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  1. Yeah I checked and it isn’t counting to my tamed dinos also I can’t fast travel to its bed so I guess it’s gone.
  2. Oh thanks I’ll check when I get back on. If the server did roll back would I still get the tame notification in my tribe log?
  3. I tamed an event coloured stryder on Sunday with the bags and the mining attachment. I went to play today and it is gone!! There is no death thing in my log and it shows that I tamed it. Anyone have something like this happen ??
  4. NA OFFICIAL Island 80 is still crashing all the time. Please, this has been going on for far too long. Players on this official server are stuck in limbo, unable to plan or play or look forward to upcoming events etc. We have a great community on 80 and this server issue is destroying all that.
  5. I can back up what Egor is saying. NA PVE island 80 is totally unplayable in its current state. It is constantly crashing with aprx 30 to 40 min downtime where you have to wait at computer to see how far you r gonna be rolled back. I have also submitted a ticket and beg WC to please look into this.
  6. I play on PVE Official 458 extinction and it is always crapping out on me. for like days at a time. It is almost to the point that im afraid to play it and do purple drops or veins. As of now it is down again ofcoarse.
  7. They keep talking about their stupid events and their new love for epic games while totally neglecting those that have supported them since day one. It’s incredulous that they have Multiple actual official servers that are dead and yet they spew on about this fluff.
  8. You are not the only official server down. Na official 80 has been down for over a day with not even a recognition from wc that there is a problem.
  9. good luck, mines been down for 24 hours with no thought to the players that play on it. Some kind of statement at least would be nice.
  10. my servers been down for like 24 hrs. No indication of what is going on. So its kind of hard to get excited about this when an official server just dissappears and might never come back lol.
  11. Official NA PVE 80 Island Down Just reporting that an official server has been down for like 24 hrs. If this sellout company even cares about stuff like that anymore. Although I can imagine it is pretty unprofessional to let major things like this slip.
  12. Yeah I can also confirm this. I wasted like 20 or so element before I gave up.
  13. also want to transfer and wondering if this is still an issue.
  14. Since the Extra Life event is happening during fear evolved am I to assume that the boosted rates will not include taming?
  15. Im quite suprised actually, youd think this is a pretty major bug and would get high priority!!
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