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  1. 12gb ram for a game in 2021 thats a lot ? get ur facts. ARK eats a lot everyone knows that, that's why there's a lot of poop to do to lower the consumption. And you cant compare consoles vs pc, you just cant.
  2. Oh wow.. rlly ? We already did that like 5h ago on the servers with 6-7h+ and lets not talk about the ones with 15h+ , they dont need 1day to fix some servers. Smart guy,.
  3. Any news about when all servers are up ?? Many are down for like 7h+ and few more with 15+ , is anyone gonna fix this problem ? Or at this point staff dont care ?
  4. Very usefull and kind :D

  5. Breeding gigas and we just got BLUE GIGA mutation color !!! Im so hyype:D:D
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