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  1. Griffin Questions

    Breeding would be awesome! Also, dragons are getting tek saddles, so.... giriffin tek saddles? Griff is currently my favorite creature so anything that they do to make it more of an OP PVP monster I'm ok with. My one regret is that you can't do like a super awesome pick/slam attack for griffins.
  2. legacy and official servers

    They'll definitely wipe the legacy eventually. There's no point in wasting the resources keeping them running. A good portion of the legacy servers are already dead and the rest will shortly follow as a domino effect. Players will quit, which will cause more players to quit. Eventually it'll be 1 or 2 lonely tribes per cluster. I honestly wish they'd go ahead and give the rest of us the server space being wasted on these cancer clusters.
  3. Can you please add a Retreat behavior command?

    problem is the AI is too stupid. your dinos would "retreat" into the base of a mountain, or a tree, and then just run in place until they get eaten. That or run straight into the ocean and drown / become megapirahna or shark food. Not to be a cinic but until AI is fixed this would be just as useless as not having it.
  4. Skill Points Reset

    did it work? I'm asking.... for a friend.
  5. Nothing in particular really, but honestly as far as creatures are concerned PLEASE do more with the water... give me a reason to bring all my krakens out; other than boredom! PLEASE!!!!!! @Jat
  6. fire doing fire things would be AWESOME! Being able to torch thatch / wooden things would be dope AF!
  7. so tell me what did we get for pre-access

    I think someone's been hitting the crack a little too hard lately....
  8. Inactive players

    come on, you know it was funny.
  9. what did we get

    I personally started playing unofficial when we tossed everything on 500, and I couldn't get into an official rag server. The problem of not enough servers seems to have been resolved on PS4; but I genuinely like the unofficial. We have an awesome admin and a pretty decent player base for unofficial, so I'm genuinely happy here and will continue to enjoy the game for the foreseeable future. Definitely got my money's worth, and more!
  10. Giant Bee never comes down...

    yes, plat quetz is the way to go. Get your friend to stand on the platform and get it. Then sit back and enjoy some sweet sweet honey.
  11. All ASIA servers lost characters on OFFICIAL PVP PC

    WC gangsta AF... They just literally don't give a f*ck, and it is what it is.
  12. Let's talk about Giga again

    Sorry forgot to quote you on the above reply.
  13. Let's talk about Giga again

    Well, if you're going to go be away from the game on an non single player server for 4 days, what do you expect to happen honestly? Best suggestion I have for you is to mass produce jerky and leave it in troughs. ALTHOUGH! it would be pretty awesome if they would make like a refrigerated trough so that the food lasts longer. Could be a good fix for you without reducing the food. I happen to like their quick consumption as it's more (I don't want to say "realistic" but I can't think of a better word). If you ARE playing on non official or single player though, you could also just turn the dino food consumption off in the settings while you're gone.
  14. your funny moments in Ark?

    Day 1 of Rag drop (unofficial PC server PVP due to no official servers open yet) looking at spawn places and see one that is "recommended" - decide to go there. Looking around and things look NICE! I love the map so far. Some nice bones to my left, parasaurs everywhere, plenty of rss for a beach... things are looking good. Craft up my stone weapons, some cloth armor, and decide to do some exploring walking along admiring the view and BAM see a flock of argies right in front of me... so tempting, but I know i'm not leveled enough to mess with them. Head in another direction, to try to bypass them, and out of nowhere level 40 rex. Get eaten. Spawn at random spot in the same area. THE MAGICAL FLYING LAND EURYPTERID THINKS NOT! Well, this spot may not be so recommended... i'm pretty sure they messed up on calling it that. Spawn in the north east of the map. Before the "wake up" animation is done i'm on fire and killed from a Lv. 15 fire wyvern. This is getting to be raptor-poop.... spawn to the next spot to the right as I know that there's a waterfall cave in the north east that my friends want to build a base in. Finally looks like a decently safe spawn. Walking through the valley between the ruins and the scar, and there are literally aggressive mantises and spiders all over, plus a few centipedes. It's ok though, i'm pretty good at running away by now. Make it to the waterfall base and IT IS AMAZING! I love the cave, I love the base, I love everything! Flash forward a couple of days and we're on a role. stone foundations all in the base, forges, smiths, etc... tamed a few trikes and pteradons. It's time to start really upping our game, so that we can survive some noob raiders. We decided to go get some rexes. So here I am, sitting outside the base down stream picking berries to make narcotics, while my bro is flying around on Pterpac Shakur to get some meat to spoil (this was before we learned the dead beach whales provided spoiled meat). All of the sudden he's screaming into voice-chat for me to run! I'm confused so I look around and charging towards me is a giga out of nowhere! Panicked, my chest pounding as if it's real life, I start running like a scared child... now here's where the fun starts, because where do I run? Why straight back to base, of course! unfortunately, he made quick work of the trike that was sacrificed, in order to help me escape (I thought as long as I outran him it would be ok) and continued to keep his mis-placed aggro on me. Well, I slammed the doors in his face and took a moment to collect my thoughts... at least I'm safe now even if I did betray my favorite trike. Guess again, bitch! He comes through the door like his name is Shrek and continues to kill 2 more pteras, and another trike before setting his sites back on me. Luckily, I accidentally fell into the lake in there. He follows me and kills me, but when I re-spawn I noticed he can't get out. I wait until my buddies to come inside and we use the narcs we were going to take for rexes and manage to knock him out in a way that his head glitched through the wall and he didn't drown, then tamed him with raw mutton. Imagine our surprise and joy though, when it turned out he was level 140! Mission accomplished, boys! Welcome to the tribe, Giggie Smalls!
  15. Ark: Aberration - Master Thread