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  1. Server Dino Cap Discussion

    Pve 52 Server = 35 Server Capp 17 playable ?? ! after 3 months RIP ARK
  2. Server Cap Exploitation PVE

    Pve 52 Server = 35 Server Capp 17 playable ?? ! after 3 months RIP ARK
  3. RIP offiziell Server 44!
  4. Chainsaw + Argentavis Bug

    I have this bug always

    Very annoying how long already ?
  6. Hidden boss tweek?

    Very strange perhaps dimorphodon´s?
  7. About the server lag.

    since months... Really??
  8. A friend has also the problem very annoying
  9. Thylo cutest glitch

    That's really cool ^^
  10. Wyvern Bug

    Crazy wyvern in the game ! ^^ is that normal ?
  11. Titanoboa Egg Farm

  12. Crop Plots, Scorched Earth

    We can not build any new ones
  13. flying dead fish

    I see that more often ^^