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  1. I know it seems scary but you can do it with expert mode and adding the ini file. I just started adding ini files to increase stack sizes of specific items with ConfigOverrideItemMazQuantity. During my research I happened across people mentioning that the item stack multiplier(ini that increases everything by a multiple) can really mess with some things that shouldn't be stacked such as armor and weapons. Just something to consider. Also I used ini files to change the pickup timer to 3 days instead of 30 seconds... the timer itself changed but it only lasts like 30 seconds before the option to pick up disappears.
  2. If you are going to go through all that trouble you might as well just download the steam version and download mods legit. Im pretty sure you can use a controller too. As a side note that sounds like a good way to get your xbox locked out of xbox live forever if you care.
  3. Most likely your mount is over its carry weight. Just like your character it has a weight stat. When you get on the weight of your character gets applied to the mount also. Pteras have a very low weight stat, other types of flyers have slightly better weight but have less speed.
  4. Dont even own a pc let alone one that could handle Ark. I enjoy playing games on my xbox and have a good Ark community built up there. My phone, tablet, and xbox cover every use I can think of. I understand that a PC games better and has more options but I have 0 interest in it.
  5. Consoles dont have mods but we can use ini on rented and pc hosted servers. I honestly just want to be able to level speed like a normal dino, i dont really care about the nerfed speed or stamina. If I want to have a speed stamina quetz on my unofficial pve server that shouldnt be too much to ask.
  6. No they didnt, xbox client side is 780.10, the servers have recieved an update for 780.11 which is compatible. Depending on the changes made with the update, the server and client(version on your console or pc) dont have to match.
  7. Its very common for client side and server side to be different. Your client side will never say 780.11 as that is just a server side update.
  8. No. Theres no On/Off switch for the meteors. They released a client side update to turn it off on PC untill they fixed it and turned it back on with another client side update. So just like every client side update on console it has to go through certification before they can give it to us.
  9. Because every dino you had would end up dead. Haven't you noticed how dino tails and limbs clip through the ground? Instant death.
  10. They dont control the conquest servers. Snail Games, their parent company, manages those servers separately so I would assume snail will have to push those live.
  11. They dont control time, its never going to be perfect for everyone and Microsoft and WildCard both have offices in the PST zone. It isnt like you are waiting any longer than anyone else, its the exact same moment in time, your clock just shows a different number. Plenty of us here in NA will be at work or school when it goes live. Maybe you will have a chance to start your download before you leave for the day
  12. The game barely works on console, do you really want to add a bunch of stuff thats just going to add more bugs? Im not sure where you get this idea that people are throwing money at them but im sure they have they have more important things to spend whatever money they do get. Like keeping the servers running... they dont own the servers, they rent which costs thousands monthly. No investor want to hear that their money is being spent on adding free content to a game when there is paid dlc to be worked on
  13. If you let me know your server name and what search filters to use like pve/pvp, map, etc i can see if I can find it. If you dont want to post it here you could message me here or on xbox. My gt is the same as my username.
  14. So if you purchased it through the app on xbox it should show correctly. Make sure to be looking in " unofficial pc sessions" and make sure your game is set to prim+ if your server is set to it or vice versa. The setting in the main menu to pick prim+ or normal Ark changes what the game searches for when you look at the server list.
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