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  1. Ragnarok Xbox update

    Read the patch notes to see what the update added and we arent getting the Rag update until sometime in Dec according to one of the Mysterious Mysteries articles. Edit: heres a copy and paste from the article. "For our console Survivors curious about when they will be able to get their hands on the most recent desert Ragnarok update, an upcoming patch will be coming in December that will bring it line with current spec of PC."
  2. console XBox Hosted Console Issues

    Its a pretty well know fact that the whole broadcast system on xbox is currently broken and its up to WC to fix it. Ive seen at least 5 threads on the topic. Nitrado has added all they need to for these to work and it works on their PC and PS4 Ark servers. Nitrado claims they have forwarded this issue to WC and the ball is in their court. Publicly it seems like WC refuses to mention anything about it. This covers MOTD, broadcast messages, restart timers, admin logging, etc
  3. Xbox One PVE Official Tribe Dino Claim Timer

    Thank you for clarifying.
  4. Xbox one X still has a host tether

    @AngryGamer666 Ooh with your infinite knowledge you must know whats best for a game... ESO you are playing on a server, GTA you are playing on a server and when your not not the map is loaded and rendered differently than ark does with a lot less going on, and minecraft is a rinky dink little game that can be played from any crappy cell phone so none of those come close to comparing to what ark does. Sounds like you want server performance with out a server. If you havent realized an xbox is complete garbage compared to pc(im an xbox player) and barely can run the game as it is let alone rendering multiple places on the map at once. When you are on non dedicated the host renders the 250m from the host and the other players can play in that area. Outside of that 250 the game is no longer being fully rendered or processed, and the xbox cant handle rendering a second area. The reason pc gets to chose is because specs can differ drastically for xbox they cant. Its up to them to decide what size is best for their specs and its their risk if they decide to put it higher than the pc can handle. Wc knows exactly what xbox can handle and predetermined what the best distance is.
  5. Xbox PDS Saved Games File

    I lost everything with the fiasco during the summer with the OOM crashes so I shut down my server and we waited for Nitrado. But that will never happen again as it auto generates a daily backup file.
  6. Xbox One PVE Official Tribe Dino Claim Timer

    The timer is for claiming, they cant be claimed anymore so the timer is gone. I guess I could be wrong but the way I believe it works is that the auto demolish has its own invisible timer for dinos. Other wise couldn't an allianced tribe put down feeding troughs and keep useless dinos alive forrever... or does that not work on official?
  7. Question about Cross-platform

    Although I dont plan on using this service I'm really curious on how this will work. I've had this same discussion with a few people but its all 100% speculation at this point and I haven't seen any official word. My thoughts are you will need two gold accounts and two copies of the game. This is because I dont see them allowing you to host from the pc and play on xbox with the same account at the same time. Also as far as I know you cannot share with a PC the same way you can share with another xbox. Again though this is just my speculation. I hope it is otherwise. Maybe someone else has heard otherwise?
  8. So what happened yesterday?

    Follow ark people on twitter it was all over twitter yesterday
  9. Please explain or answer. Very curious

    They are available in the exact same way as I described above for ark. On other games such as Skyrim and Fallout 4 they are available on both consoles. Ark is different.
  10. CRASHING!!!! Obelisks and supply drops

    Try going into your single player maps and make sure you have nothing in the obelisks. I think thats what I heard when others were having this issue a little while back. You can try searching through the forums for a more info if that doesnt work I know there more info out there.
  11. Multiple dedicated server crashes

    I have about 3 cases in the last year where it looked like an update currupted my save(and many others all at the same time) 2 times a fix came out within 2 weeks and fixed my save and it worked fine. The 3rd time a few months ago took around 40 days for them to come out with a fix which fixed about 90% of the servers effected.... unfortunately not mine. Mine was one of the few that couldnt be saved. Lost a year old save for over 10 people with at least 1k hours ea. We took a break and waited for Nitrado rentals so we will never ever lose everything again since Nitrado servers have backup files. To me that piece of mind is worth the money.
  12. Xbox One PVE Official Tribe Dino Claim Timer

    If you dont like multilayer then maybe singleplayer is for you. Although I gotta say if you find the right unofficial it can make a huge difference. Especially with PVE. No trolls, no pillared off map, no struggling to get on because its full, not overcrowded with bases ruining all the resource spawns, admins that remove and ban problem players. I ran one with a small community for over a year without losing a save or shutting it down. My luck finally ran out a few months back and we lost our save to a corruption. We took a 2 month break while we waited for Nitrado rentals and now nearly all of my players are back and loving it. It comes with back up files so we will never lose everything and if I ever get tired of hosting Im pretty sure I can grant ownership to another Nitrado user and if not Ill just give them my username and password. Its a much better system than hosting from an xbox.
  13. Disable cluster server.

    Nitrado servers can only transfer with other nitrado servers clustered with it I believe. You can only turn off cluster from the website, not the mobile app. Theres also more transfer settings. I dont think they can transfer with xbox hosted PDSs at all. As far as xbox to xbox goes idk. It wasnt possible for a long time but when they added the ability "travel to another server" I figured they enabled it but I never tried. But for that to work I think both servers have to appear on the server list which my server never had.
  14. Issues with finding rented server

    Did you select "unofficial pc sessions on the bottom left? Also make sure the search options across the top match the server.
  15. Xbox One PVE Official Tribe Dino Claim Timer

    I dont think you quite understand, if you leave you dinos they dont become claimable they just get auto demolished and poof they are gone. Same with structures, poof.