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  1. Yes , they mentioned that theapmis closed for dino and items transfers , ( usually 3/6 months ) chars is kinda , depends, some maps were in the beginning closed to char transfer, abb and ext already permitted. Advice : don’t move main chars to new maps , there are often inicial crashes and rollbacks and stuff and you may get your char accidentally deleted. Soo : to exploit I advise you a new char and probably later you can transfer in and out other chars
  2. Cryopod and Cryofridge engrams are now available on all maps (edited) FINNALY Hail to all of you guys
  3. I really liked this idea of No Taming Pve/Pvp servers , but instead of no breed , would be cool if randomly , wilds dropped fertilized eggs .
  4. The creation of blueprints for stone structures, and managed to be crafted on smithy, it’s my ultimate goal
  5. So let me get this straight, just cause PVP is dead , why do PVE players , that worked so many years , have to be subject to wipe ? I worked my ass off for years , to achieve all my goals so far , and I still hope achieve more, and enjoy the gameplay. The subject of this all idiot post is “wipe all servers “ completely idiotic for me . Fortunately devs already spoken , and wipe is not even considered at this moment.
  6. As the title says the Traders reputation feedback completely desappeared. I can't check my feedback messages anymore and can't even rank a trade @Eli Can you check that plix.
  7. There's something called Apocalypse servers .... idgit ...
  8. The only ones , that want a wipe its the damn kids that always are winning about something , instead of playing the game. I play the game for 3 years and dont have any problem with my evolution and i still have much to work for . Just because , you are too lazy to work for your stuff and want everything for yesterday , i dont have to be punished by all that posture of yours. My server is constantly with 20+ people on, and everyday new players start on my server, 1 out of 10 succed and keep playing, cause all the others only know beg and ask for stuff, and we dont support that kind of attitude .
  9. wanna reaaaally bet ?
  10. Yeah ... thats a no !!!!.
  11. Why the hell are they going for pvp then ? If every noob that wanted fresh start , demanded a wipe . None could play ever ... grow up
  12. The only persons , that may have an interest to all this nonsense , it’s the idgits that entered on pvp servers and can’t do s****. So their ultimate ( or only) raid is ... WIPE ?? Please ... bunch of kids ...
  13. Upvote the suggestion
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