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  1. Try the pliers on the go. To repair a broken item, open your inventory and drag the Pliers onto the item. The initial repair cost will be the same as in a Smithy, but after the repairing process is completed, another 50% of the initial requirements are required to complete the repair. If you have enough resources for the initial cost, but not for the second requirement, your item will not get repaired, but your Pliers will still be damaged.
  2. I'm glad its getting fixed. One less thing for PVP to complain about
  3. Demerus


    Only 2 days outage? I dedicate this song to you:
  4. If I were to play on a unofficial it would probably be a PVP with slightly boosted rates just for the lawls. Or I would play on a boosted PVE just to build cool stuff since there would be more available spaces on the maps. Although Creative mode has filled this void for me to tinker with building so no need for a server unless I wanted the social aspect to show others what i make. I wouldn't play them for the long term, breeding and such.
  5. They said "delayed until January" but they didn't say the year.
  6. I'll be honest, I've never had the need to use an ice Wyv. I haven't used any type of wyv in months so I'm probably the last person you would want to weigh in on ice wyv abilities.
  7. They need to add the TEK Can Opener in Genesis Part 2.
  8. Or you know, buff the counters from other dino abilities to actually work against them?
  9. They might as well delete them at this point. I went back to using drakes and plan to pod up all the Manas I was breeding. I lost all motivation to even breed them for colors.
  10. lay in tek pod overnight in render and your gacha will be capped with pellets if you have enough owls.
  11. I think it would have made more sense to buff the effects of other dino abilities to actually counter the mana instead of nerfing it into the ground.
  12. There will be an open beta when the DLC launches in 2020. Following the release, there will be a patch event with multiple crashes, rollbacks and broken mechanics to fix, patch and repatch the patches.
  13. I think this comment should be directed to the PVP community. WC is just trying to keep the QQ'ers happy so they continue to fight over pixels.
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