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  1. *heavy sarcasm and jokes incoming, please dont take it seriously and have a laugh* Wildcard team wants to fulfill our wishes. They are out there for a week now, rioting with others, just because they want to loot that brand new hardware to improve server stability. Ofc they didnt have time to finish new map when they have to fight off hundreds of people looting the store. They gonna grab those expensive graphic cards and full HD or 4k monitors so they can provide us with dope screenshots and gameplay videos. Idk how can you not see this. We will get a 5x rates to loot and stash all resources from the map and the dinos will be in black and white colors, dont you worry. Now on a serious note: Wildcard isnt the only company announcing this. I guess they hopped on the solidarity train and do as other game studios have done - so no-one can point a finger on them for ignoring whats happening. Why are you so impatient, just so you can have some new bugs and glitches to whine about and spam how incompetent they are? Cyberpunk was delayed by 6 months this year and no-one bats an eye. Wildcard pushes back the release of a FREE map for a week and everybody looses their minds. For me - yea sure, I dont mind. Whats the difference? I dont really care if I get the map this or the next week, I got plenty of things to do in ark even without it.
  2. Sure thing. I dont see why i had to move to official and abandon legacy when game was released. I pretty much agree with u on all or most of what u said in the other thread as well. We still get by even without support as they are near useless in replacing lost tames and ppl abusing them for land grab as well, and also like getting reported for breeding certain dinos like light pets. Most legacy servers run well for me, just rag gets bad sometimes, lag just got slightly worse there when event started. If some players loose their dino on my legacy server due to a bug, I always offer them replacement. Im breeding like crazy and I keep all 145-150 lvl tames I used. Got almost 400 dinos in cryo. You could say Im a better support team than WC.
  3. Legacy exti 925 - their giga was just standing with others in a clear spot inside the base. Others are fine, just this one got sacrificed to the antimesh god.
  4. Im just here for the comments: Bwaaaah, exti stuff is OP why did you release it like this, bwaah, bwaaah. Why didnt you delay the release so its not that laggy and buggy, bwaaah, bwaaah. Bwaaah, fix meshing its a major problem, bwaah bwaah! 2020 be like: I dont mind if they delay the game, I just hope it wont be as bad as exti DLC. Few seconds later: Why did you delay my game that I preordered? Bwaaaah! I want it NOW! Bwaaah, WC isnt communicating, tell me NOW NOW! WC makes a post where they explain their new antimesh method and because of working on this, valentine event and new DLC they need another month to properly test as much aspects as they can (because the game offers so many across all platforms): Bwaaah, you told me so much AND I dont like what you said, bwaaaaaaaaah! BWAAAH my game is delayeeeed, I dont want to play it anymore, mommy I want refund so I can buy the DLC again 20 days later! That will show them! I dont care they will probably reduce the amount of meshing, they actualy made a progress and I cant cry about it anymore, bwaaah bwaah. Your crying is filling my heart with warmth and joy, thats what you deserve for preordering from a studio that wasnt reliable with dates before. I will just sit back and eat my popcorn while you are going to go after each others throats on the new map because of the chinese wave of pillars and claimed areas, some random rollbacks because something unexpected happens that couldnt be tested before and complaints when someone steals that juicy lvl 150 dino. After this storm is settled, I will consider buying the DLC. So go on, cry and fight!
