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  1. check your keyboard. Use virtual keyboard and, if works, then your keyboard is having problems.
  2. flyiers makes Genesis bored and sooo easy. Its a better experience to play in this way. I love it!
  3. I can confirm. you can transfer your char with pregnancy.. but here is something else: I had cryosickness timer, when I transfered into genesis the timer was still there. so... probably more status are able to be transfered.
  4. that's the first step, accept that you have a problem. so... what is it?
  5. yes, server 458 is unplayable right now. Someone can help us? @Cedric ¿what is the proper way to report/solve this situation?. I know you are really busy releasin Genesis (and we are excited for that) but we really want to play in our main server :'(
  6. ¿Me podrias decir cual es el problema y una captura de pantalla?. Quizas pueda ayudarte
  7. awesome! grass golem!. is that a dilo?
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