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  1. @lilpanda any news? Eight hours is a long time without some kind of update on this.
  2. The vast majority, and I mean it when I say "the vast majority," of problems on NA servers comes from [][][][][][] tribes. Luring, overbuilding, griefing, etc., would be almost completely eliminated with region locks. There, of course, are the [][][][][] tribes that are perfectly fine, friendly, courteous, and don't build giant metal boxes and store five dinos, if any at all, and nothing else in them, blocking major resource and creature spawn points. They are few and far between, unfortunately, and I feel for them, but it really is time.
  3. False advertising! I demand a refund! I'm going to sue! I think that covers everything, yeah?
  4. It's funny to me to think that people are still under the impression that only Legacy servers are being monitored for activity, and that you're perfectly safe on the new servers. Servers cost money - no players = no reason to pay for the server.
  5. I'm not sure if this has been suggested or not, but, here goes. A mod on the workshop, the name of which I will not say, allows you to play as a dino. I think it would be pretty fun to have a "Left 4 Dead" style mode, spawning in on assigned teams, playing either a human or a dino, as you would Left 4 Dead, with a specific objective for each round. A small"ish," series of linear maps designed specifically for the game mode would allow this to perform beautifully. Start off in a safe room packed with weapons, armor, and ammo. Supply drops along the way, possibly at each checkpoint. Upon entering the "endzone," dino players would have the opportunity to spawn in as higher tiered dinos.
  6. Start on Ragnarok. It's a free DLC. If you, for some reason, can't download that, fiddle around on PvE before even attempting PvP. I don't like PvP. Toxic as all getup. Punch a tree, study your engram list (skills), and always make a bed. Make spears as soon as you can, kill dodos for hide, and you will be good. Nothing wrong with a thatch hut for a while. Stay away from Therizinosaurus, Dilo's, and Calicotheriums. They look harmless. They're not. You will die. A lot.
  7. I used to be obsessed with this game. I like reading all the stories of new players experiencing things for the first time as it brings back a lot of pretty fond memories. Nostalgia is a weird thing. I switched to Unofficial several months ago and loved the change for a while, but, as much as I want to, I can't seem to be able to entertain myself with this game. My unofficial servers are my own. When there are players there, which is hardly ever, it is more fun to chat than it is to play. So what do you guys do anymore? What keeps the game entertaining for you? Try new mods? Start over repeatedly? Deal with the toxicity of PvP and get wrecked for fun?
  8. Players have always been able to lure dinos. Always. It's not something you can change. Lured dinos, unless aggressive, will not attack your base or your dinos. Your tames that are caught in the crossfire will also not receive damage, nor will your base. However, as has been stated already, some situations can cause agro to be transferred to your dinos if your dinos happen to be on neutral. Freak accident, quite possibly, but paid off admins or hacking is highly unlikely. It is demoralizing, and it makes you angry, but, unfortunately, these things happen. I remember losing 10 baby gigas due to a bug with stasis. They had just made it to juvenile. What that means is I stayed up all night to feed them. 28 hours of baby phase wasted. It really sucks.
  9. Primal Fear Chaos Wyvern is the best.
  10. This does not say anything about, nor does it hint to the conclusion of, them updating the current saves that are available. For instance; NA Official 442 - which was deleted in the 2nd round of the great migration, has a current save that dates November of 2017, as do the still-active legacy servers. That was six months ago, nearly seven.
  11. Please update the current Legacy server saves. They are so old right now they're not even worth hosting.
  12. So we supported you for years but now you won't support us? The people who helped you better the game? Tell me why I should continue playing.
  13. Definitely need to know information. I need mah 1.5x!
  14. My orange Thylacoleo: My multi colored Rex:
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