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  1. Great job with the expansion. But could someone give me any information about the Play as Dino mode they teased in the reveal tweat for the RTS mode?
  2. Is there any info on the play as dino mode that was mentioned in a tweet?
  3. You really don't care about your community? You could have told us this ages ago.
  4. When abberation was released we couldn't play it for a month because of random server deletes. Extinction randomly killed us, main parts of the game never worked and everything was generally messed up. It was months before they were playable at a decent level because they rushed the DLCs out for players on the release dates. so I'm more than happy to wait for this to get worked on properly since its adding so many unique new concepts.
  5. Seriously though... the rendering issues and textures on console are bloody ridiculous. Snow owl? To me it's 2 flying triangles. Margamer? Like a tube of toothpaste with triangles attached. You at least need to prioritise that.
  6. So I take time of work to play extinction and now it's being pushed back? Wow thanks for that. It's almost as bad as when abberation came out and it took you 2 weeks to fix the bug on console's were servers wiped, also a waste of a weeks holiday. Not to mention the fact that youtube and facebook are gonna spoil everything for us now before we even get to play. You guys really are a waste of time you know that.
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