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  1. Must be a REAL animal, right in the guidelines dude
  2. Name: Onchopristis Species: Onchopristis Numida Time: Cretaceous Diet: Carnivore Temperament: Passive Aggressive Wild Onchopristis is a typically docile species of fish in the waterways it calls home, only attacking other fish for food. However most experienced survivors avoid them as they may not be aggressive or dangerous themselves, but they will bump and harass swimmers and boats which can stun or disable boats, making them something of a pest. They make for good eating however and get hunted by many river tribes for their rostrum and meat. Domesticated A tamed Onchopristis is a truly amazing mount for those who need a fast escape option that can buy them time. With a swipe this fish can disable boats or swimming tames, or survivors, to give an edge in terms of saving your hide. It also is able to float on the water surface to allow a rider to fish or relax. In combat and hunting it devastates fish or soft bodied creatures, though it fairs poorly against armored creatures. Most smaller or similar sizes predators avoid them due to their dangerous rostrum, however larger predators might. A decent mount that while there are better or equal options, Onchopristis still has a place in any water fairing tribe as a backup or escape plan.
  3. Oh joy the idiocy of the garbage Archy knock off that got cheated into third place by spam votes gets in? seriously Wildcard that’s not okay… people got peer pressured into that thing and now you are?? Why not give that honor to the actual second runner up…
  4. Ah yes my sleep paralysis demon seems to be the new mascot... joy of joys... *crawls under bed with my compy and shotgun*
  5. Hey Ced, thanks for being awesome! Hope you are doing well dude!
  6. Insect breeding has been getting hinted at and outright shown with two baby mantis’ awhile back. so there is a third thing it seems but it’s for all insects I think.
  7. Is it Sinosauropteryx? Can’t wait for summer! Seriously though make Insects-Plus official material... Guy making it put serious work into it!
  8. Yeah people will find any excuse to crap on the Devs even when they are putting their all into something.... Literally paused the Genesis train to fix meshing cause many were jaw flapping about it, so they complained about the delay. Its this Instant Gratification Generation man... they want it and they want it now and will *bad word for lady dog* about it and anything else. These kids would have died growing up in the 90's from anxiety related heart conditions due to the slow response times and limited media output for games... hell can you imagine them dealing with the wait between the two Incredibles movies?
  9. Though next year can we get other holidays that are not Christmas but are occurring at the same time acknowledged... like Hanukkah?
  10. Awesome! question on Chibies.... how many are there? Also you are awesome and keep it up dude!
  11. Why does everyone think it’s Tek??? You can see netting, wood outer parts along the outer edge, plank walking areas the main walk... floatation buoys. its a floating water platform! Or a dock! And made of wood... zoom in before you have a fit kids...
  12. People can’t read ... I mean it’s right there... but they missed it. are they even reading the event details or are schools just not teaching them how to read?? *headdesk*
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