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  1. Anyone care to guess how many raptors are down there
  2. Had this bug today too Tamed chalk golem on Valeguro, cyropodded him up. Transferred over and the icon on the cyropod shows up as a wyvern. The stats / name seems to be ok. 'Cannot deploy' at our base on the Island
  3. Maybe you just need to keep all the dinos
  4. Mama bear? Honey? Most of the bear names that come to mind are male (Winne the Pooh, Paddington, Yogi)
  5. They can be pretty annoying when you're starting out. Loud, makes the screen shake and that tail swipe does a lot of damage. I hate the height of the bushes, especially on the lake shores (starter-ish areas). They envelop your character, can't count the number of times I aggro'd random stegos, trikes or ankys. Or lost early wooden huts to bronto accidents >< Luckily once you get some carnivores of your own, you'll be glad there's so many brontos. Nice amount of meat repeatedly delivered to your doorstep ^^
  6. Lauren42

    genesis hopes

    looking forward to new areas and story to explore
  7. I had no idea this was possible. So many little things that aren't on the wiki >< Thank you for mentioning it !
  8. I love them ! The wall climbing is really useful too.
  9. Still bugged Deinos are so pretty as well.
  10. The social areas don't seem to count towards your post count either
  11. Eyeball part definitely makes it look like some kind of sentry drone.
  12. I love this idea, it would be really helpful.
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