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  1. Vacuum Compartment Suggestions According to our tribe has established a vacuum base underwater in genesis, we see several issues and suggestions which could be done better. If anyone got more, feel free to leave something. Issues / Unintended Errors 1. Default "E" button in PC is now unlock and it's too easy to accidentally unlock the compartment and by unlocking, this allows anyone to open compartment's wall and drown the whole base. You can freeze them to avoid this in general but if you jump a little bit or stand on teleport pad, the default is back to "Unlock" which raises the
  2. Logged in, do meat run, collect eggs, punch tribemates, farming resource for a bit , then we decided to go to sleep while a guildy spotted 150 and 145 rock elementals. We decided to kite home to tame for no purpose cause its our 10++ golems and we rarely use one of them. Ended up by all of us stay up late another night.
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