Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Br1cked Br1cked 11/17/17 Smooth easy trade, will trade with again! arathein arathein
Demerus Demerus 11/17/17 Friendly, smooth trade! A pleasure doing business with you! Look forward to future trades! <3 Foxiefyre Foxiefyre
Cripling Cripling 11/17/17 Very nice and fast trade. I recommend 100% rexgutierrez rexgutierrez
EXCAIBAR EXCAIBAR 11/17/17 Very kind and understanding. Helped me transfer the payment and helped teach me about item transfers. seaspy seaspy
Shevana Shevana 11/17/17 All fine, good communication and funny. Recomend. Enzo15 Enzo15
002 002 11/16/17 awesome traded and really nice :) Unununium Unununium
M4RIO M4RIO 11/16/17 Fast and friendly trader. Hope to make deals again. Thank you. Morimoto Morimoto
Morimoto Morimoto 11/16/17 nice and smooth trade ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ M4RIO M4RIO
Catalie Catalie 11/16/17 Fast and friendly trader. Thank you, Catalie. Morimoto Morimoto
Barron753 Barron753 11/16/17 very fast trader :) Flay Flay
Flay Flay 11/16/17 Very fast trade with perfect service. Could not of been a better person to deal with the whole tribe :). Highly recommend. Barron753 Barron753
Morimoto Morimoto 11/16/17 Fair and friendly. Would trade again :) Catalie Catalie
CrazyBear123 CrazyBear123 11/16/17 Good trader:) Flay Flay
CrazyBear123 CrazyBear123 11/16/17 Amazing trader :P Already we make a deal for trading again. JuanDi JuanDi
JuanDi JuanDi 11/16/17 Fast and smooth and fair!:D CrazyBear123 CrazyBear123
seaspy seaspy 11/16/17 everything went smoothly and perfectly... cooperative and friendly guy :D EXCAIBAR EXCAIBAR
Violet Violet 11/16/17 Thank you !! Everything went smooth. alexio86 alexio86
alexio86 alexio86 11/16/17 Fast and smooth trade, + Violet Violet
Flay Flay 11/16/17 fast and safe!! CrazyBear123 CrazyBear123
Matilda Matilda 11/16/17 New Trader to the forum but very trustworthy, friendly and very kind I am pretty sure gonna trade a lot with this guy recommended to anyone. Rixsta Rixsta
Rixsta Rixsta 11/16/17 Really great seller! Thank you very much for your patients and really appreciate the trade :) A+ Matilda Matilda
Foxiefyre Foxiefyre 11/16/17 Another Fast and smooth trade. Always a pleasure to deal with. Demerus Demerus
shadowkyuubi shadowkyuubi 11/16/17 Agreed on not reselling my stats that he received for free during my giveaway and I received proof of him PM'ing other users attempting to trade them resulting into a breach of contract. Be careful if you are doing business with him as he is not true to his words and doesn't care about agreements as long as he profit out of them. Also, while I'm no longer dropping eggs myself, if you need Theriz contact the people listed in that thread and I'm sure someone will be more than happy to hook you up! invincibleqc invincibleqc
Matilda Matilda 11/16/17 Thank you for the kind comments :) Trustworthy and friendliest buyer! dslick dslick
dslick dslick 11/16/17 Absolutely couldn't have asked for a better seller :) VERY helpful and very patient. + very kind! would definitely trade again with and thank you very very much! Matilda Matilda