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  1. "Reflection Array Online" in blue. "Unexpected PSN Data Detected" in yellow/red
  2. Last contest was won by the ppl that used to be from the same mod group of the person organizing the contest, so...
  3. An unofficial with the same rates as the official servers is still attractive bc of some simple things that doesn't exist on the official cluster (at least on my server): 1-) Rules of conduct are enforced and not just for shown; 2-) Greafers and other annoying ppl are banned; 3-) Mods: lot's of good options here including mash protection (for PVP); 4-) Less toxic community; . . . .
  4. I wipe right now would be a mistake. Most megas and alphas were built over dupping and meshing and while those problems are not fixed or greatly reduced a wipe would solve nothing. But when those issues are gone or at least managed, a wipe would be the fair thing to do.
  5. Summer bash server rate question Does the server rate increase also affect non official servers after the Summer event is enabled?
  6. With a Redis database travel system this whole mess of lost characters in the last patch would have not happened. All your info would be safe on the database instead of on a file that was erased (who does that?????) when the servers rolled back. Atlas also have a better building implementation light years ahead of the homestead update.
  7. No action will be taken against chinese players, period. We see it over and over again. They have free range on the game thanks to Snail Games owning WC. So don't waste your time opening tickets to report them. Chinese are the worst community of the online gaming world followed in a close second by Brazilians (I'm from Brazil and I don't play with ppl from my own country, only on NA servers!) With that said, let me ask you this: do you raise babies in the open? How is it possible for a wild dino to even get close to your babies? I don't get it.
  8. You're 100% correct. Wildcard was founded by dishonest people (https://www.gamespot.com/articles/ark-dev-settles-lawsuit-for-reported-40-million/1100-6438902/) and that's just another facet of that "business philosophy". Just drop shadow quality to low or go back to a GTX 1080 TI if Ark is your primary game. RTX won't be implemented, period.
  9. This is a total bs and lame answer. Even if your player file is gone your tribe file still on the server. The tribe file has the name and IDs of all members, alliance info, and a full log of who tamed what, who clammed which baby dino, every dino (with level info) that decayed, etc... If they were not lazy they could restore a new dino for every one you lost at the same level or 73 levels bellow to guarantee you can reach the same lvls again. Also, every time the server restarts it saves a backup of all survivor and tribe files (so there is a backup of your survivor left behind) and also a backup save and ati-corruption save from the original savegame (where all your stuff still exists). They just don't bother.
  10. If you have structures connected via fence foundations (and now fence supports) there is a good chance this is going to happen when you delete something. My OCD compels me to build everything aligned and symmetrical so I use fence foundations a lot. Is not rare that when I demolish something on my wall, one or even a few, behemoth gateways get demoed too. It's really annoying.
  11. @radurain I agree with you completely. I only play 3 games: Ark, Satisfactory and Astroneer, and Ark is prob 75% of my total gaming time. it's ridiculous to go trough what you are going right now. You spend a lot of money on the Top graphics card on the market to not be able to play your favorite game or, in order to do so, have to revert to DXD10, low quality graphics settings that completely negate the point of having the graphics board at the 1st time. The fact that this is going on for so long is inexcusable too. I was on the market for a new display card and choose the 1080 TI. I can play Ark on my 4K display with Epic settings and some 45 fps. I can get up to 60 fps with a few teaks. Ark is a beautiful game and should be played as such.
  12. I advise you to get back to your 1080 GTX and revert the display drivers to the last one on the 399 series. The 400 series is buggy and slows old cards on purpose to force you into upgrading. There is no excuse for the drop in performance from 399.xx to 400.xx on Pascal display adapters.
  13. They also explained why not keeping the 2 kibble trees on the last stream. If you choose not to search for the info don't blame others for your ignorance.
  14. Looks like you've been living under a rock for the past 7 months... RTX 2080 BSOD in Ark
  15. You answered your own question. Since ARK has terrible performance and zero optimization, most changes goes towards lowering the number of dinos the server needs to deal with: - New kibble: smaller kibble farms, less tamed dinos - criopods: less dinos "alive" in the server
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