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  1. next week stats should be "amount of bases destroyed and items stolen by corrupted kiting on PVE" The numbers would be ridiculous
  2. hey at least our cryopods recharge in inventory and all that game breaking floating foliage is getting fixed super quick! #QOL #BALANCE
  3. thats great and all to have auto clamp but the crafting requirements still roll as if a 124 saddle BP rolled 168+
  4. I just laugh that its been like that forever and now all of a sudden its so important to make the change with no option to counter bleed at all. the balance for it was already there built right into the consumable. it was basically a one time use item that was crafted when needed. The spoil time was horrible and it could only be put into the prez bin for a limited duration. It also only lasted what? 3 Mins? Giga Carno Allo Deinon Ravager Blood Wyv all give bleed and no way to counter it at all. This is not "balance", this is a one sided nerf nuke. You are right abou
  5. so patch fixes griefing method but the person abusing said method on multiple occasions against CoC goes unpunished? Lucky guy What kind of message does this send to others like that greifer? I had a tribemate quit because all his dinos got blown off his platform and drowned while he was offline. He also has behemoth tall walls all around his perimeter of the platforms. Someone explain to me how that is even possible?
  6. I also agree this change wasn't necessary but also the fact it has been like that since day one. It took 5 years and a Master Controller Boss fight? Really?
  7. clearly this change works better for some dinos compared to others. Now all the birth spawns around mother's bodies needs to be adjusted.
  8. The problem with the Valg boss is not the time limit. Its the horrible Manticore landing mechanics and No ele drop that needed to be fixed. This is just 1 example of why players say the changes are pointless. Bandaids on gaping wounds.
  9. There is a paid subscription bot/app that compiles info and tracks your every move as a player, server info, play time. etc. I hear it is even better than a paid battlemetrics account so yes, your idea is actually pretty clever from a profit/pvp point of view. I'm sure there are people who do something similar. Its actually pretty scary what some PVP players are capable of and the lengths they are willing to go. Let's not forget about covid. Lots of people are out of work and need to make extra cash somehow.
  10. $85 for a pixel monster that will be deleted in less than 24 hours. Money well spent I guess.
  11. Thank you for sharing your positive experience with the community. There should be a feedback forum dedicated to GMs just like the trade forum feedback.
  12. Clearly GM standards are not enforced properly. Every appointment I read about is always different.
  13. The support system needs a major overhaul.
  14. Can't speak for others as I only play on Official PC PVE. 450 is highest usable dino lvl cap 451+ they will be deleted on server restart. 451+ cannot unpod
  15. maybe devote some resources to fix these character problems? Lets be honest here, I get meshing is a big problem and its all hands on deck to fix it but Character loss is a huge problem that needs to be addressed all the same. There is nothing more game breaking than a lost character.
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