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  1. Correct me if I’m wrong , buuuut if next valentine’s chibis will be water Dino’s , does this mean that by that time we will already have genesis ( main water map) ??
  2. The cave ones ... makes sense . How the hell they forget to block tame on caves .
  3. Quote : @Rio4201“ Hey, go invest thousands of hours on a private server that could ultimately be administrated by just about anyone, hope they don't one day disagree with something you say or do, hope they are honest,legitimate, and being fair on the server, hope that they won't abuse their admin power because they have NOONE to answer to, and hope they keep the server up for more than 2 weeks before asking you for real lifemoney to pay for it." End quote @Rio4201 this part , represents all that I think about on Unofficial Servers in ANY game . Officials servers have definitely their challenges , but at least I know I can play in peace , and go to sleep wondering if the admin is forking me up , if my Dino’s/ pillars disappeared cause the admin overabused, if the “alpha tribe “ has some awesome stats and bp , cause they’ve payed the admin .... etc . to me it’s the main thing ... but that’s just me .
  4. Kids gonna cry .... Game has issues ? ... absolutely . Then show me an RPG, Survival game that doesn’t have them .... To be fair , WC has been taking steps go fix them, it’s not perfect but will hopefully get there. All you suggested and all that whining it’s a complete nonsense and pretty idiotic . I suggest Minecraft ... apropriate for kids of your age ...
  5. Already saw a high lvl rex die for a freaking Cnidaria flock or for dimorphodons . People have the tendency to put high Dino’s on a pedestal and then forget there’s strength in numbers on low ones
  6. This bringins me sad memories ...
  7. Too many to count ... these fools lost their shame and even leave them outside .... they don’t even try to conceal them ... anyways , it seems my owl will keep on working ...
  8. Are you really asking on an official forum if it’s legal to use an exploit??? seriously??? Do you have a brain ? any shame ?? Feed them by hand , like any honest player did this last months ... you guys should have been all banned, I only feel sad for the babies that I haven’t found and defrost ...
  9. To be honest , I used support so many times, and never suffered what you did , but ... I was always ... respectfulll clear calm presented my arguments calmly and in an educated way . I wonder what did you wrote, to result in such attitude from them ... , I wonder ... 🧏
  10. Can we cryo chibis ? Do they count to Cap server and tribe ?
  11. When the CC was posted , X2 taming wasn’t a feature for this event . X2 taming was added AFTER people start complaining. So instead of facepalm those guys maybe a ... try to understand what happened and where the requests are coming from and I don’t know ... shut up and Thank Those that made the change happen ...
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