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  1. this was never a "good old dino game" in the first place, it was a sci-fi game with homo deus creating fake dinos. all the fantasy creatures are part of the story line. the reason they keep adding DLCs you don't care about(but others do) is because it was supposed to be this way ever since they designed this game. prehistoric creatures are one of the minor parts of the game. i'm not mocking you or looking for an argument, but am simply stating the truth
  2. thats not extinction. thats a mod map called fractured.
  3. you call that statement ridiculous but its true. if you can't stand the hard cruel world of PVP, than play singleplayer. Meshing is going to be part of PVP for a long time until it gets fixed. so people might as well tough it out.
  4. But i do agree with you that they should allow us to protect ourselfs against meshers.
  5. you call them dumb, but i don't see you designing the game. do you know how to fix it? cause if you do, enlighten me, how are you smarter than wildcard, how are you going to fix and run the game better than them?
  6. ravager would not happen anyway considering it is only on aberration
  7. a tek quetz and giga would be rare and utterly hard to find
  8. no i meant they would be as rare as a unicorn
  9. Did you forget that grapples have a reload time? you can't exactly scale cliffs if you fall to your death before you reload. so yes, picks do have functionality even with grapples in your hotbar
  10. I doubt it would be the quetz either. they are just as rare as the giga. tek versions would be rarer then unicorns.
  11. 99% of pick use is CLIMBING, you know, the thing they are meant for? If 99% was used for meshing almost the entire PVP community would be made of cheaters, but it isn't. Many people use the picks for NORMAL purposes, including me. its that 1% that use them for meshing that actually messes stuff up. Removing climbing picks would upset the 99% that use them for NORMAL purposes. so i don't even want to HEAR you saying no one would get mad.
  12. Oh that was just great. LMAO. And it accurately depicts our predicament
  13. Think of what you just said from the developer view. think of how many people use the picks. think of the massive amounts of backlash that getting rid of picks will cause. getting rid of picks will only hurt the community. I agree with the harsh penalties and all but getting rid of picks isn't the solution. i'd rather just make it so that you can't build while using picks
  14. tell that to the players who loose hundreds of hours and effort from people meshing turrets. tell that to the "salty" players who are "moaning" because their game is getting RUINED by meshing