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  1. Its a great idea, BUT what if you lose your character in transfer? Solo tribes are basically SOL if they lose their chars. Say goodbye to everything with ZERO chance of claiming anything back. Also for bigger tribes with Personal owned dinos. Those dinos will be stuck on the server the lost char was on since cannot unclaim or move them off server.
  2. Moving a beehive?

    also worth noting if you plan to move the bees to a diff server, it will need to be in queen form and have to wait 12 hours to upload

    TEK effected by Lightning storms? How primitive...
  4. Nice! Beta or Alpha Dragon Guide coming soon?
  5. How Does Your Tribe Operate?

    Some good stuff here, lets keep it going.
  6. Rock Element Blueprint ?

    I would look into the Lava Golem or Ice Worm cave on Rag. I hear the loot is good for them.
  7. Where's everyone gone volume 2

    Sadly the game itself is not optimized enough to run on the host server hardware efficiently.
  8. Rock Element Blueprint ?

    wasn't the allo BP the same from christmas event but now that is in regular loot tables.
  9. Where's everyone gone volume 2

    Server Tame caps and lagg would make anyone quit after a certain point... Its not getting better either.
  10. Nooo Way!!!

    It doesn't matter when Aberration comes out. When it finally releases, then worry about it. Right now just enjoy the current game with its many bugs aka "Features" it has to offer and stop longing for more.
  11. Hey all, Reaching out to my fellow survivors out there mainly on the PVE side, but this could also apply to our PVP brethren. Just looking to get different perspectives of what you all do in your tribes and how they function. Is your tribe more organized and structured, or more laid back and go with the flow? Does your tribe have a rewards system in place to motivate your members and give back for hard work, loyalty and dedication? Do you have a Tribe Event Calendar to stay on track toward certain goals? (monday, Weds are caving/tribute farming days, Saturday is Boss Day. etc) Do your tribe mates have certain roles or individual responsibilities? (hunter/gatherer, Miner, Gardener. Etc) Is your tribe part of a big alliance that helps eachother out with breeding and sharing stats on dinos for the betterment and progression of your fellow players? Basically, what makes your tribe tick and if you have any creative ideas, or what you enjoy about how your tribe functions, feel free to share!
  12. After electrical storm, my turbine refuses to turn my power back on and decides to power up randomly It is in 100% wind zone and works fine the rest of the time. Is this a render issue?
  13. Blocked Oblesks Cant do anything

    increase drop decay timers so people can reliably setup their dinos for boss runs anywhere on the map and from Transmitters
  14. pve NEW server Manticore discussion

    Anyone got some solid ideas on a good method to take it down now?
  15. is Aberration its own map

    Are there any more Transer IN restrictions other than flyers?