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  1. Does it say who destroyed it in the tribe log?
  2. it would still be abused. Official people are just like that. I'm like that myself when I'm playing official. It's lord of the flies out here, bro.
  3. this is the new message of the day, LOL
  4. yeah no way a rex is out here bullying wild gigas.... maybe a whole herd of them but not 1V1 with official armor saddles and stats
  5. you mean I can't soak with my arthros? :'(
  6. they stack on top of what's already there; so having a high base to work with is desirable but it doesn't always work out. I recommend taming everything high level and see how it comes out
  7. when a wild dino is tamed it gets each level you get from taming it distributed just like as if you were leveling up a dino. The only thing is that it randomly assigns them so it's kind of RNG if you get a good roll
  8. well to be fair titanosaurs are kind of garbage at this point realistically. They're outclassed in every aspect that used to make them useful at this stage in the game, in my opinion. Taming them just isn't worth what it used to be with the amount of breeding people have put into other soakers that are readily available for trade; without mentioning how high giga melee is getting. a mate boosted pair of the 310+ ones with good saddles and high imprint will demolish a titanosaur
  9. were they carrying a tribe mate mounted on them? You can do it it's just tricky not to pick the rider because TLC broke their hitbox. I've had the best luck aiming for the anky's butt when I'm picking a tribemate on it
  10. I'm not the monster here, people who think they can leave their doors unlocked are the true monsters
  11. this is the first time in ages that I actually horse laughed out loud at something I read on the internet. We did something similar to someone but it was the highlands cave and we filled it to the brim with diplos and then shut their door back, lol
  12. people these days are too soft for dodowyvern/rex, LOL. Can you imagine how many oceans we could make with the salt from people getting wiped by those things again?
  13. I play unofficial so our servers have cryos in beacons. It's wild thinking about how we used to live without them; but back in the day I used a quetz to get them from the canyon to highlands cave
  14. Ced, I don't know where you were when I used to troll the forums but I work at a new job that gives me access to them while I'm in between work so I've been on here a lot and you might legit be the best thing that's ever happened to Ark, lol. Thank you for always giving constructive comments and COMMUNICATING with us! I know it has to seem like a thankless job but it's noticed and appreciated by some of us.
  15. what's your server? sounds pretty nice, tbh
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