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  1. next week stats should be "amount of bases destroyed and items stolen by corrupted kiting on PVE" The numbers would be ridiculous
  2. maybe devote some resources to fix these character problems? Lets be honest here, I get meshing is a big problem and its all hands on deck to fix it but Character loss is a huge problem that needs to be addressed all the same. There is nothing more game breaking than a lost character.
  3. have you guys tagged and tweeted the live ops/server people? Maybe @lilpanda or @Dollie can help you? https://twitter.com/NotDollie https://twitter.com/thelilpanda?lang=en
  4. just lost my anky 100 element worth of shards and all my gear. Farming crab/anky with tribemate, I blinked and suddenly i was floating beneath the mesh. PC PVE Genesis EU 646 lots of mesh holes in the lunar caves. Beware.
  5. Boss loot in arenas similar to how rewards work by killing titans on EXT
  6. The only thing I hope to see is a fix for Tuso hitbox. Mantas and other small dinos always get stuck in their head and there is no way to attack them or break free if you get swarmed. Either fix the head, or make the tentacle attack AOE around the head. Similar to how the giga bite can kill things behind it. Also make Tuso Eggs drop outside of the body.
  7. It boggles my mind how such a game breaking problem is still a regular occurrence. hundreds and thousands of hours invested into a character for it to be wiped from existence in 2 seconds. People can say what they want about meshing but for me, character deletion is an even bigger problem that needs some serious attention. Just think of how many hours the support team wastes on these kinds of tickets since legacy. Ridiculous.
  8. Login lock? Seriously? Is that for enforcement? or is that a new feature thats not even in the patch notes. As a player that uses multiple characters on each server to avoid the broken transfer mechanic, this is completely unacceptable to have to wait needlessly logging between servers. On top of all that if we get disconnected in a bad spot and need to log back in quickly in an emergency we are forced to wait even longer now? Good luck relogging multiple times to unstuck yourself from dinos or a hole in the ground. LOL @Cedric
  9. I feel your pain, a turkey dropped into my aberr base lastnight while i was feeding everything. it took 3 velo turrets and me hitting it with my 1200 dmg imprinted spino almost 2 minutes to kill it. Definitely broken.
  10. are the turkey bones used to make the cosmetics going to be a PITA to get like Fear event?
  11. Maybe they will fix it when the game goes full release.
  12. So if it was solo / duo server you would only be able to play with up to 1 friend? I'm confused, isn't that a bad thing?
  13. ARK: Switch has been practically neglected since launch. I highly doubt DLC is the solution.
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