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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
alexio86 alexio86 09/17/18 Perfect and fast as always, a pleasure n_n DarkAriaN DarkAriaN
Batty Batty 09/17/18 Purchased hyenadons bred to order. Fast and easy trade, and provided the exact colors i wanted! 10/10 would gladly do another deal. Lusca Lusca
Plopy Plopy 09/17/18 Fast and smooth trade, 10/10 would trade with again! Jacira Jacira
Crasla Crasla 09/17/18 Great trade, hope to see you again! 10/10 would trade with again! Jacira Jacira
Akane Akane 09/17/18 Very sweet and love doing business with them :D Batty Batty
Akane Akane 09/16/18 Super easy and fast trade, highly recommend. CruelJustice CruelJustice
fangfangfu fangfangfu 09/16/18 Another fast and easy trade! Ty ✭✭✭✭✭ Foxiefyre Foxiefyre
CruelJustice CruelJustice 09/16/18 Smooth trade thats how i like my trades! :) Akane Akane
RobinderHut RobinderHut 09/16/18 Great trader, easy transaction. Would definitely trade again! CruelJustice CruelJustice
Akane Akane 09/16/18 Another super smooth obi trade. Thanks! :D Hope we trade more. Foxiefyre Foxiefyre
Foxiefyre Foxiefyre 09/16/18 another Smooth trade, thanks :) Akane Akane
Jacira Jacira 09/16/18 nice eggsellent Plopy Plopy
Jacira Jacira 09/16/18 Awesome person to deal with. Will buy from again! Crasla Crasla
Hawktrader74 Hawktrader74 09/16/18 Very friendly. Fast and easy trade, would trade again! MeowMaggs MeowMaggs
Dag Dag 09/16/18 fast trade and smooth aceodiamonds aceodiamonds
aceodiamonds aceodiamonds 09/16/18 nice and fast trade :) Dag Dag
leonmon leonmon 09/16/18 DO NOT TRADE Magmorta Magmorta
Ocicat Ocicat 09/16/18 very nice guy, fast and smooth transaction, recommended! BertNoobians BertNoobians
Eleissa Eleissa 09/16/18 Fast & easy trade, friendly trader. Highly recommended! Morimoto Morimoto
BertNoobians BertNoobians 09/16/18 Awesome trader, process was easy and Bert was very accommodating. If you need boss rex eggs this is the gentleman to see about them. Top notch! Ocicat Ocicat
MeowMaggs MeowMaggs 09/16/18 Hope you like your new event griffin. Thanks again for the trade. Will trade with you again for sure. Hawktrader74 Hawktrader74
hixx hixx 09/16/18 Hope you are enjoying your 305 clean tuso. Super fast payment. Highly recommend as a trade partner. Hawktrader74 Hawktrader74
Hawktrader74 Hawktrader74 09/16/18 Bought the 305 Tuso some weeks ago. Great deal, would trade again. hixx hixx
Estemmenosuchus Estemmenosuchus 09/16/18 Great deal, Would trade again! hixx hixx
Akane Akane 09/16/18 easy to work with, gl on your ark adventure Sideswipe Sideswipe