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  1. Although I could be wrong but I really dont think this includes play anywhere. For one its not in the "upcoming" patch notes. Two they keep saying they are still working on it. They have to finish working on it before it goes to cert amd the current update in cert has been there about a week. That means they would have had to of finished play anywhere before then. Somewhere along the line they would have mentioned it being in cert. With there being only 8 days left in Sept, I doubt it will come out this month. It may get finished this month but it wont make it through cert in time. My completely random guess is going to be Oct 10th.
  2. Ark: Survival Evolved Play Anywhere

    With there being only 8 days left in Sept and the update to add the UWP and server rentals has not went to cert yet, I doubt it will come out this month. It may get finished this month but it wont make it through cert in time. My completely random guess is going to be Oct 10th.
  3. Yup same thing happens on Xbox. Egg spoils to 0 but doesnt disappear until after you pick it up.
  4. Players Unable to Join My PDS

    I use to get this issue a lot on the center it seemed to come and go randomly. I have an open NAT with ports opened on my router and a static wired connection yet still would have issues. When its just 1 or 2 out of many that cant play its probably the players connection. When no one can join, not even yourself its something wonky with the game and your xbox needs to be reset.
  5. Unlock tek on ragnarok.....not possible to get full list.

    You cannot transfer characters from single player to player dedicated or vice versa but you can transfer maps from sp to sp or pds to pds within the same xbox. Im pretty sure they removed the dragon from the center again. I think there is only the broodmother/mega double fight.
  6. Is Patch 762 ever going to get out of MS Cert?

    I understand how it normally works, I'm just saying its not set in stone. They could change how they do things. Or they could just develope it like normal port it to ps4 and hold off on xbox cert for the reasons above. Doesnt really matter either way I'm just saying they arent neglecting us or forgetting about us. They are doing what needs to be done and nothing we do or say will change when the patch drops.
  7. Is Patch 762 ever going to get out of MS Cert?

    It's very common for the devs to tweet "hey patch xxx is in cert" It might not be exact or even the same day but they do give out that info in general.
  8. Is Patch 762 ever going to get out of MS Cert?

    Normally yes. At the moment I doubt it. Because of the extended cert for xbox it makes sense to do PC first, port it to PS4, wait for bug reports then send a fixed patch to MS cert. If they sent xbox and ps4 at the same time and it turned out it was super buggy. It would take them 2 weeks for a fixed version for xbox while it would only take a few days for PS4. Seems like they are playing it safe.
  9. Hey @JatSomeone was saying crossark 9 isnt complete either
  10. Is Patch 762 ever going to get out of MS Cert?

    Yes it's rare that they answer your questions directly but there are answers to be found. That have said its in cert and they expect it to pass this week. Thats all the info they can give. It takes MS as long as it takes them and theres no may to know how long they will be. Theres nothing else to say other than "its still in cert" which they have said multiple times in the past week. If you want more than that you wont find it because its not there to give.
  11. Is Patch 762 ever going to get out of MS Cert?

    Now that the game has hit full release it has to go through an extended cert for MS. Every update for a while will have to go through the longer cert. It will be more than a week each time here on out. Follow the devs on twitter for updates. They don't really answer questions here.
  12. Removal of tether distance on single player non-dedicated

    Although this is getting the thread off topic I gotta say I agree that the rentable server prices are high but after looking around it seems Nitrado seems on par with the other companies that offer the same thing(for PC). Also I can still understand using a service like that. Not everyone has good enough internet to host a server from their home, some areas dont even offer high enough. I have the fastest offered in my area which is 75mbs and once I hit about 15 people online we start to lag a little bit. If I watch netflix or other streaming services my players can tell. I know other hosts with 150-300mbs that have minimal issues with 30+ players on. Im not sure what the specs or the rental servers are but the connection exceeds what home internet does. I would like to be able to host 30+ players with 0 lag so I am considering renting a server when xbox gets the option. Also Nitrado offers back up saves which would be a life saver as console servers are prone to corruption. I just lost months of progress recently. So yes its exspensive but I see value in the option but obviously it isnt for everyone.
  13. Não acho justo

    Its the way it has to be. Pc patches are the guinea pigs because they dont have to go through a certification process like console does. Xboxs certification process is longer than PS4s. There is nothing WildCard can do to speed it up.
  14. Removal of tether distance on single player non-dedicated

    Well when the xbox one x drops you can host a non dedi with no slider or when crossplay drops you can host a player dedi from a laptop or computer while you play then shut it down when your done just like you would a non dedi(or leave it running depending on your situation). Or you can do what you could have all along and buy a used xbox for under 200 usd host a pds just for you and your friends and when you get bored sell the used xbox and get at least half of your money back. There are many options to choose from, but adding the slider back isn't one of them for a normal xbox one. What you choose to do from there is on you.
  15. Player Dedicated Servers on XBOX, still crashing

    Sorry for your loss. I lost my island pds save with the last "fix". Over a years worth of work gone. I have mostly given up until PC crossplay drops. If Im going to start over Im going to do it with a service that offers backup saves. Im not losing everything again. You provided some good info. Im currious if everyone listened to you when you told them no ice wyverns. I'm also currious if it could also be related to the ice deathworm which I have heard is invisible also. I havent seen for myself though.