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  1. Prefer no rollback and just get it back online asap..
  2. Center 353 352 crash offline Please help get it online.......
  3. Ab Healing Plants no longer healing after recent patch No healing from plants. Great.
  4. If you plan on transferring the ice golems or chalk dont even waste time doing it. They turn into raptors when you leave the server and you cant unpod them.
  5. Valguero 562 pve offline Crashed.......... It is up again, minor rollback.
  6. Valguero Ice Wyverns no longer spawning No ice wyverns only fire/zombie fire wyverns spawning on valguero
  7. purple is in the event its just for whatever reason orange seems to be popping up alot more than purple for me at least.
  8. Halloween Event Bugs Candy corns sinking into the ground, very little skeleton dinosaurs spawning in at least for aberration.
  9. BornSlippy


    Megaloceros? Has anyone tried transferring deer to aberration? Just wondering if I would be able to raise them there.
  10. At some point. Always ends up being years.
  11. I had wyvern eggs disappear and rock golems wont deploy when transferring out of valguero. Also rock golem icon on the cryopod is changed to raptor.
  12. Same happened to me cannot transfer wyvern ice eggs.
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