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  1. They changed hardware on a lot of servers as posted on Twitter. So far so good.
  2. Love the game, hate the way it's managed.
  3. Lilpanda "manage your servers: they crash way to much.
  4. The E on my keyboard is losing its color, any update on fixing the lag and freezing?
  5. People are leaving our server everyday. How does the network manager even keep his job?
  6. NA Island 404 same issue, down right now.
  7. Darf

    Game freezing issues

    It amazes me how there is no acknowledgement from WC about this. Love the additions to the game, but no Q &A whatsoever.
  8. Darf

    Highest and lowest Element harvests!

    Do you get more using a Doed? Might try that next time.
  9. Hard to build a base off the ground our server resets every couple of hours. Sounds like my server. Ive been wiped by the same guy 3 times. Reported with screenshots.
  10. Darf

    Take down all Extinction servers.

    502 does it every 2-3 hours. Fun for flying.
  11. Do all PC servers have rollbacks every couple of hours? Frustrating when you lose your fliers over and over
  12. Darf

    No rain on extinction...

    ? There's no rain on extinction in City. I put down a bunch of large crop plots and they were full by the time I went back to run irrigation, Within 24 hrs in sanctuary
  13. Darf

    No rain on extinction...

    Crop plots do fill up on their own though
  14. Darf

    Cryopods & babies

    Won't this stop you from being able to get a 100% imprint?