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  1. Unfortunately there's a longterm bug with chalk or ice golems on valeguro. They bug if you try to take off the map Once they get into that state, they aren't recoverable. Your only hope is to try a support ticket and see what they say.
  2. Were those the chalk / ice varient of rock elementals, tamed on valguero ?
  3. Hoping this is an unintended bug / glitch, as it is not in the patchnotes. The real killer is not being able to see the timer for the login lock. You can keep trying every 'couple of minutes', or just go afk for half an hour.
  4. Had this bug today too Tamed chalk golem on Valeguro, cyropodded him up. Transferred over and the icon on the cyropod shows up as a wyvern. The stats / name seems to be ok. 'Cannot deploy' at our base on the Island
  5. Eyeball part definitely makes it look like some kind of sentry drone.
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