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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Thamic Thamic 09/20/2019 Great trader. Fast, convinient and easy. Will be glad to trade more. Villain Villain
kathid4444 kathid4444 09/17/2019 They were super patient with me, and extremely kind. Thanks! TurtleyTurtle TurtleyTurtle
TurtleyTurtle TurtleyTurtle 09/16/2019 Nice person, would trade again :) kathid4444 kathid4444
CruelJustice CruelJustice 09/14/2019 Trading was fast and smooth and will trade with him again for sure. Rixsta Rixsta
CyberHunter CyberHunter 09/14/2019 Great buyer, super trade. CruelJustice CruelJustice
Atreides52 Atreides52 09/14/2019 Super trade. Buyer was great, easy and smooth trade. CruelJustice CruelJustice
Atreides Atreides 09/14/2019 Super trade. Easy and smooth. Great buyer CruelJustice CruelJustice
Rixsta Rixsta 09/14/2019 Super buyer, easy and fast, would definitely trade again! CruelJustice CruelJustice
shavlin shavlin 09/14/2019 Nice buyer, easy & fast trade :) would def trade again! kathid4444 kathid4444
kathid4444 kathid4444 09/14/2019 Smooth and nice trade thanks ;) shavlin shavlin
CruelJustice CruelJustice 09/14/2019 Trusted seller CyberHunter CyberHunter
CruelJustice CruelJustice 09/14/2019 Trusted seller buy Giga fast and good trader. Atreides52 Atreides52
Quilleute Quilleute 09/13/2019 Super fast , easy trade. Will definetely trade again Tatutribe Tatutribe
kathid4444 kathid4444 09/10/2019 Nice trader, quick and easy trade. Skrub Skrub
kathid4444 kathid4444 09/10/2019 Easy fast trade :) Scyi Scyi
Skrub Skrub 09/10/2019 Good trade, thank you :) kathid4444 kathid4444
Scyi Scyi 09/10/2019 Good trade, thank you :) kathid4444 kathid4444
ExistentialComplex ExistentialComplex 09/10/2019 flexible with scheduling, easy to trade with :) would trade again! kathid4444 kathid4444
kathid4444 kathid4444 09/10/2019 Fantastic trader, made the trade really easy and quick :) ExistentialComplex ExistentialComplex
Hawktrader74 Hawktrader74 09/08/2019 Best theriz CyberHunter CyberHunter
Rixsta Rixsta 09/08/2019 Valued trader MostSpy MostSpy
kathid4444 kathid4444 09/08/2019 Kate is excellent, polite and friendly, extremely recommended :D I'm sure I will trade again! Alysson Alysson
Alysson Alysson 09/07/2019 Suuuuper nice trader - will def trade again and highly recommend her. She gave me way more than what we talked about. Looking forward to future trades! :) kathid4444 kathid4444
Quilleute Quilleute 09/07/2019 Very nice person, reliable and good trader. :) looking forward to future trades kathid4444 kathid4444
Amanda632 Amanda632 09/07/2019 looking forward to more future trades! ^-^ kathid4444 kathid4444
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