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  1. I know it seems scary but you can do it with expert mode and adding the ini file. I just started adding ini files to increase stack sizes of specific items with ConfigOverrideItemMazQuantity. During my research I happened across people mentioning that the item stack multiplier(ini that increases everything by a multiple) can really mess with some things that shouldn't be stacked such as armor and weapons. Just something to consider. Also I used ini files to change the pickup timer to 3 days instead of 30 seconds... the timer itself changed but it only lasts like 30 seconds before the option to pick up disappears.
  2. This is the xbox forum, you may be able to find help in the forum for mobile or by filing a support ticket. Im not sure if the mobile game uses the same support ticket system as the other platforms.
  3. You need to file a support ticket with proof and they will get back to you someday. No one here can help you.
  4. If you are going to go through all that trouble you might as well just download the steam version and download mods legit. Im pretty sure you can use a controller too. As a side note that sounds like a good way to get your xbox locked out of xbox live forever if you care.
  5. When i say cheating profits the whole tribe thats a generalized statement not specific to this situation. Thats being said they have absolutely no way of knowing that your whole tribe wasnt involved. For all they know you all farmed for what ever was sold, one of you made a throw away account to sell it, and then you split the money. They cant just assume you werent involved. They cant just punish one person because then someone will just make a new throw away account and just continue cheating.
  6. You dont need to have proof, the gms have the proof, someone provided a ticket with proof attached to it. No one needs to contact you or explain. It is what it is. They cant be that involved with each case. It takes them weeks to answer their support tickets as it is. Theres no reason for them to know or care that you just recently merged. It has to be all or nothing. When 1 person cheats a whole tribe benefits and there is no way to find out which person or people were specifically involved and which accounts are just scapegoats with the real cheaters hiding behind them. They recieve proof of the cheating by a specific tribe, that tribe is punished, end of story. In a perfect world it would be awesome if they could be more involved but they have thousands of servers across many platforms to deal with. You weren't perma banned along with the tribe wipe? If not you're lucky. Selling ingame stuff for real money is a big deal and thought it was suppose to be a perma ban for your account and whole console. It would be nice if they told you which person it was but I have no idea if they can or not. As a rule of thumb they will not discuss any action taken by a GM. Usually even talking about actions taken gets the thread locked or deleted
  7. If you dont like official rates then dont play official. There are thousands of unofficial servers rented from the same company that hosts the officials available to join. They have a variety of settings to choose from too. Official PVE isnt really PVE anyway, its passive agressive PVP. If you want a real PVE experience then unofficial is the way to go. Officials are meant to be for large tribes of people with lots of time. The more people you have the more man hours your tribe can invest, the better you will do. Taking turns raising babies and looking after long tames and other grindy things. My server has no auto decay for structures or dinos, 1 month before claimable or demolish allowed, x3 tame, x6 baby mature, halved baby food consumption and plenty of other setting meant to make it so solos and small tribes can advance through the game without no life-ing the game. Also no pillar spam. Not advertising just trying to let you know PVE can be so much better. Theres plenty of servers out there with much higher rates than mine even and the amount of changeable options is just mind blowing for unofficial. Theres a forum just for server advertisement and theres a server list in game for "unofficial pc sessions". Some are open to the public and others are private and password protected so you would need to be invited, each having their pros and cons.
  8. Rip. You need to pick your tribe better. One person can mess things up for everyone and thats the way it needs to be. Do you really think just banning one person would work? People would just make a bunch of throw away accounts and use them to cheat and get away with it forever. They absolutely will NOT do a "rollback" for a single tribe. A rollback is them literally shutting down the server, going into the servers save log, choosing an old save, and starting it back up. Any progress anyone else on the server made after that save point would be gone forever. Rollbacks are reserved for when a server or game issue causes harm to many of the tribes on the server. Why would it have mattered if you were on at the time of the wipe? They do not wipe a whole tribe without proof. They recieved some sort of proof your tribe was cheating(fake or not) and the decision was already made. Your word against someone elses proof means nothing. Its not a discussion or a trial.
  9. Cheats do not destroy artifacts. Im not sure why it didnt spawn but you can try leaving the area and returning a few times to see if it respawns. Otherwise you can spawn it in using cheats.
  10. V781.18 was just a server side update. This means it was just an update sent directly to the server, it is not an update you need to download. When it comes down to what version the server is running and what version the client is running the numbers after the decimal can differ a little and still be compatible.
