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  1. Quilleute

    PvP or PvE, which is better?

    You meant pvp 😛
  2. Quilleute

    Structure Decay Changes

    What the panic started on my server . and now the swamp is dead... An action must be taken, for what you unfortunatly began :
  3. Not elitist at all, i’m above none , you misinterpreted me , I just mean premium features would be cool ...
  4. Quilleute

    Life finds a way...

    What does it mean (e3) ? can’t understand what it mean’s ... help !!
  5. Just hope they have learn with aberration’s mistakes. And to be honest i would love to get a paid map , were premium players (dlc buyers) could breed without interference of the free players (non-dlc buyers) , but on a balanced map instead of SE (hardcore conditions) or aberration ( Dino’s limitations)... cause despite love the interaction with others players ... Premium players don’t have any privileges in comparison with free players besides some extra skins ( and even those , the free players can get them later on a random event ...) Maybe extinction solves the problem... maybe
  6. Quilleute

    Gamma Dragon fight

    Should have seen this before entered on dragon full of confidence with 19 rex's and 1 yuti , and left crying for my mommy
  7. Quilleute

    Transmitter or Teleporter

    ahhhh !!! yeah the cooldowns are relevant . Ty so much for the help
  8. Quilleute

    Transmitter or Teleporter

    Good Morning /Evening / Night all Him having some problems to understand the uses for the tek tiers, so i would like to ask for your help guys The tek transmitter , can be used to upload / download dinos , travel between servers, transfering items, and all this can be done, without spending a simple element ( works without power ) The tek teleporter, can be used do teleport dinos and players , across the map, ate the cost of element ( requires tek generator) The question is : if i can use the tek transmitter to upload dinos on a base, go to other base and with a second transmitter download the dino and transfer the char across the map, with beds ...... why the criation of the teleporter in the first place , am i missing something here ?? Enlight me plix
  9. Quilleute

    Ragnarok night fog/light bug

    You’re right ... right now we can’t even play when the night settle...
  10. All food inside the Dino’s is being spoiled too fast on Ragnarok211- pve The Dino’s can’t even eat cause the meat spoils in seconds