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  1. When you say fix for this person veiw....I hope you don't mean remove it?! Why would you? Also Ragnarok 63 had been terrible the play on since game pass. Could you please do something about the connecting players causing lag, the Blue ob and other DC issues? To guys are great, it's just that the joy is being sucked right out of the map for those reasons ? Also Pretty please make it so bugs can breed? ESPECIALLY since Primal survival is not even mentioned anymore. The reasons to have was it wasn't realistic life cycle..... Who cares?! What is in ARK? I want baby spiders, mantis, and scorpions!!! Thanks
  2. spiritpaw

    A message from Studio Wildcard

    Why are there so many mean people playing video games? Stop whining and have fun or stop playing. This play and whine about how bad it is is perplexing and sad, and really makes a negative vibe on social media. Wild card you are AWESOME, and I am sure Grapeshot will be too! I will always love ARK first and foremost but I know I will vacation on Atlas. ?
  3. Thank-you so much for letting us know your listening and care! That's all I need! That and the most amazing game ever that you continue to make even better! Love ARK!?
  4. spiritpaw

    I want to breed all the bugs and reptiles!

    Breeding isn't just for imprinting buffs silly. A lot of people just like making babies animals and using Dino's that they can breed to replenish rather then take. I have a pink scorpion on single player and I want to breed her with a purple boy and see all the pretty little babies [emoji7]
  5. spiritpaw

    Make primitive plus part of main game

    Sure you can! Just it would be like private and single player. Not official.
  6. spiritpaw

    Crashing to Home Screen Xbox

    Also I truly didn't spell that horribly. My phone's had terrible auto correct when it's needing to charge. [emoji38]
  7. spiritpaw

    Crashing to Home Screen Xbox

    Since extinction came out my game keeps crashing to the Xbox home menu. It happens in single player and multiplayer, all the maps, and ESPECIALLY in creative mode. Also I had just tried playing on a official primitive plus server for the first time ever last week. I loved it! Then it crashed and no one knows our has been about to find out if it's even coming back. Also Ragnarok is my favorite map and even before extinction, wether it was single player or online, I still can't go near the blue obelisk without my game crashing to the main menu or tho the Xbox dashboard. A freinds mentioned it seems related to the cave under blue. Lots of bugs and renewing issues on all naps since extinction came out too..... But especially on that map. I know you guys have a ton of problems to work on and I look forward to playing this game again. PLEASE fix the blue ob crashes and the new ones. Please fix all the bugs and render issues. And while your at it could you also make it so Araneo climb walks and Zipline? And make it so insects and amphibians can breed? I don't care about the realism...... Realism dissent make sense in ARK. Thank-you and you guys are AWESOME!
  8. spiritpaw

    Missing servers

    Yes I had just recently fallen in love with the Ragnarok Prim+server PVE2.... They all crashed and disappeared. What happened? Are they coming back? Honestly I think prim+ should be made part of the main game so we can enjoy it s larger asthetic values and crafting challenges. Perhaps just a server tick instead of a game conversion? It is sad that the event colors aren't even being given..... Are they gone for good?
  9. Hey I want to be able to breed all reptiles, amphibians, and insects. I don't care if it's unrealistic life cycle. At is unrealistic and awesome because of it. Let us breed bugs and frogs and snakes!
  10. Hey I really love all the extra engrams, plants, ingredients, extra creating requirements, etc. The aesthetic of the engrams for building is also a huge reason people like me love primitive plus and play it. I love the normal ARK stuff too and actually love the Tek engrams. I suggest primitive plus be added into the main game like structures plus and just have check marks/engram on off options so we can play without it being a conversion. Also you wouldn't have to continue updating it separately then and we could still build super cool looking stuff on any maps. I don't know how possible this is but I would love if it happened. I know there are going to be a lot of haters but why would it matter at this point since most of us who play primitive plus don't play official servers because of the lack of updates and event colors etc etc? It would be really fun at least for private servers and Single player to not have to choose between primitive plus and Tek stuff. I would be grateful enough that it should counter hundreds of other people's hate. [emoji38] Please? Pretty please?
  11. I don't mean mod, I mean the arkitecht. Just to be clear. I am not sure how it's spelled. But base building and such. [emoji38]
  12. Yay! This might be a redundant question but..... Are you guys still doing ark building contests? I have a cool single player game I have been building on since creative mode was released. You guys are AWESOME! [emoji7]
  13. spiritpaw

    Ragnarok: Constant Crashing on Xbox after Update

    I will try to get GPS coordinates. Also gonna try playing for a while without console commands. Sad though because I LOVE building with creative mode. Also the other maps aren't giving me this problem, but the new updated creatures on aberration have a pixelated rainbow look. It's pretty so I don't mind, but not sure if it's intentional? Also I can't spawn in reapers.... Is that normal? And the parasaur dissent seen to have it's special abilities..... Or I just don't know how they work? Thanks again!