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  1. Juvi Dino's Starving.

    babies need to be rendered or out of ORP when they transition to juvi or there is a chance they will die.
  2. considering most servers are capped and can't even breed during evolution events, some planning would definitely help so people can prepare accordingly.
  3. Server list crasher

    My friends server list crashes without fail every time and I just launch the game. I don't even have to do half those steps. lol
  4. Dino TLC: Feedback! Suggestions?

    not a big fan of the supposed skin TLC of the Bear so far. I remember my first time seeing the Bears as they are now, wandering through the redwoods. There was just something so majestic and peaceful about them in that habitat. They looked so non threatening and passive, so I moved toward it to get a closer look of the details. To my surprise, I got too close and the bear proceeded to rip my face off. The new bear skin just looks too ferocious and threatening. That magic I mentioned is completely sucked away. Keep the model as it is but maybe change the detail of the fur to be more natural and go by the philosophy "cuddly but deadly" please also improve the movement on high ping servers, lagg causes me to run off cliffs and fly through the air. Also improve the AI as bears on follow catapult off rocks and ramps and fly all over the place. When dismounting the bear seems to shift it's position it was parked in. is it a dsync issue?
  5. Same thing happened to me, went to demolish hive to move it because there is no other option from what I could see. No Queen, wasted hive. Please FIX!
  6. Tek Generator and electrical storms

    Works in single player. I can't see how it wouldn't work on official.
  7. Tek Generator and electrical storms

    dumb yes, but shards are the answer.
  8. Don't do bosses during the night (NA)

    it clearly shows the problem is out of control and they simply cannot keep up with the character loss tickets. Fix coming in ARK 2! LOL
  9. Boss fights

    This is the reality and i dont think you guys have done center boss fights recently. Beta and Alpha are bugged plain and simple. My tribe tried center boss fights on gamma had little issue. Then we tried beta and what a mistake that was. We pulled only monkey first and wiped in less than 5 minutes with the same kill team (25k+ HP and 700+ melee rexes and a Yuti), fully healed. Saddles close to 100 armor were paper and to our surprise, we were also killed While mounted. Barely made a dent in monkey HP. So tell me, how is this balanced? if you guys recall these boss fights were supposed to be changed and balanced since legacy. The island was fixed because The monkey did the same thing on the island back then but was changed they supposedly did the same on center and all was fine. Until recently that change was broken again due to one of the patches and an oversight by wildcard. You guys are telling me, monkey ignoring armor is intentional? I think not and what a joke. Try it for yourselves now and you will see how broken beta and alpha boss fights on center are, then come back here and tell the OP he is wrong. PS 2 other people i have traded with have reported to me recently they also wiped and these are players who have killed it before many times with no issues
  10. Devs inactivity

    Radio Silence because they are tame capped. They are only logging in to refresh timers and feed their eggers.
  11. Devs inactivity

    Its Christmas holiday. Didn't you know it lasts for 6 weeks? They will be back soon.................................................................................................................................
  12. Will Ark end in 2018 after the spring DLC?

    A Dev has already said they will make ARK 2 and it will probably be soon because they need to cash in asap on the game's success before another studio comes up with a similar concept and does it better. They will do ARK 2 and it will have some of the same bugs but slightly better because they will start from 0 and build up again. It will probably be the same engine but using their current tools and fixes to improve the stuff they can't currently implement because of limitations of the old foundation code.
  13. Event this Weekend?

    because you only have 11 posts in nearly a year, that's why. You need to be active on the forums posting regularly to get approved for trades.
  14. Hazmat Suit not protecting

    Correct, I have edited my original post for accuracy.
  15. Hazmat Suit not protecting

    You need to unlock the "TEK Duct Tape" engram from Alpha Rockwell so you can patch the holes in your suit.