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  1. Nokosa


    Are honestly surprised? You're comparing an early game tame to a mid/late level tame. Next you'll be upset because a Rex ate your Carno.
  2. Official servers are what matter. Private servers can be fixed rather easily when it comes to changes that effect them negatively. It does suck that some changes impact private servers negatively, and I feel for you. People blocking caves, resources, tames, and glitch spawns in caves has been a plague since the launch of Genesis and there was nothing that could be done on PvE. This solves the problem, and I am grateful.
  3. Thank you for disabling cave building on PvE Genesis This is a fantastic change. Too many natural resources and spawns have been blocked since the launch of the servers. This is needed. However, the people who have built inside of these caves still have structures inside of these caves, effectively making the "no build zone" change sort of useless. Is this to be addressed?
  4. Lately? The food and water consumption on Valguero. It's horrendous.
  5. It's 3x normal. If normal for Yuty is 7 days 17 hours that is 185 hours. Divide that by three. 61.66 hours, or 2 days 13 hours, roughly. Edit: Not completely updated, but still a good tool: http://ark.crumplecorn.com/breeding/
  6. They are already investigating the issue, calm your tots.
  7. Because, if it is to prevent duping, people are doing it. It's not to punish anyone, it is to prevent people from duping. You aren't being directly targeted against, sometimes you have to take the good with the bad.
  8. Largest flat spot I've seen is the frozen lake on Rag. But, you know... murder murder and everything.
  9. A public test server. For the love of all things Earthly a friggin' public test server. You guys need to test these patches before you deploy them in order to stop patching during peak hours all the time.
  10. The majority of them are back online. People can breathe again
  11. Pillaring around someones base is still against ToS. It can still be reported and removed. I get what you're saying, and where you're coming from, I do. I just feel like pushing a sub on people would cause a lot of problems. People don't typically like to pay for something that gets taken away from them at some point. People will pay for sustainability.
  12. Servers are starting to come back online.
  13. Because if I'm paying a monthly fee to play the game my hard work shouldn't be allowed to crumble. It's a quick way to get me to unsub. PvE is a different breed, I guess. If it's being paid for it should stay, imo.
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