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  1. Synistermissy

    Z Plants Ruined

    I agree the Plant Z nerf was needed it was heavily OP in the healing aspect when it came to PVP players and content. But every Nerf they introduce effects the PVE Base as well alot which dont really make balances that are intended for PVP combat and game-play. Introducing these to PVE in itself is kinda a Drain because both games Run on Different Aspects. Plants Helped heaps in Saving a drake that had been pushed into the Mesh being battered only for the Plant Z to be its only saving Grace. it Was OP but for me i think the Nerf that bad to PVE makes them pretty Pointless killing one of the Selling points Aberration Has. Plant should at least a little more kick For PVE base because you cant abuse it in the Same sense (to some degree) that it can be with PVP players. PVE its mostly used for Egg farming and Queen (i used this method to help me Farm Queen easier though i despawn them mostly so i dont really think its that much a deal Queen Farming). PVE in itself needs Far more challenging aspects for end Game. once you hit end game on any map, get boring Really Quick. But Aber is still suffering with stupid mesh bugs. a new bug was introduced with the Wing suits attached to Haz, NOW break them instantly on contact of element Water... again. this has cost me a lot of drakes due to how Squishy they are without a rider. i get the Nerf for PVP aspect, but when the Map is still as buggy and pushing and even having new bugs introduced.... its starting to affect more than just your Push to play when you cant heal to recover from a said incident. It just Healped heaps Recovering from those Bugs, Again i agree it was OP far to much even for PVE but it should still have some Play. Given the idea is to Balance it, Red on Aber can be very Challenging in the Wrong conditions, Taking in the Bugs and for our Server at least BAD lag.
  2. Synistermissy

    Reaper Twins/Triplets

    Hey Guys im just curious if anyone actually know if its possible to have Twin Reaper Kings ect on Birth ? Ive had Quite a few already but no Sign of Twins of yet ? was thinking no given they attack anything including another Baby Reaper. But the Twins and Triplet mech is on nearly every other Dino/Drake/wyvern, so why not the Reapers ? Thanks in advance Guys
  3. Synistermissy

    Reaper Impregnation while Transfers?

    Hey guys ! Was wondering if anyone has tried to Transfer off an Official Server While Pregnant with the Reaper? may sound silly but if you got a few things going on another server you need to check or even just wanna take it off server Early ? will it survive the Transfer ? Thanks in Advance
  4. Synistermissy

    Spring 2018 DLC sneak peek

    Has anyone ever considered the Survivors of aberration may have done something to the Plant? i mean they did Nuke the control tower to aberrations overseer, she already shoots first asks Questions later. We dont know how long ago they were even on Aberration or if they are still alive, but judging by the state of the Ruins... its been a long time. like consider the Fact they may be the reason the earth is so Damaged. Maybe what ever they found they wernt happy with enough to go on a rampage and nuke the town/planer. Think of this, where's their moral compass pointing... if they get back to earth and see who or what ever is playing God so to speak coping pasting the survivors for what ever the Reasons... would that not be wrong Morally? would that be enough to tip them over the Edge stop the cycle of testing by taking down the operations even if it means killing the creation process needed to continue Survival ? were not even sure how many made it through back to earth or even what ever is on the other side is friendly. last thing you want is your creation turning up at your doorstep asking Questions, why the ARKS were never routed to the planet only by high jacking the Obis did they By pass it. Who knows but that planet looked like a Civ once. and very similar to the Design of the Arks therefore it must be the same people/aliens running it. the Planet itself must have been up and running before the ARKS. That said Could be the opposite, the Planet died be it. Theres a lesson in the background that Humanity on a whole is always trying to Control its Destination. always trying to control the issue or even the Cause. Power hungry is man Kinds biggest feat, wouldn't surprise me there was a War on that morality So big it took the Planet Down ? One things for sure its still active on the Surface so what ever is down there will most likely not be happy to see us haha.
  5. Synistermissy

    Spino Spawn overkill !

    This is an official server mind. Sorry should have said
  6. Synistermissy

    Spino Spawn overkill !

    In the same spot lol ? There are 200 in the entire area and like 30 pilled up on each other lmfao
  7. Synistermissy

    Spino Spawn overkill !

    Hey So after the new update we've just logged to finding out River full of about 100 maybe more Spinos spawned, not only that ! they're spawning in our base as well, they've killed a few dragons and we've tried killing them only for the to start re-spawning ! this is a massive issue here atm can be get someone to look at this cause we cant keep culling the Spinos. they're tearing the River a new scene hahah. Not sure how many other Rag servers this is effect, ours is Rag 70 OC Many thanks!
  8. Synistermissy

    Theories of Aberration boss

    The boss was said to be something familiar with the stream for aberration during Twitch Con, to me that could possibly be a tail rather than a kraken/Squid like part... there is a chance it could be a mutation of an already existing boss or one of the other dinos, example being the dragon boss and his tail ( though im personally feel thats a stretch) i guess at very most id say maybe could possible be a Tuso mutation for a boss but that wouldn't Go with the Theme of This DLC, this DLC take heavy influence from Aliens (Nameless especially given the reflection to the xenomorph Life cycle even, being a huge fan of aliens this part for me is realllly interesting), but generally im not thinking Squid oddly. I am only seeing one and im sure they'd add in more if they wanted to hint at that. I am thinking more along the line of Tail of something if im honest, but they say familiar so literally could be a mut of anything from ARK.
  9. Hey Guys since the resent patch Rag 70 is now crashing constantly and restarting, every few min, possible we could get some attention on it. Not sure if its Just rag or other servers as well though. Thanks !
  10. Synistermissy

    Aberration Boss ?

    Hey guys! So Chris released a screen on twitter of his workstation with the Aberration Screensaver. Few interesting Little things in there ! including the Beast that can walk on the ZIP Line, it seems it is able to be ridden ! but anyone notice the tentacles coming out of the Ground ? potential Boss ? or one of the other creatures maybe?I know the devs mentioned wanting a kraken like boss when a water based dlc was mentioned. Maybe theyve found a way to incoperate here. what do you guys think, anything Else you guys see that i may have missed as well !
  11. Synistermissy

    What are everyone's goals for Aberration?

    Get wrecked by the Reaper Queen when i'm butt naked, knowing my luck ill walk in to the damn thing when i shouldn't, like when i Land on DW in SE. Rock Drakes though ! find out where the trench is work out the best area to set up out of the darkness or tame 100 pugs to keep the Evil cretins at bay. Hoping the drakes will be breed-able given they are the natural enemy of the Reapers so they should be... but this is ARK.
  12. Synistermissy

    ARK Digest Q&A!

    Hey Guys ! Aberration Questions 1. We've seen the Reaper King and Queen, but is there a final Boss of aberration Like the Manticore of SE. If so will i require the same Summoning tactic (summoning items). Will it be activated through the broken Obelisk as well? or is the Obelisks state going to effect the game play as well. as usually we use the 3 that already exist to travel to other arks, but there seems to only 1 here. 2. Leading to Question two... If there is only 1 obelisk how do you plan to change the transferring system, as 3 obis made it easier for many people in different areas of the Map to get to an Obelisk. And that also leads to Drops ? will You still be using the Same method ? will they even be available given the surface doesn't Function from the overseers area as we saw at the end of Island. or will you be using a totally different Drop method Given its underground Or will you just be Using cave drops instead. GG btw guys keep it up