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  1. Indeed , both parties will lose , the people who have babies and the people who maybe found something in the last 10-15mins .
  2. not every1 can see always the msg , for me i was afk , since i know they new eggs and babies had a buffer for 30min+
  3. i have like 30 babies out , and im not the only one , my mates where in wyv nest so yeah rip all.
  4. everything is doomed , patch more , mby even the raptoring map will disappear
  5. aint a wipe , just a retarded patch from the wildcard studio like always , they mini patch every hour .
  6. And wait 2 light years for a response , they will make u a chara lv 105 without tek engrams and might give you some imprints back as i heard , but good luck.
  7. Yes , you better close all legacy servers , anyway all legacy will die in 3 months when is the next check , most of the people already left , under 10people on the most servers , i really dont see why to keep them up more , many people wanna take the save files and buy servers to host like me aswell.
  8. The DEVS r full with lies man , dont tell me a game like this base on your character dont have a database with everything saved...
  9. Very usefull and kind :D

  10. Breeding gigas and we just got BLUE GIGA mutation color !!! Im so hyype:D:D
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