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  1. did you explore other people's bases and look for complain about freeze and ruin christmas? mr. Grinch?
  2. I found a way to get rid of excess Mini-HLNA Skin in my inventory: need to open the refrigerator and press the transfer of this skin into the refrigerator. The skin does not appear in the refrigerator, but disappears from the inventory. Excess Mini-HLNA Skin instances appear after each trip to another server.
  3. Mini-HLNA Skin: I have 16 copies of this skin in my inventory. Bug?
  4. Why do they take away (once again) all the progress of the game? start with a bare headache? - it is absolutely NOT INTERESTING! Why did we spend thousands of hours growing Rex? (no cryopods - no cryopods on hardcore) Why did I not sleep at night for the time cultivating good giganthosaurs? Why did I farm resources for hundreds of days and build a huge base? it's cruel! complete disappointment! :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((
  5. delete without transfer - its not fun!!! tons hours for mutating rexes... it's not fair
  6. Question Great Migration Server Removal List Its "Migration" or DELETION??? all servers at our cluster mark for removal: LEGACY-Hardcore-PVE-EU-ScorchedEarth730 LEGACY-Hardcore-PVE-NA-ScorchedEarth775 LEGACY-PVE-Hardcore-OfficialServer446 what should we do?
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