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  1. Isn't your admin able to revert these changes in the settings? It is a private server
  2. If those cryo fridges were not accessed for a long period and they lose power then the pods insta-die. Yes it is a horrible bug like many others still not fixed such as character xfer loss.
  3. learn to use ARK Smart Breeding and you will understand how stats and breeding them together works. https://github.com/cadon/ARKStatsExtractor read this and you will understand how the math works with mutations https://docs.google.com/document/d/1IcOTeW2NXvf2q6lEFf8MQqyXB4x1ZbFbnuj1F7-wnag/edit
  4. Boss loot in arenas similar to how rewards work by killing titans on EXT
  5. Add Loot to Bosses Add loot to bosses to encourage farming them. This obviously doesnt apply to EXT or GEN related content but I'm looking for the same rewards to be implemented into the other maps and their corresponding arenas. Currently, element is not necessary to farm from bosses anymore as there are so many methods to get element more efficiently and in much higher quantities. Aside from one-time engram unlocks and skins/trophy heads/flags,and a negligible amount of element, there is zero reason to participate in boss fights. My tribe's boss rex team hasn't done a boss fight since EXT launched. Reason is there is no incentive to risk 20 dinos and gear/saddles teleport glitch/lagg or other unfortunate mishaps in the arena. What will give us a reason to go through the trouble to farm all the tributes and artifacts necessary to summon the gamma, beta, alpha arenas? The answer is actual LOOT. Bosses drop no loot. Where is the reward for farming bosses multiple times if engrams and element are not needed? I for one would love the opportunity and option to participate in a boss fight that rewards me with something extra. Loot equal to doing Yellow, Red or Purple drops depending on the difficulty of the boss and time it takes to kill it would determine how deep in the loot pool the rewards would be pulled from or make it similar to how rewards are tied to missions. Alpha would yield more rewards as it is the most time consuming and usually requires more organization to get people to participate in the fight. More notably such as Rockwell, Dragon, Manticore, etc. You get the gist. We could even take this one step further and add in another tier of bosses to increase difficulty and maybe even incorporate a boss currency and shop for the rest of the maps similar to how HLNA and hexagons work. @Cedric
  6. Its not rare, its just math. The decimal (or whatever its called) eventually resets to 0 or - #
  7. incest is wincest in ARK Just breed and don't think too hard about it.
  8. I never understood the ideology of a dino being useless unless it is 100% imprinted.
  9. but then there will be nowhere to build without making bases on top of spawn zones
  10. It has been like this for all new releases (to my knowledge) We were lucky to get 2x or even 3x before because of the free weekend top player celebration.
  11. The only thing I hope to see is a fix for Tuso hitbox. Mantas and other small dinos always get stuck in their head and there is no way to attack them or break free if you get swarmed. Either fix the head, or make the tentacle attack AOE around the head. Similar to how the giga bite can kill things behind it. Also make Tuso Eggs drop outside of the body.
  12. Tele campers? Oh you mean the stupid Kapro that kept killing me in the same spot as soon as I spawned. Love it!
  13. I still haven't seen much difference.
  14. I honestly haven't seen any difference.
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