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  1. Did you know...-Ragnarok jungle platform and sap trees

    Nice! I'm so tired of seeing all these dang gripe posts on here. I'm super excited to see something productive happening on this site.
  2. MassivelyOP 's Article on Ark(not good)

  3. Ragnorok easy going

    sevensons unofficial PC server is pretty awesome, so far.
  4. what is a most useless item in ark

    most useless items are as follows: spy glass fabricated weapons turrets
  5. dino stuck Dino stuck under map

    Also dimetrodon eggs. and dimetrodons in general.
  6. An open invitation

    bruh... you're gonna get insided SO hard... Please try to do some kind of vetting or something.
  7. What's your guilty pleasures?

    I have 2 guilty pleasures. 1. I like to hide in the bushes near people's bases in my ghille suit and observe them. 2. I then like to sneak into their base when they leave their door open and hide. Once they're back inside I like to toss poison gas and then run around in a clown mask and handcuff them. I don't kill them or rob their stuff normally (if they have something really good i'll rob it or if I'm busted or failing, i'll kill them).
  8. Blocked Oblesks Cant do anything

    If you'd read the whole post I was saying that there are servers who DON'T grief beach noobs, with respectable alpha tribes who are actually invested in server health and minimizing attrition. Additionally, please keep in mind that this is a video game; which is fundamentally meant to be played PvP. For evidence, I'll point out the whole reason for this post as my source for the previous argument - that wouldn't happen on PVP and we wouldn't need mods and developers to come in and save everyone every time someone wants to be a jerk. I'm not going to say I don't look down on PVE players; because I do. If you're going to let the fact that some pixels got deleted ruin your ability to have a more thrilling video game experience then I will sit upon my thrown of turds and look down. **Poop-Storm activated
  9. Best way of Quetz Metal Farming (End of 2017)

    I'm also interested in this. first time I've heard of it. We have someone in our tribe who's essentially decoration (almost never online). Question though. How do I handcuff an unconscious character to a chair? does he have to be online and sit in the chair before he logs off?
  10. sequel ARK: Survival Evolved 2 ?

    I can honestly accept what you're saying here. Let's be frank. Ark was groundbreaking, but in my *totally uneducated and possibly completely incorrect opinion* I think that the reason the game can't be fixed is that the developers can't just completely trash the code it was originally written on and their attempts to patch just aren't working. Maybe knowing what they know now, the next thing they put out will be what Ark should have been. I'll definitely buy it, because despite all its short comings this is still my favorite game. Alright, let the sh*t storm begin......
  11. Blocked Oblesks Cant do anything

    So it would seem. Honestly, at the time I posted above, I didn't realize this was PVE. Maybe give PVP a try? I promise you'll NEVER have these issues when running bosses. I seriously know that PVP is scary for some of the snowflake players who just want to play with butterflies and breed dinos all day, but for everyone else there ARE good PVP servers out there with good alpha tribes who protect against griefing while new players are trying to get established.
  12. Your luckiest moments

    I've had soooo many lucky moments (not that I haven't had terribly unlucky moments also, lol) that it's hard to place them all. Therefore I'll go with my recent luckiest moment. Playing on rag we've been looking for a good quetz for about a week, but there just weren't any to be found. Our best one to date was a level 90 and when we got him down he had what the dododex rated as "very low" weight. One day I wake up super early and bored, I log into ark and decide to fly around aimlessly. Then I see a beautiful looking black and green quetz. I look through my spyglass and it's 150!! I'm on my wyvern (didn't have a griffin or a quetz platform saddle yet). I texted both my friends that I figured might be awake and didn't get a response, so I just knew there was no hope of me bagging this thing. That's when I looked up from my phone and saw that she was stuck in the wall! I wasn't sure if it would work and my palms were sweating and heart pounding every time I shot a dart and she slightly moved but eventually she went down, and I was able to starve tame her with mutton without losing any levels! *P.S she had "very high" weight and "high" health.
  13. Your luckiest moments

    perhaps he defeated all the dilos who challenged him.
  14. Paracer Build

    What all can you do on a paracer platform? I've never built anything other than war platforms... I'm about to start a huge build project way away from my base and was wondering if I could make a crafting beast... smithy, grinder, chem bench, fabby, and industrial forge with a ramp leading up to it and a generator to power it. Would I be able to do that? Or if not a paracer what about a bronto or quetz?
  15. Hey all, new to forums.

    be careful on the forum. Your "early birds" status means you're only allowed to post some ridiculously low number of things (I think 4) per 24 hours until you've reached 12 posts - in order to prevent spamming.