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  1. Stairs worked great ! Only problem is this now .. not sure how to cover
  2. Building Help :( Hey all! I've been trying to improve my building abit, however I ran into a couple problems as shown ... I have these gaps, and on another part, ramps can't touch ground without being "obstructed" . Is there a different struct I should use or is there a workaround? Any help would be appreciated !
  3. Alrighty, so to get the clear point on adding color to breeding line, you would mate your strongest (female or male) with the color dino, then have the offspring breed with the parent dino until it inhabits the stats of the strong parent(s) ?
  4. So in the case where I have a mother father dino with say... 0/20 1042803/20 , and I were to mate them with there kids or something. Would it be possible for color mutations to occur ?
  5. Best thing to do, I've lost tons of babies until I started doing that
  6. Gotcha, so mutations are the main thing to watch out for when using low levels.
  7. That was my idea these event colors are pretty cool lol
  8. Well though it does suck, I look at it as more of a time to fix bugs
  9. Well .. it does have a beautiful dermis XD
  10. Breeding question Hello all! Recently I've been getting into trading on different servers, usually grabbing some strong dinos . I check the ancenstry list, and I see they sometimes use a low level in there mutations? I thought the low level tames are usually to be avoided during breeding? For instance, during this event I have been seen some nice color dinos but usually low level, is there a way I can utilize there color but start breeding strong dinos with them to get a "super" dino but with the event colors? Sorry, I know theres a lot of things regarding breeding but this specific thing im confused about.
  11. I agree, i'd love to see a dodorex on here !
  12. Which wyvern is best to fight other Wyverns? Peep the topic I've heard fire wyverns are the best but wanna hear the communities thoughts ^^
  13. Where's your favorite location? Valguero is a beautiful place, what's everyone's favorite spot?
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