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  1. Invalid Json Token. Line: 1 Ch:1

    Same as me ...
  2. Invalid Json Token. Line: 1 Ch:1

    Does anyone else has this problem ? Besides me and my mates ?
  3. Json Error since recent update 273.884

    Started today on me ...
  4. Since the update v276.11, I keep getting the error above randomly, making the game crash all the time .
  5. 7 -8h Server rollback reason

    I lost my Dino’s ... ;(
  6. 272.3 Update Causing Crash

    And don’t move the ground cluster again or it will crash
  7. 272.3 Update Causing Crash

    For me it worked reset the resolution
  8. Ragnarok night fog/light bug

    You’re right ... right now we can’t even play when the night settle...
  9. Food spoiling too fast

    Every food inside the Dino’s are spoiling instantaneously, the Dino’s can’t even eat . Pve - Ragnarok211 what can we do ??
  10. All food inside the Dino’s is being spoiled too fast on Ragnarok211- pve The Dino’s can’t even eat cause the meat spoils in seconds
  11. Waiting for this server to be online too ...