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  1. they dont care and dont bother with the outage reports because whoever is looking at those doesnt care either.
  2. 455 ext unplayable for 2-3 months with 100s of reports sent in these idiots have not addressed the issue just sweep it under the rug
  3. Ext 455 "false,unofficial" offline for a day According to battlemetrics ext 455 is online but it is not. Its offline and labled as false unofficial. Have not been able to get on the server for almost 24 hours. Server is not showing up on list when logging into ark and NO not searching for favorites..................
  4. extinction server down again says online but is not, status changed to unofficial false
  5. timeout, cannot connect to host, constant lag and crashing at least 50-100 reports put it on the server and no raptoring response when the raptor are the server issues going to be addressed
  6. Event is over, server issues persist, cannot connect, timeout, crashing dc etc. what the raptor
  7. extinction offline for hours, multiple tickets submitted nothing done. raptoring say something and address the issues the community is having with the servers
  8. Moderators arent much help here not much help at all everything being swept under the rug
  9. submit this ticket here submit that ticket there nothing is getting fixed
  10. EXT 455 OFFLINE AGAIN 04/17/2020 1:19 AM Ongoing 02:23 04/16/2020 10:30 AM 04/16/2020 11:21 AM 00:50 04/16/2020 9:13 AM 04/16/2020 10:02 AM 00:49 04/16/2020 7:44 AM 04/16/2020 8:03 AM 00:20 04/16/2020 5:34 AM 04/16/2020 5:54 AM 00:20 04/16/2020 2:58 AM 04/16/2020 3:25 AM 00:26 ?????
  11. Current Version: v310.29 - 04/15/2020 Fixed multiple server crashes Yeah right............servers still crashing going offline...........
  12. Same. Cannot raise on ext unless I risk every baby dying.
  13. the event is basically off for some cant even trust to go out taming without timing out and dying or trying to raise babies and timeout with all babies dying
  14. they got rich with the dlc and ran with the money leaving all the servers to mush
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