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  1. Pretty PLEASE WC? I would really love to be able to play primitive plus with the main game. I hate choosing between the two. I know it was suggested that a lot more pls dyers would be happy if prim plus was just base the main game with server options. In this way you could even keep Prim plus the same official. I think it's already all fees are cluster? Also I noticed a lot less problems are in cross ark because it kinda forces people into a community and the depend less on transfers. Kind of fixes mega tribes who are unfair. And I would love breeding bugs and to increase the utility of all the little dinos and bugs. Why not make scorpions Breedable as tranq replacers? And also why not perhaps have boss venom harvestable? I would love to have more skins still. Like that o ovis skin for dire wolves.
  2. Why is everyone so rude and mean? There are nicer ways to say this stuff and criticism should always be positive building up, not tearing down. I don't even like agreeing with comments cause even those people who are right are nasty and rude about it. I sure hope these social media sites are not a representative of humanity and it culture at the moment. It's sickening and saddening really. And yes I know I'm ironically being negative critical to every negative critical on the social media sites. But PLEASE can't everyone learn how to be kind and helpful and polite? It's such a toxic atmosphere to try and come o on here and help improve a fun game. No one is being forced to play it by law or anything. So if you choose to play this game be nice to the people who made it, an be considerate to the people who come in here to try and make it better. thanks ahead of time to those o of you who believe in kindness and politeness no matter
  3. Am I the only one who likes makes for the maps? Seriously all anyone else cares about are the dinos that are there? I love the new map and I love the little dinos. I find it kind of awesome that it's main dino is also a little guy. Everyone wants wyverns, rexes, gigas, etc etc. I love my Tapejara, raptors, horses, cats, canines, even the dilos and dodos. It's nice tho have a big beautiful nap based on the underdog dinos.
  4. Yay! Love this! All my favorites on one map. FINALLY! So excited! I hope things like vultures aren't left out like on extinction I don't know a lot about this map. Hopefully there is oceans too because all my favorites are missing those. And I love the water creatures. Also I really love the mini have styles of the drops, veins, and corrupted. And the Phenix spawn, and the reaper impregnation. And deaths worms. Those by any chance gonna be there? And will Crystal isles ever be official? Also we need a Pegasus. And bug breeding. And more costumes. Like more skeletons and ovis costume for dire wolves. Tek stuff for dinos and could we display other things then artifact on the pedastals? Like crystals and petals and stuff?
  5. I payed single player for years after but looking the legacy mode in the early game. (Xbox) most of what I wanted to happen in ark has. Like I'm mentally controlling the development of the game for my pen fantasy, lol. I started playing prim plus over for the sharing. Then when that went down for a bit Cryo poss came out. I love the mini have styles of Abberation and extinction but I want more water. I hate choosing between all the books and the adventures of the dry maps. And I want am creatures on Abberation. Like just be able to choose a server with no dino restrictions. I also want the breed the bats and bugs. Why not? I mean there are robot dinos that breed Also I tried pvp more recently. It was alright but it's a bit boring from the megatribes dominating and no one has imagination. There all meta game. Rexes and gigas. Game mode suggestion: There should be arenas where people can spawn in and just have gladiator style battles. Ranking and stuff. Unlock better dinos and weapons packages Eric etc. Now I'm in love with over because the community is fun. Again wish had a combo of everything on one nap. Also lag is a joy killer. I would love to just pay and my misadventures be because of the game not the lag/stalling or whatever. I think that people are to anxious because of PVE settings. Perhaps have some more relaxed style game modes where people can role play or just have fun. Game mode suggestion: pve with Auto decay turned off after the have been set up in an area for a good Kenneth of time. No structure damage. That would eliminate most kiting and unimaginative ugly pvp style Gates and box builds. Make it so severs won't lag with the amount of people that it says can be on them or something. Fix Rag lag especially but all the maps need work. Have pvp zones and arenas where people can go and play pvp style and gladiator style for rewards. Give people a reason to use the University"kibble dinos" I want to see more horses and dinos and dilos. Create community goals like zoo and park building, niche filling, and other fun rewarding mini games that encourage and let people utalized all the little lost creatures that I love. And a bunch for a "Royal tribe" they have to provide the most for the community and be voted to royalty and they have the authority to ban payers from server. But they can be debited by a majority vote to prevent tyranny and have the maintain public service to keep the title. Have goals and missions that the whole community can join in on. The more they do the more they get rewarded. Like simple stuff like breeding a special mutation of dodo. That dodo mutation will provide a special but to anyone who has it therefore creating community cohesion and bringing back the value of the creatures. And did I mention breeding bugs? Also I would love for it tho be possible to do bosses with any dino you choose. I love wolves but am things it's not real possible to used them to win against bosses. And we need more sales and sounds and costumes, perhaps for rewards. I want to see a ovis costume for a wolf. I also want to see more Aberrant creatures. And a corrupted skin would be cool for dinos, etc etc. And piss are the best thing ever. If auto decay was if I would actually play more because it would be less anxiety making. I like real life a bit more then video games so if video games are stressful like real life can be then I'm not really having fun let's turn all dino food consumption including babies off when gone offline? This might cause some issues that I don't understand but it would make the game more fun. I hate having to choose between the park with my child and filling a good though in a"game". I WILL choose the park everyone. If others are like me turning it off would add players. I mean plenty of other online games don't have your stuff decay or starve right? I'm sure to guys can figure out how to make it work. Where there's a will there's a way. And a new map combining everything I love forum the other maps. Crystal isles with drops, beings and reapers plus all the above? PLEASE? I know this is a lot but I think it could bring a while new life and more fun to the game. P.S. edit. Sorry about the bed to translate my auto correct is aggressive.
