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  1. Are you on an official server ? You’re tribe still exists right ? ( Dino’s and builds) You can see your builds and Dino’s as if you’re an outside person right ? You still have same char ( name and lvl ) right ? If the answer to all this questions are yes , go to an oby , transfer yourself to other server , and come back in to your server again . It will assume you back into your tribe . Already happened to me and fixed it .
  2. I just quoted you , if you missed your point that’s on you , now you’re blaming breeders ... for your lack of purposes in game ... And like I said , when you say , that when you have good tames, the game becomes a joke... seems to me you never truly enjoyed it... I play Ark, almost 3 years and although it has issues , still think it’s a good game .
  3. This is all about how you see the game I think ... what you call luck .. I call achievement thru hard work ...
  4. This , makes absolutely no sense at all ... now you’re anti-taming .... I have almost all major Dino’s , and somehow sometimes I keep finding and searching challenges within the game . seems to me me , the only problem , is older people give “bob’s” top of the lines Dino’s to begin the game , and you guys never fully enjoyed the enjoyment of slow progress ... Nonsense ....
  5. After almost 9k in Ark , I totally agree with this ... The game has issues, bugs ,IA deficiencies ? ... YES !!!, just like any other MMO, RPG, Survival game . What’s Ark real problem ? Toxic players !!!!! , just like in RL, you need to live , according to your rules , and ignore as much as you can the “toxiness” around you.
  6. You know that Ark is a survival game right ... where life and death situations are a must .
  7. Although I agree droop loots needs to be reworked , the constant persue of better bp, it’s a challenge within the game , some should really be hard to achieve . p. S. Took you 3 months for a Rex bp ? , took me a year to find one and to be true , I appreciated her much more for it cause it’s an achievement itself .
  8. where I’m from , we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, and although I’m fully aware of his meaning and celebration , this is the most truthful thanksgiving explanation I ever seen . kudos to you
  9. wrong , the "spectator mode " is the only thing working .... its the only thing you can do actually.
  10. Not necessarily, young babies should be poded , older babies if full, are ready to handle a "minor" update as they claimed .... This is freaking amateur ....
  11. Thats the freaking result , of 20 updates in 36h ... without any infor of what's happening with the servers .... What the hell are you guys doing ???? @complexminded
  12. Wrong , all those fixes were deployed on 302.4 patch . Today a 302.41, patch , probably some fix for something they screwed up last patch . ...like the drops claim etc ...
  13. Honestly ... awesome way of saying absolutely nothing in so many words ...
  14. Quilleute

    OSD broken on 444

    I'm surprised this haven't caused an uprising tbh.
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