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  1. CruelJustice

    Question about bosses

    Everyone has to be level 90, anyone less than 90 gets left behind when teleport takes place.
  2. CruelJustice

    Rex MC/ASC BP Drop Locations

    Shotguns? We've been using rocket launchers but you find the shotguns are effective?
  3. CruelJustice

    Rex MC/ASC BP Drop Locations

    Thanks, been looking in caves but haven't found much of use there. I'll keep trying!
  4. CruelJustice

    Rex MC/ASC BP Drop Locations

    Anyone found a Rex MC/ASC BP recently? I've been checking all drops and not been successful. Playing on a PC PVE Rag server if that makes a difference. Any tips for where I'm most likely to find one?
  5. CruelJustice

    Wyvern milk question

    Preserving salt does work in bin on Rag, at least it did last week on a PVE server. Make sure you're using preserving salt and not raw salt.
  6. CruelJustice

    Ragnarock Dino cap woes

    Really good idea IMO. Storage bases are a huge problem in the game. People store dinos on a server they don't play on, or even a server they do play on. You might want to have "boss rexes" available to use when you need them but don't need them on server all the time. This would not only help cap issues but SEVERE lag as well.
  7. CruelJustice

    Best way for bp flak ans weapon solo official

    I don't think so, at least I've never gotten them there.
  8. CruelJustice

    Are all bosses soloable?

    Yes, it's possible but you're going to need the right dinos, weapons, character set up, etc.
  9. CruelJustice

    Please incorporate a raft limit.

    110% agree with this one. Raft spamming is a HUGE issue on Ragnarok. Make a limit of one per player, and tribe limit can be scale-able to one per player in tribe. Come to think of it make tribe limit scale-able as well. Why should a one person tribe have the same dino limit as a 10 person tribe!!!!
  10. CruelJustice

    Got a question about something

    As long as your computer can handle running two servers it should be fine, just have to have two instances running I would think.
  11. CruelJustice

    RPG and the ice cave

    Waste of resources and way too heavy as others have said. You can solo it with a shotgun no problem.
  12. CruelJustice

    Forcing Dino Cap Ragnarok388

    It is a problem on all (or almost all) Rag servers. Unfortunately, a lot of tribes just have a base with dinos used for storage or tame dodos like crazy to hit their tribe cap and then kill them off when they need a slot. They need to rethink the tame cap limit on PVE. Not all tribes should have a limit of 500, why should a tribe with 5 or 10 or 15 players have the same limit as a solo player with their own tribe? Doesn't really make sense. An account limit would be better IMO. Right now with the limits the way they are they just encourage people to play on multiple servers and store dinos.
  13. CruelJustice

    Ragnarok servers...

    Even if you find one that is uncapped, chances are it will be capped shortly. All Rag servers are hovering at or right below tame cap almost all of the time.