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  1. Tell me please, did Wildcard stop working? My friend Lost Character during transfer. PVE Official server. We submit ticket a couple of days ago, and there is no any reaction. In such an incident as loss of character, time is one of the key factors. Support service stop working? What do you recommend? Start over? Kill all the imprinted dinosaurs? Why do you need a giga/drake/wyvern imprinted on another person? Lose thousands of hours and sleepless nights spent growing and imprinting dinosaurs? Start collecting wyvern and drake eggs? Again? What is the point in the game if everything disappears due to unknown glitches? How to protect yourself from such situations? Or can everything stop? And start spending these thousands of hours to methodically, in all social networks, tell everyone what awaits them in this game? You don’t even have to embellish anything - just write the truth about glitches and lost months? The level of frustration is maximum.
  2. Solo done wave 30 with 1 giga (HP:44K, M:1100%)... every 3th wave - heals by owl P.S. imho need use only one giga per wave... most damage from wyvs fire... one giga can easy chomp all wywv and tank all dmg... two (or more) gigas get same dmg from fire...
  3. this is a very stupid suggestion
  4. did you explore other people's bases and look for complain about freeze and ruin christmas? mr. Grinch?
  5. I found a way to get rid of excess Mini-HLNA Skin in my inventory: need to open the refrigerator and press the transfer of this skin into the refrigerator. The skin does not appear in the refrigerator, but disappears from the inventory. Excess Mini-HLNA Skin instances appear after each trip to another server.
  6. Mini-HLNA Skin: I have 16 copies of this skin in my inventory. Bug?
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