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  1. TedyBearOfDeath

    GM is not helping

    Because of people abusing the system they had to reduce what they are able to spawn in especially because it was leading to dinos with messed up stats(too high). For reapers since they arent really tamed and their stats are earned oddly it would again be hard to spawn in a similar reaper without really messed up stats. Also setimprintquality may give you the stats boost of an imprint but it does not give you the rider buff, so its basically worthless. This is ark it will not be the last time something poofs on you. I know this sounds horrible but if you plan on playing long term you need to get use to it. Also when a dino just disappears and you cant see the name in the ground there is no need to look for it, its 100% gone, the map ate it. I host a server cluster and I dont replace poofed dinos, I consider it as part of the Ark experience. If you dont want ark to be such a job maybe consider a unofficial Nitrado server. They can have boosted settings and can extend or remove auto decay timers.
  2. TedyBearOfDeath

    Things Not going where they Should!

    That is how both are intended to work, they removed the ability to place salts in preserving bins a while back and the vulture is intended to only hold spoiled meat or meat it gathers from dead creatures. These are not bugs, just annoying intentional game mechanics.
  3. TedyBearOfDeath

    Uploaded creatures visibly stuck in obelisk

    If you really feel you have tried everything and want to just start over you can clear your singleplayer data in game. From the Host/local menu there is a save icon(floppy disk) at the top above the maps listed, click there to delete all singleplayer data. This includes your characters, saves, and skins. It is not the button next to each map, it has to be the one at the top. Im not saying that this is the only way to fix your obelisk but this is how you clear your data. I don't know if there is another way to fix your obelisk but clearing should work. That being said, in the next few days theres another update coming out, you may want to wait until after that to clear just 8n case it fixes it. Edit: before wiping try turning on all types of download and upload. Tribute, item, character, dino. When I use to host a player dedicated server from a second xbox I had to turn on everything sometimes to get one to work.
  4. TedyBearOfDeath

    Dinosaur goes poof after server maintenance

    The game gets hungry from time to time and just eats dinos. Mostly gone forever. Although whenever a server shuts down theres also a chance for rollback to the last save of anywhere from 1 to 30 minutes ago. So he could be somewhere else or if it came from the obelisk its gone.
  5. TedyBearOfDeath

    Meshing got to go!

    Meshing will never be completely fixed, its the way the game was designed. Any form of death barrier would not work as dino limbs can clip through the terrain and it would instant kill them or whenever a dino gets stuck in the mesh it would drop dead. Walk a medium sized dino next to a cliff... dead.
  6. TedyBearOfDeath

    Can't touch Loot Crates, or Obilisk

    Go into singleplayer and remove anything you have in the obelisk.
  7. TedyBearOfDeath

    Uploaded creatures visibly stuck in obelisk

    Make sure in your settings you have dino downloads turned on. Otherwise you might have to delete your singleplayer data to get rid of them which of course would mean you would lose your saves.
  8. They dont care about console player dedicated issues as PDSs make them no money, they are partnered with Nitrado, and its a hassle to get the updates pushed through Microsoft and Sony. This has been an issue for about a year now its not going to change any time soon. Even game breaking issues can take them months to fix when it comes to PDSs.
  9. TedyBearOfDeath

    Refused help from support. Instaclosed tickets.

    Ohh didnt notice the merge, my bad. To Op, As I said before the server list for PDSs has never worked and never will. Like Salty says above just use the host gamertags friends list and advertise on the forum dedicated for advertising for servers.
  10. TedyBearOfDeath

    Refused help from support. Instaclosed tickets.

    Im talking about the search option within these forums. You still havent told us what kind of server you are playing on.
  11. TedyBearOfDeath

    Stuck and can't get out

    You will starve eventually, have you tried punching? Either to hurt yourself or to drain your stamina to make yourself fall unconscious. Also draining your stam will make your hunger and water drop faster
  12. TedyBearOfDeath

    Can't use Xbox keyboard on Ark

    Having a controller plugged in is a common cause of this problem. For some reason having any USB cords plugged into the front of the console breaks the typing in Ark. This has been an issue for over a year, didn't realize it still was.
  13. TedyBearOfDeath

    Refused help from support. Instaclosed tickets.

    Right? Without any real info how is someone supposed to help you? What server @Narthropi? If its an official server its probably down and will be back in a few days, file a server outage support ticket. If you are talking about an xbox or pc player dedicated server(PDS) for xbox players the list has never worked properly and never will, use the hosts gamertag to join the server. Or stop wasting your time hosting your own server and rent. PDSs are unreliable, unstable, and a corrupted save just waiting to happen. If it is a rented server are you using the right filters? Have you tried contacting the server provider? These answers cover the most common issues, all of which could have been easily found using the search option.
  14. TedyBearOfDeath

    Xbox one server crashed and is gone now

    If the server actually went down it can take days to get back up in some cases especially on the weekends. Theres a server outage support ticket you can file so they know its down. This is not where you report down servers, no one here can help in this situation.
  15. On my unofficial Nitrado server cluster we extended the obelisk timer for dinos when they first broke the transfers for Ab bears and apes. So the people who uploaded some wouldn't lose them. I made the timer some random large number that came out to over 7,000 days or something like that. The running joke on my servers is that I'll need to extend the timer before it actually gets fixed.