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  1. KrakenOverlord

    Regular Sap and Bio toxin on Extinction map

    I had some in my inventory the other day but for the life of me I can't think of how I got it. It had to be from killing something in the wastelands though
  2. KrakenOverlord

    The devs just killed Ark!

    the mek really isn't that serious. They can't even damage metal or tek anymore; and turrets actually target their rockets and such.
  3. KrakenOverlord

    I want my survivor from a deleted server

    you'll be the first I've ever seen get it so let me know if you don't mind how it goes when they reply, for research purposes, please? Thanks!
  4. KrakenOverlord

    I want my survivor from a deleted server

    I'm not an admin but I've seen literally hundreds of these posts and the answer is always no.
  5. KrakenOverlord

    fly glitch

    Why you out here snitchin? ?
  6. I'm sorry, but you don't
  7. So what are the changes to pc we need to be looking out for, exactly?
  8. KrakenOverlord

    Various Bugs After Extinction Update

    The river in the highlands is also pink
  9. KrakenOverlord

    enforcer glitch fixed yet?

    laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame. Thanks, though!
  10. KrakenOverlord

    enforcer glitch fixed yet?

    There's been a glitch for PS4 unofficial servers since extinction came out that causes the server to crash when an enforcer is summoned (couldn't think of a better word for throwing it down after you craft it). With the announcement today advising they fixed some stuff can anyone confirm if this is fixed? Don't want to test it myself because every time we have to restart the server due to the crash, it also forces a roll back and it's super annoying.
  11. KrakenOverlord

    Make primitive plus part of main game

    I played on a private primitive plus server that had all the normal engrams except turrets. It was pretty amazing
  12. KrakenOverlord

    lost survivor,

    My pleasure bro
  13. KrakenOverlord

    lost survivor,

    I play on ps4 also. Just select the "unofficial pc servers" button and pick one that looks good. There are TONS of different flavors out there to support any play style. I play on the smaug server cluster and it's a good fit for me so if you want to check it out here's a link to our discord https://discord.gg/NDAFe34
  14. KrakenOverlord

    lost survivor,

    Unfortunately it is. This crap is why I don't play official. I love the game but it's unplayable in its current form without the support of an admin readily available to fix things like this that happen
  15. KrakenOverlord

    unofficial server crashing

    On our server it crashes every time you try to throw down an enforcer you crafted