  6. This bugs me too. I love the center Mall and the fog. I would love to have the pretty fog back.
  7. QSo bittersweet! Sad that Jen is leaving. But happy there are new creature! Looks like a microraptor..... But we have one already
  8. I love learning the how and why of things. Please continue that. The communication is AMAZING lately! Breed able BUGS PLEASE? They wouldn't need rebalanced. And a Bug bat TLC?
  9. I LOVE the colored dinos. But I would also like more skins. Like I really like the skeleton costumes and bionic costumes. Wish we could have more of those. I also like when you can find more creatures that aren't usually in the area. Like Araneos and bats all over was AWESOME. Really it's all pretty fun though. I actually wish the boosted weekends rates were normal, so people wouldn't food the servers in the weekends. I also think that a lot more people might play if the clock stopped on dino food and spoiling when offline. I have almost wait official ARK so many things because that just takes away the relaxation not being able to walk away without worries for family time. If it comes down to real life or the game I will pick real life. Just an idea.
  10. Ummmm...... I think removing quetzal platform saddles would be terrible.... Unless you just mean in official or Classic PVP? Please remember there are people who okay this game very different and find different uses and love for it. Like I play single player and build beautiful traveling bases many for sightseeing and safaris on quetzal platform saddles. And I like having a mobile Dimorphodon turret and be starting to carry Pteranadons, tapes, and Raptors,that I can use for element veins because I abhor using gigas. Don't limit others fun and imagination because you don't like others lack of one.
  11. I have always wanted to play primitive plus as the main game. I love so much about it, but I hate giving up things like cryo pods and such. I also think with the enable engrams ability you could easily just have some servers where the primitive plus engrams are enabled. You could disable some of the Tek ones and have only the prim plus ones on some servers, and then you could just have some where all are allowed ( favorite option for peppers like me who love rich building and RP. And this would make single player over the top fun for me! My vote is a very strong make it part of the main game.... Also add the ability to make bug babies. The life cycle dosent have to be accurate, but I want baby spiders and scorpions and cats...etc, etc. I think the bugs and Batts bed some TLC as well.... Araneos and scorpions should be able to climb walls. There is no such thing as OP and balance problems with the little dinos. Nobody used them seriously in official anyways so it won't hurt anything to give some more fun and utility to more of the dinos..... And the bugs(bats and stuff too) need to have Breeding enabled so they are played with more I think.
  12. When you say fix for this person veiw....I hope you don't mean remove it?! Why would you? Also Ragnarok 63 had been terrible the play on since game pass. Could you please do something about the connecting players causing lag, the Blue ob and other DC issues? To guys are great, it's just that the joy is being sucked right out of the map for those reasons ? Also Pretty please make it so bugs can breed? ESPECIALLY since Primal survival is not even mentioned anymore. The reasons to have was it wasn't realistic life cycle..... Who cares?! What is in ARK? I want baby spiders, mantis, and scorpions!!! Thanks
  13. Why are there so many mean people playing video games? Stop whining and have fun or stop playing. This play and whine about how bad it is is perplexing and sad, and really makes a negative vibe on social media. Wild card you are AWESOME, and I am sure Grapeshot will be too! I will always love ARK first and foremost but I know I will vacation on Atlas. ?
  14. Thank-you so much for letting us know your listening and care! That's all I need! That and the most amazing game ever that you continue to make even better! Love ARK!?
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