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Nokosa Nokosa 11/06/2019 Very nice trader. |UniteD|L3o |UniteD|L3o
|UniteD|L3o |UniteD|L3o 11/06/2019 Good buy, good guy. Will buy again. Nokosa Nokosa
Overlake Overlake 11/06/2019 cloned 360 zombie wyvern thanks everything was alright Bambulaaa Bambulaaa
Synistermissy Synistermissy 11/01/2019 fast and easy good trade jackfire666 jackfire666
Ferata Ferata 10/31/2019 Good trader fast and easy jackfire666 jackfire666
Tobias9 Tobias9 10/31/2019 Nice trader didnt even try to lower the price fast and easy jackfire666 jackfire666
Xtrr Xtrr 10/28/2019 Great seller, super fast educated, I really enjoyed doing trade, thank you very much, I wish good luck hermanoark hermanoark
hermanoark hermanoark 10/28/2019 Went smooth :) nice guy ! Xtrr Xtrr
Erinn Erinn 10/26/2019 Top notch trade. (: Lichaamstaal Lichaamstaal
Lycan187u Lycan187u 10/26/2019 Friendly and helpful. Lichaamstaal Lichaamstaal
epickarn epickarn 10/21/2019 Free thyla trade, thank you! BornSlippy BornSlippy
cedric0831 cedric0831 10/17/2019 Fast trade MostSpy MostSpy
kathid4444 kathid4444 10/15/2019 Thanks for the patience for a new buyer :) Lauren42 Lauren42
silviuasu13 silviuasu13 10/12/2019 Bought some nice BP, trade was fast, got some bonus stuff, most important a nice yutty egg, in the colors that i wanted...that gave me triplet males :D Prices were more than decent, cheaper than my poor server even :D. When he cleans house again im gonna come for more BP Gollum99 Gollum99
antru antru 10/11/2019 First of all the trade never took place! I don’t understand why there is a negative feedback from your side! Second: https://ark.gamepedia.com/Tek_Ceiling multiply the mats by 200 IN HERE YOU CAN SEE THE EXACT COST 1 element in your case is 150 ingots as above...200 = 30000 ingots plus the mats for the construction of the celling...com on... and if u want to convert even the mats from the tek cellings use 2 Ingots = 1 Poly 2 Ingots = 1 Cristal 15 Ingots = 1 Black Pearl silviuasu13 silviuasu13
silviuasu13 silviuasu13 10/11/2019 I do not recommend this seller. I just asked price clarification question. The deal must be clear and accurate. The price was announced in tek cellings, there was no option of converting into ignots. And in response, they sent me to the arc.gamepedia.com and calculator. This is not seller friendly behavior. Other (adequate) sellers simply inform the price or refuse the transaction. antru antru
Gollum99 Gollum99 10/10/2019 Very nice player with good sense of humor! ;) The trade was super fast! silviuasu13 silviuasu13
Lauren42 Lauren42 10/10/2019 Very nice person :) easy trade, can recommend! kathid4444 kathid4444
theusername theusername 10/07/2019 fast and smooth transaction! BertNoobians BertNoobians
BertNoobians BertNoobians 10/07/2019 good and easy and free. thank you! theusername theusername
kathid4444 kathid4444 10/05/2019 Amazing trader , very kind , everything was fast and smooth , highly recommended :) . Hydrax Hydrax
Hydrax Hydrax 10/05/2019 Uncomplicated, fast trade and friendly person :) thank you! kathid4444 kathid4444
Pendaluxs Pendaluxs 10/01/2019 He wrote me to buy a breeding couple of the unicorns. After that we agreed to a deal and he told me to add him on Steam which I did. After that he wrote me a couple of times he would be ready for a trade now, just to not answer anymore as soon as I told him I am too (eventhough it was like 10m after he wrote). No answer on Steam or here anymore since a week now. No issue with not buying the stuff you want anymore but at least be polite and tell me that instead of ghosting me. kathid4444 kathid4444
Gollum99 Gollum99 09/30/2019 great personality and a great deal. Guy19761 Guy19761
bedbug bedbug 09/28/2019 Great trader. Super easy transaction. CruelJustice CruelJustice
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