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  1. 6k eggs is not enough! I did open 2 full valnuts of Easter eggs (35k x 2) on past weekends. I make 2x2 pens with one ramp and 2 small boxes in the center. then, with the help of a bear, a crossbow and hooks, I collect 20-25 dodos in each of these pens (no more fit). then you jump onto the boxes in the center of the pen and collect ~ 70 eggs from each pen at a time. when enough eggs are collected, we put them in two long rows and open them ... it is most convenient when one is continuously laying and the other is continuously opening ... it turns out quite a lot of chibi ... and go
  2. Tell me please, did Wildcard stop working? My friend Lost Character during transfer. PVE Official server. We submit ticket a couple of days ago, and there is no any reaction. In such an incident as loss of character, time is one of the key factors. Support service stop working? What do you recommend? Start over? Kill all the imprinted dinosaurs? Why do you need a giga/drake/wyvern imprinted on another person? Lose thousands of hours and sleepless nights spent growing and imprinting dinosaurs? Start collecting wyvern and drake eggs? Again? What is t
  3. this is a very stupid suggestion
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