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  1. Harvest Properly Scaled With DMG So here we are over 2 years after the game has been out of early access and many people have super dinos with high stats. After many players have painstakingly tested harvesting on different dinos (specifically the Anky) it has been concluded that harvest is based on the metal/crystal/rock node HP rather than the amount of DMG of the dino. In other words as an example an Anky with 600% DMG will essentially get the same amount of metal from a single node compared to a 1,000% DMG. These harvest amounts dont necessarily change much between 1x and 2x. The difference between the two is negligible at best and begs the question; is it even necessary to pump DMG anymore? TLDR: DMG of the dino should play a bigger role in the calculation of resource harvesting. More DMG should mean a much higher harvest cap and not be based on the overall HP of the node itself. Thus removing the stigma of diminishing returns.
  2. check near the ceiling of the entrance
  3. Demerus

    Season Pass

    don't like it, don't buy it. Nothing will change.
  4. The game has been out of early access for over 2 years though. New players are already late to the party so they cannot expect a day one experience in an online game.
  5. Or you could check out the Cross-ARK Item Trading & Dino Breeding section or any of the hundreds of walmart trade discords and facebook groups. Both PVE and PVP You too can own a giggggaa
  6. maybe @Cedric can weigh in on this?
  7. Im hoping Genesis will bring upgraded TEK Saddles because so far, it has been a huge oversight considering EXT brought Upgraded TEK Armor and Weapon BPs. TEK Pants and Chest are probably the most useful of them all though.
  8. Mana? Oh you mean the swiss army knife of ARK? That's what everyone makes it seem like.
  9. Demerus


    I'm still waiting for the next port to the Samsung Smart Fridge.
  10. Is there a way for average players to see these group chats (im assuming discord) for clarification purposes, or is it mods only?? It would be regarding other parts of the code of conduct.
  11. tribes were duping them on pvp and the reason they xfered the crystals is when they are open on the server they are overcapped gear.
  12. something similar happens on center sometimes after a storm and it constantly strobes lightning until you relog. maybe its a render thing or it is permanent?
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