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  1. Pendaluxs

    Extinction PC

    Lol utc -8 then for me will be night
  2. Pendaluxs

    Extinction PC

    When server come to live?
  3. Pendaluxs

    All ark skin

    all working 5 member 100% all good with him. write me to pm i wil help after work .
  4. Pendaluxs

    All ark skin

    Here you can downlaod all ark skin Gl included new extinsion skin to https://drive.google.com/open?id=1U5aKCaDe9qv8lfkBrf70aYf1tPkiUgsA
  5. chek river easy can find pearls
  6. Pendaluxs

    Human speed

    and? no gm ancwer?
  7. Pendaluxs

    Human speed

    I have one question. You nerf flyer speed, then wy you dont fix human speed. human run faster then any dino in ark sounds stupid. And primitive or beginer server x plant cant shot human becous they run to fast 130% speed enought run from almost all dino and counter x plant.
  8. Pendaluxs

    Increase imprinting timer

    And them need fix baby peace timer to. Becous now bread giga imposibl when need go to work.
  9. Pendaluxs

    Bossfight via Transmitter?

    My apinion Wild Card atm just thinking how make more money. I missing some pc update like they promis add structure +. About new dlc 0 info to. They better make game for nintendo or phone. And PC PS4 Xbox Still have alot glich.
  10. Pendaluxs

    bloking my land 80%

    and this sound like bloking ? what must do now ? becous pilar down clif can blok but fondation from up clif cant protect
  11. Pendaluxs

    bloking my land 80%

    first day i palce tatch fondation and build some stone structure today i try build again but cant. Becous 2 player build not far pilar. Idk how they can blok me. Meybi fondation range is bad then pilar?
  12. Pendaluxs

    Industrial Grinder XP?

    Yea you will get from all. I grind one time 6 grinder when ricig xp on rex
  13. Pendaluxs

    Regarding STA and EU server outages.

    What can change 2x event. When we lost alot bread and some egg wich we trade? And i want remeber one think game is full reales now. They must giv all back what we lose.
  14. Pendaluxs

    Regarding STA and EU server outages.

    Need rolback i think.