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  1. So no hints on this countdown... cause I am dying to know!?
  2. Megalania are jungle and grassland (White Cliffs) or at least should be... not complaining because honestly you’re doing Odin’s work dude. Just nitpicking a bit because people put things in the wrong biome... usually I don’t complain but those big lizards would be miserable in the cold areas. but seriously great work!!!
  3. It’s a bit glitchy so be careful using it as of now...
  4. Yet Another Creature we need post Hi so I've been here since... like day one of beta before we had more then maybe 20 creatures. So I wanted to say thanks for all the years of fun and for more to come! Also I know you likely get this, like every 2 seconds, but I have no programming ability or any skills with computers but I do have a massive encyclopedia of a brain on prehistoric animals (animals in general really). I have always since first playing wanted to create just one creature for ARK or at least make a pitch for one specific underrated creature to join the many beasties we need to run from. Creature in question is from a little discussed or acknowledged lineage of Archosaurid who is flat out the most ridiculous creature ever to be concived by nature until you remember it was THE apex predator of its time. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Erythrosuchus Sorry about being one of those messages but thanks for your time, and thanks for a fantastic game!
  5. What in gods of the Ark is that a giant flying stingray in the last picture?! also the Neverending Dragon creature and owl seem to be normal creatures on the Extinction map... nice!
  6. Sweet merciful... how big is that elemental being?! I thought those were mini wyverns for a second then it hit me. Doors on the hype train are all open any one wanna hope on this crazy train and cut the breaks?!
  7. On private servers can we have this and arkeology active? I just love the color variety available by leaving all events active...
  8. Why are people missing the Be on the lookout for hidden mysteries? Are you all blinded by bratty disappointment that much? That last bit means that this event is a lead up to EXTINCTION!!!
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