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  1. BornSlippy

    Owl wind-up?

    Owl wind-up? What was the purpose of increasing the duration of the owl wind-up? Taking more time to heal a dino. It's not horrible WC did this but it kinda sucks.
  2. Which map has gachas? Because ive spent hours upon hours today and not one gacha has popped up holy s.............
  3. How do I install a mod and which mod?
  4. Complete King Titan Alpha No skins Completed Alpha KT and received the cool cut scene and implant but no skins....
  5. Reinstall? Woke up this morning, hit the ark icon and i get "you are about to install ark survival etc." Um what happened? Somehow ark was uninstalled without my knowledge?
  6. Ok I figured it out. My glowpets light was preventing me from harvesting the glowbugs charge.
  7. Glowbugs/Recharge batteries I have empty batteries and I am trying to recharge them using the glowbugs. I even tried putting the battery in my action bar 0 and still not working. I get the press E prompt to give a glowbug 500 charge but my batteries aren't even charged. What am I doing wrong?
  8. Yeah official pve and not the entrance of the surfaces. Where you can actually burn to death out in the open very close to the border wall mesh whatever its called.
  9. BornSlippy

    Exploits or?

    Exploits or? I've seen transmitters in caves and teleporters on the surface is this intended?
  10. Happened to me too a few days ago I freaked out then tried the karkinos trick and poof reaper reappeared.
  11. OMG this just happened to me tonight. My reaper baby vanished without a trace so I looked this issue up and sure as heck I used a crab and luckily picked him up from beneath the ground. Next time I will wait around so he doesn't render into the ground!
  12. BornSlippy


    Monkey Random question but can we take mesopithecus from island to aberration?
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