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  1. owl heal mechanic hi survivors did someone know exactly how work owl healing mechinics? is it based on hp base lvl 1 (325 hp) or on actually lvl of your owl at birth without lvl up arkpedia owl page mention that : The Snow Owl can freeze itself and other Creatures to regenerate health and get a heavy damage resistance, however they cannot do anything while frozen. This costs about 250 stamina per second and heals units for about 40 health per second and can not be improved. This is better for healing smaller creatures. In Patch 286.103, whe
  2. Why toxic ? He says true Uptade for update for update and évent Still broken and And purple only Spawn on région 4 this IS a constation Évent had started since a week now So u Can keep ur réflexion for u
  3. hope they fix it but i have a doubt
  4. Even tame a vélo blue Yesterday ....
  5. Nah purple only Spawns on région 4 Colors spawn are broken
  6. some moderator or gm can answer please? dino dark color spawn only on certain region and not all i have hunt like mad and tame around 30 owls spawn color are broken atm on extinction 468 dont know for other map thank u
  7. hi all does some of you have find dark purple color? purple for example? cant find one and i hunt since event is on....
  8. hi make solo serv ! a lot of player play alone
  9. build the industril grinder by myself on official this is amazing , i grind cementing paste that i found in beaver dawn took 3 level during day , i reach lvl 85 ^^
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