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Community Crunch 158: Post-Launch Extinction Updates!


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Post-Launch Extinction Updates!


Hello Survivors! We don't have much new information to share with you all in this weeks crunch, but we did still want to keep you in the loop of what we've been working on and what things look like going forward for us in the near future.

It's been a whirlwind as we released Extinction on Xbox, PS4, Windows 10, and Max & Linux all last week. We had our highest number of peak players ever on PC last Sunday which we were thrilled to see. Extinction was the cumulative effort of many people and many hours, and to see the response from players about their experience on the map and with the creatures has been very rewarding for us.

There have been some concerns from the community regarding bug-related issues and balance issues. We want to let everyone know that we are absorbing as much feedback from our players as possible through our many social channels, as well as videos and streams from survivors as well. 

Here are some key issues we are currently tackling:

  • Primitive Plus not working on PS4 and Xbox.
  • The Center map missing terrain on PS4.
  • Supply drops missing on other maps.
  • Meteors doing damage where they should not.
  • Wyvern and Rock Drake eggs missing/not being visible.
  • Tek Rock Drake Saddle missing on PC.
  • Mek's and Enforcers being re-added to PS4/crash fix.
  • And many others.

We are looking to get our console players up-to-date with the PC version in the near future, and will keep you posted as we make our way through the certification process on those. It is worth taking a look at what changes have been made to the PC version of ARK to be aware of changes coming to console in the near future. As always, we appreciate all of your feedback and your patience with us during this time as we address all platforms simultaneously.

Next week we will have a Dev Diary with our lead programmer Chris, who will be chattting about some of the balance decisions that have been made on Extinction thus far and changes going forward. In the mean time, we hope you continue to enjoy the expansion! Keep on surviving!

ARK on Sale!


ARK: Survival Evolved
ARK: Explorer's Edition
ARK: Season Pass
ARK: Scorched Earth
ARK: Aberration

ARK: Survival Evolved
ARK: Season Pass
ARK: Scorched Earth
ARK: Aberration

Fanart of the Week!


Managarmr by Shockal!

Evolution Event!


Survivors on all platforms will be receiving a special Evolution Event perk this weekend! It will be active from Friday the 23rd of November at 1 PM EST until Monday the 26th of November at 3 PM EST. All Official Servers across each platform will be undergoing this evolutionary change which includes:

2x Harvesting Rates
2x Taming Rates
2x EXP Rates

That's it for this post guys! As always if you’ve got anything to share you can find us at:

Twitter: twitter.com/survivetheark
Facebook: facebook.com/survivetheark
Reddit: reddit.com/r/playark
Instagram: instagram.com/survivetheark
Twitch: twitch.tv/survivetheark
Steam: steamcommunity.com/app/346110
Youtube: youtube.com/survivetheark

All the best,
Studio Wildcard

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I'm not the kind of person to complain on these posts. I know you guys have a lot on your hands with fixing bugs and all that. I just wanted to bring to your attention a couple of the issues I had playing on Windows 10. If there is a better place please let me know.

I spawned in at the sanctuary and within 5 minutes I had fallen through some of the world geometry that didn't render in or something. Visually it was there, although with broken textures, but when I walked on it I dropped and fell to my death. There also seems to be some rendering issues with a lot of the other textures as well. The old tek floor is constantly "shimmering" revealing grids and polygons. I tried playing with my video settings and had no luck. Also in the distance the domes don't render their environments so they just appear as dark spheres on the horizon. I am very excited to explore the new world, but I am leery to venture too far until these issues are fixed for fear of falling through the map. Hopefully you can get it fixed soon. 

Thanks for the work on the game and addressing the issues. 

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On official pve, lvl 300+ wyverns and gigas being kited into people's bases, completely wiping them, is intended? If yes, please say so, so I don't waste more time on the otherwise very cool map.


It's not really possible to find a good base spot high up due to pillars and without flyer. It's not really possible to tame a flyer if you can hardly build a small base that will get wiped the same day anyway.

