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  1. Yeah that's why I came here, I didnt trust that calculator when it said what it used per hour. Btw Icaro, its Mr. Sparkle here. If you get a chance you should come over and check out my new base!!
  2. I spent three heatwaves taming a fairly high pheonix on official pve. I was so proud of it. I transferred it to the island, filled it up with sulfur and put it in my metal tower . A time passed and I didnt realize that dinos auto decay like wood. I was so bummed when I read the tribe log.
  3. Oh thank you very much! I was getting so many conflicting statements online. Ok, cool I think I can afford that. Thanks again.
  4. Tek gen on 10x? Does anyone have an up to date answer for how long one element will last on a max radius tek gen? or what rate it consumes element? Im playing on official and would like to see if it I can afford to use tek instead of the old wires. thanks
  5. But dont I run the risk of getting banned if I have a cloned character?
  6. This just happened to me and I want to delete my clone asap. But I'm worried it will delete my actual toon too. How do I go about deleting this thing?
  7. bedbug

    Cannot Deploy:

    Please can someone fix this bug??? I got to think it would be a relatively easy fix.
  8. also want to transfer and wondering if this is still an issue.
  9. Since the Extra Life event is happening during fear evolved am I to assume that the boosted rates will not include taming?
  10. Im quite suprised actually, youd think this is a pretty major bug and would get high priority!!
  11. Is this an issue? I'd like to start taming these guys for selling but it would be pointless if this bug still persists.
  12. True but I doubt anyones gonna go out and tame them just for superior kibble when there are so many other options for that class of kibble.
  13. At the time I posted this Yuty eggs were not classed as extraordinary. So if you only played on the island, you were stuck with the tedium of farming golden hesp eggs. I've played on the island since early access and it has been a part of the maps history that titanboa eggs were always the most valued eggs. So at the time I felt like removing those eggs were kind of like a betrayal of the maps history. Perhaps I went a bit to far saying that it equaled pay to win. I'm guessing the reason they removed titanboa is to keep the tame count down. At least with yutys, people are gonna tame them anyways for bosses. But with titan boas it would be a tame just for eggs.
  14. All that tek and the thing still sounds like an old fridge when you open and close it!! You'd think they could have come up with a new cool sound for opening and closing something like that.
  15. just lost a whole vault full of gacha crystals that had element dust. when i put them in the dedicated storage vault it changed them to primitive crystals and when i took them out to consume you get nothing from them.
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