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  1. TedyBearOfDeath

    Xbox one X 60 FPS?

    Yup, dont own a pc either. Closest thing i have is a surface pro 4, a tablet with a keyboard attachment. This is 2018 all console gamers, unless they are like 6, understand that a pc will out perform a console. We just dont care. But like you said people will continue to give their opinion on the subject where it isnt needed or wanted.
  2. TedyBearOfDeath

    Xbox one X 60 FPS?

    Hes a young kid who just got his first gaming pc and he came here to troll because it makes hm feel special.
  3. TedyBearOfDeath

    TLC 2?

    They just added it to pc so it will be a little bit before we get it.
  4. TedyBearOfDeath

    Argentavis on P+

    They just added it to pc so it will be a little before we get it.
  5. You can only use 1 per level on official so once you max out your level you are stuck.
  6. TedyBearOfDeath

    Argentavis on P+

    TLC2 didnt make it into prim+ this update. They claim to be working on it.
  7. TedyBearOfDeath

    TLC 2?

    They claim to be working on it. It seems like it wasnt planned to be with the rest of the TLC2.
  8. TedyBearOfDeath

    exploit Boat clippin

    If a moving structure didnt clip you would barely be able to move boats and dinos with platform saddles. Yes people exploit this necessary mechanic and its annoying but there is very little that can be done with it. Rafts are mostly worthless anyway just stop using them like the majority of players.
  9. TedyBearOfDeath

    disconnected every time open drops or obs

  10. TedyBearOfDeath

    pillars disappearing from cliff platforms

    I think the problem is the pillar does not snap to the platform, it is just sitting on top of it. So its considered unsnapped. As I'm sure you know lone pillars decay much faster than ones that have structures snapped to them. Do you not have any other structures snapped to them, are they just decoration? Or is the timers just bugging out on you? I've heard about people losing structures from the middle of their base because of buggy timers.
  11. TedyBearOfDeath

    Lost dinosaur help

    If it was in a situation where it shouldnt survive but it never showed dead in the tribe log its still possible that it was killed but the log is bugged.
  12. TedyBearOfDeath

    Primitive plus TLC 2

    They know and are working on it.
  13. TedyBearOfDeath

    prim+ prim+ obelisk not working

    These forums are not direct contact with the devs. If you have a server problem try submitting a support ticket. The support team should relay the info to who ever it is that deals with server stuff. Its usually @lilpanda I believe. It can take up to a week or so to get a response though so the sooner you submit the better.
  14. TedyBearOfDeath

    PvE Obelisks

    Start filing support tickets to report the tribes leaving stuff there, blocking access to the obelisk is against the rules. Then maybe eventually a GM should stop by and delete them. Make sure to use screenshots as proof.
  15. TedyBearOfDeath

    xbox one Cant join any official servers

    Could you have been banned? They claim to be cracking down. Could your xbl gold subscription run out?Otherwise try restarting your router. Doubt it matters but what I like to do is turn off and unplug my router and xbox and then restart my rounter and let it load back up completely before turning on my xbox.