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  1. Theri will eat a cake when his health drops by 500 hp (if I remember correctly) but there is something like internal cooldown on the cake, for example it can eat one cake per 30s - achatinas have this cooldown visible everytime I feed them, so probably it works for theries too, but could be longer. Dont know anything about the dragon tho, sometimes he behaves, sometimes he kills everything in arena.
  2. Because ark's code looks like mom's spaghetti.
  3. Im playing on an official pve legacy server. I expanded to center, ragnarok, exti, aberration, valguero and crystal isles and I never had a problem finding nice free spot with access to water and basic resources. And my bases end up being big. I have been on that island since beta and I also had this "beach bob helping boxes". Guess what? They dont want them. They want to fight their way up to the metal tier not get everything the second they spawn in. (Lets ignore those, who join in and scream for free stuff, I dont consider them as stable players and they will be gone as soon as you say
  4. Whats the point of "owning" a huge portion of land for 2 years? 2 years during which the land is practically unused and so damn ugly looking with those nasty 200 pillars? And dont try to tell me "resource protecting" or "I need a 300m clear perimeter in front of my base". What, are you afraid the vikings will come running from the woods to steal your women and you need to see them coming? Or are you afraid of tiny beach bob thatch cube? He will be gone in 2 weeks, let him enjoy the constant dying cyclus from raptors. Or because it will be ugly looking next to your fabulous metal/tek castl
  5. I think its like this (correct me if Im wrong please): Base max lvl = 105 +5 chibi lvls = 110 +15 island tek cave lvl = 125 +15 aberration boss = 140 Not sure about genesis, this is as far as I got.
  6. All the official players here - why do you post in posts regarding legacy? Do you play there? Are you just whiny because you abandoned your 1k hours when the game was officially released and started from scratch, then realizing you didnt have to because legacies are still up and healthy running? Less lags, more relaxed community, no overpriced dinos, a lot less pillars, no weaponized ticketing, more players everyday joining the servers. I see more empty official servers than legacy ones. Why would they get rid of servers that take care of themselves and where they doesnt have to wipe
  7. *heavy sarcasm and jokes incoming, please dont take it seriously and have a laugh* Wildcard team wants to fulfill our wishes. They are out there for a week now, rioting with others, just because they want to loot that brand new hardware to improve server stability. Ofc they didnt have time to finish new map when they have to fight off hundreds of people looting the store. They gonna grab those expensive graphic cards and full HD or 4k monitors so they can provide us with dope screenshots and gameplay videos. Idk how can you not see this. We will get a 5x rates to loot and stash all r
  8. He specificaly asked how to fix the problem and you didnt help, only brag. Second thing, your "top secret" is a bug that was already encountered on ragnarok, where golems near wyvern trench wouldnt start eating unless you lured them away from erupting-range area of volcano, its nothing new, its been around for years. Thats why there were people who know how to tame them. Last thing - this is clearly a bug and its not working as intended. OP wasnt asking anything that can be legit looked up on arkwiki about taming. He asked how to work around a bug. Thats what forums are for, to give a hel
  9. I saw someone with those golems few days after they released genesis. You are definitely not the first person to uncover this "super top secret". Poor guy was literaly asking if anyone has a fix for his problem and all of you just kept posting pictures and "I have them and I know how to tame them but I wont tell you." Classic official toxicity right here, you should be ashamed. "Look look I have golems, but I dont want you to have it too so I wont tell." Disgusting. Selfishness and jealousy are indeed top traits of a PvE player.
  10. Why are you acting like its some kind of super top secret ark mystery that no-one can know about? I thought forums are for free flow of infos and experiences, not for "I know how it works but I wont tell you." For those wondering, you need to lure the golem far from the volcano, look for golem traps that are already built there. That will be the right range and the golem will eat normally.
  11. The same goes for basilos, getting 4,3% imprint at 4% maturation... And dont let me start on gachas, they get 7% imprint at 9% maturation or something like that.
  12. And what did he waste? He is throwing the same cryopod over and over. You are either a troll or have no idea how cryopods work. And besides, the video has subtitles explaining everything.
  13. @RatardoGaming most likely he didnt even watch the video, its clear from the video how its done. Its interesting tho, never seen in happen before or I just didnt notice.
  14. Only someone who hasnt tried to breed from base 400% melee rex to 1300% melee rex can write a topic like this. Update the post once you achieve this solo, on your own with 2x150 parents. We will be waiting here, see you in approx 1-1,5 years. I really dont want to sound offensive, but this minigame with numbers is time-consuming and pure RNG, what would be the point of making it even harder? Its not like you are saying "just breed them together get hundred eggs and you have 1500% melee". You are complaining because you are far behind the people that started breeding lines years ago and wa
  15. I thought so too, I even prepared a vault with structures, tek generator/teleport/transmitter, cryofridges and other essential stuff so I can quickly set up a base elsewhere during migration. The vault is still untouched, NONE of my 5 servers Im playing on were closed. And I think I will never have to leave because we get new players almost every day. Sure, most of them dont stay long, but we gained some regular players as well and the population there doubled in past 6 months. Also, island was a smooth heaven, only the minilag during 15m saves. For whole event I havent seen it crash once
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