs, old topic deleted, but this guy deserves all the nice feedback for his kindness. Shbear Shbear
BrownieShytles BrownieShytles 09/01/17 best/fastest trade ever! nice guy, defo would trade again Shbear Shbear
aorticarch aorticarch 09/01/17 Nice, easy and smooth trade. Highly Recommended! Everytime again! Erna Erna
Jeremy Stieglitz Jeremy Stieglitz 08/31/17 wheres the development team poster that was supposed to be with the collectors edition !!!!!!!?????? TheEpicGamer1997 TheEpicGamer1997
Jabbakoid Jabbakoid 08/31/17 Came along for one of my alpha drag runs AlphaCarno AlphaCarno
Hammond Hammond 08/31/17 thx for trade Nekit Nekit
Nekit Nekit 08/31/17 Great buyer, thanks for an easy trade :) Hammond Hammond
AlphaCarno AlphaCarno 08/31/17 Thanks Jabbakoid Jabbakoid
Toqs Toqs 08/29/17 Easy trade! Thank you Toqs! :-) ARKT0PIA ARKT0PIA