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  1. Login lock? Seriously? Is that for enforcement? or is that a new feature thats not even in the patch notes. As a player that uses multiple characters on each server to avoid the broken transfer mechanic, this is completely unacceptable to have to wait needlessly logging between servers. On top of all that if we get disconnected in a bad spot and need to log back in quickly in an emergency we are forced to wait even longer now? Good luck relogging multiple times to unstuck yourself from dinos or a hole in the ground. LOL @Cedric
  2. Naaa they will just do it when the expansion launches. I've been a beta tester since Early Access.
  3. They know that they don't know what they are doing. That should count for something.
  4. Yes, I paid $30 for the game and the entire season pass. I have almost 8k hours invested. Well worth the money no matter how broken you think the game is.
  5. Like many others we have grown to accept it is a flawed game and take the good with the bad. Also there is no other game like it on the market that does the same formula better.
  6. Imagine how privileged you are now compared to those who have been playing since Early Access.
  7. With that logic, they may as well remove Fallout 76 also.
  8. Expect part 1 end of January at the earliest
  9. LOVE THEM ALL Especially the org poly stack increase
  10. ok thats all fine and good makes sense to a certain degree but why during an event?
  11. play broken games, win broken prizes.
  12. Why are they making these changes and doing these kinds of updates during events? Why not compile all these fixes and changes into one big patch and release it before Genesis launch in January? Thus allowing more time to test internally.
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