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  1. just lost a whole vault full of gacha crystals that had element dust. when i put them in the dedicated storage vault it changed them to primitive crystals and when i took them out to consume you get nothing from them.
  2. I reported this a couple months ago and haven't heard anything yet.
  3. Can you please make titanboa eggs special again? And give up the pay to win aspect that is starting to creep into Ark.
  4. bedbug

    kibble rework Fixing the kibble system

    it will happen. As soon as you r seen as any kind of threat. Sorry but thats just the way of Pvp. spent my first 3000 hrs on PvP.
  5. bedbug

    kibble rework Fixing the kibble system

    this method doesnt work for extraordinary kibble. But i guess you're not at that lvl yet.
  6. bedbug

    kibble rework Fixing the kibble system

    or pay some respect to this history of the game. Ever since day one, on the island, titanboa eggs have been special. They have always been the most valued eggs. This would allow players that dont have the time or money to play on multiple maps, the opportunity to get the full game experience. Make titanboa eggs special again!!
  7. bedbug

    Game freezing issues

    a simple solution would be, do a roll back pre Homsted, and take another month or so to iron out all these issues.
  8. bedbug

    New kibble system= pay to win

    It is really hard to imagine that they just removed titanboa eggs for any other reason but to nudge players over to the other dlcs. Money talks.
  9. bedbug

    New kibble system= pay to win

    We all already know about Rag and Center. Is it really something you have to mention? Boy i hate to be in a union or on the same side as you lot at a negotiating table. You'd be sucking up to the other side lol!! Just trying to make the a small arguement in favor of bringing back titanboa eggs to special. But i guess not
  10. bedbug

    New kibble system= pay to win

    yes but to get amounts needed for any large scale farm would be super tedious and really puts players at a huge disadvantage.
  11. So this new kibble system really forces players to buy other dlc's in order to get any kind of stock of extraordinary kibble. By removing the titanboas, it forces players on the island to buy dlc's. Im wondering if this was intentional or not.
  12. bedbug

    Game freezing issues

    can also report extreme freezing issues. with a 1080. cant even fly a wyvern. Must be something to do with the latest patch? Game is pretty much unplayable for me in its current state.
  13. I can confirm this bug too. Happened to me as well. And to another person on my server. I think it has something to do with the lag spike. Instantly sends you to respawn screen. Now I'm afraid to use my mana s on the island. It's never happened to me on extinction.
  14. bedbug

    Aberr Server PVE 380 = 255 Ping AGAIN

    Please can someone fix this problem. Ping is at 255 this morning. PVE Official Aberration 380.
  15. To do some much work to raise pteras and quetzals and then have some outside force just come along and arbitrally decide to negate everything you have done without any reason especially for pve players is insane!! it makes me not want to do one more thing in this game because all the time i put into something has an inherent risk of being deleted at the whim of a wildcard employee.