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  1. So.... Can you tame a Gacha Claus? The Wiki says yes... But I don't see anyone doing it.. Usually there's a video or two of someone taming if it's able. V.V Please let me know lol
  2. Yes. So much yes. This is everything I was thinking right here. Thank you for writing this.
  3. Will Prim be fixed too? I'd like to raise Wyvs! ? Also, can we on Prim get a little love? We would like some skins and candy drops.. Heck even NORMAL drops at this point V.V Oh and for kibble to work..
  4. Can you also look into the underspawning??
  5. So no 2x taming..?? And there’s not going to be a weekend event so no 2x for weeks???
  6. So..... Prim Plus has NO WILD DINOS on Center now! Scorched has NO Wyvrens.. Whats the point of 2x breeding, and taming when there is NOTHING to tame?! Please fix this!! Not to mention if we were SUPPOSED to get this event this year, finally. We don't have it. In fact, Prim has been broken even more!! Which I didn't even think that was possible!!
  7. Not to mention repairing tents is a NIGHTMARE! It will infinitely take resources to “repair” them but they never actually get fixed. On Scorched earth at least.
  8. There is proof that the kibble doesn’t work now. Please give us an idea of when this will get fixed. It’s not fair that is on Prim + can’t enjoy just a working game much less the special holiday events! Try to tame a Direwolf on Prim+ with superior kibble, it’s preferred kibble. I did lastnight and it dropped the taming effectiveness of a 150 to 40%. Not only that it DOUBLED the taming time. This was such a waste of time and resources.:((
  9. Well that’s a disappointment. Why don’t we matter, WildCard?
  10. Sorry if it’s been asked, but.. do Primitive plus servers get to enjoy the holidays too?
  11. So, I was able to get back on my server lastnight... yay.. or so I thought.. the lag and connectivity issues have been SO prevalent that I’ve lost almost all of my high level Pteranodons. I can’t stay connected the server long enough to do anything. I disconnect and every time I reconnect I’m dead. I take another bird out to collect my last one and same story. Please fix this. Even though the servers are up, I can’t play. I’m so depressed right now. So much work gone. Please right these wrongs.
  12. PLEASE UPDATE US WILDCARD!! We want to play on our Prim Plus servers!!
  13. So right after the update I was able to get back on my island prim plus server and was thrilled!! I had to log out for a couple hours and when I went to go back.. there were NO servers available? Is this just me?! It’s STILL that way.. I went from only being able to play ab, to all servers, to none! Help !! Please update us WildCard!
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