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  1. epickarn

    Can't place Tek Generator in my own base

    Problem Solved : Wow, Incident report works, Thank you Wildcard Enforcement team.
  2. epickarn

    Can't place Tek Generator in my own base

    I didn't ally with anyone on this server, Thank you for your answer. Thanks, Demerus. Hope I'm lucky for once.
  3. There is someone harassing me by placing pillars in front and also back of my base. Close enough that I can't even place walls on some foundations. That's understandable in term of game mechanics if not considering abusive issue. But this thing is beyond my understanding. I can't place tek generator inside my house ?!?. This is bugged or intended ??
  4. epickarn

    Easter Tames

  5. epickarn

    Easter Tames

  6. epickarn

    Easter Tames

  7. epickarn

    Easter Tames

  8. epickarn

    Easter Tames

    more collection
  9. epickarn

    How addicted to ARK are you?

    totally agree with you pughead ... lol
  10. epickarn

    Easter Tames

    and this is what my wife got
  11. epickarn

    Easter Tames

    This is what I got.
  12. epickarn

    How addicted to ARK are you?

    My wife thought I'm playing ARK too much but since I've seen you guys' level of addiction. Mine is not so much, just 1,400 hours.
  13. epickarn

    What is/are the best dino(s) for beginners?

    imo, the first thing is to get familiar of the map/zones which you may die many times until to find good spot to build a starter base. If you tame dino too early it's likely to be your burden than your tool which is likely to die in short time any way. Upgrade your base until you got some level. Then, your first dino should be an Argentavis.
  14. epickarn

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Logged in, do meat run, collect eggs, punch tribemates, farming resource for a bit , then we decided to go to sleep while a guildy spotted 150 and 145 rock elementals. We decided to kite home to tame for no purpose cause its our 10++ golems and we rarely use one of them. Ended up by all of us stay up late another night.