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  1. According to dododex he can indeed damage metal structures. I also wonder if there are going to be spiders and bats like we had before. In that case I will have to cryo almost all dinos, my structures are fancy and good looking but provide no protection. Lost some dinos to aggressive bats last time, not going to make that mistake twice...
  2. I have been playing on the same legacy island since beta. Me and one more guy are all who remains, and we decided we will serve as an unofficial guardians for our legacy. We help those who get stucked or cant find their bodies or dinos (I have been searching lost basilos in the ocean TOO MANY times), we provide advice and guidance and if someone lost their dino for a random bug (not for their stupidity or lack of knowledge) we give him a new one or provide kibble for it. Lastly we play a support role for bossfights and tek caves if anyone asks us for help. Thats about all we can do on a server with no official support. Why am I telling all this? Because we dont do this for free - the only thing in return we want is pillar-free server. As long as you dont pillar (not even beaches or resources, NOTHING), you get the helping hand. So far I havent seen pillared places in a looong time. And well, its legacy, if you pillar, you get 50 brontos set to wandering on your base for free.
  3. You probably mean this one, looks badass.
  4. Ark was never "just a dinosaur game". Since beta you got mythic creatures such as unicorns, wyverns and golems. You wake up on a beach because you were mysteriously manufactured and placed on ark with other species. Its a big high-tech scientific experiment thats supposed to save the earth. Genesis is a simulation, it wont be anything like the "real ark". It is supposed to train and prepare you for whatever comes after landing the arks on earth (guess it will be pissed off Rockwell). You are supposed to evolve. From basic natural materials, metal to tek. Being able to adapt to changes has always been a key to survival. On the other hand, I hear ya. I googled a lot of dinos we still miss in the game, even made sketches of how would they look in game (like dossiers). But still, Im not trading my fancy unicorns and tek boots (saved me so many times when ark crashed mid-air) for any dino.
  5. I really like this topic, Im new to the forums and I like the idea of sharing your daily projects, so I decided to make a post too: Im playing on legacy servers and since I already have a pretty big base and a lot of dinos, breeding is my daily cup of tea. Today I decided to take out of cryo some owls and argies with nice colors together with a gigantopithecus that got a green face and a 324 base lvl clean tek stego. Still got half of the fridge filled with random babies, but I decided to have a chill day. As I head out with my giga to farm some meat, I notice a pair of orange glowing eyes right in front of my door. I spyglassed that little devil and its lvl 145. Quite high for an island creature, so I decided to tame it. Finished meatrun and returned to base, grabbed shield, stimulants and opened dododex to read something about troodon taming. Suggestion: Build a pen - alright, so I made a stone 2x2 pen with a ramp, waited till next night, lured the spawn of devil inside and tossed a poor lvl 150 poison wyvern baby out. The troodon started panicking, running into walls and refused to eat me or the baby. Frustrated, I punched it. Twice. Tried feeding the baby rare flowers and ate bunch of them myself. All I got was a really pissed trike wandering around and a troodon that ignored me more than a 16y old teenager. With the sunrise I demolished the pen, cryoed the wyvern and unleashed the devil into the wild. Now I remember why I hate passive taming, it seems so random. Next night I noticed the troodon was back on the horse, chasing dodos around, so I uncryoed the baby wyvern, cryoed it back and tossed it out with the cryosickness. That 145 minion of hell noticed our presence, made that victory "rau-rau" shout and jumped into my face. I got surprised and chugged down so many stimulants, my always drunk uncle would be proud of me. Positioned myself at the unconscious wyvern and kept chugging my stimulants while holding the shield. It took 3 bites for the little life-wrecker to kill the wyvern, and a pop-up name table showed up (kinda annoying). Black and blue 217 female dream eater was mine, and this "yolo" process took me less than 2 minutes. Note for myself - dont bother with a taming pen, troodons are klaustrophobic. Now I want to wait for colored event and get another high lvl one with red stripes to make a black/red killing machine. I have a floor with "mini-dinos", each of them having their own enclosure like a mini petting zoo. Got oviraptors, penguins, hespes, microraptors, vultures, lystros, archaeos, ichtys, dilos, dimos, pegos, compies, dodos and bats, with a troodon finally joining my collection. Satisfied with my catch, I got back into my breeding house, cryoed babies and called it a night.
  6. Im playing on the same Island for years now and I know about (almost) everyone that lives there. Beach bobs or freshly joined trolls wont find my gift cliff, only players that play a bit longer know about it. Ofc some of them get greedy and take the whole stash. Also I alert my closest friends in alliance first that I unclaimed some dinos.
