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  1. Although I understand the frustration, several people are murdered and abused every single day , so let’s end all the laws ...
  2. I imagine too many , since the Alter cedrics char prank
  3. First : it’s “Cedric” Second: Everything has an end ... Let it end .... Let the Turkey Trials begin
  4. Ty but I meant on official server
  5. Question : did anyone managed to get dermis ? Seems like he (DodoRex ) keeps autodespawning after slayed .
  6. Last update fixed it ( started the spawn again ) official
  7. Make impossible to clone clones I find that would change a lot in terms of “market” and server stability, the fact of WC make it impossible to clone clones . The mighty collections of clones on servers would change a lot the server stability , and if only the original owner could clone the said dino , the “shady” market around Ark would definitely change the game .
  8. Did it on cellphone , sry if not perceptible ... So on image the red dots is were we already found the DodoRex . The black and blue lines are the path we do when he spawns . One starts on Carno island , and the second on Green Oby . Since we started this routes , we’ve been finding him very successfully, always on open areas ( rivers , islands , areas with no trees ) . Fly closeting ground , when you’re on top of him , you will hear Halloween tune. The few times we didn’t found him we presume he spawned on ice ( we are only 2 can’t do all map ) , we have some other people lookin in that area , but we are not 100% sure if they are looking properly . hope it helps gl
  9. After 48 hours he finnaly spawned , we already killed him 3 times ( body is desappearing superfast, still dont know if we can get dermis )
  10. Problems mantain... no spawn after first kill ... so one per server ?? Who killed , didn’t won the achievement, or skins , and can’t even try again to get dermis ? that’s nonsense....
  11. Sooo , new problem : After we kill him , ( just before update) , since server cameback online , DodoRex haven’t spawned anymore ( 4 hours passed already ) . moon animation , check meteors , check message of spawning , ..... 0 is it possible we can only kill him once per server ? Or update broken spawn ? thoughts?
  12. I did claimed some , probably will vanish after event but still cool
  13. Finnaly we killed him , no achievement, no skins ... one heads up : when you are near him ( spawn place ) , Halloween music starts playing.
  14. Finnaly saw him for the first time ( 1 minute before if fled , but that’s a start ) . meteors pointing carno again , he was in the middle of the river on redwood forest ( near spino spawn )
  15. Anyone found a relation between meteors and his location ? On our server , they are always falling in carno island area and none seen the damn chicken
  16. I find crumplecorn a bit confusing to beginners , and doesn’t take the weight of dino into account. I normally use this one : https://notalltalk.com/arkworld/breeding.html
  17. Were they still babies ? , you have absolutely sure they had enough food , until juvi ? Cause herbivores , eat like ... A LOT . There’s definitely a eating bug since the beginning of Ark , where babies simply don’t eat even with food on their inventory, ( already saw it on Giga, mosa, tuso and Basilo ) . Although, most of the times people do the wrong math , and babies end starve to death.
  18. Fighting alpha dragon on island with a team of rexes ( 800 melee ) + yuti with. 60% saddles . And make the arena as if I were in Ragnarok . No need to say half died on lava , other by dragon + lava and I ended up hiding behind a wall , cowardly begging to not die , waiting for the arena timer ends , without knowing I would die anyway those were the days
  19. This is PVP BIBLE... preach ... !!!
  20. This is probably the most relevant question ... !!! I want to know tooooo plixxxx
  21. I play Ark for many times , only once I accepted a person in tribe that I didn’t knew personally. Took me 1 year to accept him in tribe , and I wouldn’t have done it if I hadn’t absolutely sure of his integrity.
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