  11. At this point you are just repeating yourself and rambling like a mad man, most of what you are saying makes no sense at all. I took a glance before you edited your post and although I don't remember exactly what was said your ramblings then weren't any better. Now that I have some time I'll try to break it down for you one more time. What did you purchase? "Early Access" to a game. What is early access to a game? Buying the ability to play a game while it is still in development. There is no debate on what this means, as much as you want to argue it. Might as well argue gravity doesn't exist or the earth is flat, its a waste of time. If you want to choose to ignore facts that's your own problem. If you didn't understand the meaning of early access before you purchased it, that's your problem. Basically you are paying to be a QA game tester for the game because the devs cant afford to hire a large enough team to test it thoroughly on their own. What does early access guarantee? Nothing unless otherwise stated by the devs. When Ark was in EA the description in the store mentioned the same things that all EA games mention. That the game may never be finished and it may or may not be updated. So when you buy an EA game you are buying an unfinished game and that's all they ever need to give you. Its right there in the description. Unfinished means the game will be buggy and glitchy. Have you ever heard of buying a vehicle "as is" that is what EA is for games. Which is why all EA games come at a discounted price, because you are not buying a full game. You had every ability to determine if the game was in an acceptable state. First off you could have easily done some looking around and found videos and live streams of the game. Secondly there was a demo you could have downloaded for free..... It was your responsibility to read the warnings and your responsibility to head the warning and do some research. If you don't feel like doing either of those then you should not have purchased an EA game. This is not a debate, this is fact. Again, you can choose to ignore fact if you want but that doesn't change anything. As I said before if you had purchased the full version of the game today in its current state then sure go ahead and get that refund, you deserve it. Except you purchased early access to the game 2 years ago and got a free full release version in the process so you are asking for a refund on something you didn't buy. I'm really not sure why you keep saying "you" when talking about WildCard, the devs. I do not work for WildCard. These are "community forums" as it says at the top of your page. There are no devs here(98% of the time), this is a place for community members to discuss topics with each other. Definitely no one here has the power to give you a refund. Microsoft is just stringing you along because they got tired of dealing with you. All purchases and refunds go through them. Whos name was on the charge to your credit card when you purchased the game? It was Microsoft. They charge you the full amount, take their cut, and transfer it on by. They can easily refund you the money and charge WildCard if they want. So long story short no one cares if you purchased a broken game 2 years ago and its still broken. You purchased that broken game, realized it was broken and didn't ask for your refund at that time. That's your problem, no one elses since you were never guaranteed a working game. Now you are just throwing a fit because you are bored. You can argue your point until your blue in the face and it will change nothing because no one here cares, no matter how many people take your side you wont get your money back.
  12. Most likely your mount is over its carry weight. Just like your character it has a weight stat. When you get on the weight of your character gets applied to the mount also. Pteras have a very low weight stat, other types of flyers have slightly better weight but have less speed.
  13. Early access has a very simple definition. You are purchasing access to a game that is still in development, hence the "early" in the phrase. There is no controversy over that. Every early access game in the xbox store says that it may never release and to only purchase if you are comfortable with the current state of the game. So to simplify, you are purchasing the game in its current state and anything added/updated is a free bonus after that. Access to the full version is also a free bonus. You didn't purchase the full version of the game so how could you recieve a refund for a fully released game that you recieved for free? Also how is it anyones fault but yours if you didn't read the fine print? Especially when its the first line in the description, so I wouldn't really call it "fine". Thats not how the world works. Its your job to know what you are purchasing. If you purchased the full game, in its current broken state, then yes you deserve a refund. You got exactly what you paid for, access to a game before it was released.
  14. Contact the Xbox/Microsoft support, they are the only ones who can give you your money back on a digital game. In the past they have done it but at this point idk. You purchased an access to a game alpha which came with absolutely no guarantee that you would actually get a finished game. In the fine print it mentioned they could stop development at anytime with no refunds. Getting to keep your game and its saves after full release are just bonuses you recieved not required by the devs at all. If you had purchased the full game after release and realized they somehow got away with designing the game to run only on the X1X and good internet then you would deserve a refund. This is because Microsoft requires all games on xbox to be designed to run on the regular Xbox One. They then can be enhanced for the X1X if the dev chooses to do so. Just so you know theres a big difference between a dc(disconnect) and crash/dashboard. If you whole game closes and it sends you back to your xbox home screen then that is the games poor design being too much for the regular xbox and causing it to crash. If you are being dced your game continues to run but you are kicked out of the server and back to Arks server list or main menu. A majority of the time a dc is because you have weak internet 54 56
  15. Well because of the lag it could have made it past the barrier died and then lagged back. Or it could have lagged straight up to the ceiling barrier and died then the fall made the body land in a weird spot. Either way the main explanation is "Ark". This type of thing happens. You could file a lost dino support ticket if that is still a thing, if you are on an official server but I honestly don't think its worth your time. You'll spend weeks waiting for a response and they may do nothing. If they do they will spawn you in a new one with no imprint and possibly a lower level.
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