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While the map itself is beautiful and very well done (from what little ive seen), the gameplay experience on console is broken so bad that it makes this DLC completely worthless and unplayable... We have a server on Nitrado and we're so excited to transition to the new map, but the rendering issues and full dashboard lagout's literally every 2-4 minutes completely sours the experience. I have'nt seen performance issues this bad ever, and i've been playing since the early open BETA like 5 years ago... very disappointed! =(

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1 hour ago, DauntedVenus said:

Could you at least disable meteors like on pc until its patched? On console.

No. Theres no On/Off switch for the meteors. They released a client side update to turn it off on PC untill they fixed it and turned it back on with another client side update. So just like every client side update on console it has to go through certification before they can give it to us.

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I love ARK, its the only game I play and the only game I care to play right now. My favourite map by far has to be Aberration followed by Ragnarok, The Island is also a great map, Scorched Earth is ok, its just not for me, still a well designed map for the concept, i'm not sure why The Center is even an official map, its clearly unfinished, but still its well designed.

Extinction is a great concept, implemented horribly wrong. Aside from the mentioned issues in the original post..

Extinction was not play tested clearly. With every update there comes a new problem, even on other maps as wildcard scrambles to push fixes to issues that could have been foreseen. Updates for element veins trashed whole bases into dust, now OSD's are also trashing bases. Why are there no config options to reduce the OSD/element veins self destruction AOE?

The map design, the overall layout, there is just far too much diversity going on, wildcard shouldn't have just stuffed in two whole domed off biomes to add a couple of new dinos, people are more than familiar with Ice and Scorched biomes, this could have gone a totally different way, with new level content rather than regurgitated level content.

There are almost no nooks/mini caves to build bases in, you would have thought that Ragnarok being as popular as it is wildcard would have implemented some of the cave type build-able areas... albeit there are sky scrapers to build on.

The underground forest is almost baron, or at least no love has gone into its design, it is just a big empty cave, the foliage for some of the more noticeable crystals on walls, rocks and other larger foliage render in far to late, aberration didn't have these noticeable LOD and Near/Far foliage issues.

- Speaking of LODs, the city is a ugly sight when watching LODs transition, I'm sure to save on resources for all those integrated graphics people, but I like my polygons, next time more polygons please...

- The titans being a great idea, just a PVP nightmare, where are the config options? Why were the titans not play tested for trashing bases through entire cliff sides or city buildings?

This map doesn't look like it implemented anything Wildcard has learned from Level designers that populate the Steam Workshop, even from wildcards own previous edition Aberration, that was a beautiful map with a lot of attention to detail.

When first played Extinction I noticed:

  • Design issues, nothing looks like it fits.
  • Texture issues.
  • Inventory UI issues. (character flickering)
  • Lighting and shadow. issues (moar IBLs?)
  • Mob spawn issues. (not enough, or beaver apocalypse)
  • Level loading issues. (biome transitions are weak)
  • Dome implementation is something to be desired.
  • Mesh collision issues and asset collision issues. (can mesh in many many places)
  • Foliage render issues.
  • Death trap volumes at the map edge that is poorly implemented. (radiation would have worked better)

Overall, this has to be the worst map in terms of a Wildcard release, untested, or at least not competently tested. Under loved and void of the same detail Aberration got. A massive disappointment in my eyes considering the hype.

I for one would have happily waited the extra few months for this to be released unburdened by these issues, its not like Wildcard haven't pushed back the release of a map months in order to get it right.

Please Wildcard I implore you, stop using Elon Musk time and setting unachievable deadlines, then rushing to push the latest new thing.

Rant over and I still love ARK, however its back to Aberration for me. Thanks for a great game!

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3 hours ago, Weiss said:

On official pve, lvl 300+ wyverns and gigas being kited into people's bases, completely wiping them, is intended? If yes, please say so, so I don't waste more time on the otherwise very cool map.


It's not really possible to find a good base spot high up due to pillars and without flyer. It's not really possible to tame a flyer if you can hardly build a small base that will get wiped the same day anyway.

Yeah i have the same problem, the people coming to my little base with corrupt dinos and take it down easy

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