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  1. Bambulaaa

    hard poly farm

    no i need for trades:P noone accept organic poly in 15k -20k numbersXD
  2. Bambulaaa

    hard poly farm

    yes but organic poly is not hard poly:P there is diference:P
  3. Bambulaaa

    hard poly farm

    kk thanks for the help both of you
  4. Bambulaaa

    hard poly farm

    is it underwater? , i mean can you tell me around where?
  5. Bambulaaa

    hard poly farm

    Hi anyone know what method is the best for hard poly farm and where? whats better anky or mantis? using argy or karki? ragna or other server? i checked the servers ragna looked like decent having big spawn ot obsidian , at volcano but not sure about other server.
  6. Bambulaaa

    Extinction DLC

    its even writed in the old news you just need to reread it lol: The countdown to our special event begins! Survivors can look forward to some epic discoveries with new content and challenges, and we'll have even more exciting news coming in the middle of the month, so stay tuned! so its like there is event then they tell use when the dlc get out:/ but maybe i am wrong:P
  7. Hi i have this problem after i reinstalled my pc. its keep kicking me up and i have to refresh the logg in to or it dont let me in also it dont save my log in information. i am using steam to log in. and it worked well before i reinstalled my pc