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  1. you should also be wary of building on top of the platform. Especially if it is really deep water under you. It might not allow you to build up very far either.
  2. its only good if your rod is like 400+ effectiveness, otherwise don't bother.
  3. Thats assuming those same game mechanics work properly. Which they don't. if you submitted a outage report and have tweeted lilpanda. there is not much else you can do but wait and hope.
  4. If that were the case wouldn't it be great if it was made clear to the community. Instead of everyone always trying to guess?
  5. alright so this shows the person's EPIC account id but the free account issue still remains
  6. Free accounts Bring on the Griefers Since ark is FTP now on EPIC, this means servers have already been overrun by a bunch of new players and more lagg. Mission accomplished WC. However, with a wave of new players from EPIC, comes a new way to grief players with ZERO consequence. Its easy to make free alt accounts now for the simple goal to abuse. So riddle me this, do we submit a report to EPIC directly? Or do we use the report abuse ticket on the main ARK site? What kind of security or enforcement steps are going to be taken to solve this free account problem?
  7. Shootergame - Entry Point Not Found? anyone can tell me what this is? Is anyone else getting this error when loading ARK? Never seen it before current patch. Steam Client https://imgur.com/KsVrDPD
  8. how were they able to build that much and you can't even place a wall? LOL that makes no goddamn sense and 4 handed facepalm isn't enough to signify how much of a fail this is.
  9. 98% of the rewards I get from missions end of popcorning out of my inventory as a donation to the mesh. It really is a huge letdown the "not grindable" is on the rewards. So useless.
  10. have you guys tagged and tweeted the live ops/server people? Maybe @lilpanda or @Dollie can help you? https://twitter.com/NotDollie https://twitter.com/thelilpanda?lang=en
  11. Are there loot crates on non mission Gen servers?
  12. Greetings survivors, A recent discussion brought up an interesting point. How are new official players supposed to craft a replicator with element when there is no way to convert shards to actual element without a replicator? I guess the point was to grind 200,000 hexagons when starting out to buy the 100 element required. However, what about on No mission Gen servers? Is there something I'm missing or was this a complete oversight on WC's part? Would it be a good idea to include a convert option for shards into element in all terminals, charge nodes, drops and obelisks? Let's hear your thoughts.
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