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Brand New Extinction Teasers!


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Happy Patch Day, Survivors! It's Tuesday and ARK's latest is live. 

In celebration of the patch today we're sharing what we have been working on: some more brand new previews of our upcoming expansion pack ARK: Extinction. Check out the images below for a sneak peak at what you can expect to see on planet Earth!


In Extinction, Earth has become an Element-infested planet filled with fantastical creatures both organic and technological. Element has ravaged the planet and corrupted both the landscape and some of its inhabitants, causing mutations in the creatures and plants that can be found there.


We look forward to sharing more in the months ahead as we work towards our Extinction release!

Our Extinction Chronicles IV event is going on right now (PS4 coming soon), including new Corrupted skin, Explorer Notes, and Tek dinos. You can read all about it in yesterdays Community Crunch announcement: 


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1 minute ago, destructicon54 said:

A what!? a tree elemental, that sounds weird AND cool. i don't know what to think. and corrupted plants. plants that might attack you. interesting

Corrupted plants?

7 minutes ago, divisd1 said:

Okay so that thing in the bottom right corner of the first picture looks like some form of corrupted reaper

Given what the new notes said about how the "System" is producing more and more weird creatures, I think this is something entirely new as opposed to a corrupted version of anything.

Also, corrupted things have all had purple glows so far, not blue.

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39 minutes ago, Gigantophicicus said:

Curious to know more about the wyverns flying around in the first photo.good spot it does look like it. 

I think the obelisk are malfunctioning so it spawns creatures that are from other arks. That may be the case why theres dinos on earth. Maybe we will see some nameless or reapers to?

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