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  1. all i want to say is just fix the current bugs.
  2. oh that means if we play the MMO game , we will face many bugs right?? at least, i dont want to play such unstable games. even now, ARK has problems and what? sister team will develop MMO with many issues? dont kidding
  3. i want you to struggle with fixing bugs at first without starting new things. japanese ps4 survivors cant see wyvern and rock drake eggs. also we cant take any crates at immunity artifact cave. even now we have many bugs and application errors. why dont you try to fix them?? im really dont understand why.
  4. oh official forgots only japanese survivors cant play on extinction.and i know they ignore how we lost the advantage on extinction.
  5. i think we need nomal new server.. we know the limits of taming is coming.... and i dont think beginners can serch this server. its helpful to grow up survivor levels. but the maximum level of dinosaurs is too low
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