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  1. snow owl healing How do I increase the snow owls healing what is the best way?
  2. Did you check both servers to see if either character are there?
  3. ark uninstalled itself on me for the 4th time, the game is just a mess in general not sure id have any advice for you except maybe switch maps?
  4. EXT 455 major crashes constant crashes and freezing DILO is going on?
  5. Cannot transfer rock golems and wyvern eggs Is this still bugged??
  6. BornSlippy

    water dinos

    yes........managarmr gasbags velons etc.
  7. BornSlippy

    water dinos

    water dinos has anyone ever tried unpodding a tuso or mosa in green zone lake? wondering if you can breed water dinos on aberration since you can on ext servers?
  8. Tamed a new dino now I CANNOT deploy it and NO it is not a dupe. What is going on?
  9. BornSlippy

    OSD Bugged

    Completed an OSD today even claimed it now it is still locked and I cannot eject the loot...................
  10. Also the devs who allow it by not creating alternative ways for people to enjoy that part of the event.
  11. WC devs create toxic enviornment with Holiday event. Why would you guys (Wildcard) not create some kind of alternative or multiple ways to collecting coals and such for holiday skins and items. People are literally fighting over a few drops from the raptor clause.
  12. Whats the point of even collecting christmas items if those will be wiped as well raptoring lame.
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