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  1. 255 on alot of servers the servers are trash right now and WC has no answer or fix for the issue.
  2. BornSlippy


    Artifacts Is there artifacts on genesis?
  3. Where are the locations only place i know of is around 74 30.
  4. I cannot find any freaking otters today no spawns no fish in the lakes at all.
  5. Force starting ark? Is there anyway to force start the game past an update. WC says restart not needed but had to restart anyway now there is a very small update turning into an hour and at this point babies will die is there anyway to start the game? On official.
  6. weird i dont even get that message ill have to try again
  7. BornSlippy


    Ouch i guess you need to find a sweet spot that astroids will not hit
  8. BornSlippy


    every structure type/tier?
  9. BornSlippy


    Astroids Do they destroy structures on the moon?
  10. Yeah i no longer see the "you are being targeted message anymore". they follow you and at a certain point just stop its completely bugged hope it gets fixed asap.
  11. im not getting that message at all its bugged to crap atm
  12. Megachelon taming broken No longer follows to tame megachelon and stops near turtle just completely broken right now
  13. Parkeet swarm not following Only follows to a certain point then completely stops and also when it does follow you there is no "you are being targeted" message anymore.
  14. Ocean Platform Building Downwards Anyone have any tips or tutorial videos showing how to build down to make a water pen with the ocean platform?
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