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  1. Did i see a Magmasaur chibi ??? omfg plllleease say theres a Ferox >.>
  2. Dont think this is the Shoulder Cannon at all ! the Shape aint right and it had Arm guard towards the back ( similar to the Crossbows). i Personally think it could be a Tek Cross Bow ? defo not the Shoulder cannon doesnt sit right
  3. Seems to be On Aber Only from what im getting from Friends on other Servers, water systems seems fine on other maps !!
  4. Canteen showing up Broken as Well as water skins Ect ! cant drink from Taps or rivers ... literally threw myself in there to Drink ..... Kinda Weird how that went ! Just a head up i dont know if this is effecting other servers only Aber atm Thanks again Guys !
  5. Water Mech is borken on Aber not sure about the other servers ! the water canteen comes up Broken and the action to Drink no longer fills water... you have to throw yourself in the pool @Chris @Jen, seems to be after the last update ! not sure whats going on there ! head up on it !
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