  7. Can only confirm, I love my new wolves. For a long time I thought Im the only one giving dinos away for free or for a symbolic price. I even built a giveaway spot on a cliff and called it a "Gift Cliff", where I unclaim all side products of breeding or my old stats, also I placed 2 storage boxes there and filled them with loot I get from alpha raptors while meat running. Players learned about it and I see a lot of newbies coming to check the cliff on low lvl pteras, they usually take arrows and harvesting tools. Ofc sometimes I see players from larger tribes coming there with argies and just taking all the stuff (do you really need 10 blue metal picks, guys?). And if someone comes and asks for an egg or breeding with my males, dont care if its a dodo or a 415 melee giga, they get it for free because it literally costs me nothing. Organized some tek caves for other people too, simply because they were solo/duo and wanted to progress, they brought their own resources and dinos and I gladly gave them the guidance and progression they asked for, all for free. There is no reason for me to force a newbie to mine 20k metal by hand so he can buy a quetzal or ankylo. Ark is grindy as hell by itself. I simply give them the dino and in return I get no hackers, exploiters or trolls on our legacy server and a really friendly and kind atmosphere.
  8. I usually tame a lvl 145-150 dino, and if it has better stats than my other tamed 150, I combine them. This happens with any dino I own, so its not surprising to find a 250 base lvl archaeopteryx or a 270 base lvl dodo in my collection, or any other species. Unfortunately, I live in the magical land called Legacy, where the mythical beta players still hold their grounds, so this post is probably irrelevant to you. Try asking people with big bases on servers or any other dino hoarder, they could help you.
  9. Official servers (talking about legacy official) get deleted from time to time, usually because of low population or traffic. Mostly it happens when they need new servers for new maps, and they give you announcement about migration - moving your stuff to another server thats not on the kill list. On the other hand some official servers have low population too. Maybe it wouldnt be bad to move them to "legacy" section and kill them off later. The only monthly wiped servers are arkpocalypse I think, never tried them before so cant really tell how they work.
  10. I actually...eh... removed their dinos from the entrance (only the ones blocking the buttons to open, I avoided the rest they had there) few times already, but they just keep replacing them... Started with parasaur/iguanodon, then they moved to higher lvled and tanky dinos such as rhino or paracer. First I just slightly moved them, but they kept putting it back in place so I made a more permanent move. Next day the rhino was back. I tried to message you but the phone steam app is kinda buggy for me, allows me to add you only.
  11. Or you can come to legacy. Since the release of Valguero some Chinese players decided to block caves with tamed dinos (they put a rhino facing the button to open the cave, and a paracer that has a building on its back and the inside button "stucked" inside this little building). Later they decided to expand their actions by taming golems, placing them at obelisk terminals and transform them into rocks, so no-one can access it. When asked why, they told us "because we can and we will". They probably dont want others to do bosses (since you cant get artefacts or open terminals). The cave blocking happened the same day the map was released, terminal blocking came a little later when they tamed the golems. And since we are legacy, and everyone is screaming "you are on borrowed time, we dont care about you" and with no support, we just patiently wait for transfers opening so we can move to another Valguero. So, if you wish to have your own terminal, legacy is a way to go!
  12. It looks like it has a lot of lights in the front, I guess it will be for deep water exploring. Also a lot of people kept talking about how bad it is to see colors underwater, so I guess they are giving us what we wanted for christmas. Kinda reminds me of the waterglider from subnautica, thats why I thought about it.
  13. All my wyverns got names after different dragonflight representants in World of Warcraft: Lightning - Kalecgos, Malygos, Tarecgosa Fire - Alexstrasza, Tyranastrasz, Keristrasza Poison - Ysera, Valithria Ice - Sindragosa, Sapphiron Tried to create some nice names for phoenixes as well: Blazewing, Colfury (light blue body), Inferno (christmas red), Felfire (cyan body with black wings), Cinderstorm (pink event color) Still need to figure out names for pure white phoenix (from valentine event) and cyan with pink belly. Reaper is named Carnage, basilisk is Hades (little word play, "had" means snake in my language). I have a lot of colored griffs too: Grinch - green belly and wings Skittles - green/pink/yellow Frenzy - red with green belly (christmas) Golgwing - yellow wings (obv) and light red body Fluffy - pink Snowflake - pure white griff But the name I like the most is for my dung beetle - Doug the Bug Legacy PVE dino hoarder here.
  14. Legacy PVE player here. I tamed a pair of 150s megatheriums, their baby had 251 base lvl with 6k hp and 375% base melee... When leveled I got it to 20k hp and around 700%-800% melee. With my ascendant saddle it makes him REALLY tanky, especially if he chomps some ants on my way around.
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