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  1. If you actually read the feed you'd see they're working on a patch, not just a rollback. I play on PC. Have done so for five years. You get used to things like this happening. You learn to not get so bent out of shape over a game. Get over it.
  2. It's the same method as last event. Cook them in the cooking pot. The recipe tells you what it requires.
  3. What is unbelievable is your ineptitude. http://www.twitter.com/survivetheark - keep up with them.
  4. I'm glad you guys found a solution. For us, though, our NAT acceleration is handled ISP side, so we're screwed.
  5. We've been having the same issue for almost a week now on any official server. We can connect to unofficial just fine. I can't get anyone to respond.
  6. You have to understand that the Dev Kit includes every asset in the game. Every. single. asset. This includes assets that are not client side assets, assets that are not currently used, new and old, in their rawest forms, as well as currently used assets. The Dev Kit wasn't designed to be played around with, It was designed to be a tool for developers to create mods. It wasn't designed with "curious kitties" in mind. If you don't have a good PC you won't get much done. A high end i5/mid i7 or better cpu and 32gb of RAM, plus a high(ish) capacity SSD is minimum here. A single asset could have upwards of 3000+ shaders that need to be compiled, and even with an SSD that could take 10 minutes alone to load. Your expectations are far too high. You can't expect a Nintendo to run Crisis.
  7. You spent 10 months building a base, the Devs have spent seven years building this game; I assure you they care more than you do. Take a second, take a breath, and submit a ticket.
  8. Minimum, to use it comfortably, you need an i5-4690k or better CPU, 32GB RAM, and at least a 500gb SSD. 16gb RAM doesn't really cut it anymore, and doing anything on a HDD will be torture. When creating mods you'll use a test level. It is small and doesn't take long to load. If you're making maps, you'll load each level individually.
  9. I'm not sure if this has been mentioned or not, but it's not just unofficial. It's official servers, as well. We haven't been able to connect for days.
  10. Nokosa


    Are honestly surprised? You're comparing an early game tame to a mid/late level tame. Next you'll be upset because a Rex ate your Carno.
  11. Official servers are what matter. Private servers can be fixed rather easily when it comes to changes that effect them negatively. It does suck that some changes impact private servers negatively, and I feel for you. People blocking caves, resources, tames, and glitch spawns in caves has been a plague since the launch of Genesis and there was nothing that could be done on PvE. This solves the problem, and I am grateful.
  12. Thank you for disabling cave building on PvE Genesis This is a fantastic change. Too many natural resources and spawns have been blocked since the launch of the servers. This is needed. However, the people who have built inside of these caves still have structures inside of these caves, effectively making the "no build zone" change sort of useless. Is this to be addressed?
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