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  1. You’ve alone made over 40 reports ??? No wonder the system is broken ... ??
  2. So the trick is move away from the vulcano as much as possible ? All the way down the mountain , to oil lakes ?
  3. The fart sounds aren’t the best ... buhhh ? The best sounds are the female char’s when thirst or hungry.. every time I hear them , I’m positive she’s Almost achieving climax ...???
  4. Can anyone help me with this , already k.o 2 x golems and they simply don’t eat . the first one, I tamed inside cave ( so I found here that taming is disabled ... so move on ) second one I lured out of cave and k.o him a bit far of cave ( second vulca entrance where’s a lava pool of some kind ), and he still don’t eat ... help !!
  5. humm that’s not the basic kibble recipe . @meccateems you sure you’re using the proper egg ?
  6. And you accept this like a champ ?? ???????
  7. One image speaks thousands words ... No ... it’s not intended , it’s being exploited ...
  8. 1. Who told you those Dino’s will be allowed on Genesis after transfers open ? 2. That’s what we should all be doing atm , or using Ferox’s or Stalkers. That was the intended method .
  9. Uhh ?, you mean , had a use for exploiters and cheaters ?? You’re absolutely correct !!
  10. Jeez can someone moderate the moderator ? First some posts ago , trash the game he’s moderating , now trash the company . You guys need to clean up your house !! @Cedric, @StudioWildcard
  11. @dollie in person , came to our server and wiped all reapers , and after came patch to block uncryo... And yes it’s confirmed , transfers for genesis STILL don’t kill baby reapers , and many already wandering on map fully grownup. @Cedric
  12. Are you for real ??? Worst mod eveeeeerrrrr ?????
  13. Official Server Genesis wipe for the following: Tamed Reapers Note: Any tamed MEK or Reaper that was in a cryopod now cannot be spawned when deploying that cryopod. You can either let it expire, or throw them out. ???????????
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