  5. Had the same problem on island, I reported server outage and the problem was fixed really quickly.
  6. Legacy Island PVE I started my day as usual, mounted the giga and went on a meatrun. Since I live near the river, I decided to look out for colored otters and after few minutes I found the first one with dark purple fur. Chomped down the brontos on the beach and returned to the base to grab the seagull. There were massive salmons swimming around and with the ichty it was tamed in less than 5m. I put the otter in my otterhouse, joining the colored collection. Will breed it later with my higher ones. Took the meat out of gigas inventory and grabbed my cryopoded waterbabies with halloween coloring - ghost white plesi, white twin basilos, blue mosa, white frog (guess its the basic color, but wanted it for my spooky collection) and a white dolphin with blue back. Packed the meat in the tek troughs, uncryoed babies and set timer for their imprint. As I was heading back to main base the orange text popped up saying someone is downloading an ice titan. Asked in chat and a tribe decided to kill the dodorex, so I offered to join and help locate it. Took my best base lvl 306 mana, my tek armor, bunch of cryopodes and a cryoed giga. Night started, dodorex spawned. Someone wrote in chat that the stupid thing spawned in the swamp behind green obe, RIGHT where they downloaded the titan. So I turned around and rushed to green obe. Lag. Without dying I got an option to respawn, and I already knew whats going on - the same unpatched bug since the exti release. I quietly said bye bye to to the tek gear, cryopoded giga and my best mana. Respawned at bed, took wyvern and bunch of cryopods and went to green obelisk. They lured the dodorex down in the water under obelisk and stucked it with the ice titan. We barely killed it in time and all the gigas that were in fight (guess like 4-5) died. Saw people chasing after the zombie dodos down near the water, so I decided to fly UP from where they were falling. Found 2 zomdodos right on the edge. Turned around and tried to listen for dodosounds. Followed the chirping and found 3 stucked in each other, one of them lvl 130. As I was about to leave I heard another dodosounds. Checked around and found another 3 stucked in each other, two of them were lvls 170 and 180. Wooo, didnt know they get this high, the 170 one has almost 4k hp. I was about to leave to put them safely in base and I found another 2 zomdodos. Thats total of 10 zomdodos for me and the other tribe got 13 of them. Not much for my lost gear and tames, but at least something to remember from this event. Asked my friend if he wants the 130 one and he declined. Well he is not wrong, they are useless. Sad I didnt get the taxidermy because the dinos ate the corpse. Went back to imprint the water babies and decided to check valguero. No ice wyverns, no deinis, no nests. So I went to ragnarok instead. Grabbed a 180 lightning egg from the trench and on my way home decided to look for a griff. Found a 145 orange one, lured it to a public trap, shot down. Jeez, this no taming event is boring. With heavy heart I gave him 21 kibble and went to fly around to look for another one, hopefully purple. Only thing I found was a lvl 50 skeleton giga and spent 30 minutes chasing it with a wyvern. 18 bones and a skeleton skin, meh. Finished taming the griff and named him Pumpkin. Brought him back to base, relogged to island and cryoed all waterbabies. Guess I will have a look at some rock drakes/reapers/basilisks/karkinos tomorrow.
  7. I really like this topic, Im new to the forums and I like the idea of sharing your daily projects, so I decided to make a post too: Im playing on legacy servers and since I already have a pretty big base and a lot of dinos, breeding is my daily cup of tea. Today I decided to take out of cryo some owls and argies with nice colors together with a gigantopithecus that got a green face and a 324 base lvl clean tek stego. Still got half of the fridge filled with random babies, but I decided to have a chill day. As I head out with my giga to farm some meat, I notice a pair of orange glowing eyes right in front of my door. I spyglassed that little devil and its lvl 145. Quite high for an island creature, so I decided to tame it. Finished meatrun and returned to base, grabbed shield, stimulants and opened dododex to read something about troodon taming. Suggestion: Build a pen - alright, so I made a stone 2x2 pen with a ramp, waited till next night, lured the spawn of devil inside and tossed a poor lvl 150 poison wyvern baby out. The troodon started panicking, running into walls and refused to eat me or the baby. Frustrated, I punched it. Twice. Tried feeding the baby rare flowers and ate bunch of them myself. All I got was a really pissed trike wandering around and a troodon that ignored me more than a 16y old teenager. With the sunrise I demolished the pen, cryoed the wyvern and unleashed the devil into the wild. Now I remember why I hate passive taming, it seems so random. Next night I noticed the troodon was back on the horse, chasing dodos around, so I uncryoed the baby wyvern, cryoed it back and tossed it out with the cryosickness. That 145 minion of hell noticed our presence, made that victory "rau-rau" shout and jumped into my face. I got surprised and chugged down so many stimulants, my always drunk uncle would be proud of me. Positioned myself at the unconscious wyvern and kept chugging my stimulants while holding the shield. It took 3 bites for the little life-wrecker to kill the wyvern, and a pop-up name table showed up (kinda annoying). Black and blue 217 female dream eater was mine, and this "yolo" process took me less than 2 minutes. Note for myself - dont bother with a taming pen, troodons are klaustrophobic. Now I want to wait for colored event and get another high lvl one with red stripes to make a black/red killing machine. I have a floor with "mini-dinos", each of them having their own enclosure like a mini petting zoo. Got oviraptors, penguins, hespes, microraptors, vultures, lystros, archaeos, ichtys, dilos, dimos, pegos, compies, dodos and bats, with a troodon finally joining my collection. Satisfied with my catch, I got back into my breeding house, cryoed babies and called it a night.
  8. It looks like it has a lot of lights in the front, I guess it will be for deep water exploring. Also a lot of people kept talking about how bad it is to see colors underwater, so I guess they are giving us what we wanted for christmas. Kinda reminds me of the waterglider from subnautica, thats why I thought about it.
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