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  1. Quilleute

    Giga imps getting 2% not 3%

    Exactly, what happened to me ...
  2. Quilleute

    PVE Servers Crashing

    466 same -.- another failed 2x event ...
  3. Quilleute

    PVE Servers Crashing

    466 is a total mess, at this moment , dinos dying out of reason , radiation en the middle of the city .... What the hell is going on ??? Crashes, and the world is totally messed up, everytime i manage to log , i keep falling from the sky .....
  4. Totally true , happens with veins too , so after all the work has been done , the entire server is warned with the music ...like an invitation to steal loot or element..
  5. Quilleute

    OSD Disappeared

    Is it me , or the time that the PVE servers stopped crashing continually, the number of OSD were dramatically reduced to practically non/existing...
  6. Quilleute

    Gacha perfect tame, and yet...

    TY sm , for testing it , even if efficiency is not perfect at least is way better than the pellets . Ty again for the time it took :)
  7. OMG ... really ? you haven’t said a word about the greatest issue on extinction servers in PC : Crashes and Rollbacks every 2/3 hours ... Do you guys really read the forum ??
  8. Quilleute

    Gacha perfect tame, and yet...

    Tried already?
  9. Quilleute

    Gacha perfect tame, and yet...

    When the map opened it was always 100% perfect tame ... now they patched it and none can make it to even 80 % ... I tried multiple tames . Always with pellets and dropping lots of pellets in ground and nothing... everytime he moves ( even with food on ground ) results in a massive drop on efficiency. If I try to tame with stone , he sits and eats , with pellets he never sits and always wander causing an obvious drop on efficiency... sugestions ?
  10. Now that I totally agree !!! Constant Aggressive environment turns everyone numb to everything else. Lets give importance to what really is important. Again : this damn posts turn out too deep , god damn 😂
  11. Words have meaning , coming for a stranger or not... on rl or any other virtual platform. But anyway this is getting to deep ... Checkmate ?
  12. You guys take emojis too seriously 😒 🤪
  13. “ bet unless patience is a virtue you do not possess” “Lol, you must be very proud of yourself” tbh those 2 sentences were totally unnecessary, on such unimportant topic. But well... as long as you’re happy with Yourself ... 😒🧐😖
  14. No , i only play official 👍😜
  15. Is it me or red Dino’s are still spawning kkkkkk. First I thought it was remains of past event but nooo they are still spawning kkkkk. In fact been seeing more red than green 😂😂😂