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  1. So.... Can you tame a Gacha Claus? The Wiki says yes... But I don't see anyone doing it.. Usually there's a video or two of someone taming if it's able. V.V Please let me know lol
  2. I haven't checked the caves! I didn't even think about it! I know. It's pretty freaking sad. It's ridiculous that we pay SO much freaking money on this game and they do this to us. Just because we aren't as big as Evolved. I tried to put a ticket to a GM about all the problems and they were really rude. Gave me a bs excuse and closed the ticket, they gave me no chance for a reply. Also, no servers are up I double checked. Evolved AND Prim are down. At least we know it'll get fixed semi quick since Evolved is broken now too.
  3. I hope they give us a heads up if they do rollback. The babies I raised are grown. Not to mention we've now effectively missed a whole WEEK of the event, especially if they roll back for us. I'm so sick of being treated like crap because of the game mode I choose to play. I HATE that I paid my 80 plus dollars on Ark just the same as evolved players. Why should the play mode THEY implemented not be fixed before they release more bs updates? Ridiculous that when the event came out our game BROKE, can't expect them to fix it timely, much less give us anything for the dang event.
  4. Yes. So much yes. This is everything I was thinking right here. Thank you for writing this.
  5. Will Prim be fixed too? I'd like to raise Wyvs! Also, can we on Prim get a little love? We would like some skins and candy drops.. Heck even NORMAL drops at this point V.V Oh and for kibble to work..
  6. Can you also look into the underspawning??
  7. Well, it's hard BUT I put faith into the developers that they will fix the game I paid like 80$ for. Especially now that Cedric is in charge. Also, I like to actually play the game not fly around and not realize there's a base and get shot down by turrets. I have a chance to get away with just plant X. Not to mention less people, and in general friendlier people.
  8. So no 2x taming..?? And there’s not going to be a weekend event so no 2x for weeks???
  9. So..... Prim Plus has NO WILD DINOS on Center now! Scorched has NO Wyvrens.. Whats the point of 2x breeding, and taming when there is NOTHING to tame?! Please fix this!! Not to mention if we were SUPPOSED to get this event this year, finally. We don't have it. In fact, Prim has been broken even more!! Which I didn't even think that was possible!!
  10. FEAR EVOLVED x PRIM PLUS There are NO WYVRENS on Scorched! The Center has NO WILD DINOS period! When is this getting fixed? Please help! Also, if we were supposed to get this event this year, we still haven't.
  11. I don’t play legacy anymore. However, why get rid of legacy servers just to add new servers? Can we get prim+ fixed before we go crazy adding even more play modes while some of us are still in a fourth of the game we paid for. Nothing works right and things constantly die due to glitches. With that being said, I LOVED legacy because it was with people who knew how to play. People who have been playing awhile, typically older more mature clientele. So most legacy servers aren’t hostile. They have been raided and have raided and know that it’s just a waste of time, to just let others enjoy playing the game with people. NOTHING like the new servers. People have a deeper appreciation for the game because we were here from the beginning. From the days before the big redwoods update, to just brown “body bags”, to dying and just glitching under the map. We appreciate where it is now and try and let others just build.
  12. For it to actually happen for us here on prim+. We feel in general left out so just a holiday or two would be nice.
  13. Not to mention repairing tents is a NIGHTMARE! It will infinitely take resources to “repair” them but they never actually get fixed. On Scorched earth at least.
  14. There is proof that the kibble doesn’t work now. Please give us an idea of when this will get fixed. It’s not fair that is on Prim + can’t enjoy just a working game much less the special holiday events! Try to tame a Direwolf on Prim+ with superior kibble, it’s preferred kibble. I did lastnight and it dropped the taming effectiveness of a 150 to 40%. Not only that it DOUBLED the taming time. This was such a waste of time and resources.:((
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