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  1. So this bug has been reported by multiple people going back to the day of the patch that broke it. Any chance a mod is going to give an update anytime soon?
  2. Read all the way down the thread Lawman, he says later that he clarified and the are NOT giving engrams back, just imprints.
  3. It wasn't a rumor. It was posted on their official twitter account, https://twitter.com/survivetheark , that they would restore tek engrams that they now had the ability to restore engrams. Then, far down the post they said basically, oops, they aren't restoring engrams after all just imprints. In fact, it's STILL posted there so everyone still thinks they are getting engrams back until the GM shows up and says sorry, not going to help you. They told a friend they can only do it under special circumstances. If this isn't a special circumstance please tell me what is? At least take down that stupid twitter post so everyone doesn't have false hope.
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