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  1. You are absolutely right. I made my base during beta on uneven ground and didnt rebuild it since. Made it 3-6 pillars high above the ground, on the far side even higher. For years I have dinos spawning inside (my base is at a river bank). Strangely, from the mix of dinos spawning around there had never been a carnivore, mostly phiomia, oviraptor and sometimes parasaur. I have a lot of theries, raptors, carnos and alpha versions spawning outside tho, sometimes even rex/alpha rex. One time I had a wild ovis chilling with my yuties inside. The only dangerous thing for the last 4-5 years was a wild chalico. But NEVER a carnivore or theri (god bless).
  2. I always have to laugh when people playing on officials say: You need new servers? Kill the legacies. You need to lower the number of servers to reduce costs? Kill the legacies. You need a place where you can test your bugs without people sending in milion tickets? Well, legacies! Those are mostly former-legacy players who decided to jump from this ship and abandon their work and friends because (and I LOVE this sentence) "you are on a borrowed time". You are saying that for years since official release. Keep saying that for the next years too. Now those former-players are salty because we are still not shut down and they traded chill and friendly player base for toxic, chinese-hackers-infested shiny officials. Hope you like being milked by them on both pvp and pve. I agree with you Lycan - leave the testing for beta servers and leave us finally alone.
  3. You realize that was a sarcasm, right? The game is updated quite often these days he didn't say the patches are useful or helpful.
  4. Go to customer support and click on "submit a request". Fill out the ticket and click submit.
  5. If you are on official servers, you have to write a ticket. If you are on legacy, say bye bye to your dinos and start over. If you are on unofficial, ask your admin. We can't help you here.
  6. Is this a completely new update or the "quick 15 minut minor hotfix" that took 2 hours yesterday? Dont want to come home from work and find out the rollback threw my babies out of pods.
  7. And you guys asking for bugs to be breedable in Quality of life forum. Seems you got a nice mutation on this bug! Be careful what you wish for.
  8. I was like: Should I pick up these eggs with still more than 1h timer? Naaaaah, just a quick hotfix I guess... Why am I always like this?
  9. Funny thing is when you get into a loop. Was on aberration getting some eggs, but due to heavy lag I DCed. Ofc above the radioactive river. So I respawned, grabbed another drake and set of hazard gear and went back. Meantime my drake died to other drakes (185 egg). Jumped to land near my dead drake corpse to loot the spare hazard set and eggs...aaaaand ended up in mesh together with drake, both endlessly falling with no stamina. Namelesses started to spawn and since drake was half-body in mesh, they slowly killed him while I had to hear his sad whimpers (190 egg). Had to remove my gear and let radiation kill me. So I respawned again. Grabbed last hazard set (note that all sets were mastercraft/ascendant). Stepped out of door to mount another drake and was greeted with 2 raptors, they probably fell from the ledge above. So, I died again. Endless death loop. I gave up and logouted.
  10. Ark has been out for years and yet people are doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over. Would you trust a random person on the street, invite him in and gave him a copy key to your house, where you have all your belongings and your cute pets? People's need for guild/tribe/party is an easy tool for insiding. Poor naive souls wake up alone on beach and the first thing they do instead of clubbing dodos is: "can someone invite me to a tribe?". They come here after playing a game of LoL or Fortnite and feel the urge to join (damn fortnite, you ruined dem kids!). Kind veterans or alphas give them some stuff and bred dinos and two days later they get robbed by that friendly guy who said he will play together with them and will help them if he gets an invite to tribe. After that they quit and I have to look at a wooden base with kilometers of wooden spikes all around (beach bob design) for days. On the other hand there are those 2-3 friends that play together in a tribe and decide to invite that friendly funny guy not knowing he will steal everything. Been playing for like 4 years and still going solo on official PvE. Only thing I couldnt handle alone is Rockwell and King titan, but thats what alliances are for. Any loss in ark is a heavy blow and hurts like a truck. But in this case you gave him the truck keys to run you over. Learn from it.
  11. You get x2 taming almost every weekend. We get breeding event like 4x in a whole year. It shouldnt matter because the "weaker tribes" see a lvl 20 red bronto and go for the tame just because of the color since they dont have so much spare resouces to tame a lvl 150 one. Its only incovenient because it takes a little longer.
  12. It was indeed 925 exti. I will not make the same mistake again, I will keep only the unnecessary things there and transfer loot from OSDs right away.
  13. Good day new survivors, this is your captain speaking. If you wish to visit the Island, where alphas and veterans have their laggy gigantic breeding bases and half of map including beaches is pillared, please exit the plane on our first stop. If you wish to visit the dino-remake of Australia named Scorched Earth, where everything is trying to kill you including the weather, bugs are the size of a horse and the map is covered in sand thats coarse and rough and it gets stucked everywhere, please exit the plane on our second stop. If you wish to experience what would our life as Europeans become if Russia and America started a nuclear war, feel free to stop at Aberration. Dont touch the pink river, its not made out of melted strawberry ice cream. If you wish to experience a descend into madness, please visit the Extinction, where managarms hop around like crickets on steroids and you can feel the crippling anxiety slowly moving up your spine: "Will I be the one thats going to be raided on PvE server by luring corrupted gigas today?" There is no better way of wasting your hours on a progress thats going to be wiped in 15 minutes of ORP window. Thrilling! So, survivor - where do you wish to start your adventure? Thank you for using our Arklines services!
  14. I noticed there are groups of 2, sometimes even 3 turkeys on the west island beach around red obelisk up to the snow part or in dense forests where its hard to spot them (I always find them thanks to the battle music when Im chomping trees with my giga to make a way). Not much on the east beach, there is the swamp part where they dont spawn at all. Didnt check the snowy beaches in north tho, but walked in the river around redwood checking both river banks but didnt find any at all. I guess walking around the island should be your best shot to find them.
  15. They are quite tough, they can survive 5-6 hits from a 700% melee fully imprinted giga with raider bonus. Killed 49 turkeys last night, 151 to go for my taxidermy quest. I swear if the dodorextaxi is going to be bugged/not displayed Im gonna stare angrily at my screen for at least 15 minutes, then proceed with "naaaaaaaaah" and go breed something instead.
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