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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
theusername theusername 10/07/2019 fast and smooth transaction! BertNoobians BertNoobians
BertNoobians BertNoobians 10/07/2019 good and easy and free. thank you! theusername theusername
kathid4444 kathid4444 10/05/2019 Amazing trader , very kind , everything was fast and smooth , highly recommended :) . Hydrax Hydrax
Hydrax Hydrax 10/05/2019 Uncomplicated, fast trade and friendly person :) thank you! kathid4444 kathid4444
Pendaluxs Pendaluxs 10/01/2019 He wrote me to buy a breeding couple of the unicorns. After that we agreed to a deal and he told me to add him on Steam which I did. After that he wrote me a couple of times he would be ready for a trade now, just to not answer anymore as soon as I told him I am too (eventhough it was like 10m after he wrote). No answer on Steam or here anymore since a week now. No issue with not buying the stuff you want anymore but at least be polite and tell me that instead of ghosting me. kathid4444 kathid4444
Gollum99 Gollum99 09/30/2019 great personality and a great deal. Guy19761 Guy19761
bedbug bedbug 09/28/2019 Great trader. Super easy transaction. CruelJustice CruelJustice
CruelJustice CruelJustice 09/28/2019 Very positive and trustworthy trader. Thanks again. bedbug bedbug
Gollum99 Gollum99 09/28/2019 Good Seller! STK STK
SadieSaurus SadieSaurus 09/27/2019 Fast and friendly trade thanks! BornSlippy BornSlippy
BornSlippy BornSlippy 09/27/2019 Very friendly and patient. Even came to my server to complete the trade. SadieSaurus SadieSaurus
bedbug bedbug 09/23/2019 trustable and nice player.hoping to do more trade soon phantom55 phantom55
phantom55 phantom55 09/23/2019 Very friendly and helpful. bedbug bedbug
Villain Villain 09/23/2019 trustable nice man.hoping to do more trade in future. phantom55 phantom55
kathid4444 kathid4444 09/21/2019 Thanks mate :0 shavlin shavlin
phantom55 phantom55 09/21/2019 Good trusted traider. Easy communication. Very friendly. Fast and convinient trade. look forward for more deals. Villain Villain
Gollum99 Gollum99 09/21/2019 Perfect trader. Honest and practical. I recommend !!!! arrojado1200 arrojado1200
Gruesome Gruesome 09/20/2019 Fast buyer, and also a great guy who gave me a bonus and made my whole day better :D Gollum99 Gollum99
Plum28 Plum28 09/20/2019 Very friendly and polite person, hoping for future trades! =) kathid4444 kathid4444
Gollum99 Gollum99 09/20/2019 Guy has the goods. Excellent to work with. Will happily trade with again. Gruesome Gruesome
Thamic Thamic 09/20/2019 Great trader. Fast, convinient and easy. Will be glad to trade more. Villain Villain
kathid4444 kathid4444 09/17/2019 They were super patient with me, and extremely kind. Thanks! TurtleyTurtle TurtleyTurtle
TurtleyTurtle TurtleyTurtle 09/16/2019 Nice person, would trade again :) kathid4444 kathid4444
CruelJustice CruelJustice 09/14/2019 Trading was fast and smooth and will trade with him again for sure. Rixsta Rixsta
CyberHunter CyberHunter 09/14/2019 Great buyer, super trade. CruelJustice CruelJustice
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