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  1. Its great to hear some focus will be on fixing issues! A fix for the hard coded element classes for taming the Astrodelphis and fuelling the Exo-Mek in regards to modded child classes for unofficial servers would be awesome. Can't wait for the mesh hole fixes in the 70 ish locations! Also the Mission server crashes on the Survive the Ark mission on modded unofficial servers. Not to mention some more copy pasta S+ features! Good things coming I hope. Fantastic Genesis Part 2 adventures!!
  2. So basically a Raptor-Drake-Chops .. nice.
  3. I love ARK, its the only game I play and the only game I care to play right now. My favourite map by far has to be Aberration followed by Ragnarok, The Island is also a great map, Scorched Earth is ok, its just not for me, still a well designed map for the concept, i'm not sure why The Center is even an official map, its clearly unfinished, but still its well designed. Extinction is a great concept, implemented horribly wrong. Aside from the mentioned issues in the original post.. Extinction was not play tested clearly. With every update there comes a new problem, even on other maps
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