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  1. I find crumplecorn a bit confusing to beginners , and doesn’t take the weight of dino into account. I normally use this one : https://notalltalk.com/arkworld/breeding.html
  2. Were they still babies ? , you have absolutely sure they had enough food , until juvi ? Cause herbivores , eat like ... A LOT . There’s definitely a eating bug since the beginning of Ark , where babies simply don’t eat even with food on their inventory, ( already saw it on Giga, mosa, tuso and Basilo ) . Although, most of the times people do the wrong math , and babies end starve to death.
  3. Fighting alpha dragon on island with a team of rexes ( 800 melee ) + yuti with. 60% saddles . And make the arena as if I were in Ragnarok . No need to say half died on lava , other by dragon + lava and I ended up hiding behind a wall , cowardly begging to not die , waiting for the arena timer ends , without knowing I would die anyway those were the days
  4. This is PVP BIBLE... preach ... !!!
  5. This is probably the most relevant question ... !!! I want to know tooooo plixxxx
  6. I play Ark for many times , only once I accepted a person in tribe that I didn’t knew personally. Took me 1 year to accept him in tribe , and I wouldn’t have done it if I hadn’t absolutely sure of his integrity.
  7. You getting all wrong it’s not a game mechanic it’s a personal mechanic lol . Its not games fault , you play with cheaters and hackers, it was your choice ... got caught ... well accept consequences. Dont come here cry , cause I will not believe you didn’t knew what your tribemates were up to , you guys just thought you weren’t get caught....
  8. there are several other games , with same problem . Its a Multiplayer problem,...
  9. Do you understand all you said can be aplied to real life ?? adaptation : A true quality of life problem Life in society is a social experiment you're supposed to find new relations in a group but you can't anymore because of the dangers of society itself .... You get a fear living with cheater which there's no way to find out if one person in a group is cheating or not and the fear of the justice taking action on the group it's just too scary. You have to live solo. There's no Universal background check for cheaters on life. so there's no way did you determine a good seed or a bad seed or is a group of people are intent on just taking your group down from within the inside by breaking rules. all of it is becoming too scary I don't want to lose my life because other people decide to cheat and I suffer the consequences for it I can't keep living . Basically , do in ARK what you do in RL... Talk ( a lot can be learned by talking , character , integrity etc ) , play individually but helping each other , Gain trust .... All this will take time (a lot of time) , in the end evaluate if merge is an option.
  10. I’m absolutely sure , I play almost 3 years now , that the only ones that want a wipe , are the crying children that can’t survive 5 full minutes, don’t want to farm and complain that taming is too hard . #goplayminecraft
  11. Yes , they mentioned that theapmis closed for dino and items transfers , ( usually 3/6 months ) chars is kinda , depends, some maps were in the beginning closed to char transfer, abb and ext already permitted. Advice : don’t move main chars to new maps , there are often inicial crashes and rollbacks and stuff and you may get your char accidentally deleted. Soo : to exploit I advise you a new char and probably later you can transfer in and out other chars
  12. Cryopod and Cryofridge engrams are now available on all maps (edited) FINNALY Hail to all of you guys
  13. I really liked this idea of No Taming Pve/Pvp servers , but instead of no breed , would be cool if randomly , wilds dropped fertilized eggs .
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