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  1. Aberration Official Servers?

    Where are the eu pve servers?
  2. Please no transfer of aberration to other maps

    Well, maybe I'm not updated.. But are you sure we can't transfer to the abberation map?
  3. Eggers room design

    This kibble farm is massive! Good job !👍
  4. Flying baby argy??

    Oh lol Good to know
  5. 255 ping

    Yeah, that's true. rag 72 is such a pain on the weekends, it's unplayable .. and it's not getting better from time to time. the lags hit us on every single weekend 255 ping and i can't even close the door after me weekends is the only free time i got to breed and play ark, but instead of breeding and playing for fun im getting mad thanks to the horrible lags going on our server.
  6. Griffin Balance

    ah I wish we could breed griffins, but we can't
  7. Flying baby argy??

    i've hatched many argies in the past but i have never seen them flying as babies
  8. Bee Taming.. Tips?

    I personally find it much easier to take down a bee hive other than taming a giant bee.
  9. Baby breeding with kibble?

    nice idea, i'll use it next time i breed dinos
  10. RIP ARK? More Content or More Fixes?

    The game is great, too much stuff will only make it worse i beleive
  11. ARK at TwitchCon 2017!

    Take my money !