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  1. I was certain this would start on Tuesday and last two weeks... but that's Wildcard for you. The 3x is certainly welcome, though. Thanks!
  2. Crashing on our Gen server every hour or so, as well. Frequent timeouts, sometimes just minutes between each one. Genesis servers really need to be looked at. It's your newest expansion. There is no excuse for this.
  3. ComplexMindedToday at 6:14 PM For this event we added a "rare" chibi craft, so players can pay a little more to specifically target the new and/or rarer chibis
  4. You keep linking this like we haven't done it already, but we have. Almost every hour for the last 11. It's a matter of them getting on and getting them started again. They failed to do it last night like they should have.
  5. Woo! Thank you for the 2x breeding! And the mammoth looks dope. I can't wait!
  6. The issue is not due to structures. The issue is due to an excessive amount of players connecting via VPN. The lag is noticeably less when these users are offline. Either the servers need to be updated to better hardware, or VPN users need to be block, and region lock needs to be put in place, otherwise the issue will persist. That being said, of the other heavily populated servers we play on, with fewer VPN users, these issues do not exist.
  7. Literally the same Crunch three weeks in a row. Thanks for the reminder though, I guess?
  8. You can go around in circles all day with this. A giga would only kill a tuso that is beached on the shore and can't move. A tuso in the water will murder a giga.
  9. Thank you! Hopefully this doesn't effect our ability to enjoy this event. It would be a shame.
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