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  1. So if it was solo / duo server you would only be able to play with up to 1 friend? I'm confused, isn't that a bad thing?
  2. @Cedric Lots of players experiencing ARK crash to desktop out of nowhere and Steam "NO CONNECTION". Any feedback from the team about what could be causing this? It has never happened before since last update.
  3. OR they can make Parasaurs detect actually useful and record all player names with steam account in tribe log
  4. I have high expectations for the new items/skins. Was kind of let down by the new Genesis Skin.
  5. Genesis part 1 is 2 months away, still don't know much about it.
  6. 2 months from release and still no additional info...
  7. Always stay logged within render until babies reach juvi because its a roll of the dice. Food debt has a chance to kill them while they transition from baby to juvi when Offline protection kicks in.
  8. has happened many times to people I know on Official servers. if you are playing on your own server/single player, that is out of the scope of my expertise.
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