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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.


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  1. pve Ragnarok + Aberration Nitrado Cluster 18+

  2. Xbox Nitrado Clustering - Please Help, Wont Cluster

    After clustering the server the restart should not take any longer than any normal restart. Id say under 5 minutes to restart then less than another 5 minutes to show up on the server list. There have been a few cases where my servers have gotten stuck "restarting" but that isn't common and not something you should really worry about. Also once you have it set up you should never have to mess with it again. I think your issue may be with prim+ on your xbox. In the past I have had players I just invited to my server say they could not find the server in the list, it turns out they had Prim + selected when my server is not. As soon as they switched they were able to find it just fine. Also just to clarify I'm talking about the "Game Modes" selection from Arks main menu. The options are "Survival Evolved" and "Primitive Plus Official".
  3. Xbox Nitrado Clustering - Please Help, Wont Cluster

    To me it seems like you did everything right but Ill give you the steps I did it with and maybe you will notice a difference? I used two tabs in my web browser so I could have both pages open at the same time Stop both servers, make sure to wait until they both say "stopped" not "stopping" Go to your CrossArk menu and check the box that says crossark. I'm not sure why it matters but as it says next to the button generate the cluster Id with your main server only. I'm guessing that will be your Rag server. Copy the cluster Id from the Rag server and paste it into your box for your Scorched Earth server. Double check that both cluster ids match exactly. Click save changes and wait a minute and hit it again just to be safe. Then click start on both of your servers and wait until they say "started". As you said above it seems like you did everything right so idk. Mine can take a few minutes after saying started to appear in the list. Are you 100% sure all your filters in the server list match your servers? Things to double check in game on your xbox. You have selected Unofficial PC session Show Password protected check box, which ever way matches your server Make sure you have selected all modes or the mode that reflects your server settings (pve or pvp) Make sure you have selected all maps If you are not using prim+ make sure you are not selected on it in the main menu. Then of course if you are using prim+ make sure to go to the main menu and select it.
  4. CRASHING!!!! Obelisks and Supply Drops

    Thank you, not sure it will help but I hope it does.
  5. CRASHING!!!! Obelisks and Supply Drops

    @GP @invincibleqc @Joebl0w13 Or any other mod. Is there a way that you could make a solution reply for this thread and pin it to the top? I thought I've seen @Jatheish do this before on another thread. That way people who do not read through the replies will see it at the top? With all the other threads merged in the answers get jumbled around.
  6. CRASHING!!!! Obelisks and Supply Drops

    You need to go into singleplayer and remove anything you have in the obelisk. Check all 3 tabs in the obelisk. If there is nothing in there or there is something that is stuck that you cant remove like a specimen implant you need to delete your singleplayer data. To do that, in the screen before you start singleplayer, the host/local screen, there is a button at the top to delete all your data. This is not the same as deleting each map save it has to be the "all" button.
  7. Console Dino TLC update?

    This is from
  8. mods Xbox one mods

    From what I can understand its going to be bits and pieces of it so it wont upset the "balance" of official PVP. They mentioned some of the building pieces they would be adding but that's about it. I think I remember them saying they would add the ramp railings and maybe the triangle pieces? I'm sure theres more but I'm not really familiar with the mod and it was a while ago that they said this. I kind of doubt they will add the ability to pick stuff back up after placing it to officials. It would be nice to see a fuller version of S+ come to unofficial and the simple version just be for official but that seems like more work so I kind of doubt it. They haven't really made any comment on it in a long while, I'm hoping it didn't fall through.
  9. Xbox Nitrado Clustering - Please Help, Wont Cluster

    @MonsterHunterAG Just to check were these servers showing on the list on your Xbox before you set them to cluster? You purchased your 2 servers through the Nitrado app on your Xbox right? I have 2 servers clustered on Xbox that are currently working so it isn't widespread issue.
  10. Console Dino TLC update?

    If you just follow them on twitter you wont need to rely on anyone else to pass you the info. Or just use the DevTracker webpage.
  11. karkinos keeps dropping dino

    Its working exactly how they want it to work. If you bump into the terrain you drop them. A long time ago this didnt happen. You could carry an anky with a rider with the quetz and run into the ground, rocks, or trees and it wouldnt phase it. They added the collision dropping later.
  12. Ooo yeah, I did hear that, I forgot. Once they kick you, you may have to log in and out but it is supposed to work as long as you dont leave the tribe on your own. @Neptoon
  13. Definitely could be a lost cause. Tickets are handled in the order they are recieved. So if they are busy it will take longer. A lot of people say 5 -10 days
  14. Xbox wont run Ark

    Sounds like you have a license issue. That would be a Microsoft issue, nothing to do with the game itself. Do you use your account on another xbox or share games with someone?