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  1. Ignore option In-Game Hi, So after playing for way to long on this game (and still enjoying half of every second)... It would be Great to be able to ignore people in-game. Because after playing for several hours in a row (i know not healthy), And getting the chat spammed by squares the whole time it gets frustrating and annoying. Specially if its from the same tribe and they refuse to use tribe chat. Me and some people on the server have asked several times nicely and polite to talk in tribe chat. And they just ignore it. Yes, there is the option to hide the chat comple
  2. Some weird things going on... Its might be the wrong section (or not). So with the update that just rolled out (300.8) i thought lets be early and log off and start updating already. So i did but while logging my whole ARK just froze and decided to force close it. But then a Black screen stayed behind and i could hear people mashing their keyboards and using dinos and cryopods. This was not on the server i'm playing on as i was the only one online at this moment. Any idea? any clues? I do know it scared the *beep* out of me
  3. You can farm all you want you cant consume them. So dont bother crafting new ones.
  4. Same here... First i thought it was from Mindwiping but that was not the case The funniest of all is even after crafting a new emote, you cant learn/consume it. So they are hiding somewhere...
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