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  1. You’ve alone made over 40 reports ??? No wonder the system is broken ... ??
  2. So the trick is move away from the vulcano as much as possible ? All the way down the mountain , to oil lakes ?
  3. The fart sounds aren’t the best ... buhhh ? The best sounds are the female char’s when thirst or hungry.. every time I hear them , I’m positive she’s Almost achieving climax ...???
  4. Can anyone help me with this , already k.o 2 x golems and they simply don’t eat . the first one, I tamed inside cave ( so I found here that taming is disabled ... so move on ) second one I lured out of cave and k.o him a bit far of cave ( second vulca entrance where’s a lava pool of some kind ), and he still don’t eat ... help !!
  5. humm that’s not the basic kibble recipe . @meccateems you sure you’re using the proper egg ?
  6. And you accept this like a champ ?? ???????
  7. One image speaks thousands words ... No ... it’s not intended , it’s being exploited ...
  8. 1. Who told you those Dino’s will be allowed on Genesis after transfers open ? 2. That’s what we should all be doing atm , or using Ferox’s or Stalkers. That was the intended method .
  9. Uhh ?, you mean , had a use for exploiters and cheaters ?? You’re absolutely correct !!
  10. Jeez can someone moderate the moderator ? First some posts ago , trash the game he’s moderating , now trash the company . You guys need to clean up your house !! @Cedric, @StudioWildcard
  11. @dollie in person , came to our server and wiped all reapers , and after came patch to block uncryo... And yes it’s confirmed , transfers for genesis STILL don’t kill baby reapers , and many already wandering on map fully grownup. @Cedric
  12. Are you for real ??? Worst mod eveeeeerrrrr ?????
  13. Official Server Genesis wipe for the following: Tamed Reapers Note: Any tamed MEK or Reaper that was in a cryopod now cannot be spawned when deploying that cryopod. You can either let it expire, or throw them out. ???????????
  14. 1. Nonsense , is allow an exploit goes unpunished 2. Wrong , Magma is Breedable 3. Witnessed myself several times, one reaper alone , clean the big nests area ... making his way tru several magmas ( non said anything about golems ). And these are easily proved facts !!
  15. Exploiters rule genesis atm . *they rule all magma nests *many already used reapers to do boss gamma , consequently use already skiffs to overfarm ele on nests All other honest players well ... can only watch ...while farm magma eggs with stalkers or on foot and farm ele on lunar or random spawns with anky. seems right ..!!
  16. A moderator , suggesting shut down his own game ??? Explains so much ... the way this forum / game is handled...?
  17. Unofficial servers have ways to bypass , such features .
  18. 1. This is totally wrong , makes a huge and unfair difference atm. 2. Says who ? Abb has open transfers and STILL don’t allow flyers . What makes you think reapers will be on Genesis ? Seems to me you’re one of the cheaters, and trying at all costs not to get your precious reaper wiped .
  19. I’m saying , I’ve seen so much things in this game and never saw any indication of people leaving ... Unfortunately some will start cheat also , others end up accepting the reality and keep on playing . So that scenario you described is an utopia
  20. It is the same, it is still using unintended mechanics Wrong , one thing is an exploit taming process , of a pre-existent dino , other is the introduction of a foreign dino with implications to map balance . ex. Imagine someone bring flyers to abb , they fix transfer bug but who has them , keep them... def not the same thing
  21. A reaper is not a Genesis dino, a Ferox is, the taming exploit is a completely different subject. I think you’re missing the point ...!
  22. And yet you don’t see anything wrong...? I wish you some clarity in your life .
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