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  1. next week stats should be "amount of bases destroyed and items stolen by corrupted kiting on PVE" The numbers would be ridiculous
  2. maybe devote some resources to fix these character problems? Lets be honest here, I get meshing is a big problem and its all hands on deck to fix it but Character loss is a huge problem that needs to be addressed all the same. There is nothing more game breaking than a lost character.
  3. have you guys tagged and tweeted the live ops/server people? Maybe @lilpanda or @Dollie can help you? https://twitter.com/NotDollie https://twitter.com/thelilpanda?lang=en
  4. just lost my anky 100 element worth of shards and all my gear. Farming crab/anky with tribemate, I blinked and suddenly i was floating beneath the mesh. PC PVE Genesis EU 646 lots of mesh holes in the lunar caves. Beware.
  5. It boggles my mind how such a game breaking problem is still a regular occurrence. hundreds and thousands of hours invested into a character for it to be wiped from existence in 2 seconds. People can say what they want about meshing but for me, character deletion is an even bigger problem that needs some serious attention. Just think of how many hours the support team wastes on these kinds of tickets since legacy. Ridiculous.
  6. are the turkey bones used to make the cosmetics going to be a PITA to get like Fear event?
  7. Maybe they will fix it when the game goes full release.
  8. maybe @Cedric can weigh in on this?
  9. making charge stations function the same as terminals would be a huge improvement. In a way terminals charge batteries like charge stations do. All it would take it make them into a transmitter also. I and many others have gotten trapped on random Aberr servers too many times to the point it takes hours to find and reach a drop to leave. Most people lock their transmitters so it is almost impossible to get out of the server.
  10. Thanks for the notice guys! When are Dedicated Storage boxes going to be properly locked?
  11. Can't wait to have up to 8x breeding on tame capped servers. Time to grind metal until my face falls off.
  12. Reality overdose in this topic. i feel you guys, I really do. My tribe is in the same boat. No motivation of progress further on our legacy server because we want to start fresh on launch. we are refreshing base and feeding our Dino's to keep them as a backup in case the new servers end up like ragnarok' release. We all know the nightmares that map has brought to players and continues to do. we are keeping our options open and at the same time like mentioned above scouting out new locations and practising for being naked and afraid again on the new clusters.
  13. Will all official servers be wiped? What will be done about the mass lagg accross servers and errors in transfering characters between them? Will thylas and other dinos finally stop going invisible and glitching through my floor every time i leave render distance?
  14. Did my rounds in the base, filled troughs, took care of babies then went around and farmed some beaver dams. Fun times!
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