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  1. Just one advice , never leave only one alive , cause drop IA overcomes that number and auto passes to next wave . Leave around 5 to 10 . It’s safer .
  2. I never thought in the word noob as a pejorative. I use it often to describe beginners, or simply dumb things me or other friends do . I use that word to myself often , cause some noob poop I do occasionally. Kind think depends how people use the word .
  3. It’s considered a game mechanics exploit , by the enforcement team . To be honest I personally don’t care, even cause help noobs to achieve some good loot, but still ... an exploit . With so much things to fix on game , real things that impacts the game play so much ( snow exploit etc) , people still thinks that spikes are outrageous
  4. Lol, cause the owner just do another tribe ( with a second account ) and place them all over again . I know someone who does it , everytime he gets reported , the enforcement kills his tribe and structures ( he only has spikes or metal signs with that char ) . Next day , new tribe ... new spikes .. and the game is on again until he gets reported ... Circle of life in Extinction...
  5. With snow owl heal and spikes you can do unlimited waves ( loot only gets better in quantity not in quality , so I usually only do until wave 10 and bb , but already did to wave 30 , then I got bored ... ) without spikes , go to snow owl heal and changing gigas , ( I usually when go solo , I always take 3 Gigas , just in case ) Careful with stats , no dmg clones ( that’s useless imo) , I have normally 19k hp, 408 st, 1029 weight and 715 melee ( no , I don’t sell them , it’s personal tribe stats ...) saddle 162 and I have no problem doing multiple rounds until I get bored . But any giga with combined stats with 605 + melee and 90% + imprint is enough ... hell for a long time I did them with 485 dmg base and didn’t had a problem, except once ... damn meteors ....
  6. Nice , already receiving reports of eggs hatching . If the servers are empty, what rendered the eggs to hatch ???
  7. If you remember that , the rollback backlash was even worse . They won’t go thru that again .
  8. Already passed too much time , for an effective rollback . Honestly don’t count on it, start the inventory on the losses.
  9. Its 4 a.m. there ... rip babies. @complexminded ; @lilpanda ??
  10. @Cedric hello ... Brexit ?
  11. This is an underrated answer, if existed an award for awesome answer , this was a absolute winner I cried so much laughing at this .
  12. It’s part of the game , grinding is hard but these are the challenges that test our perseverance
  13. One of the easiest bosses in ark .... the failing in enter the arena already happened to me once in like 5 years of game ( fail in leave it’s also common ) Was definitely bad preparation for boss ( bad saddles ... bad whistling ) that brought that outcome .
  14. Correct me if I’m wrong , buuuut if next valentine’s chibis will be water Dino’s , does this mean that by that time we will already have genesis ( main water map) ??
  15. The cave ones ... makes sense . How the hell they forget to block tame on caves .
  16. Quote : @Rio4201“ Hey, go invest thousands of hours on a private server that could ultimately be administrated by just about anyone, hope they don't one day disagree with something you say or do, hope they are honest,legitimate, and being fair on the server, hope that they won't abuse their admin power because they have NOONE to answer to, and hope they keep the server up for more than 2 weeks before asking you for real lifemoney to pay for it." End quote @Rio4201 this part , represents all that I think about on Unofficial Servers in ANY game . Officials servers have definitely their challenges , but at least I know I can play in peace , and go to sleep wondering if the admin is forking me up , if my Dino’s/ pillars disappeared cause the admin overabused, if the “alpha tribe “ has some awesome stats and bp , cause they’ve payed the admin .... etc . to me it’s the main thing ... but that’s just me .
  17. Kids gonna cry .... Game has issues ? ... absolutely . Then show me an RPG, Survival game that doesn’t have them .... To be fair , WC has been taking steps go fix them, it’s not perfect but will hopefully get there. All you suggested and all that whining it’s a complete nonsense and pretty idiotic . I suggest Minecraft ... apropriate for kids of your age ...
  18. Already saw a high lvl rex die for a freaking Cnidaria flock or for dimorphodons . People have the tendency to put high Dino’s on a pedestal and then forget there’s strength in numbers on low ones
  19. This bringins me sad memories ...
  20. Too many to count ... these fools lost their shame and even leave them outside .... they don’t even try to conceal them ... anyways , it seems my owl will keep on working ...
  21. Are you really asking on an official forum if it’s legal to use an exploit??? seriously??? Do you have a brain ? any shame ?? Feed them by hand , like any honest player did this last months ... you guys should have been all banned, I only feel sad for the babies that I haven’t found and defrost ...
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