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  1. TedyBearOfDeath

    Obelisks drops and transmitter

  2. TedyBearOfDeath

    single-player server lost dino colors to update

    In singleplayer you have access to admin commands which you can use to change the color of any dino you want. I know some players dont want to use them because they are cheating but as a last resort it may be neccessary to get your work back.
  3. TedyBearOfDeath

    Cross Ark Clusters Merging?

    I havent heard anything like that. The whole point of the clusters is to be separate so I don't see any reason they would merge.
  4. TedyBearOfDeath

    Admin log in

    But yes if you are running a server open to the public and want to hide your commands thats kind of sketchy but not really anyones business if its just you and a few friends. It isnt like the chat notifications for admin commands on xbox actually work so you dont have to worry about it anyway. The only people who see the commands in chat with that setting turned on is other admins at the time.
  5. TedyBearOfDeath

    Obelisk/Supply Drop Crash

    I swear I replied to this last night but it must not have gone through. There is a delete all button at the top of the same host/local screen. When you highlight that button it will say "delete all singleplayer data".
  6. TedyBearOfDeath

    Code of conduct conduct destroyed

    1. It can take up to 10 business days for them to even see a ticket. 2. If they take action against the accused cheaters they will not tell you specifically. It is against their policy to reveal what action is taken. Basically they will say they will investigate.
  7. TedyBearOfDeath

    Having some H.U.D issues

    Im pretty sure you can scale your hud in the options menu from the menu screen.
  8. TedyBearOfDeath

    Too many pillars?

    If you are trying to play PVE. The gamemode where you dont get attacked by other players I suggest unofficial servers. If you are on console try the "unofficial pc sessions" filter in the server list or look on the dedicated server discussions forum and then the server advertisement sub forum. There people advertise their unofficial servers with adjusted settings. For xbox look for Nitrado hosted servers not player dedicated. Player dedicated are hosted by a second xbox or a pc and are very unreliable.
  9. TedyBearOfDeath

    Obelisk/Supply Drop Crash

    You used the delete all singleplayer data button right in game right? Not each map or the data from managing the memory of the game through the xbox settings.
  10. TedyBearOfDeath

    Xbox Ark Doesnt Run

    So during the loading screen for your singleplayer game the whole game crashes? Have you tried another map. If its only one map you may have to delete that save to play that map again as the save may be corrupted.
  11. TedyBearOfDeath

    Moving the game to another account

    With a new gamertag you will not have access to any content from the old gamertag. You will not have any characters on official servers and you will not have any singleplayer saves. You will be starting over 100% fresh because all of the saves are connected to the account. There is a trick to share the game and one gold subscription though... although your brother may not go for it. When you get your new xbox you can log into the old account that has gold subscription and that purchased the game digitally. With the old account logged in go to the settings and personalization and set the new xbox to the "home" xbox. Then any content purchased with the old account can be accessed on both xboxs. So download Ark and you should be able to play it. Then the old account can be logged back into the old xbox. You can only have one "home" xbox and you can only switch it every so often so be careful. The old xbox will have to have the old account with the gold subscription logged in to be able to play ark and it will not share gold membership on the old xbox.
  12. Nothing has changed the save for non dedicated and player dedicated are kept in separate locations and cant be swapped.
  13. TedyBearOfDeath

    server cross server will it work

    Honestly I've never tried it but I see a lot of people complain about having join issues when hosting with windows 10 pc.
  14. TedyBearOfDeath

    Why support ARK?

    Since this was posted in the xbox section I will assume OP is playing on xbox and say if someone is harassing you via in game chat or messages just block their gamertag. Theres an option to show gamertags in chat so just write it down, look it up, and block them. You will not see any ingame chat from that player or hear their voice in close proximity. You can also set your own account to only be able to see/hear people on your friends list which is great for kids. Yes more could be done by WC about annoying brats that think they're cool for swearing/harassing in a video game but at the same time you are playing online and its 2018 its what you should expect. Im with the few others that say unofficial is where its at, at least for pve. Official pve is a joke and not worth a second of your time. You can rent your own server for pretty cheap or join one of the thousands of free to join unofficial servers already set up.
  15. TedyBearOfDeath

    No Exp gain on offical dedicated server

    The point of beginner servers is basically letting new players test the multiplayer aspect of the game without super established tribes just wiping every noob they see. The wild dinos are low level, the tames barely can be leveled, the loot is lower tier, and the players arent as advanced with lower levels and less engrams. So when new players play there they can see if the like the game and learn the basics. Then if they feel like moving onto the real game they can transfer their characters, items, and dinos to a real server. Once you leave you can never go back. The beginner servers are for test, demo, or practice purposes they are not for the full ark experience.