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  1. Demerus

    Aberr Server PVE 380 = 255 Ping AGAIN

    @lilpanda @Jatheish @Jen, @Chris @Eli anyone? Server has been unplayable for 2 weeks+ after multiple people putting in reports. Still no acknowledgement this is being looked into. We are desperate and at our wits end.
  2. Demerus

    Reaper Disappointment

    I understand their utility but even still, their bite radius, attack speed and overall damage output are underwhelming.
  3. Demerus

    Dead Water Dinos

    gotta love those game mechanics.
  4. Demerus

    Tek on aberration need a serious rework ...

    All great ideas, none of them will be implemented. Because reasons.
  5. Demerus

    How do I pronounce “Mejoberry”?

    Its actually pronounced: "May-jo-berry" and "Qweet-zal-coat-us" and "Ravenger" or "Revenger"..................................
  6. Demerus

    Broken Game??!

    Make sure to Pre-Purchase ARK 2: More Bugs Evolved
  7. Demerus

    Next tek dino?

    TEK Quetz
  8. Demerus

    Charge Battery engram bug

    I can also confirm this.
  9. Demerus


  10. Demerus

    Aberr Server PVE 380 = 255 Ping AGAIN

    @lilpanda Ping still at 255, any updates on this situation?
  11. Demerus

    Is Ark dying ?

    Extinction DLC has been planned as part of the season pass since release. It has nothing to do with player population. Although if they do it right and add certain things that have been neglected, it might help with bringing players back. As for tickets, "don't bother" is a common attitude but for good reason as the timeline for anything to be done about a average ticket is usuallly around 3 Weeks+ That includes getting the initial reply, setting up an appointment, etc. That also assumes they are allowed to do anything for you because of their "Internal Policy" It really depends what GM answers your ticket
  12. if people are kiting dinos, report them: https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/incident-reports/